CNN Breaking News: New Trump Press Officer Miller Tipped Table In High School!

Stephen Miller Flips Over Table in Outburst ūüėā – YouTube

The media giants are all aghast with the news that years ago, Trump’s new press secretary tipped over a table when he was in high school. No kidding! This is breaking news! I am aghast. I only tried to stop the Vietnam War and cause insurrection in Europe when I was in high school. Was arrested for this, too! HAHAHA. High school kids are dangerous. Well, seems Miller is a troublemaker, too. This bodes well for the rest of us.


Conservatives praise Stephen Miller, rebuke CNN’s Acosta after White House press briefing.¬†¬†


Conservative commentator Ann Coulter heaped praise on White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller for challenging reporters during the White House press briefing Wednesday, while other prominent Republicans criticized CNN’s Jim Acosta for for showing political bias against the Trump administration.


Half of the country actively hates CNN.  Indeed, is increasingly angry with the entire mainstream fake news people.  This loss of credibility by all the major media and increasingly, with at least half of Fox news, too, is a huge problem for our Real Rulers.


So far, what they do is incite gangs of leftists to physically attack citizens and to encourage and enable an army of invading illegal aliens to take over our cities and use these as a power base to put into Congress people who belong to the Bilderberg gang.


In exchange for this service, the Bilderberg gang piles on debt on the citizens to pay for ‘welfare’ money to illegal aliens. ¬†This deal is at the core of the present conservative uprising by very angry and quite afraid citizens of the looming bankruptcy of the nation,.


Miller spoke to members of the White House press corps about a new bill from Sens. David Perdue of Georgia and Tom Cotton of Arkansas that would implement a merit-based point system for immigrants applying for legal permanent status.


The plan is to let in millions of people seeking a free ride in exchange for illegally voting for the DNC candidates. ¬†This is how many of the DNC power houses in DC keep their seats even though they don’t live in their hell hole districts.


President Trump endorsed the plan during a ceremony at the White House earlier Wednesday.


“Maybe we’ll make a carve out in the bill that says the New York Times can hire all the low-skilled, less-paid workers they want from other countries and see how you feel then about low wage substitution,” he said. “This is a reality that’s happening in our country. Maybe it’s time we have compassion for American workers.”


My, oh my, Trump openly attacked the New York Times which wallows in fake news now.  Their latest attempt at a coup was the endless stories about Trump being a Russian agent and Russia runs our elections.  No demands for election reform, of course.  They fear reforms of our election, it is like sunshine on Dracula.


During the briefing, Acosta insinuated that the White House wants to allow only immigrants from Great Britain and Australia into the U.S. because they can speak English. Perdue and Cotton’s bill aims to give green cards to immigrants who can speak English.


I see more and more signs in Spanish in New York State and everyone sees this across the nation.  There has been a huge push to have the population divided along language lines like Europe.  Instead of integrating newcomers, they are being deliberately segregated.


This is very deliberate.  My family has been here since day one and we only allowed to people into the country if they learned English.  It was part of the citizenship tests.  Incoming people had to learn English before voting.  Running for office while speaking another language was forbidden.


Canada has had more than one uprising based on language differences.  The French versus English struggle for power has been ongoing for many generations there.


I remember living in Germany in the 1960’s and I was good enough in my German skills, I could pass as a German easily but when I visited my relatives in Bavaria, I could barely understand them for they spoke a German dialect that was nearly impossible to understand easily and it took a month to figure out what they were saying!


All previous immigrants to the US prided themselves on their children mastering English and this propelled them upwards in society.  Now, we have children in this Spanish speaking ghetto who can only do business with each other and if they do business outside their group, they have to hire someone who speaks both languages.


This is a big mistake, sticking to Spanish. At the same time, the language programs in college have been utterly decimated and are not a skeletal starved field that has no depth. ¬†I was a language major and watching this systematically happen while at the same time, promoting language ghettoes…pisses me off.


The children trapped in the Spanish language ghetto can’t advance far. ¬†Their horizons are limited. ¬†They make less money than people who are not trapped in the ghetto. ¬†This is deliberate, to keep them all as cheap labor.


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to sue Trump administration over funding threats to sanctuary cities:  see how the DNC operates?  They want illegal aliens who then get to vote after someone who speaks their language tells them how to cheat and who to vote for more welfare money.  This is the core value of the DNC.


The DNC plays the sex political game to lure in people who are excluded or not pandered to by the GOP which stupidly plays the sex discrimination game.  Gay people tend to be economic conservatives but have an understandable need to have gay rights at the same time.


Young conservatives know this and are increasingly pressuring the older form of conservativism to embrace gays and other people because it will pay off in the long run and discrimination based on sex issues is illegal, anyways.


It will take time for this shift to happen.  Fixing things by allowing a flood of illegal aliens who commit crimes and refuse to integrate is a recipe for total collapse in the future, not a good political plan at all.  Nonetheless, the DNC is clinging to this program of letting in millions of hostile illegal aliens because it keeps them in power so they can exploit all systems for their own ends.


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6 responses to “CNN Breaking News: New Trump Press Officer Miller Tipped Table In High School!

  1. floridasandy

    if true, wow.

    Comey needs to testify UNDER OATH.

    Seymour Hirsch is an honest journalist,.

    I think we basically have confirmation from Assange about this also. I wonder if Assange would confirm or deny if asked directly?

  2. Ken

    Some of my ancestors came from the german speaking part of Switzerland, near Basel. When I visited the ancestral village the couple of cousins who spoke English indicated that when they travel to Germany the germans cannot understand them. Except in Bavaria (which is geographically next to Switzerland).

    This explains why my ancestors, after (legally) immigrating to America originally interrmarried with other Swiss, and when they ran out of them (it was a small community) chose to marry Bavarians.

  3. floridasandy

    you know why everybody hates CNN? they don’t report the news. Where was this nugget?

    When Clinton became secretary of state, she made an agreement with the administration to publicly disclose all its donors, but donations from the chairman of Uranium One were not disclosed. We don’t yet know whose fault that was, but it certainly means that someone didn’t do what they should have

    Mueller delivered uranium to Russia on behalf of Clinton, and now he is in charge of investigating anybody?

    TRUMP NEEDS TO FIRE HIM for not recusing himself, and to hell with the faux outrage. You can’t have one side recusing themselves for even a hint of impropriety and then have the other side ignore actual facts which might bias an “alleged” investigation.

  4. floridasandy

    The swamp isn’t going to drain itself.

  5. Jim R

    At this point, the only thing that can save Mr. Trump’s efforts to drain the swamp is for the military to come to his support. After all, they have taken an oath to protect the Constitution from foreign and domestic enemies.

    I think there are quite a few in the military who are awake, but how quickly can they organize to oppose this ongoing soft coup? The parasites of the spook agencies will certainly have their tentacles into the military as well…

  6. They can’t get behind Trump when he doesn’t have Congress. Rand Paul, on the other hand, could run a coup and succeed, for example.

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