Google, Facebook, Twitter and All Systems Are Being Censored Now


Google and Facebook and the other West Coast computer online businesses have openly declared war on 50% of the voters who don’t vote for ‘liberals’ who are actually communist dictator types.  So they are retaliating by denying services to anyone right of Chairman Mao, their hero.  So…there is a growing movement to ditch all the West Coast computer operations and form an alternative internet.  I approve of this.  These monopolies have to be taken down.


ColinFlaherty (@colinflaherty) | Twitter has this interesting exchange between Flaherty and Gavin McInnes, who is someone being persecuted by Facebook, Google and Twitter’s owners and manipulators.


This tweet had the link masked to prevent anyone from reading it unless they first looked at the warnings that this is evil information.  What was so evil about it?  HAHAHA.  Nothing.  It was a truthful quote from mainstream media two years ago!


The story from back then was about how Asians are penalized with 50 points taken off of their SAT scores while blacks gained an extra 230 points when applying to go to the top schools which are being degraded more and more by packing in inferior students and kicking smart kids to the curb.


Instead of an honest discussion of this racism, it is hidden from view.  We are not to discuss this, ever.  It is verboten.  Many issues are verboten now by our internet rulers who can censor the news.  They support fake news and censor real news.


They Cant Stop Us: Help us build a conservative alternative – The Rebel Media is fundraising in order to start a new news feed system that isn’t run by fake liberals who want to ape Madame Mao.

(58) Please Help: They’re Trying To Shut Down The Rebel! – YouTube

Justin Trudeau, Rachel Notley, every left wing activist in Canada — they’ve been trying to stop us at The Rebel for more than two years. And I was never worried until now.


Because they’ve finally figured out how to do it. And we need your help if we’re going to survive.


On August 1, an ominous blog post from YouTube changed everything. YouTube is how we get our message out. We have more than 850,000 YouTube subscribers. We’re one of the biggest YouTube news channels in the world — by far the biggest in Canada.


I didn’t know Rebel Media, which I visit frequently, is from Canada!  That is interesting information.  Trudeau’s popularity is falling as he applies the brakes on everything and his crazy idea of existing on wind/sun energy is going to be a big nasty smashup.


They called it “an update to fight terror content online”. It does start out talking about terrorism, but then it moves to what YouTube calls “controversial” ideas. That could mean anything. That does mean us.


Because we talk about the controversies of the day. Here’s what YouTube says they’re going to start doing to YouTube channels like us:


Tougher standards: We’ll soon be applying tougher treatment to videos that aren’t illegal but have been flagged by users as potential violations of our policies on hate speech and violent extremism. If we find that these videos don’t violate our policies but contain controversial religious or supremacist content, they will be placed in a limited state.

So they’re not just banning terrorist videos. They’re banning things that aren’t illegal, they are just controversial, or potentially controversial according to some complainer online. Well, all of our content is “potentially” controversial, especially to thin-skinned whiners on the left — like Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley, to name a couple.


And the very day that YouTube released their new policy about “controversial” people, they shut down the account of our friend, Prof. Jordan Peterson. No notice, nothing. Just blocked. They eventually put it back up. But how long will it be until they take it down for good?


So, we’re going to build an “app” — that’s short for an application. What used to be called software.


We’re going to build an app that we own — not owned by YouTube. An app that you can use to watch us on your smart phone — we’ll have both an Apple iPhone and an Android version. And it will work for your laptop, or even on your TV set, through Roku or Apple TV.


BUT Apple is West Coast super liberal and…they will squeeze everyone who uses their platform.  I am sorry to say this but Rebel TV hasn’t escaped at all.  Roku and Apple TV will attack next.  They are at war with us.  They are pissed they don’t control the US and will do anything, even commit suicide, to stop anyone from disputing their reality they want to impose on us.


We’ve actually been working on this app for months. We think it will be ready in September.


It will be a free app. You can download it for free. You can watch all our short videos for free. Just like always.


But we’ll own the app. So no-one can have that power over us. No-one can have that power over you.


The app will have everything in it — not just all our videos that are right now on YouTube, all 6,500 of them. But it will have our TV shows too — the paywall stuff, like the daily Ezra Levant Show. And we’re launching more shows after Labour Day, so the timing is perfect.


Here are the results of the fund raising and I would suggest they hire a good law firm to go after Apple and Google and all the rest who are now at war with anyone who disputes the news with our Real Rulers, the noxious Bilderberg gang.


The clowns running the internet systems are nearly all uniformly part of the Bilderberg gang, over the years, they were invited inside and now are hand in glove with the older members like the New York Times and Henry Kissinger, etc.


Good luck, Rebel News.  I hope you are not destroyed by our Real Rulers.  I used to spread news back in the 1960’s via designing and passing out leaflets.  Our rulers hated that, too.


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7 responses to “Google, Facebook, Twitter and All Systems Are Being Censored Now

  1. Jim R

    Here is one alternative I’ve heard of. Don’t know anything about it.

    BitChute is a peer to peer content sharing platform. Our mission is to put people and free speech first. It is free to join, create and upload your own content to share with others.

    Of course, Obozo gave the spook agencies permission to kill the whole internet if they want to, so that may happen sooner or later. And the corporate monopolies that own the physical connections are working feverishly to reduce it to a glorified cable TV network. It’s probably an exercise in futility.

    Get to know your neighbors.

  2. Lou

    Duck Duck Go. Try it.

    Google is to avoid. It did have a great map system, until they changed it. Elaine mentioned that.

  3. Lou

    packing in inferior students, especially of the student is Jewish. Harvard is very Jewish.

  4. ziff

    i see u noticed Peterson , a major figure. CDN also ,,,,

  5. JimmyJ

    The main selling points of DuckDuckGo is the lack of logs and tracking, anonymizing the user to the search portal and that alone.

    Below that interface Duck Duck Go uses other, mainstream search engines for it’s data (including Yahoo/Bing), and uses them for ad serving as well. Also, DuckDuckGo uses Amazon Web Services, it doesn’t have its own private physical servers (any longer). It’s a tiny company with about 30 employees and little infrastructure.

    Tracking of users is simple once the user hits the internet in general from usage profiles and IP addresses (once the DDG portal is left behind).

    Most of the censoring comes from the services end, so your email, texts and other social media are vulnerable and there are very few providers for these services. Alternatives can easily be censored as well due the the internet backbone being corporate run by a tiny number of companies. I doubt there will be any solution to censorship without great social upheaval.

  6. Since day one, the ‘internet’ has been a CIA operation. This is why I was able to use it way way back when it first started and my father had an IBM machine installed in the house so he would access the system at home as well as in his office.

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