Swiss Hope Fix CO2 Via Running Huge Suction Fans Burning Lots Of Fuel

The EU has dozens of mad scientists who want to ‘save the planet from evil CO2’ and they are furiously at work to bring about another Ice Age.  We are a tad overdue for another Ice Age so they will trumpet falling temperatures as a fantastic success in this endeavor.  Only, before even the first CO2 killing program starts, we already see the planet cooling down except in California, Oregon and parts of Washington State.  They are still sort of hot!


There are many stories about humans tinkering with things to do something that is seemingly innocent only to have it blow up in our faces.  Humans tend to do this.  It is what keeps the gods entertained, laughing at us.


I had a theory when a child: granting wishes are actually curses.  This was gathered from the many, many ancient tales that illustrate this.  In the present case, our rulers want a colder planet and the evil Weather Bitches are itching to grant this wish and I live in the north so I fear this greatly.

Climeworks CO2 Capture Plant Launch Event Summary – YouTube


The plan is to use tremendous amounts of energy to run gigantic fans that suck in air and then remove CO2 and spit the air back out again.  This is supposedly because we will roast to death if we use energy to run big fans.


Scientists dim sunlight, suck up carbon dioxide to cool planet – Japan Today reports:


Scientists are sucking carbon dioxide from the air with giant fans and preparing to release chemicals from a balloon to dim the sun’s rays as part of a climate engineering push to cool the planet.


Yes, they seriously want to dim the sunlight which will…make plants grow less!  Plants EAT SUNLIGHT.  Dummies!  If this is cut down, the plants produce less stuff like leaves, fruits, wood growth, etc.


When volcanoes erupt, they fertilize the planet as a side effect.  No volcanoes= a less fruitful planet!  What these clowns want to do is the opposite: remove valuable ‘food’ from the sun with no side effect of renewing the soil.


Backers say the risky, often expensive projects are urgently needed to find ways of meeting the goals of the Paris climate deal to curb global warming that researchers blame for causing more heatwaves, downpours and rising sea levels.


No heat waves here for quite a while now.  Next week, the height of summer will see April-type temperatures, barely reaching 70F.


The United Nations says the targets are way off track and will not be met simply by reducing emissions for example from factories or cars – particularly after U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the 2015 pact.


Future generations will thank Trump for stopping the looting of America.  We and we alone were going to pay through the nose for ‘global warming’.


In the countryside near Zurich, Swiss company Climeworks began to suck greenhouse gases from thin air in May with giant fans and filters in a $23 million project that it calls the world’s first “commercial carbon dioxide capture plant”.


Worldwide, “direct air capture” research by a handful of companies such as Climeworks has gained tens of millions of dollars in recent years from sources including governments, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the European Space Agency.


I hope this bankrupts Bill Gates.


Climeworks sells the gas, at a loss, to nearby greenhouses as a fertiliser to grow tomatoes and cucumbers and has a partnership with carmaker Audi, which hopes to use carbon in greener fuels.
Riskier “geo-engineering” solutions could be a backstop, such as dimming the world’s sunshine, dumping iron into the oceans to soak up carbon, or trying to create clouds.


Humans are horrible at being gods.


Among new university research, a Harvard geo-engineering project into dimming sunlight to cool the planet set up in 2016 has raised $7.5 million from private donors. It plans a first outdoor experiment in 2018 above Arizona.


I grew up in Arizona in the much hotter 1950’s and then in the much COLDER 1960s when we had snow in winter and I had no central heating and slept under fur blankets piled high at night…


“If you want to be confident to get to 1.5 degrees you need to have solar geo-engineering,” said David Keith, of Harvard.


This Machine Removes CO2 From The Air And Turns It Into Fertilizer | IFLScience


The DAC has 18 collectors on top of a waste utilization plant, with fans on the outside sucking in air. Each collector removes the CO2 from the air, and then blows out the cleaner air again, via processes called adsorption and desorption.


In a few hours, the filters – which operate at 100°C (210°F) – become saturated with CO2. This can then be used commercially for other purposes. This includes “carbonated beverages” and “climate-neutral fuels and other materials”, according to Climeworks. By supplying CO2 to a greenhouse, Climeworks said the growth of vegetables could be increased by up to 20 percent.


OK: this monstrosity has to run at over 200 degrees!!! to do this job.  And what is that doing, pray tell?  Is it cooling things or making it as hot as hell?


Using heat from burning something to remove CO2 in hopes it might make the planet cooler is just utterly, totally insane.  Stupid in=stupid out!  How insane????  I am flabbergasted anyone can’t see the obvious problem with all this.


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12 responses to “Swiss Hope Fix CO2 Via Running Huge Suction Fans Burning Lots Of Fuel

  1. Jim R

    They should require any of the engineers on these projects to demonstrate that they have actually taken an accredited class in thermodynamics, and passed.

    If they are making baking powder, or soft drinks, with the CO2 they have captured do they not know that the CO2 simply goes back into the atmosphere when the product is used? Did they not know that matter is ‘conserved’, in the sense of physical science? That it is not created or destroyed, only moved around?

    They are like these nutty “inventors” of perpetual-motion machines!

  2. Ken

    The US navy, in an attempt to become energy independent, has a program for removing carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide) from seawater and converting it into jet fuel. They have to take the carbon dioxide from seawater, and not the air, because there is only a very tiny amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Much less than 1%. Not enough for the process to work.
    If the Swiss have succeeded in removing carbon dioxide from the air in commercial amounts, then the US navy should be contacting them.

    As for blocking the sun to lower the temperature, that has the advantage of being a “solution” that can be implimented on short notice once the planet demonstrably begins to warm up. Only an idiot would start this cooling process while the planet is not yet warming to dangerous levels.

    Unless, of course, they actually believe their reports that each successive year for the last decade has been the hottest in recorded history. Personally, I have not witnessed this record heat. If the effect is this subtle, then there should be no problem in holding off a little bit longer in trying to cool down the solar radiation reaching the plants.

  3. The lies about temperatures is nonstop and utterly amazing. They claim it is getting hotter and hotter when the opposite is happening.

  4. On of the amazing things to me is how ideology blinds people to reality. I try to be real. Being real isn’t hard.

    No, it is impossible. Humans have to process incoming information through the brains which can be totally crazy sometimes. Ideology is one form of craziness that blinds people to all sorts of realities. I see this in all areas because…this is because humans have an imagination.

    This means we can fool ourselves. It is ridiculously easy. This is how religions are born. I surmised years ago that people prefer the unreal because our brains are fixed to this due to the Ice Ages which terrorized humans and forced our evolution at a very fast rate for the last 3 million years.

  5. Jim R

    I saw the announcement of that machine for the Navy, extracting carbon from seawater. They were planning to try it out in a nuclear-powered ship. It only works if you can put about ten times as much energy in as electricity as you get out in the form of hydrocarbon fuel… so you can do it, if you have a nuclear power plant sitting around.

  6. Lou

    On of the amazing things to me is how ideology blinds people to reality.–‘Denier’ seems a lot like ‘Heretic’.

  7. Ken

    Jim @6. Exactly. The system the navy is developing requires crazy amounts of energy in order to create jet fuel. But being able to create your own jet fuel out in the middle of nowhere is a huge plus for the navy, and worth the inefficiencies.

    That is what is so important about the Swiss efforts to remove carbon from the atmosphere. If the Swiss have developed a system for extracting carbon from the air then they are operating at much greater efficiencies that the navy’s system. This would be a huge advance for the navy. The navy should follow up on this.

  8. Jim R

    Funny thing about efficiency, though. It stops at 100%. Actually you never get to 100%. Usually way less than that. I think they will discover that the navy fuel generator “doesn’t scale” or some such, if we hear any news at all. They aren’t going to be deploying it IMNSHO.

    As for the big machines to remove carbon from the air, same deal. If they start with flue gas from a power plant, they might collect 3.7 tons of CO2 for every 1 ton of coal burned. And turning it back into fuel oil would simply reverse the process of burning it in the first place (at a huge cost in energy), so what’s the point?

    People with some experience in refineries and chemical processing have calculated that they might only need around 40% of the power from the power plant to accomplish the extraction from flue gas (which is maybe 10% or 15% CO2). And then they would have all these thousands of tons of CO2 to dispose of. Just pump it into an old oil well and forget it? Notice how well ‘fracking’ has turned out…

    On the other hand, if those Swiss machines are working on regular air, they must expend a lot MORE energy per ton of CO2, because it is diluted down to about 400 ppm. The bottom line is, they won’t be able to make any difference in the composition of air. It’s ridiculous.

  9. It is utterly and totally insane. It eats up energy translating CO2 that comes from VOLCANOES mainly, turning it back into ‘earth’. The volcanoes make the earth fertile and produce plant food, that is, CO2 which plants desperately need to grow.

    If this is successful and they artificially reduce CO2 back to ‘starvation levels’ for plants, we will pay dearly for this madness. It is suicidal. And the Swiss? Every Ice Age, Switzerland is buried under glaciers.

  10. ziff

    proof of tampering: !


    more or less proves tampering , ie they claim they couldn’t trust the thermometer , ???? the simplest tool you can buy at a hardware store !

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