For Readers With Short Memories, Last Year Trump Talked About Saudi Attack On WTC 9/11


At least Trump is like me: sane.  He didn’t fall for fake stories about who cooked up 9/11 and even more happily for me, Trump even pointed out the Bush/bin Laden personal connections, etc.  I was very happy when he dared do this, no one dares talk about the Saudi/Bush clan connections with 9/11 and that is the primary thing about 9/11.  It pisses me off no end, people who are conned into falling for the fake ‘bombs in the buildings’ stories that make zero tactical and political sense.  Why bother installing explosives and then blowing them up?  The buildings were fatally damaged by hijacked jets!  The Pentagon was low in shape and had thick cement walls and few exterior windows so it was only partially damaged by the jet that slammed into it.


This insanity is getting worse over the years.  I thought people could finally, unemotionally figure out the obvious but no.  People seem even more bent on fooling themselves as time passes.  So here is a sharp reminder that there are sane people out there who are not stupid.  And Trump is quite sane.


Here is my smart comments to the debate that year:


Finally, there is a real debate going on as the candidates go on the attack.  FINALLY, someone points out the Saudi connection to 9/11.  Bush Jr. let only one group of people fly their jets after 9/11: HIS SAUDI BUDDIES!  Right after they attacked us.  I was furious.  I actually saw some of these private jets flying out of NYC, epicenter of the attacks.  I was furious the news didn’t mention this tidbit much and our ruling class never talked about it but now Trump is, bravo!  He will be assassinated for this, of course.  And saying that the illegal invasion of Iraq engineered by the same people covering up the Saudi attack, was illegal: Bravo again, Trump.  Whatever he may be and I dislike him, he is the only GOP candidate telling the truth.  The others are liars and crooks but then, Trump is a crook, too.  But then, who isn’t in government these days?


Do note that everyone at the top are deliberately quiet about 9/11.  They know the fake stories are proliferating while they remain silent.  They have to be silent for they are COMPLICIT in the 9/11 events.  They KNEW about it as it happened.  Their reaction was to relax and let it happen. They didn’t get motivated to do anything at all until the Pentagon was hit for they were unaware of that little detail!


I am not amused that some readers here insist on lying about 9/11 and pretending they know something deep secret when they are being jerked around by the Real Rulers and the Bush family.  That fact that the Bushes can fool people infuriates me because the Bushes are not smart, just devious.  To me, they are obvious, to outsiders, they fall for every stupid Bush trick in the book.


I remember after 9/11 the Bushes cooked up one stupid theory after another and then settled on the ‘bombs in the building’ crap because they knew it would please anti-government people who have no idea how things operate underground in the CIA.  They delight in how this fake theory has totally shut down conversations about 9/11 and I am proud that Trump slammed right through the Bullshit and hit where it hurts: in the face of Jeb Bush who was governor of Florida while the terrorists trained there!


THAT is the ‘verboten information’ we are told is not to be spoken to anyone.  I was happy Trump broke the rule and talked about this.  This is the #1 reason I supported Trump: he talked about the truth about 9/11.  Thank you, all, and I don’t hold it against anyone for falling for fake stories that are thrown out to the masses nonstop by the CIA. They are experts in manipulating information.  It is no sin to fall for this but it is silly to ignore ME while falling for it.  That is just plain stupid.


And if everyone thinks I am dumb, tough titties.   I laugh at that sort of stupidity.


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22 responses to “For Readers With Short Memories, Last Year Trump Talked About Saudi Attack On WTC 9/11

  1. Nani

    Conspiracy theories can be addictive to some people.

    As for Trump, he was happy yesterday that the UN Security council voted unanimously for new sanctions against North Korea. I am happy about this too. It is always uplifting when the great powers can cooperate for the common good, and Trump wants to cooperate. He does not want WW3, despite being constantly pushed in that direction by the Congress. I commend him for this.

    Trump appreciates China, Russia for voting on DPRK resolution in UN SC – White House

  2. North Korea is menacing everyone. The leader there is totally nuts.

  3. Tim E.

    A few random thoughts.

    Wouldn’t surprise if on the sanity scale the leader of North Korea is just as sane as all of the other world leaders (just look at the EU). If he is trying to keep the Bilderbergs out of his country more power to him.

    It is also funny that the real rulers want WWIII, but don’t want North Korea to be the instigator for some reason.

    Or he must be nuts on such an epic scale that all of the other regular nuts don’t want anything to do with him.

  4. Jim R

    The US air defense system was all out doing ‘exercises’ that day. They couldn’t be bothered to investigate a hijacked jet. Wouldn’t it be funny if there was some connection?

    If someone knew, they might decide to make some money on it by calling their stock broker and making a bet against an airline, or something…

    Also, note that in your headline, Trump says “it was your brother’s fault”. Powerful words. Oh, and by the way, another Bush brother was in charge of security at the WTC buildings in the months prior to the event. To keep track of who could enter them, the comings and goings of construction or maintenance crews, etc…

    All just coincidences, of course.

  5. Jeff Wolenski

    Zero tactical and polical sense? Everyone involved won in the planned demolition of the WTC. Larry Silverstein got billions in insurance. The Bush administration got it’s war against Saddam. The criminals in the government destroyed evidence of the looting of trillions of dollars.

  6. AND they didn’t have to put any bombs anywhere to do all that!!! See??

    How simple. Why do twice as much when fingerprints are all over the mess in the beginning?

    I was one of the very few humans who was yelling about ‘pre-KNOWLEDGE’ of the 9/11 attacks on the WTC. The very first!

    And this is why I am so pissed off about all the fake stuff. I saw the attack a month before it happened when my Watchers showed me everything.

    I was so alert, I ran outside to see the hijacked jet fly right over my mountain, I yelled at my husband ‘I have to call DC and tell them!’ and he said, ‘No, they want it to happen’,

    That is how involved I was on 9/11. At the NYT forums, we discussed not only my warning dream but the fact that a civilian jet nearly crashed into my mountain and was heading to NYC. People were in a panic at the forum where we discussed this and when the first jet hit, everyone online went nuts and I fell to the floor, screaming.

    It is a very painful day for me. I am very upset I couldn’t stop it from happening. But the Bushes COULD have stopped it. They wanted it to happen. THAT is the crime, not made up trash about bombs that makes fun of the reality.

  7. floridasandy


    if little mr. north korea is trying to stop anything, he is certainly going about it the wrong way.
    Trump said he would meet with him under the right circumstances and instead little dictator goes off firing his missiles (many duds also). Who is paying for that? The people are not living large, but he seems to have enough money to waste I assume somebody is backing him financially. If you are smart, you don’t give somebody an excuse to invade you.

    I feel sorry for the people having some a clueless dictator.

  8. Tim E.

    Good points on little mr. north korea.

    In my mind the majority of the EU leaders are just as bad letting the Muslims invade and bankrupting their own governments. They are racing to be bottom dwellers like NK and they don’t care about the people, but are still living large.

  9. North Korea sells COAL to China. This is their main export.

  10. Jim R

    … but the planners could not count on all the buildings being destroyed. Especially not that third one, the one with all the evidence in it. Not hit by any plane. They couldn’t know in advance whether it would fall.

    So they pulled it.

  11. Christian W

    Interestingly US President Trump was one of the very first conspiracy nuts to promote the belief there were bombs in the WTC 1 & 2 (we have been discussing WTC 7).

  12. Yoseph

    Bombs or noBombs makes no freaking difference. Perhaps, they didn’t need or
    want bombs, but to avoid stepping on some toes or whatever they had to put some in to make it fall straight. Bombs may not be fact but it is truth, a molotav plaintail is sort of a bomb…bombs isn’t a
    stupid assumption. Arguing about it is stupid.

  13. It is necessary because the stupid ‘bombs in the buildings’ garbage allowed the Bush/Cheney/CIA guys off the hook for collusion with the Saudis to attack America and then use this as an excuse to attack all the more liberal Muslim leaders.

  14. Christian W

    No, the bombs in the building stuff didn’t let Bush and Cheney off the hook. What let them off the hook then, and still does today, is that the US citizens do not want to deal with reality.

    Based on observed behaviour Americans

    A. prefer the USA uber alles narrative booyah – so they are super easy to manipulate.
    B. live in a bubble of ethnic/religious identification – so they are super easy to manipulate.
    C. can’t be arsed to do something. It is simply too much of a bother, or dangerous, to deal with the swamp creatures so people prefer to believe the lies or want business as usual at all costs. Anything goes as long as the money keeps rolling in. “Never mind the grinding of the corrupt US death machine as long as it doesn’t grind me and mine.” Harder to manipulate these cynical people but then off course Bush and Cheney and Trump et al all get off the hook.

  15. Jim R

    Not true. Bush/Cheney made sure there was no hook. That video in #13 is part of the disinformation campaign, by the way. Those ideas tend take on a life of their own after a while.

    But the disinfo was only part of the effort. Another part of the effort is to have an official “commission” to write the fake story. Another part is to kill off witnesses. And I’m pretty sure that they blackmail/intimidate the politicians who might otherwise hold hearings and appoint prosecutors.

    For the last sixty years, they have gotten more and more unhinged and disconnected, as they continue to get away with stuff like this, and think that they can create their own reality.

    It will end badly and soon, but I have no idea exactly how that will unfold…

  16. They will try an open coup. This is because they sponsored and pushed for coups all over the planet, now they will dare to do it at home. Most of these foreign coups were a disaster, of course, but they learn no lessons from that.

  17. Christian W

    @ Jim

    That was the point in my reply to Eline above. The US political system is so hopelessly corrupt/controlled by insiders there is no hope of anything from there. The US population has been effectively neutered along various economic, social, religious, ethnic etc lines.

    There is nothing to challenge the US system apart from the fatal unsustainable corruption itself.

  18. Jim R

    @ Christian,
    Well put. I was just quibbling with the term ‘hook’. There is no hook..

    As for a coup, that happened in the 1960s. The Church Committee (remember them?) was the last chance for hooks. By some legal magic, they determined that Oswald was not the only conspirator, but that the CIA was not responsible. No harm, no foul. And no indictments.

    There won’t be much call for a counter-coup until things get much worse for the average citizen (and things will). From what sector or group would a counter-coup come? Everything’s been co-opted by the spooks.

  19. Yes, the assassination of the assassin kept the CIA out of that mess with Kennedy. Obviously, the fact that a military guard could defect to Russia and then…RETURN HOME HERE…and then kill the President stinks of CIA collusion.

  20. Jim R

    Mr. Garrison, the New Orleans district attorney, worked out most of the plot and who the plotters were.

    I am pretty sure LBJ knew about it, but he hated the Kennedys and was not unhappy to see them go. I also tend to believe that he was too intimidated by the CIA to close them down.

    Trump will not be able to close them down either, not without the help of a good size chunk of the military. They do take an oath to protect the Constitution from both foreign and domestic enemies, but it’s hard for them to shift their rigid organizational structure. And it would require a quick and drastic shift..

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