Google Degrades Search Engines: ‘American Inventors’ Shows 90% Black Inventors Only

The entire page is virtually all black ‘inventors’.


REVEALED: Google’s Social Justice Warriors Create Wrongthink Blacklists:

I was reading the comments to this story (I love to do this!) and one of the readers proposed that everyone google common words to see how google is screwing up everything now.  One reader googled ‘American Inventors’ and remarked in amazement that it showed 90% ONLY black ‘inventors’, most of whom are very obscure.  Indeed, it showed only two non blacks: Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison.  My grandaddy was named after Mr. Edison who thought it was funny that my grandfather’s first name was his last name, they knew each other back in the 19th century.


The fact is, Google is destroying everything, its search engines have suddenly done this:Train Fall from bridge.flv – YouTube

It is roaring ahead full throttle and…will crash. How insane is it to run a ‘web search engine’ that is utterly useless?  I didn’t google ‘black American inventors.’  I am very angry it shows all sorts of ‘inventors’ who are minor or virtually unknown except for 2 of them!


My father isn’t on this page.  My father-in-law who won a number of awards for his inventions and was recognized as one of the top industrial chemists in the world…he isn’t on this page, either.  An army of inventors are not there, they have been eliminated by SJW brats who now run this service and are driving it off the cliff.


I really hate Google now.  This really, really pisses me off, big time.  Here is today’s breaking news about this:


Numerous individuals alleged to be members of Google’s management team have been caught bragging about forming blacklists to impact the careers of colleagues with different political beliefs.


In a series of screenshots from 2015 onwards provided to Breitbart News by a verified Google employee, individuals described as left-wing Google management employees can be seen discussing the ways they punish their colleagues both inside and out of the company.


“While Google appears to be doing very little to quell the hostile voices that exists inside the company, I want those hostile voices to know: I will never, ever hire hire/transfer you onto my team. Ever. I don’t care if you are perfect fit of technically excellent or whatever,” declared former employee Adam Fletcher in a post on Google’s internal, staff-only Google+ network: “Internal Plus.”


They actively blacklist employees who try to warn them about doing stupid things like I just demonstrated.  Now, the monkeys are running the joint and rendering Google virtually useless.  This was not true last month, it is a recent action. They are actively degrading all systems to conform with SWJ ideology now.


“I will actively not work with you, even to the point where your team or product is impacted by this decision. I’ll communicate why to your manager if it comes up.”


The SJW saying this to fellow Google SJW is in revolt and should be fired but instead, anyone pointing out this poisonous atmosphere in SJWGoogleland is fired.  The man they fired today is lucky.  Imagine working for these monsters!  He should sue them, of course.  But he is in California.  I left there years ago, denouncing the left as I left.


“You’re being blacklisted by people at companies outside of Google,” he continued. “You might not have been aware of this, but people know, people talk. There are always social consequences.”


Here is Google’s front page when doing a search for ‘American Inventors’:

All the California SJW Internet creeps are in unity here.  They hate the rest of humanity and howl like banshees whenever anyone questions them about their mindless, childish world view.  The fact that Google is DELIBERATELY monkeying with search requests to return FALSE information is criminal.  I wish I could sue them over this.


Googling ‘Famous Americans’ brings up lots of black people but also Lincoln, Ben Franklin several times, pictures of some DNC Presidents, no GOP ones, Steve Jobs, several of him!–several Sitting Bull pictures, Geronimo and an army of black people.  Yes, they are definitely screwing around with the metadata to heave it heavily towards showing black people.

I recommend these people be shunned.  Google is, as of today, utterly useless as a search engine!  Pass this on!  Here is another example of destroying a business due to SJW spite:  ABC Denies Axing Tim Allen Over Trump Support.


US television network ABC owned by Disney denied Sunday that it had canceled comedian Tim Allen’s popular sitcom “Last Man Standing” due to its conservative politics.


Fans of the show — and Allen himself — were angered when ABC announced in May that one of its most-watched scripted series, a solid ratings draw, was being brought to an end.


Below is a cartoon I picked up from Truth Is a Hate Crime: Google Fires Employee That Sent Out Email Calling For ‘Viewpoint Diversity’

That hits the nail right on the head.  I broke barriers in ‘male dominated fields’ all my life and did it without demonizing or even upsetting men.  Far from it!  Quite the opposite.  When I was pushing for women fencers in the Olympics to fight saber and epee, the men on the US team supported this (one of them was dating me at the time).  Here is why I wanted to fight this style:

Yup.  Even went to the hospital due to lunging too hard while pregnant (I did not know I was pregnant!).  This stupid stuff whereby women want to dictate to men who does what and how while howling for ‘equality’ when what they want is things to change their way and not really competing, this pisses me off.  I never asked for any handicaps or special crutches when competing with me!


So what, if they won?  I gloried in the fight, it made ME stronger!  And I could salute someone who was stronger than I!!! So what!!!!  Sheesh, everyone gets an award in SJWland.  Or gets a bullet to the back of the head from some creepy female who hates everyone but herself.

Yes, when children, we fought like this only we added mud balls, too.  We were dangerous.  I and one playmate ended up in the hospital doing this sort of game back then.  Happy memories!



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29 responses to “Google Degrades Search Engines: ‘American Inventors’ Shows 90% Black Inventors Only

  1. KHS71

    You type in “United States Inventors” and 90% plus are white. Google is taking a hit on this issue. It is showing that they are the biggest bigots and racists of them all. What is sad is that they can not self reflect to see what they really are.

  2. Jim R

    I suppose if you search for “Inventors who are not jungle bunnies” they would immediately send the PC squad around to your house to slap you around for microaggression.

  3. Jim R

    Oh, and I recommend switching your search engine to Startpage:

  4. Jim, I would love to see them do this. I just added another gun to our gun collection and need to sight it in. 🙂

  5. Melponeme_k

    I took classes in sword for stage work. The teacher was the real deal both in real sword technique and choreography. I thought he was great.

    He was the kind of the teacher that if you didn’t block or do correct footwork, he would really slap you with the sword. I had so many bruises from that class but I loved it.

    What amazed me was how my body expanded its sense of personal space to include the full length of the sword. Another realization was just how much upper body strength men had over women. Supposedly women have more stamina to scuttle around. Men expend most of their energy in the first bouts. But the sheer power in their reach and strength would de-arm most women within the first minutes of the fight. LONG before men would tire out. Which is why I roll my eyes when I see men and women sword fighting against each other in film. No way in hell would the average woman be able to stand toe to toe. It would be more of a “try to get a slash in, incapacitate if possible then RUN!” LOL

  6. HAHAHA. I loved fighting Medieval battles. Especially the all day long ‘wilderness’ battles which require lots of cunning, planning on the hoof, exploiting landscape to defeat the other side. We did many battles that were ‘resurrection battles’ where you ‘die’ and go off to the home base and become ‘alive’ again. Tons of fun.

    And yes, those of us who did the endurance thing did the best, male or female. Doing construction work all day long meant I could fight all day long. Many of the devotees of this form of fighting were…in the outdoor working trades like farming, construction, lumberjacks, road work, etc.

  7. Kenogami

    Jim R writes:
    ” I recommend switching your search engine to Startpage”

    But Startpage writes that they use Google for their search, they just hide your identity before searching and returning the result to you. So the results will still be biaised.

  8. ziff

    try ‘white american inventors’ and u get even more black ! And they will have to hide this one

  9. Lou

    Google images was worse, 4 years back. I know. I did research.
    look at top row, Blacks and Muds,….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..17.23.2227.0..0i67k1.xYrnzKFy-e8

  10. Lou

    THIS IS THE SECOND ROW OF ‘WHITE MAN’….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..17.23.2227.0..0i67k1.xYrnzKFy-e8

  11. Lou

    12–silence in (((media))) over her killing.

  12. Lou
    A number of executives also followed:
    Stripe CEO Patrick Collison
    Nest founder Tony Fadell
    Union Square Ventures partner Fred Wilson, Joanne Wilson, Amy Batchelor and Brad Feld
    USV partner Albert Wenger and Ziggeo CEO Susan Danziger
    Homebrew Venture partners Hunter Walk and Satya Patel
    Intercom CEO Eoghan McCabe
    Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield
    Xamarin co-founder Nat Friedman
    Sequoia Capital’s Mike Vernal
    Charles River Ventures partner Izhar Armony
    Facebook’s head of advertising Andrew “Boz” Bosworth

    In addition, Google has created a $2 million “crisis fund” that can be matched by up to $2 million in donations from employees. The fund is for four organizations: the ACLU, Immigrant Resource Center, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps, according to that report. Google executives are separately giving money to the cause, though the report didn’t cite specifically who. A spokesperson for Google confirmed the existence of the fund.

  13. Lou

    A few years back, on Easter, the google doodle was Cesar Chavez [in fact, he opposed illegals].

    Another time it was soccer players, one? was White.

  14. Lou

    10 was a mistake–it is a pic of Obama as white.

  15. JimmyJ

    FWIW, Bing doubles the “white guy” results for “american inventors”, with Bell, Edison, Franklin and Tesla (4 out of 9). Not that I believe Microsoft hasn’t succumbed to style over substance. The number of bugs showing up on monthly Windows updates these days is breathtaking.

  16. Pete

    I changed my search to:

    I like it!

    Cesar Chavez said way back years ago that La Raza was the
    latino version of the KKK.

  17. jkeating123

    Use Duck Duck Go as your search engine.

  18. Mewswithaview

    Don’t forget Googles parent company is linked to the Democrat party and it was noted that Mr. Schmidt wore a “staff” badge at Hillary Clintons election night party.

    Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt Gave Advice to Clinton Campaign, Leaked Emails Show

  19. Shawntoh

    Gee, Elaine, maybe I should send a “I HATE GOOGLE” T-shirt with my donation to COL, what size do you wear? Large? I’m thinking since you live in the woods you won’t be huge in weight like Mama Cass, no doubt.

  20. Shawntoh

    At this point, the best thing to do is to go with alternative search engines…

    DuckDuckGo is probably the best right now because they do not collect users data to sell to advertisers as well.

  21. Shawntoh

    Elaine, what do you think of this mapping by Yandex?

  22. floridasandy

    alternative search engines are the answer. They are many.

    I hope the google employee sues the life out of google:

    it is funny that they see discrimination everywhere other than where it really is.

    The CEO is a douchebag.

  23. floridasandy

    couldn’t happen to a better company:

    hoisted by their own petard. LOL.

    google will probably settle.

  24. Classic problem: women flock to Google because they want to be there. The men who are the core of the operation, doing the difficult thinking stuff, have to be LURED there via high pay. That is why there is disparity.

    The women won’t leave even when the pay is poor, the men will exit the moment their pay drops. Actually, they should flee now. Time is running out on them all.

  25. Moe

    For search engine I use DudkDuckGo. Used to use Ixquick but the damn thing wouldn’t work for a while. I did find that the European version was the better search engine, . Also look at Yandex,

  26. Shawntoh

    Right on, Moe. Just type “american inventor” in the DuckDuckGo search engine and you’ll notice a big difference right away. I’d submit a screen shot here but half the fun is viewing it on your own for the shocking difference after typing in “american inventor”.

    RIP Google, I can remember in 2000 when first hearing of you when Yahoo was the new thing that was getting better then.

    But the Wheel [of Fortune] in the arcanum of the Tarot explains that better as in what goes up must come down in certain circumstances.


  27. Pingback: More Google Searches Showing Clear Tampering With Black/White Search Results | Culture of Life News

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