Google Fires High Ranked Computer Programmer For Disputing Policies With New PC SJW Female Boss Hogg

 Mob of Migrants vs Soldiers in Naples, Italy – YouTube


Mobs of illegal aliens in Sicily attack police so they could free a fellow illegal and succeed despite there being seven paramilitary police who are forbidden to shoot at anyone attacking them openly.  This isn’t just Sicily, in the US, the police cannot shoot at people who surround and attack them when they make arrests.  ColinFlaherty posts videos every day at his site, detailing this.  This is hidden from view so that citizens don’t know about it but online, brave citizens post videos showing this defiance by illegal invaders. This is prelude to the news about our lunatic fascist SJW rulers who want to destroy smart people and replace them with foreign invaders: Google fired the brave white man who defied the PC SJW staff who now run the joint and are systematically destroying it.  He was fired for being ‘perpetuating gender stereotypes’.  Google is falling off the PC cliff.


The stories of Google’s self annihilation and the illegal alien invasions are intertwined.  Liberals hate smart people.  They hate Asians and they hate white European  males and they hate women who refuse to pretend that women are being persecuted due to sex, they hate anyone who defies their ideology.  And they defend Muslims who want to rape women, deny them civil rights, kill gays and leech off of the State instead of working, preferring to leave the actual labor to slaves, women and children.


Europe is being systematically destroyed from inside by an army of about 5 million or more illegal aliens from mainly Africa.  They have formed gangs that take over entire neighborhoods and they fight the police and take over the government like in London and then terrorize any citizens until they are forced to move and this is happening in the US, too.  They want no laws except Sharia law and no order except when they bark orders at citizens.  And they kill citizens who don’t flee.


This reminds me of the decline and fall of Rome.  It happened in the past and will happen in the future.  Now on to Google’s self-destruction: I have been increasingly pissed at Google and increasingly alarmed by Google.  For example, two years ago, when googling ‘Culture of Life News’ with some event or name or anything, the entire front page would have stories from my blog.

How to: Work at Google — Example Coding/Engineering Interview – YouTubeThis is an official video from Google showing a woman examining a male programmer who ‘wants a job at Google’ as he solves a ‘problem’.


Then, a year ago, it would show only several stories before running off to mainstream media choices.  Then suddenly this month, it would show mainstream sites FIRST and my own blog well below the top.  I am not paranoid, Google is doing this to everyone else and they are complaining and Google is telling us all to go to hell.


It is run by SJW terrorists now who are systematically flushing out the last of the conservative but highly technical functional people.  Soon, they will all be gone, most will flee because now they have to be harangued by this silly, unhinged lunatic female fascist who hates white men who don’t have tattoos all over their bodies and ride Harleys.


Previous PC firings due to the witches hunting down any pesky white male who irritates them:

He is top of his class!  And looks like a nice kid.  Young, too.  He obviously never heard of what the sad fate of Orpheus who was ripped to shreds by shrieking, drunk women after his attempt at saving his wife from death. These women are good at tearing apart people.


Anti-Diversity Screed’ Was Not Anti-Diversity, Was Not a Screed | National Review correctly reported when this made the news.  

Indeed, the poor man writing it was alarmed at the decline in coding skills as Google poured more and more inept people into the job site forcing the productive people to spend many extra hours fixing messes of others who were barely above ‘vandalize this’ skills.


 He states repeatedly that he believes in diversity, and there’s no reason to doubt his self-description as a classical liberal. His exclamation-point-free memo is hardly a rant. He expresses the hope that “open and honest discussion with those who disagree can highlight our blind spots and help us grow.”


The very first people executed in any coup or revolution are fellow revolutionaries.  This is true since the beginning of time.  Despots prefer incompetence that obeys orders over competence that disputes orders.


How naïve. The witless and inflamed reaction to his document instead underlines his point about “a politically correct monoculture that maintains its hold by shaming dissenters into silence.”


Absolutely.  Google just did great evil yesterday.  They persecuted a man and tried to destroy him financially for disputing their Maoist ideology.


Former Google engineer Yonatan Zunger says that if it were up to him, the author would be summarily fired and escorted from the building immediately by security (you can’t take a chance with such a danger). Entrepreneur Elissa Shevinsky believes that the memo could run afoul of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act — i.e., it might be illegal.


Free speech is dead.  Liberals hate free speech.  My very first demonstration I attended was…the famous Free Speech demonstrations.  I gave public speeches beginning in 1967 and am a very firm believer in free speech and this means you can give a speech in public and not be persecuted by the law.


We have zero free speech in Europe or America.  It was killed not by conservatives but by fake liberals who are really fascists.


Google’s diversity officer, Danielle Brown, didn’t quite go that far. She offered a pro forma assurance that different views are welcome at Google.




Nevertheless, she stipulated that the opinions of the author are “incorrect” and added, ominously, that any discussion needs to be in accord with “our Code of Conduct, policies, and anti-discrimination laws.”


She and her ilk are discriminating against white males and Asians.  They are importing labor to drive down wages.  They force men to do double work to make up for the lower level of competence of PC hires.


A line in the memo about women being more prone to anxiety has drawn particular ire — as if the author made this up. As the publication Stanford Medicine notes, “Women are twice as likely as men to experience clinical depression in their lifetimes; likewise for post-traumatic stress disorder.” An article in the journal Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews likewise says that “female-biased conditions include depression, anxiety disorder, and anorexia nervosa.”


I have nerves of steel. I developed this due to a hard childhood.  I had to learn at age 5 how to cope and survive in a very dangerous world.  I honed survival skills and ended up enjoying fighting and participated in a number of mostly-male sports surrounding fighting skills.  Most of my battles over the years were fighting men and I broke bones doing this, for example.


So I am ‘tough as nails’ now.  Pain?  Bah!  Doing construction works means working while in great pain, for example.  Here is a Google video about how to get jobs with these lunatic fascist man-hating female dominated operations:

‘How to Get a Job at the Big 4 – Amazon, Facebook, Google & Microsoft’ by Sean Lee – who is a young black male with funky hair and is a FOREIGNER hire.  


They love guys like the one in the video.  He is a fast talker, a foreigner and he is smaller than most of them and he won’t dispute their aim at eliminating as many white males as possible, this is his goal, too.


As predicted, the fire breathing female dragons destroying Google…Fires Employee Who Dared Challenge its Ideological Echo Chamber | National Review:


Alphabet Inc.’s Google has fired an employee who wrote an internal memo blasting the web company’s diversity policies, creating a firestorm across Silicon Valley.


I wrote in the past, as a woman who has been doing ‘male jobs’ virtually all my life, I sympathize with men because it is often either mentally or physically dangerous to do may male dominated jobs.  Women are being shoehorned into dangerous male jobs like police, military and firefighting but are obvious for the most part, inferior to the men who do these jobs and thus, endanger the men who have to do double the work because of women being part of the team.


I always carried my share of the weight at work.  Never asked for anything more.  But everyone knew that once a month, I had to reduce the heavy lifting due to periods, for example.  Since I was the boss, I was still at work but couldn’t do the heavy lifting part.  See, I needed to rest while others had to work harder!


I recognized this so the men I worked with were very nice about it.  But would this hold if 50% of the people doing men’s jobs were to have this sort of ‘rest time’ all the time, in turn?  This would reduce the work force and worse, moves the work onto the 50% who are not dealing with periods, for example.


James Damore, the Google engineer who wrote the note, confirmed his dismissal in an email, saying that he had been fired for “perpetuating gender stereotypes.” A Google representative didn’t immediately return a request for comment.


HAHAHA…the fat lipped liars running Google off the cliff said nothing!  How typical!  Liberals howl like hyenas when people don’t respond to their charges.  The programmer who was fired is lucky.  He is exiting a sinking ship that will demand he double his work load to take up the slack of the inferior hires.


Worse, he would have to fix coding mistakes they make.  This is the hidden part of PC hiring.  I know about what a bitch job that is, it takes twice as long or more to find and fix mistakes.


Google forecast the move earlier today when its CEO Sundar Pichai said portions of the memo “violate our Code of Conduct and cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace.” I’m going to write a longer piece about this, but this reaffirms a fundamental reality – key sectors of our economy are not only increasingly politicized, they’re increasingly radicalized.


Yesterday, the Google PC SJW top elites claimed they would ‘tell us tomorrow’ what we should know about their Madame Mao push.  They never did.  Today, they refuse to say anything again!  HAHAHA.  Great communication skills, you dimwits.


‘First do no evil’ has been turned into ‘Evil is good’.


Eric Schmidt has said that one of Google’s founding values was “freedom of expression.” In reality, you’re only free to toe the party line.


Truth Is a Hate Crime: Google Fires Employee That Sent Out Email Calling For ‘Viewpoint Diversity’ has two comments I agree with:

Yes, the SJW female can’t see herself in a mirror due to being a vampire.


Google has been turning evil for quite a while now.  It is rapidly deteriorating and I notice this deterioration and it pisses me off greatly and I can’t stop its mad rush to destroy itself.  To hell with Google.  Here are more videos put up by Google:

Moishe Lettvin – What I Learned Doing 250 Interviews at Google – YouTube

This guy got a job with Google despite bad grades in school and dropping out, etc. and was used by them to hire people who were smarter than him.  He says his job grilling people IS FUN!  And I bet it was.   This hippie dippy guy got to tear into all sorts of hard working people…what fun.


He claims it was fun learning about computer programming via grilling the professionals looking for work.  Oh, the joy of it all!  No wonder Google is crappier and crappier every day!  It is now officially at the point that I hate Google who is doing great harm.  Our universities are being systematically destroyed by rich administrators at the top looting students and piling a mountain of debt on them while bitter mostly female part time labor does the actual teaching.


This dysfunctional system is grinding the gears more and more.  Fewer white males are going to higher education, the classes that are there are being rapidly dumbed down more and more. Fail 2 Students In 6 Years = Promotion Denied | Confessions of a College Professor Dr. Doom whose blog I have been reading for years:


In times past, tenure was awarded by scholars, to scholars, as a reward for scholarship. Those days are gone. Today, tenure is (theoretically) awarded by administrators, to scholars for, well, reasons that have little to do with scholarship. Having the right skin color can certainly be a factor, and covering up pedophilia is certainly a possibility…but scholarship no longer seems to be on the table at many schools.


Very true.  Retention is the rule.  Getting students to stay as long as profitable is key here. They treat students like so many cattle to be fatted and then sent to the knacker to be knocked off.


     Administrators know nothing of scholarship, so it’s understandable they can’t use scholarship for tenure. One of the weird things now is promotion (and tenure is controlled by admin like everything else in higher ed) is determined mostly by student evaluations.


So, pandering to students leads to rising in the ranks.  So they pander away dutifully.  The more the instructor babies them, the bigger the pay.  This noxious system produces graduates who are stupid.


     It doesn’t matter that we know teaching effectiveness is negatively correlated with student evaluations, or that evaluations are worth very little at best, admin uses evaluations to determine promotion.


It’s also well known that the easier the grading, the better the student evaluations, this obvious fact has been shown by many studies. Be a bad teacher who grades easy, and admin loves you.


We don’t need any studies to show that students want good grades with minimal effort.  This is natural.  All humans want this, it is fun, easy as falling off a chair and now very lucrative.




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21 responses to “Google Fires High Ranked Computer Programmer For Disputing Policies With New PC SJW Female Boss Hogg

  1. Jim R

    Google, also known as Idiocracy.

  2. Tim E.

    There is always a new thing on the internet horizon, I am guessing that the newest thing will be by these google engineers that leave in disgust.

  3. Lou

    Zuckerberg, Jew. Google, Jews. Yelp, Jew.

  4. Melponeme_k

    I knew Google was hiding true results when all blogs disappeared off the search pages. It used to be the most popular pages for TV series commentary etc. were fan web blogs. Now Google has wiped them from the results and just includes mainstream publications.

    All of these internet companies were developed by the military deep state. Then they gave them to their front man “friends” to run and give them a little pay off in the back rooms.

    However tax dollars created all of this and we tax payers haven’t seen one penny from the profits of them. Instead we get spied upon with the products we paid to create.

    Sad fact is, there will be nothing else but Google. It won’t be allowed to fall. It will suck up more of our tax dollars. Why? Because the elites (both military and Business) control it. Through it, they can still exert control on us.

  5. tio

    Mel, you make a great point, we pay for our own chains.

  6. She is 100% correct. Without any feedback or warning, Google utterly changed their systems to hide blogs.

  7. Petruchio

    What is happening to Google has happened and IS happening to our US Military. The Viet Nam war taught our Rulers that intelligent people are troublemakers. They question things. Some have the courage to stand up and openly criticize even if there are negative consequences. This is why the Rulers are so aggressive in destroying the University system in the US: The College Protest Movement of the Viet Nam war in the 1960’s scared the Rulers to death. And now, we have as a pivotal issue whether transgender people should be allowed to serve in the Military. This is why the Military Rulers are happy to allow illegals to serve in the military. And the less well educated people, the better is the general rule. They don’t question things and the ones who are smart enough to think something is wrong tend to just “go with the flow”. Check out the suicide rate for our members of the military. The number I have heard is 54. 54 members of our military commit suicide EACH DAY. US Elites are fine with this fact. Our Rulers are completely off their rockers, nuts. Why? Because they are in general overindulged, overprotected, ultra spoiled rotten rich kids who would fold quickly in the face of real, genuine competition.

  8. Melponeme_k

    Fired engineer plans to sue Google under First Amendment. GOOD! I hope he takes them for all they have!

  9. GREAT NEWS!!! I hope he wins, this will go all the way to the Supreme Court, I hope. Good.

    The man wasn’t ‘anti-woman’ he was very respectful and showed no sign of being against women, he was just pointing out the reality of this sort of business.

    Why are there so few women chess champions, for example? Feminists falsely claim, it is because women hate chess so they don’t even try which is silly. As well as stupid.

    All this pisses me off. I have competed with men all my life and respect their talents and strengths. They are what they are! Shoehorning women into ‘men’s work’ seldom works very long.

    When given a chance, most women exit as fast as they can run.

  10. Ken

    If enough conservatives can get on the US Supreme Court, perhaps they could create a new law (like the liberals do) proclaiming that any emphasis on diversity or affirmative action is prima facie evidence of discrimination.

  11. This is making international news now, here is a comment form the Daily Mail in England which hits it out of the infield:

    Washington DC, United States, 16 minutes ago

    He writes about stress. I am working on an IT project right now where the IT manager, PM, and SME are all women. On the business side the PMs (2 of them) and SME are women. I have never seen more hurt feelings, meetings needed to discuss personality issues, finger pointing and retention of emails to be shown as evidence of other people’s mistakes. I am sort of on the outside of it, but it is a circus that I know about from one of the participants. Also, “I don’t like working for women” is a very very common phrase. His writing about stress and women is valid from my experiences.

  12. Petruchio

    Millenial females are the absolute WORST!! I work with some of these types. They have ZERO people skills. They can be rude and inconsiderate to you, but the slightest response from you, the white male, makes them go nuclear. They hold grudges. They are spiteful. The smallest insult, perceived or real, makes them march into Management’s office. This attitude persists in part because of the general, anti-male environment. If you are a white male you quickly find out there are two sets of rules.

  13. Isn’t it sad? It leads to a very bad ending, too. This lack of life skills will hammer these females in their own futures as they age and are not ‘available’ but rather, ‘old bitches everyone hates’.

  14. Correct. They are very brave, now the screaming Maenads will run to these men and try to rip them literally to shreds. These females are increasingly homicidal.

  15. Christian W

    @ 4 Mel

    Completely correct. Google also owns and controls the Android “smart”phone/tab market. Between Apple, Google and Microsoft (after the US operation to destroy the independent Nokia I’ve talked about in the past) the US system also controls the the mobile network systems.

    No meaningful independent alternative is allowed to exist. That is why the US government always was dead set against open source systems.

  16. Mewswithaview

    Interview with James Damor

  17. I love the ‘Gulag’ logo! Must use it whenever talking about Google. Thanks for finding this video.

  18. So, the kid who pulled down Google’s panties was hired because he played their games and this led them to wanting him to work there. That is really funny.

    He did ‘mathematical biology’ at the molecular level. Why on earth did Google hire him? He even laughs when asked this. ‘They wanted a smart guy that can code.’

    ‘I was top 2 percentile so I wasn’t fired for that.’ I believe him.

  19. Lou

    17-18–would look more like Google as Goolag.

  20. Pingback: Melinda Gates Who Used Sex To Rise At Microsoft, Attacks Demore, the Google Coder Fired For Discussing Sex Differences At Work | Culture of Life News

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