More Google Searches Showing Clear Tampering With Black/White Search Results

 Google Memo: Fired Employee Speaks Out! | James Damore and Stefan Molyneux – YouTube


The Google kid who was stomped on by the SJW Google executives has an extensive interview with Stefan Molyneux, a Canadian online commentator.  As well as this story, people are now going around Google to see ways Google is cooking searches and I have to show some of these, it is amazing and frightful at the same time.

Google ‘white couples’ and the page pops up with half a dozen ‘white couples’ and the rest are black/white couples.  What?  That is not the search request.  But when one types in ‘black couples’ up pops…all black couples.

Google Degrades Search Engines: ‘American Inventors’ Shows 90% Black Inventors Only 

My story about this has suddenly shown up in comments at other web sites where people do as I mention and type in ‘American Inventors’ and something verging on the insane shows up.  People mentioning this mention the word ‘90%’.


Horrors: Google ‘white students’ and you get this:

The girls joking around with the verboten word which black students toss around daily, nonchalantly, ended up with them being severely punished.  Note the ‘white students’ shows black kids being featured more and more as the page goes down until it is all about integration, not ‘white students.’


Black students is the opposite:

Black students do horrible things a lot but there are no pictures of that.  The ‘white students’ shows some girls being naughty.  In the ‘black students’ they are uniformly showing them clean, studious, graduating from school, holding books. Above all, not one white person is being featured here!


Now let’s Google ‘black crime’:

Not bad.  It has real sites that talk about black crime.  But note the cartoon which is all about blacks being oppressed by blacks but makes fun of whites who are supposedly being equally oppressed by white criminals.


But go down slightly on the page and suddenly, it changes:

Increasingly, it is pictures of cops doing stuff to black criminals!  And pictures of white men being violent!  That has zero to do with ‘black crime’.  Further down the page, it goes totally nuts.  Martin Luther King?  Oh, a white man assassinated him!  Then a picture of some ‘famous black women’?  Oh, ‘crime myths’ is funny as all hell.  And a pair of students demonstrating against the Man.  yup.  ‘The lie of black on black crime’ is hilarious, too.

Google ‘white crime’ and look at what turns up, plenty of pictures identical to the ‘black crime’ only of course, these being the ‘white crime’ stuffed into the ‘black crime’ search:

Interesting is how an obvious Hispanic alien is included.  The cartoon of the ‘scared black kid’ with the ‘black lives matter’ sign is ridiculous.  The cartoon of the savage white male is straight out of the worst racist garbage one can do.  The whites kicking someone reappears, too.  Oh, and white business thugs.  Yup.


Amusingly, Google shows Trump on the page of ‘white criminals.’  Not Nixon.  Sheesh.  They are utterly nuts at this point.


Talking about criminals:  REVEALED=> Loretta Lynch Used Her Grandmother’s Name as Alias to Communicate with DOJ Officials

Fake addresses, fake names, the entire crew working with Obama did the most curious stuff, didn’t they?  This includes smashing computer disks and white washing data and burning stuff and hiding things from the FBI and then Lynch squirreling it away into hiding and Clintons and Obama putting their criminal stuff into their ‘libraries’ where no one can see anything without their permission.


Where is the media about this?  Google??? HAHAHA.

A very mixed bag.  I wonder why the ‘Clinton’ pictures are at the top.  At least the majority of pictures are people joking about her being a criminal except the two middle ones of her in the blue dress.


But look at the ‘Trump criminal’ search!!!

There are NO pictures that are nice to him.  They mock him.  They show him behind bars at the same spot they had nice pictures of Hillary smiling benignly.  This is obviously being skewered deliberately.


Sigh.  Google is garbage now.  Nearly worthless.  They better wake up and smell the urine.  They are pissing off a lot of people now.


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14 responses to “More Google Searches Showing Clear Tampering With Black/White Search Results

  1. Shawntoh


    Look what happened in 2003 when Google critic, Daniel Brandt, launched “Scroogle”– that got shut down real quick!

  2. ziff

    well i guess you can choose your race as well as your sex now .

  3. Lou

    1–Scroogle? what was it?
    There was a good site, that is now gone. It was Thug Report.
    Ambrose kane blog and SBPDL are still running.

    Oh, I am the guy Elaine called, ‘racist’ but that was water offa ducks back.

    Google ‘White couples’ and the page pops up with half a dozen ‘white couples’ and the rest are black/white couples. What? That is not the search request. But when one types in ‘black couples’ up pops…all black couples.——————–been going on for years, Girl. Jews want us dead.

  4. Lou

    Elaine, in the photos you posted, the trio mugshot, I remember that killing.

    I recall it was in Oklahoma. The one ‘kid’ [killer’ had a mudshark mama, if I recall.


  5. Lou


    In response, the Google CEO argued, in effect, that Google’s female employees, being highly emotional and not very logical women, can’t be expected to not take personally abstract masculine concepts such as “averages.”

    It’s not punching down for the Indian-born CEO of Google (who was paid $200 million last year) to fire a twentysomething coder, it’s punching up because the victim’s a white male, just as it wasn’t punching down for Apple CEO Tim Cook to attack an Indiana pizza maker because Tim is gay. (In today’s zeitgeist, the billionaire always wins.)

    Granted, all of this sounds ridiculous, which it is. If Google’s CEO actually believed that his firm was leaving money on the table by not employing enough women (or black or Hispanic) engineers due to sexism, it would be his fiduciary duty to hire far more.

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  6. floridasandy

    google stock down:

    cause and effect, baby.

  7. Lou

    6-Down but not out.

  8. Demonstrations on the 19th at Google sites.

  9. I’m thinking of doing this online, too. Boycott Google!

  10. Christian W

    I agree, boycott Google!

    But how do you boycott the US machine when everything is Google, Apple and/or Microsoft (and behind them CIA, Wall Street and the Pentagon)?

  11. You let them know you hate them and are watching them and won’t support them. Standing up and being loud is necessary. I have done this earlier in life and even forced President Bush and the dictators in China to back down! It can work. Dangerous but what the hell, we live only once.

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