Yale, Skull and Bones, Bilderberg Gang And Black Magic Destroying Civilization

Silence U Part 2: What Has Yale Become? | We the Internet Documentary – YouTube


The above video is all about how crazed SJW students have been systematically destroying Yale University.  I have been at war with Yale for many years over the subject of that hell hole for rulers of the Citizens of the USA, the Skull and Bones criminal operation there.  Finally, during the huge fight over Geronimo’s skull when the Apache Tribe asked me to help them due to my deep connections to Arizona’s political class, the Bush and Cheney gang in the White House back then refused to return this skull and sent a child’s skull instead.  So we all went into the Outerdarkness and the Apaches did a wonderful curse at my suggestion: ‘May your wishes come true’.  That is, this is the most destructive curse one can do for humans always, when in power, ask for something disastrous and evil then fall into ruin.  Yale is collapsing internally as students there and at other schools, tear them to shreds.

Skull & Bones Ritual Footage – YouTube


Led by cowards who are terrified of the spoiled brat students doing this destruction, the termination of our schools is now inevitable unless there is a counter-revolution.  The systematic destruction of our schools began way back when I was studying German, Russian and Hebrew in order to be a language arts/political science professor.


Instead, I was dumped into the streets and had to survive by my wits leading to me becoming a construction boss instead.  Since then, I have watched the dumbing down of much of what passes for ‘learning’ at our schools and it is all the fault of radicals who have this Maoist agenda to destroy civilization itself.


I tangled with actual, real Maoists and via my mother and father, with the very real and very powerful Madame Mao, herself.  This is why the Chinese who got rid of her contacted my dad and then me: we stood up to that horrible monster of a female!  This was the open door which I used to reach out to the Chinese people and show them another way of life.


The universities in the West where the Chinese went to school pandered to them.  I challenged them.  We argued hard in the basement capitalism classes I taught and they were won over via logic, not emotion.  Now, in all our universities, Maoists rule and they argue via emotion, not logic.  This is DELIBERATE.

Silence U: Is the University Killing Free Speech and Open Debate? | We the Internet Documentary – Brown University was the female mirror of Yale and now is big in the angry stupid female radical lunatic population.


Hilarious point: Brown has an actual Chinese communist Maoist running student affairs!  HAHAHA.  It is insane and funny at the same time to me.  A communist Maoist hired to do ‘diversity’ is the end result of the insanity that infests US education thanks mainly to the army of women who took over and who often hate men with a shocking passion and spend many years teaching young women to hate men, too.

The Simpsons – SJWs at Yale – YouTube


The core of the destruction of our nation lies in the Skull and Bones operation at the center of Yale.  This coven was started by one of my ancestors, Henry Steele.  The attachment of this operation to my family runs deep, very deep which is why I have access to their magic systems they follow.  They are not invisible to me at all.


And I am not the only one opposing them and aware of their activities.  The alliance between the Skull and Bones rulers who ran or still run the US government systems and the Bilderberg gang is intense and deep.  In Europe, open celebration of Satanic rituals is now very common at events organized and attended by the elites there who run the place and who are systematically destroying Europe in alarming ways, the #1 being, letting in armies of angry foreign men bent on destroying civilization itself.


Why are they doing this?  Ahem: they want to eliminate the middle classes who are the core of all democracies.  They want the third world systems where rulers live in palaces forever and the people literally die in the streets from hunger and live in hovels or worse.  This gives them deep pleasure to see the suffering of the masses.


Their idol is someone like Madame Mao!  I have hated Maoists from day one, way back in August, 1969, I fought these lunatics and they attacked me.  They are very closed minded and dangerous and worse, suicidal.

Human Sacrifice Ritual at CERN – Caught on Tape – FULL – YouTube


The CERN ceremony is typical of these black magic lunatics.  The black magic/space program connection is deep and horrible and involves my family and is why I was raped when only 5 years old.  My father was hated by the magicians who wanted to run NASA because he and not they, was the one to go into Germany to go deep into the rocket caves run by the Nazis.  This really, really infuriated them all.


The space program has been riddled with Nazis and Satanists from day one.  My father retreated from fighting them because even though he knew every iota of information about who they really were and what they really did, all this was classified under the Operation Paperclip name and my father was forbidden to talk about it at all.  Period.  Top secret stuff, indeed.


And I penetrated the secrets and knew all the ugly details about Operation Paperclip by 1973.  Literally, I tracked down the Nazis and former slaves of the Nazis and succeeded in getting them to tell me the truth.


All of these things are interconnected.  We are right now on the verge of WWIII.  Congress, run by our Real Rulers, has defied Trump’s attempts at basic diplomacy and are relentlessly driving him towards WWIII while at the same time, openly talking about eliminating him.  None of this surprises me.


What is surprising is, people are becoming aware of this amazing web of deceit, Satanic rituals, enslavement plans, the power lust of our controllers who are INSANE.  Yes, insane.  This is why all systems are now deteriorating via these clowns tampering with systems that worked perfectly two years ago, now, everything is beginning to work worse and worse.


This is DELIBERATE.  They want it all to collapse.  The dark desire to be a Satanic Destructor is very high now and they think this will mean they will have power, not be destroyed when they pull down civilizations.

CERN Switzerland Satanic Tunnel Ritual Calling For Lucifer – YouTube


Google, which gives heavily to Yale to keep it running downhill rapidly, hires from Yale heavily, too.  The young man they fired this week is from Yale!  They are putting into all positions, SWJ radicals who are often also part of the Black Magic business at Yale.  Google supports the Skull and Bones people in our government and protects them.


Google is now effectively, an enemy of democracy and should be exposed for what they really are.  That is, insane black magic Maoists.  They still need people with functional brains and most of their staff is from…hahaha…CHINA.  Yes, the Chinese know better than to argue with Madame Mao and her reincarnations.


So the remaining programmers who are US citizens are being terrorized or fired.  They had to pretend to be an American operation but Google made it clear this summer, their main focus from now on will be to please the Chinese government officials, not US citizens.  So we are going to be systematically censored and defunded and openly attacked from now on.


Since Obama colluded with Google to move the control of the internet out of US hands and into Chinese hands, basically, we are now under sustained attack and I don’t know how long Google will allow me to exist, for example.  Their first round of fighting us is to make us disappear from web searches which is why it is harder and harder for my own stuff to show up no matter how exactly I write the search engine request.

This is malicious and deliberate and I am not the only one under attack, it is across the board: anyone who is patriotic is under attack now.  The magicians in Europe are imposing their will on us here in the USA.  This is infuriating.  In Europe, these gangs stay in power by handing out goodies to EU populations who don’t want to understand they are being enslaved.


Like cows to the slaughterhouse, they keep chewing their cuds as they see the obvious end to all this: death via screaming Muslim men.  So long as the feed is in the hopper, they munch away hoping they won’t be slaughtered, too.  Silly cows.


Well, they let the Bilderberg gang rule them and do open black magic in Europe and now are paying for this stupidity.  They beg their rulers to stop taking in millions of angry Muslim males and what happens? The Rulers demand Hungary and Poland and others do as the other captive populations are being forced to do!


And they better do it now or they will be punished!  Will these countries bow to their own destruction just so they can have more welfare money?  We shall see.  They better wake up.  Russia is defying the Bilderberg gang which forced us into a confrontation via a complicit Congress refusing to listen to the voters.


Utterly pissing on Trump voters who are 50% of the voters, the GOP has forced Trump into a confrontation with Putin and this is very unpopular but the voters don’t know how to escape from these creeps who hate them but are in office or a worse someone might take over, they are befuddled as to how to escape the knacker who plans to destroy them at the slaughter house.


This confrontation of forces will be violent now because voting isn’t working for Europe or the US citizens.




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63 responses to “Yale, Skull and Bones, Bilderberg Gang And Black Magic Destroying Civilization

  1. Sunger

    Elaine said- “Finally, during the huge fight over Geronimo’s skull when the Apache Tribe asked me to help them due to my deep connections to Arizona’s political class, the Bush and Cheney gang in the White House back then refused to return this skull and sent a child’s skull instead. So we all went into the Outerdarkness and the Apaches did a wonderful curse at my suggestion: ”

    Next they will want you to intervene with the Great Spirit and drive the white man back to Europe.

    Of course that’s after you straighten out Arizona’s political class.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Yes, their black magic is out in the open now. Our popular culture is swimming in it and has been immersed in this symbology for over 40 to 50 years. This is the reason why it doesn’t cause more outrage. Many regular people are Satanists and don’t realize it.

    The key is to stop buying music, movies and all the rest. We all have to really drop out. Not just the socially engineered CIA way of the 1960s. But for real. The elites only understand the masses when we do two things: Stop their money flow AND haul out Guillotine.

    I wrote more on my tiny blog about the MET Museum (http://bit.ly/2vEUv1H). Followed the symbols and discovered the Museum celebrates Babylon and the gates herald the coming of Lucifer/New Aeon/Horus. Even after all of the research, reading about it, I still can’t believe it. It flabbergasts me all the time and it really shouldn’t.

  3. Lou

    The jobs in Trump’s empire represent the dregs of possible occupations that still remain in Zionist Occupied Government in Amerika.

  4. Christian W

    Stanley ‘Stan’ Fischer (ex-Citigroup made a nice killing 2002-2005), the vice chair of the US FED, dual citizen and ex-Governor of the Bank of Israel (2005-2013) when at MIT was the Ph.D thesis advisor of:

    – Larry Summers (Goldman Sachs Wrecking ball for Wall Street under Clinton, Dubya Bush and Obama)
    – Mario Draghi (Goldman Sachs and President of the European Central Bank)
    – Ben Bernanke (Goldman Sachs and US FED chairman)
    – Mervyn King (Governor Bank of England)

    Janat Yellen is Yale. Mark Carney (Goldman Sachs), the current governor of the Bank of England is Harvard.

    It’s a small world.

  5. Christian W

    This guy speaks out on why the offical US government “theory” (read story) on 9/11 (as presented by NIST – the National Institute of Standards and Technology) is mumbojumbo. If you believe there is a solid official explanation, you are sorely mistaken and just taking the US government on it’s word without examination (always a fatal mistake).

    NIST worked to make the evidence fit the forgone conclusion. Consequently they simply left out or refused to research all pertinent facts that did not fit the conclusion they wanted. That is not science. The Fake MSM of course did not bother to examine the NIST presentation but presented it as the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Anyone not accepting it was termed a “truther” and “conspiracy theorist”…

    “Let us never tolerate outragous conspiracy theories concerning the events on 9/11”. President George W. Bush

    Like nearly everything else in the US system NIST is corrupt.

    Former NIST Employee Speaks Out On World Trade Centre Towers Collapse Investigation

  6. switched to DuckDuckGo for my search engine but have not compared search results yet.
    NOTE Start Pages uses Google.

  7. Lou

    thanks Mel, you know much about the occult.
    Perry did buy the convent.
    KP is so sick.

  8. The ‘investigation’ of 9/11 was pure trash because it didn’t probe Bush Jr, Cheney or anyone inside the CIA or ANY SAUDIS who were assisted in fleeing the country!

  9. Christian W

    Even the official investigators of 9/11 have admitted their investigation is pure trash and don’t stand behind it anymore. I’d google the link for you but google being useless nowadays I don’t bother.

  10. CORRECT only it doesn’t mean ‘bombs in the buildings’. See?

    The Saudis were not questioned, they were assisted in fleeing. Bush Jr.’s reaction to the WTC attacks was insane and Cheney sat at his desk, feet up, watching with a smug face!

    Good lord, there are many, many hidden things, just no bombs in the damn buildings.

  11. Christian W

    The basics of physics, Newton’s laws of Gravity and Einstein’s Relativity theory, means there had to be a demolition going on since the only explanation for the free fall speeds is that the supporting mass below the top of the tower was removed rather than pushed down. Had the mass below remained in place the increasing resistance would have slowed the top down collapse significantly – meaning the collapse would have been slower and stopped earlier. But since the mass was pushed out of the way, to the sides, as can be clearly seen on the videos, the top was free to fall straight down, all the way to the ground.

    The towers, WTC 1 & 2, were essentially built as pyramids with a much larger mass of support down below. Think of them as pyramids that had been squeezed together to skyscraper shape, with the top the lightest part and the bottom the base of the pyramid. The skyscrapers were built like that. It is simply not possible for the lighter mass to push away the much greater mass below, especially not all of it at free fall speed.

  12. Christian W

    These towers were built with a 3x to 5x redundancy. You could theoretically put three more towers on top of one of them and it would still stand.

    Yet, suddenly, the top fifth or so of the towers got so heavy it pushed itself all the way to the ground at free fall speed as if the support below was not there at all? Sure.

  13. Christian W

    Please explaine Elaine’s law of Gravity, and how it improves on Newton.

  14. You have to be kidding me! These towers and many other towers that are mostly GLASS are WEAK. They disintegrate if a tornado hits or a tsunami, etc. Jesus christ almighty.

  15. Christian W

    They were not mostly glass. They had a solid steel structure for support and loadbearing. The glass has nothing to do with it. We are talking the steel support system.

    You still have not explained the impossibility of free fall against the entire support structure.

  16. Pete

    Pentagon is the most heavily defended building in the world.
    3 layers of air defense. Cheney ordered system turned OFF.
    C130 flew over hit Pentagon with hellfire missile.

  17. tio


    By August 2003, after another year that included the most intensive selling of the war, more than two-thirds of Americans thought Saddam had been involved in 9/11.


    According to a CNN poll, almost two-thirds of Americans – 62% – say Kim Jong Un’s isolated dictatorship poses a “very serious” threat to the US

  18. Jim R

    Elaine’s law of gravity works similarly to Warner Brothers law of gravity in the Roadrunner cartoon series:
    It switches on and off as required by the story of the cartoon.

  19. Ahem: the WTC buildings were held up by the ELEVATOR SHAFTS and the outside metal. Both were cut right through by both jets which are really big things, not little cars or trucks but passenger jets.

    this meant the top stories which were considerable in one case 40 stories, were no longer completely attached to the lower stories. They then COLLAPSED onto the lower stories and this represented a tremendous weight load.

    This, in turn, caused everything else to pancake which is what happens if you drop a very heavy object on a box, for example.

    This simple truth drives people with no building experience, nuts. And I find it amazing how people can’t figure out what is obvious to me.

  20. Christian W

    But the buildings didn’t pancake. They exploded.

  21. Christian W

    If they had pancaked they would

    A. Not have done so at free fall speeds
    B. not exploded into dust and tiny fragments.
    C. and so on.

    It is clear you have not examined what actually happened but are just extemporising based on your belief about what happened.

    Also, WTC 7 had no plane cut it, no significant extra weight added, no significant fire (nothing hotter than temps you use your owen to cook with ie nothing that can melt steel), no air plane fuel (not that WTC 1 &2 had much of it, according to NIST the fuel fires only lasted less than 5 minutes at most and even air plane fuel does not melt steel) and so on.

    Yet WTC 7 collapsed

    A. at free fall speed seemingly spontaneously
    B. and with officals and media having foreknowledge of the collapse
    C. and so on.

    Again, it is clear you have not examined what happened but are just talking from your belief system.

  22. Good lord, note how all discussions about 9/11 are destroyed by people worried about mechanics and who don’t have any idea about how mechanics work. I feel sorry for people sick with worry about this.

    Sigh. HAHAHA. Good lord.

  23. PS: Explosions cause things to blow OUTWARDS. Collapses are different not that anyone believes a word I say. It is sad, so sad.

  24. Jim R

    So, what are you going to do about it?

    We need another Church committee. Times ten.

  25. Christian W

    And again you ignore WTC 7 because it does not fit your narrative.

    We are examining your theory because it does not hold up under the scrutiny of physics. It doesn’t matter how loud you yell that you are an expert if your theory is flawed.

    1. Clearly there was an OUTWARD force as heavy beams of steel were flung straight outwards for hundreds of feet. Very visible in the way WTC 1 and 2 came down. We see the outward force in action for each floor. There could be no collapse straight down with free fall speed without an OUTWARD FORCE removing the support.

    So we see, already your theory is nonsense and you are contradicting yourself by saying there was no outward force.

    WTC 7 was a regular demolition just removing the support structure by blowing the support structure (outwards of course since it is much harder to use explosives to implode something on itself).

  26. Jim R

    Is Elaine part of the disinformation campaign? Hmm…

    All she can do, it seems, is shout at you and wring her hands and say it’s all your fault because you do not believe her version of events.

  27. Moe

    @28 Jim R

    I have to admit the same thought occurred to me, framed somewhat differently: ‘Why is Elaine so adamant about refutation of an (apparently) obvious occurrence’, referring here to WTC7 demolition (no Virginia, it was not a ‘collapse’). WTC7 has always been the smoking gun, and to refute the obvious implies motive. Elaine cannot exclude explosive charges unless she presents a genuine alternative explanation, which IMO she hasn’t done.

    I can’t imagine that any rational person who watches the descent of WTC7 would agree that it was a collapse endangered by proximity to and impact of debris from WTC. Since I perceive Elaine as rational (except perhaps in regard to this specific issue?) I am left with three, potentials.

    First, the WTC tower destruction weakened WTC7 sufficiently that it eventually collapsed of its own accord (Elaine’s position).

    Second, that WTC7 was brought down by demolition, which would have taken time, organization and effort to accomplish.

    Third, there was an alternate method of destruction utilized not employing conventional demolition. Directed ray energy, alien technology, Woo-woo, Magic Spells?

    In conclusion, if WTC7 descent occurred as she described it, to accept this I must deny the conclusions of my own observation. Postulated query: “What do you believe Moe, me or your lying eyes?”

  28. Did you GO there and look? You are talking to someone who knows the WTC and other buildings inside and out! This is really insulting to me. Looking at pictures and reading stuff from other people who are not builders and never been in these buildings, good lord, this is ridiculous…

  29. Jim, I could ignore all this junk only…I run this joint and get to tell people they are wrong when they are being misled by crafty people who want you to be stuck in this rut.

    Do you not see that all this junky stuff is USELESS? It changes nothing. It didn’t do squat diddly. The people who allowed and engineered 9/11 are still criminals and that is, Bush and Cheney who sat on their asses while thousands died, the people in charge of safety in our airspaces ignoring FOUR jets flying off course, etc.

    Enough to charge them all with complicity! It needs no ‘bombs in the buildings’ narrative to do this. The existing real information is more than enough.

    The bombs garbage was set up as a TRAP to get you all to march off this cliff, alienate everyone around you and make you all look like kooks.

    You may think it makes you look smarter than anyone else but I am sorry, it doesn’t. It annoys most people which is why it only exists in corners of the internet to keep people busy doing nothing while they systematically enslave us.

  30. Christian W

    It doesn’t matter if you knew the buildings well, they still have to follow the laws of physics when they come tumbling down. Even the crummiest building in the world has to follow the law of physics, something you ignore because it is inconvenient to your dogma.

    And it is not useless, it is important to pursue all the criminals that were part of the crime. Bush and Cheney are small potatoes compared to the planners and operators of the operation. If we go after only the top few the real operators, who planned and executed the operations, get off free.

    The crooks in the CIA, FBI and the Pentagon etc need to get caught too. No? Since the US did not clear these crooks out, it is still stuck with the same problem today.

    A proper investigation to get the full picture is vital. But since you prefer Elaine’s Law of Pride to real science, they get to get off scott free.

    The bombs in the building stuff is not the excuse, the excuse is that the American people simply don’t want to know and don’t want to look into it. They don’t want their world view challenged, they want to believe the US is Good and their home is Safe. This allows the US elites to get away with enomormous crimes. This is why people accept the “official” version without examination, never mind it does not add up – since without examination A. it doesn’t have to add up B. they can tell you anything and since you want to believe it you will. This is called faith and dogma and has nothing to do with rational thought.

  31. Jim R

    The bombs in the building stuff is not the excuse, the excuse is that the American people simply don’t want to know and don’t want to look into it. They don’t want their world view challenged, they want to believe the US is Good…

    Exactly that, Christian.

    Elaine, I know you run this joint. I love it. Always liked your little cartoons, telling the story of our end-of-empire woes. And other stuff. I don’t come anywhere close to having enough energy (not to mention inside knowledge) to run a similar site.

    As for disinformation, there have been a number of clearly identifiable campaigns, pushing various silly ideas.

    But it’s clear to me, and to many others, that those buildings were rigged. We show you videos of fire and police, reacting to the sounds of the charges going off, news announcers that day talking about them, and the buildings’ owner for crying out loud, saying they decided to “pull it”. If that isn’t enough evidence for you, then too bad.

    Point is, what is going to be done about it?

  32. Um. No.

    The proof of ‘bombs in buildings’ on 9/11 is zero. There is SPECULATION which isn’t PROOF.

  33. Christian W

    Any theory is SPECULATION until proven by examination of the evidence. You don’t even bother to examine your theory because you have already decided it is the truth, without examination. That is not science, nor is it the truth, it is just dogma.

  34. Christian W

    The truth is there is no explanation becasuse the investigators (NIST) did what Elaine is doing, refused to look at all the evidence for fear it would challenge their preconcieved conclusion. NIST has even admitted to this. Only Elaine is stubbornly stuck with her head in the sand.

    And that is the problem, this is not the only example of Elaine sticking to dogmatic thinking instead of accepting new facts.

  35. Jim R

    Elaine, your pancake theory is speculation. It flunks physics 101.

  36. Jim R

    And, once again: facts.

    We show you videos of fire and police, reacting to the sounds of the charges going off, news announcers talking about them, and the buildings’ owner for crying out loud, saying they decided to “pull it”.

    These things were not speculation, they were facts. The police and firemen at the scene actually heard them. The sounds are on the video. And the building owner really said that. It was a fact. Not speculation.

    The speed at which 7 fell was measured from the video, frame-to-frame. It not only looked like a demolition, it was exactly a demolition. Elaine, you have never mentioned 7. You never even acknowledge it when we talk about it, you just continue nattering about 1 and 2.

    What you have is speculation: “They were poorly built” … “They swayed in the wind” … “The concrete had cracks” … and so on and so forth.

  37. Good lord.

    Um, unfortunately, the professionals agree with me. I wonder why this is so important at this point in time. I presumed years ago that people went for ‘bombs in buildings’ to explain everything, thinking these stupid built towers are invincible, but real builders know the towers are weak, fragile and badly designed.

    Lots and lots of modern towers are weak buildings! I am amazed most don’t fall but few are more than 50 years old which is a short time frame for buildings (some stand for thousands of years, for example). NO modern building will last more than 100 years today.

    Most cathedrals in Europe are nearly 1,000 years old, for example.

    I am very puzzled about the clinging to theories that have little solid proof, just guesses. Why? Are you going to arrest anyone? I want some people arrested for malfeasance which is easy to convict except our leaders want nothing done.

    So you are left with intense rage which you lay into FRIENDS who don’t agree with your theories and beliefs while doing absolutely nothing about these ‘crimes’ that upset you so greatly.

    And this is a huge WASTE OF TIME. Fixating on these theories are a DISTRACTION from REALITY which is a freight train from hell bearing down on us.

    The battle between the SJW left and the rest of us is in full swing, have you noticed? And the stupid buildings destroyed by crazy people doesn’t even figure in all this…note that the SJW gang wants MORE MUSLIM TERRORISTS brought here! That is alarming! That, we can stop!

  38. Jim R

    … more nothingburger.

    Professionals agree with me and Christian. Architects and engineers.

    You know the site. Though I suppose the censors at Google and Amazon will be shutting it down soon.


    Got that? And I am not fixated on this issue just I mention 9/11 on occasion and get this: you guys succeeded across the internet in stopping anyone from talking about the Saudis and the Bushes and 9/11 and how they intertwine. Congratulations on digging this grave and burying this issue nearly totally.

  40. Christian W

    Bullshit. The people who agree with you are the very ones WHO DO NOT WANT TO INVESTIGATE 9/11… Doh.

  41. Christian W

    Nobody has succeeded with anything. Why do you blame the people who want to go after the criminals? The simple reason 9/11 is not being investigated is because the American people do not want to know. They do not want to accept that the US is rotten to the core. They prefer ready made fairy tales about the evil Saudis and evil Muslims, the very tales you promote.

    That is why it is so easy for the elites to use the “conspiracy theory” accusation to short cut the brains of those who want to preserve the status quo and believe in the US flag.

  42. Because you can’t go after people using FAKE EVIDENCE. You all think you have real evidence and you don’t.

  43. Christian W

    FAKE EVIDENCE is the official story. I don’t think I have evidence. What is clear is that the official story is nonsense. That is why people call for an “independent” investigation that examines every event using all available facts and evidence, something that has not been done yet.

    The official, ie government controlled, story is full lies, contradictions, destruction of evidence, disinformation, misinformation, distortions, war crimes, corruption and so on.That is more than enough to start to examine what really happened. Sadly that is verboten because it would challenge the belief system of the American people. That is the real reason 9/11 and the consequent lies and crimes are not being dealt with.

    The belief in the US is a belief system. It is dogma, and that is why the elites use the trick of shouting “conspiracy theory” to get the believers back on track if something challenges the narrative of the US as fundamentally good.

    The reason the US is going down the toilet is that Americans cling to this belief system even while they are getting robbed blind and all their institutions deteriorate into absurdity and full scale corruption at an alarming speed. Yet you can’t go after the criminals destroying the nation because to do so would be un-American and unpatriotic.

    The United States of America is fundamentally good. Therefore Wall Street, Congress, The Presidency, the Pentagon, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA etc etc never lie, never cheat Americans, never commit crimes. If they do it is just some dastardly individuals of foreign descent that plot against the nation. Seriously.

  44. The official story has many holes in it but at least it doesn’t have fake bombs in the buildings on top of all that. Piling on more lies doesn’t lead to the truth.

    No one here believes I was very deeply involved with the 9/11 event and I wasn’t the only one disturbed beforehand by that looming event. It was like a rift in the time/space continuum.

    All my proof, alas, was erased by the New York Times staff. So all I can say is, we discussed 9/11 for a month before it happened and even an hour before it happened at the NYT forums. But there is now zero proof of this.

    So here we are: listen to my advice. We can’t change that event. We can’t fix that event. We have to ride the tsunami waves from that event. That is, we have to vote against the Machine, against the Bilderberg gang, we have to stand our ground despite attempts by the Real Rulers to unleash gangs of violent leftists trained in what used to be ‘schools’ to now be mindless lunatics who are being allowed, enabled and armed so they can attack citizens who are patriotic.

    We are now officially at war with our rulers and they are viewing this as a war and they have definitely sided with thugs, vandals, criminals and others who are attacking citizens at work, at home, on vacation or anywhere and everywhere all the time.

  45. Jim R

    The bottom line: it was an act of mass murder. And not by Arab cave men.

    And it ties in with everything else. For example, they need to prevent Trump from doing anything, because he might appoint judges and prosecutors who would pursue these crimes. And if people weren’t bombarded with constant shrill propaganda and kept ignorant by shoddy education, more of them might notice. And they need to censor the internet.

    But the fact that the buildings were rigged makes the crime more definite, more clear, more callous.

    That’s all.

  46. NO ‘Arabs’ were involved, they were nearly all Saudis or near relations who grew up in CITIES. Arabs are the desert people who use camels. Saudis are oil rich city people. 🙂

  47. Jim R

    Saudis from Saudi Arabia.

    Anyway, nobody would care a whit about them, city or desert, riding in a Cadillac or on a camel, if they weren’t sitting on all that oil. They wouldn’t matter at all in world politics. And that will again be the case, in the not too distant future. They just won’t matter.

    Soon as they pump out all the oil and sell it.

  48. Moe

    I prefer not to regurgitate 9/11 but that can of worms has been opened.

    I’m a pilot, though only light aircraft, but I can categorically state that with the level of training and expertise attributed to the Saudi hijackers, no way could they pilot those aircraft in the fashion required. Nor could they threaten the pilots to perform that function, i.e., “Commit suicide or I will kill you.”

    I’m beginning to smell a rat here. All I see from Elaine is obfuscation, repetitive denial and misdirection. Hate to say it but I am inclined to withdraw from this blog. (A regular poster here will know why 🙂 )

  49. Jim R

    Moe, that’s a whole pallet-load of worm cans. Not to pick up any individual worm — —

    Problem is, Congress is so completely neutered. Any congress critter who sticks his/her head up gets Wellstoned. And Congress is just about the only court in which this thing could be tried.

  50. Good lord, Atta flew one of the jets right over my mountain and I stood outside and said to my husband, ‘What the hell is going on?’ It is not that hard to fly a jet when one is trained to do exactly one thing. Not land it.

    If you doubt there was even a hijacking…well, then everything is a stew and there is no reality so who cares? You just give up. Or are you a revolutionary and going to do something concrete? I am all ears.

    So far, no 9/11 conspiracy person has done one tiny, itty bitty thing. All they do all day long is go attacking anyone who dares mention 9/11 which is why this topic has nearly totally vanished on line.

  51. Indeed, the clinging to various theories and then declaring all of these as ‘truths’ is how we get ‘fanaticism.’ The refusal to accept any information that hasn’t been twisted is a sign of being a fanatic. When I say I actually saw one of the hijacked jets that came out of the direction towards Boston, I get called names. Since none of you believe a word anyone else says about this and other events, this means your minds are locked, not open.

  52. ziff

    Elaine likes playing whack a mole with 9/11 mice , Denninger tosses them off , its not worth the irritation , no ?

  53. Moe

    Sayonara . You’ll do fine without me. Enjoy your cloister.

  54. Yes, they are desperate to force me to either never mention 9/11 again or call me names for not believing make believe stories that are very engaging but have near zero proof aside from ‘But how could that HAPPEN?’ questions.

    Questions that no one can ever answer because it is impossible to have total proof about ANYTHING in ‘reality’. All reality is filtered through human brains which are easily confused and we have this thing called ‘faith’ that all humans have. We believe all sorts of interesting things because we have big brains.

    The need to convince others of one’s beliefs is overwhelming. Since I run this site, I get to post whatever I wish. Comes with the territory.

    Trying to get me to say stupid things, on the other hand, is a fool’s errand.

  55. Christian W

    @ 53

    That is a misrepresentation of what Moe was saying. But whatever, getting used to it now. Moe was correct about you, unfortunately. Obfuscation and misdirection.

    Elaine, you don’t know Atta flew the hijacked plane. You BELIEVE he did because that is what the FBI told you to believe, the same FBI who told us that they found Atta’s passport in the ruins of the WTC even though nothing else was found and everything else was burned to ashes. The same FBI which was screaming all summer prior to 9/11 that “Al Qaeda” was going to attack the US, thereby preparing the minds of gullible Americans to accept the Saudi Attack story (Elaine’s story). The same FBI which covered up the Anthrax attacks on Congress.

    You serve us the same story WITHOUT EXAMINATION and with just your BELIEF as proof. You then demand that we accept your BELIEF as the truth WITHOUT EXAMINATION. This is dogma.

    We are asking for examination and evidence, you are proclaming you know the truth just because you are Elaine.

    Sorry Elaine, you are not my Cult leader. Why should I believe your word based on nothing but your narcissism? You clearly don’t believe in a factual, reasoned debate OR the scientific method, and it obviously is impossible to have a grown up discussion with you about events since you refuse to examine them if there are facts contrary to your belief systems (not only 9/11).

    You used to write fantastic posts some years ago when your personal stories/traumas did not lead you into dogmaticism.

  56. Jim R


    What Christian said.

    If you have any evidence, Elaine, it is time to cough it up.

    Among the worms in Moe’s pallet of worm-cans is that Atta could not fly a 7×7. He had a couple lessons, that is all. And to do the stunt that is the “official” story, he would have to do some fancy low-altitude, high-speed aerobatics. Not as easy as you think. And whatever hit the Pentagon, we should be able to see in the video from various security cameras at gas stations and hotels and other government buildings around it, right? What ever happened to that video?

    Etc, etc, and so on, and so forth. Your faith in the “official” version of events is touching, but it has a lot of mechanical problems.

  57. Lou

    It is not that hard to fly a jet when one is trained to do exactly one thing. Not land it.–Funny but logical. Steer it into a building.

  58. Lou

    58–so who flew it?

  59. So you all deny all the known facts about 9/11 and replaced it with unsubstantiated (zero evidence) suppositions and I am stupid? See how this works? You and your friends are all in on these amazing secrets yet have zero proof. And you form tight bonds with these friends online who reinforce your beliefs and then you all go forth to try to convince everyone else you know something when you have zero HARD proof.

    I often explain that I have no proof just my own brains but I don’t decide to cut out anyone who doesn’t believe my beliefs. That is silly. I do suppositions but don’t use these are a way of deciding who is my friend or not.

    If you are willing to lock out all humans who don’t believe your own pet beliefs about 9/11, you will end up not only isolated by cut off from all other people. Why do you want this so badly? What difference would it make?

    I keep saying, Bush and Cheney and our other rulers WANTED 9/11 and ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN and to me, this is a grave crime, treason. I have said this since day one.

    What more do you want? Why does everyone have to believe your mechanistic explanation for 9/11 when this changes nothing? See? Adding these complications muddies the waters and lets Bush and Cheney off the hook! I have said this since day one. Instead, they got to slip the leash when all the ‘theories’ about ‘bombs in the buildings’ sprang up and everyone walked away from examining that event in disgust since it is impossible to talk about it now. All the comments here on this site reveals how this works.

    Instead of accepting that other people don’t believe everything you all believe, you get angry and emotional and decide all people who have alternative beliefs are evil and should be destroyed so…instead of attacking the ones who are oppressing you all, you attack ME for no good reason what so ever.

    See? You have been manipulated into being emotional and cutting off yourselves from all other sources of information. This has a bad ending: you will be isolated and alone when political forces are gaining momentum and you will be stuck in the past, clinging to stuff that is useless and indeed, enslaving. Unable to move politically, you will be ignored.

  60. Jim R

    … so you swallow the “official” story hook, line, and sinker, and cling to a quasi-religious belief in the integrity of government “authorities”?

    It is not those of us with questions who are hindering the inquiry, it is YOU with your LACK of questions.

    That is all. I’m out.

  61. Yes, run away like a coward. If you demand ideology of everyone, you end up standing alone. Why on earth are you so fixated on this peculiar story? That is the real question.

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