Join Coast To Coast Protests Against Google August 19th!

(61) Google’s Worst Nightmare – YouTube


The millions and millions of Deplorables are talking today online about marching on Google.  Well, at least a fair number of us Deplorables are doing this.  What amuses me today is how Google is handling this…badly!  There is this march against a number of Google buildings across the entire US being organized for the 19th of August.  Join the fun!  Map below showing where this is happening.  Meanwhile, Google is going nuts trying to hide or change their own systems for showing search results due to this, here below are three screenshots showing how Google is mismanaging this information deliberately:


First, I used Google news to see the news about this breaking story.  And…the only item is something published by a Bilderberg gang operation making fun of all this and snarling that no one should participate and it is full of lies and deceptions about what is happening this next week.  Then I did ‘march on google…All’ and got this:

I was looking for news about the actual march, not attacks on the concept of this march.  I already had the You Tube in the search but no other stories about this.  So I tried again, changing the words to ‘march on’.  That worked.

It was the #2 in the search, not #1.  But at least it has the news and it had a third webpage, too, not just one.  Still, I had to be absolutely precise about my search because Google has toyed with the systems so badly, it barely functions now.


As we can see, Google has Jack Posobiec’s announcement via someone who is against him and the march.  No link to Infowars which has the real news as I show at the top of the page where Prosobiec is interviewed properly.  Will the NYT and Washington Post give citizens this news?  HAHAHA.  The cow also jumped over the moon, too.


Alt-right’s ‘March on Google’ protest bolstered by ‘Russian influence networks’ on Twitter


An anti-Google protest movement launched by a known conspiracy theorist and alt-right internet activist is reportedly being bolstered on Twitter by “Russian influence networks”.


Prosobiec’s name isn’t even mentioned.  HAHAHA. Fantastic reporting, dude!  And note the smear right away.  I am assuming all the media fake news systems will be screaming that this is a Putin operation.  This is so very, very much like the Red Scare years, it is giving me flashbacks.  And making me laugh.


The claim is based on statistics taken from a dashboard managed by the US Alliance for Securing Democracy, a collective which collates data from 600 Twitter accounts known to be involved in misinformation campaigns linked to the Kremlin – also known as ‘Hamilton 68.’


So what if 600 Twitter accounts carry this news.  Why isn’ the stupid mainstream media carrying this news?   Eh???


Posobiec claimed to have reached out to former Google employee James Damore, the man at the centre of controversy after being fired for penning an anti-diversity memo which said that women were less suited to some Silicon Valley tech roles than men.


He didn’t just ‘claim’ this, he DID this.  All this idiot writing this stupid story had to do was go to You Tube and all the interviews by all the ‘alternative news ‘ people are there.  More than two!  There is greatest interest in this story for those of us who use the internet to do business.


Google’s many attacks on all of us is causing us harm.  Google of ‘do no harm’ fame is deliberately and maliciously hurting our businesses online.  This is criminal.  I want them punished!  How dare they do this?


The protesters claimed that Google is “abusing its power to silence dissent and manipulate election results”, and Posobiec appears to believe that Damore would agree. As reported by The Guardian, the software engineer did open up to ‘right-wing YouTubers’ after his dismissal.


Why did this stupid reporter go to the far left fake news site in ENGLAND to report on things one can look up here in the US?  This is infuriating.  This is why the fake reporter could give fake news that ‘this APPEARS’ instead of citing sources directly, not through a hostile third party.


On 10 August, the 600 profiles tracked by the dashboard suggested that viewership of the March on Google website spiked by 1500% in the space of two days, and was listed under: ‘Top Domains’. It was also in the top ‘Trending Hashtags’, rising by nearly 2000% in the same period.


Despite all attempts by mainstream media to lie about why that young man was fired by a bunch of crazed SJW Google bosses and why this is powerful news, all attempts at smearing the victim of the SJW abuse and abusing the rest of us for talking about this, news is leaking out all over the net since us net citizens are quite adept at circumnavigating all the BS of the SJW Google bosses.


#MarchOnGoogle – Google is an anti-free speech monopoly:  Here is a map of where the demonstrations will be happening:

I hope to be able to go to either Boston or New York City to demonstrate.  Their vicious abuse of an employee who was trying to clue them in on their ridiculous beliefs systems and mistakes will be a huge red flag for anyone thinking of working in what is an obvious toxic environment.  Beware!  Here is a list of the people they need in New York City:

I wonder if they are having retention problems?  Taking orders from a Maoist gang of goofy SJW bosses will drive most people nuts.  Programmers, in particular, can’t bear being abused daily.  The kid who was kicked out of Google for complaining told us, last night, that he had to attend SJW brainwashing sessions, for example.  YUCK.


That is pure abuse!  The above list of desired staff is only part of it.  They want lots of computer experts to do their dirty work.  I am assuming now, this is so they can screw around with all systems to make it conform to their ideological goals.  They can’t forgive Trump and his voters using the internet’s systems to defeat the Super State of the Bilderberg gang.

Yes, it is all about ad sales.  Whenever I buy or look up any item on the internet, Google floods me with ads about that item all over kingdom come for a long time and this is always after I already bought said item.  This is stupid.  It is reverse-selling.  I buy and then…the last thing I need is ads about the item I already purchased!


They then lie to sellers telling them, they are increasing sales when this is an outright lie.  If I am looking at something and not buying it, the last thing I want are ads about it since I already have the websites selling this stuff, anyways!  Duh!  But if businesses want to waste money by giving it to Google when it is useless, oh well. Go ahead and be stupid.


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7 responses to “Join Coast To Coast Protests Against Google August 19th!

  1. It is interesting the various ‘health’ groups who hate vaccinations are right wing. The funny thing here is, far left are the same in this regard, too.


    Nothing will take place, no one will turn up, the government will not change the affirmative action laws/quoters
    Trump will go nothing for the chumps who elected him,
    E.g. Has the carried interest been abolished yet

  3. Jim R

  4. Thanks for the link, Jim.

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