US Media Scared Of North Korea Missiles While China, India Lob Threats At Each Other

The New York Times devotes much of the front page today talking about North Korea.  North Korea became a huge problem under Obama who was very lax about things over there, considering that we are the main armed forces defending our fake allies who all run trade surpluses with us.  Naturally, the NYT wants him to negotiate and be nice unlike the Israelis who the NYT backs up no matter how violent and aggressive they are.  This is true of virtually all mainstream media: when a Democrat is in office, it is OK to make war here, there and everywhere.  Trump: nope.

Note how scared the Japanese are today.  NOT.  Lower down the page is this interesting story:

Here is what many Japanese are upset about:

Here is headline news and has been for a week now, in China itself:  China Media And Official Both Issue Strong Warnings On War With India

Wow, they sure are worried about North Korea!  The mainstream US media is worried about Trump, not North Korea.  When the lunatic destroying the country and its hardworking people made threats at Obama and his gang, the media was all hot and hard for military strength, etc.  Now that it is Trump, they are limp dicks and want to retreat.  Run away!


But not from Syria!  Invade Syria!  Kill, bomb and scream at Syria.  Run and hide from North Korea.  Trump wants to do the opposite but Congress, run by the Bilderberg gang, is demanding he do very stupid things, not smart things.


Both India and China are nuclear powers.  And the media giants don’t give a damn.  Neither does Congress.  The face-off is over Sikkim, a once beautiful and peaceful Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayan mountains.  My parents were friends of the King there and I still have stuff he gave me, beautiful statues of Pegasus.


Sikkim is where my mother ran into a Chinese communist patrol that penetrated the borders there.  She got away and reported this to the President back then, we are talking about Kennedy here.  Many sad memories of all, they are all gone from this planet now.


This is a flashpoint for major wars.  China cultivates Pakistan support in order to confront India.  This has been going on for my entire life.


In Parliament, Defence Minister Arun Jaitley underscored that the armed forces are strong enough to meet any challenge to the country’s security and underlined that lessons have been learnt from the 1962 war with China. “I agree that some challenges are still there. Some people are targeting our country’s sovereignty and integrity. But I am fully confident that our brave soldiers have capability to keep our country secure, may it be challenges on the eastern border or the western border,” he said.


Yes, there was a clash in 1962 which came shortly after the secret clash between China and the USSR back then.


India has proposed that both countries call back their soldiers, but Beijing has refused, stating that India has “illegally transgressed” the border at Sikkim and is therefore he only party obliged to withdraw its troops.

“Even if there is only one Indian soldier, even for a day it is still a violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity,” claimed Wang Wenli, a top official with China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


All my long life, I have held the position that one has to read lots of foreign news to see what is really going on.  The US news media systems is totally untrustworthy.


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9 responses to “US Media Scared Of North Korea Missiles While China, India Lob Threats At Each Other

  1. Jim R

    DPRK missiles are a lot less scary than Chinese ones. China has launched things into orbit, meaning it can hit any point on the planet with a missile. DPRK missiles fly a few hundred miles and crash into the ocean.

    But of course, and like many other recent developments, this is just the warmongers in Washington fretting about a patch of real estate where their diktat has no effect …

  2. tio

    Very thoughtful analysis as per.

    My primary concern is the ego of Kim Jong-un who (to me) resembles a spoilt brat running around with a .45 in an arena were the ‘grown ups’ are taking an increasingly dim view of each other. The little man is very tetchy at the mo’ (sniggering troops an’ all) and needs a nap but he is being kept up for entertainment purposes. Nothing could possibly go wrong here huh?

  3. North Korea can definitely drop something on South Korea and maybe Japan.

  4. Petruchio

    Is there anybody here who can verify the news accounts that claim North Korea is sitting on upwards of $6 Trillion in rare earth metals? I will be looking into this myself, but sometimes another set of eyes is helpful.

  5. Jim R

    A bottle rocket can reach South Korea from North Korea.

  6. Ken

    I thought that North Korea had put a satilite into orbit. If they can do that, then they can put a mini-nuke into orbit and then blow it off when its orbit takes it above the US.

    I am surprised that China would alien itself with Pakistan, which is muslim. the Chinese are having trouble with its muslim minorities in the western regions.

  7. Ken

    One thing that no one has talked about is the reunification of the Korean peninsula. If the US invades North Korea, and the Chinese and Russians sit idlely by, then the invasion should be fairly smooth. Just like our invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    In those countries the real problems came following the invasion. The occupations are what is draining the US. With regard to North Korea, however, the South Koreans can step up to the plate and take care of that. This would also probably make China feel better, since US troops would leave and the Chinese have a decent relationship with South Korea.

  8. Kenogami

    “If the US invades North Korea, and the Chinese and Russians sit idlely by, then the invasion should be fairly smooth.”

    If the US invades North Korea, the Chinese will not sit idly by and do nothing. They will never accept the US to put nuclear missiles on the Chinese-Korean border pointing at China.

    But even if the Chinese would do nothing, the North Koreans have a 6 millions people army who are not feminist-transgender-snowflakes needing safe spaces, and they all know what the USA did to their grand parents 65 years ago. No smooth invasion.

    “This would also probably make China feel better, since US troops would leave …”

    Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Everybody knows that when the US puts its military boot somewhere, they never leave unless pushed away with extreme violence. And then, they leave while poisoning the land and water with toxic chemicals and poisonous radioactive uranium-plutonium.

  9. Ahem: The US and EU/Nato nations showed they are not to be trusted AT ALL. They promised Russia, they would never move troops to Russia’s inside borders and…did exactly that.

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