Trump And Putin Battle The Bilderberg Gang Who Want Destruction Of Society

Los Angeles SJW and Hispanic Power politicians have decided to boycott any companies who build the wall that will stop illegal aliens from crossing the border whenever they wish, to commit crimes or steal citizen’s jobs.  This sort of treason is a key feature of all the DNC-run cities.  The entire DNC leadership is pro-illegal alien and anything anyone does to stop the flood will be attacked and we saw during the election how anyone trying to go to a Trump rally was attacked in these DNC cities while the police were told to ‘stand aside’ and let citizens be assailed by Mexican-flag waving terrorists.

And also in the news, Trump was forced by Congress to do things he didn’t want to do, Congress is 90% against doing diplomacy these days…so he is going to reduce the size of the diplomats which I find rather funny.  Fire most of them, I say, they seem pretty useless now.

And he talks tough to North Korea.  This pisses off the SJW gangs here in the US.  He talks tough to North Korea and he signals to Putin that Congress is unruly now but his intentions do not match the Bilderberg gang’s plans.  Putin isn’t stupid.  He is probably grinning over all this.


China, too.  China will allow the US to destroy Kim if he strikes anyone first.  This message is important because Kim has openly talked about bombing South Korea, Japan and the US so this diplomatic move is highly important.  Putin has also signaled to Trump that he agrees.


All three countries are now in agreement despite every possible blocking of any agreements of any sort due to the Bilderberg gang’s anxiety to kill or destroy Trump.  His ability to overcome this huge push to prevent ANY diplomacy and makes him a ‘great leader’ instead of ‘a puppet.’


The Bushes were never ‘puppets’ but rather ‘goofy ruling elites who do dumb diplomacy’.  The Clintons became puppets and then moved into being ‘ruling elites’ and were so inept, they struggle to do even that with huge help from the Bilderberg gang media.


That is, they ain’t all that popular.  From the past:

Lock Her Up! Trey Gowdy Snaps At Hillary Clinton – You Do That You’re Going To Jail – YouTube

Right now, Gowdy hammers away at the ‘Russia’ investigation in Congress, going after the leakers and the Obama people who screwed around making secret deals with various Russian agents.


He went after Obama’s very last actions in office, signing bills that made the Secret State much stronger so it could be used to attack the new President.


Gowdy is going into the actions of all the agents of the DNC from December to the end of January. Good, lots of bizarre stuff went on during that short time frame.


The DNC has been taken over by people who hate citizens, who hate white men, who also increasingly hate Chinese, people who are determined to destroy civilization.  Look at any DNC-run city: high crime, taxpayers supporting huge populations of idle people who assail them daily, huge building complexes to house illegal aliens and populations that are very criminal.


DNC-run cities can be ‘rich’ like New York City but leave the white enclaves and one is swiftly in third world territory and one’s life is in constant danger of being assailed or even killed by aliens or welfare-supported idle people.


All one has to do is look at any DNC-run city and one sees mayhem, destruction of the housing, poverty, crime and other horrors.  Look at any DNC-run city and one sees the future USA.


Europe is dying, literally.  So is Japan.  Quite literally.  It amazes me watching all systems going down simultaneously.  Watching the schools disintegrate is particularly scary.  When learning collapses, all systems collapse.


There are very arrogant people who think, since men are still able…barely…to produce new stuff and keep the factories going, we see factories departing from first world nations and moved to third world nations.  This, in turn, is cutting off the engineers from the Industrial Revolution and eventually, there will be no more engineers.


The video today showing an army of Africans in a new inflatable boat, going ashore and then running up the beach to be picked up by a bus all paid for and arranged by Soros, who then disappear into Paris or Berlin.


The rulers of France and Germany WANT THIS.  They actively arranged for this.  Sweden is finally trying to stop this…way too late.  The nation is going under from near zero crime to highest crime in Europe.  And all are being told by the Rulers that they should fear Russia, a place that doesn’t allow all of this!


I am stunned that EU citizens can’t figure out the obvious but they live inside this bubble created by the media giants and the Real Rulers.  If the invasion doesn’t hit them personally, they are blissfully unaware of all this or worse, endorse it because the dangerous downside is concealed.


I lived in NYC for many years and even gave speeches deep inside the black community where white liberals simply avoided like the plague.  I know what is really going on here, I worked with black criminals to rehabilitate them and had great success with this.  Yet I am the evil woman because I tell the truth about what is going on.


You can’t pay me to go into these same neighborhoods today.  Everything is falling rapidly out of control there, the destruction will be total in the long run.  Marriage, which was still fairly strong when I went into the black hoods to do business, is now virtually totally dead.


There is nothing socially good left.  And it is destroying blacks, rapidly.  They are being taught how to be unreasonable and ungovernable which is horrible.  How dare the State do this!  Everyone on the right blames blacks for this horror.


No, it was pushed by white liberals, they destroyed the black community, making the State the father of millions of babies who have no idea who their genetic daddy is.  It is destroying Hispanic families and quite a few white families, what a disaster this is.


Blaming the victims and not the Super State doing this is dangerous.  You can’t build bridges and have common cause if we don’t figure out who is engineering this social destruction.





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8 responses to “Trump And Putin Battle The Bilderberg Gang Who Want Destruction Of Society

  1. Ken

    ” . . . figure out who is engineering this social destruction.”

    As Trump pointed out during the presidential campaign, in response to Hillary refusing to use the words “Islamic Terrorist,” if you cannot name your enemy you cannot fight your enemy.

  2. Petruchio

    The Russians have commented on these goings on in the US. On this very topic, a high ranking Russian official-who wants to remain anonymous-has said “The dog barks and the caravan moves on.” His meaning is that no one takes the US Establishment seriously anymore. The Russians recognize that the Political Wh#re Class in D.C. do not make any policy decisions. They are owned by Outside Interests.

  3. Petruchio

    So….LA is going to boycott companies that want to build a wall? LOL!! In order to make a boycott threat real, you have to have MONEY to spend–or not spend. LA as a city has a long history of budget problems and I doubt they will get better any time soon!

  4. timothy carroll

    No, it was pushed by white liberals, they destroyed the black community, making the State the father of millions of babies who have no idea who their genetic daddy is. It is destroying Hispanic families and quite a few white families, what a disaster this is.

    Sounds kinda racist to imply that blacks and Hispanics are unable to make their own decisions about things and need the government to tell them what to do.

    You can’t build bridges and have common cause if we don’t figure out who is engineering this social destruction.

    Pretty sure most awake people know who (((they))) are. 🙂

  5. I never ever would accuse them of deliberately destroying their own families…they were LURED into doing this! The goodies: welfare money if there is no daddy.

  6. And this cynical purchasing of votes was done this way because it gave the Democratic party great power. It is rapidly collapsing internally as more and more children suffer from antisocial upbringing due to no real daddies and this weakens their minds and morals and drives them further into asocial lifestyles that keeps them poor and on welfare for multiple generations. It is a great tragedy. I remember the pre-welfare world.

    Oddly enough, when we moved about due to my father’s government programs, we lived in very poor neighborhoods because housing was cheap and after WWII there was this ‘housing shortage’ and I got to live in very interesting places. The families were all intact but very poor and their children were not psychopaths at all, they were quite nice, actually. I loved my playmates greatly and their moms would do things like make tortillas by hand…OMG…these were DELICIOUS not at all like store bought modern tortillas, these were wonderful better than bread, I thought. Love chili made in big clay pots over open fires, too.

  7. Dheep'

    Well – you may get your way sooner than you think
    “made in big clay pots over open fires, too.”

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