Google Censoring Web Searches About Anti-Google March Overseas

I just discovered via comments at Full Show – Patriots Organize March On Google Headquarters Across The Country – 08/11/2017 – YouTube that You Tube is censoring EVERYONE across the planet now!  Right now, Google is maliciously censoring anyone attempting to look at ‎  When clicking on the link, one gets the locked out opening page we see above!  What the hell is going on here?  Oh, Google is being totally evil.

OK: I went to my blog and clicked on the link I have embedded on my blog, Join Coast To Coast Protests Against Google August 19th! | Culture of Life News where I have the link: #MarchOnGoogle – Google is an anti-free speech monopoly comes up just fine.

It seems to be limping along here in the US, the ‘March on Google’ webpage is not the #1 item but at least it is on the front page of the search and not the back pages and not totally censored.

There seems to be an element of chaos going on here.  Alex Jones is on the first page search for ‘March on Google.’  Next to that is an attack on the march, ‘Anti-diversity advocates…’  HAHAHA.  Jack Posobiec who is the originator of the march is item #10 instead of #1.  Oh well, at least it is on the front page.


The ‘alt-right’ stuff being published by SJW-infested media giants and others is designed to scare people off. Now, go to Google’s ‘News’ page with the march search and you get pure evil from the Masters of the Universe SJW squad running Google off the cliff:

They are scared to death now!  HAHAHA.  Note how all the fake mainstream news says ‘alt-right’ in every headline!  Just below this is other breaking news Google thinks is attached to this story, namely, ‘evil right wingers making noise!’ search items:

The ‘right’ here is ‘right of SJW activists who are Maoists.’  The Maoists want to destroy all signs of previous Presidents and systems and degrade everything.  For example, the SJW squad, after getting rid of all signs of lesser American heroes are now aiming square at the Founding Fathers who they wish to eliminate utterly and totally.  I am serious, they will get rid of everything.  Utterly.  Anyone doubting me can go review the history of Madame Mao and her gangs of vandals.

The last items on this search page is…the kid who Google fired illegally is a Russian agent!  HAHAHA.  Google is expanding in Australia…I will note it is the Aussies at the link at the top of the page who noticed in the last few hours that Google is censoring information about the looming demonstrations!


Who on earth will buy this junk?  The device is a SPY DEVICE.  You talk about all kinds of stuff AND IT IS LISTENING!  Google spies on everyone!  Sells the data to others including the governments.  It dearly wants to spy on everything, totally, all the time.  It also orders humans around.


It gives information Google wants people to have, not choosing information from a  menu but straightforwards Google staff supplied information which is not honest, indeed, will lie actively and mislead deliberately, it is run by pirates who want to ruthlessly exploit whoever falls into their clutches.

Google: Spying, Human Microchipping, Transhumanism – YouTube

Invasion of privacy is what Google is all about. CEO Schmidt: ‘There is what I call the creepy line and our policy to get right up to that line…until the technology gets better…at implanting ideas in your mind…’  The above video has only 27,000 views.  This is ridiculous but then, the shocking truth about Google is only now going viral and Google hates this.


Then there is the black magic part of all this, as per usual for it is very real and goes back to the very roots and beginning of the CIA spy matrix and the rocket program and the Nazis and all the fun stuff of my own childhood:  SIX SIX SIX Google Chrome NSA SPYING Google IS Evil – YouTube


Google makes money on advertising and this is the sword in the chest of Google for this money making is key to any lawsuits citizens can bring up now thanks to Google being openly evil.  Google is spying on absolutely everyone all the time and does this with the NSA and both are at war with 50% of Americans who voted for the first non-Bilderberg President in the last 30 years!



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12 responses to “Google Censoring Web Searches About Anti-Google March Overseas

  1. Lou

    Disney also does the 3 6s in its Logo.

    More on Goolag,

    Faith Goldy: Google’s Social Justice Dream Team!

    Damore: Google Employees ‘Openly Shame All Men’ In Meetings … -meetings/

    “Despite the company’s reaction, he said many of his former colleagues supported his memo.”

    ‘They Betrayed Me’: Google Engineer Who Wrote Anti-Diversity Memo Feels ‘Punished’ … -punished/

  2. Yes, they are now bitches at Google.

  3. Christian W

    It’s not only Google. It is across the US global dominance system. Twitter is censoring content anathema to the current Agenda, Youtube is censoring content anathema to the current Agenda. I don’t use Facebook but I’m sure they do it as well. And the Fake News services as well etc.

    Censorship and Algorithms rule the day, or at least that is the way the PTB are pushing things.

  4. Jim R

    It’s part of why The Saker is hosted out of Iceland. But unfortunately, everything on the US internet goes through one of the big internet backbones run by Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, etc.

    Perhaps we need to investigate having a shortwave internet hookup?

  5. And…this takes me back to my childhood and using my dad’s shortwave radio system to discover Radio Bulgaria which back then, had real news! We are coming full circle now.

    The riots today: the violence is coming to a head now. The left isn’t giving up all the ground they took so far, they will now fight to the death. And the conservatives know that if they give one more inch, they are doomed so this fight will heat up rapidly as the Bilderberg gang strives to blame all on Trump.

  6. Jim R

    Back when you were young and the internet was just starting, the phone company carried it then, too. But the company did not know it. All they knew was that you were making a phone call to some university and making strange squealing/hissing noises on the line.

    Now the phone company is merged back up (after being split apart in the ’80s), almost but not quite to the old Bell System. They no longer want you to dial the call with a modem. They want to send the internet straight into your computer.

    Faster and more efficient, yes, but it gives them absolute control of those packets, and frequently the ability to peek at what’s in them..

  7. Lou

    Charlottville search in Google Australia yesterday used the words
    White Supremacist in every single headline banner.

  8. Yes, this is a full attack on just one side. The entire event was blamed on the right while the left is the one who was attacking everyone. Once the fight began, leftist were hurt or killed. But they had the illegal march and they caused the riot.

    This doesn’t surprise me. The Bilderberg gang fears the right nationalists tremendously. Note that in Europe, they are punished, harassed and arrested while leftists run riot.

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