Portland OR Gets New Chief Police: Ms. Outlaw 17 Years Running High Crime Oakland CA

Portland’s new police chief tells officers she values them, here to ‘strengthen’ their work: Yes, chalk up another female victory here!  This woman has zero experience patrolling any cities.  She is a ‘kicked upstairs’ person who goes to SJW schools and learns how to run cities from crazy professors and then sallies forth to fix things real good.  Portland, Oregon has been under assault by SJW nonstop so they are fixing this by having one of these run the police.  HAHAHA.  And where does this person come from?  OAKLAND, California, a place being ravaged by gangs of out of control black young people.



This is going to be fun.  It illustrates the ancient Chinese curse: may your wishes come true. Portlandia is home base of the SJW movement alongside Berkeley and Berkeley is right next door to Oakland and I know all these places really, really good having either lived there or visited frequently in the past.


I stormed out of Berkeley where I lived on the border of Oakland when a young cop was assassinated right at the front doorstep of our commune there back in 1969.  The place has surrendered to criminals years ago.  I, instead, went off to NYC and fought crime there, instead, with good success.


NYC is now going down to destruction which it deserves, having voted for this.  Too bad, I live off in the mountains now and won’t ever return there.  The Portland white people think this black female cop leader from a dying city going bankrupt and being systematically destroyed by vandals, will save their city from feeling bad about stuff and wanting to signal that they hate themselves and want a replication of Oakland CA.  And so their wish will come true.




A commenter on Facebook warned Portland’s new police chief that she was coming to a “hella wet and hella wyte” city from sunny and diverse Oakland.


Is the writer of this article being sarcastic here?  I wonder.  Oakland isn’t ‘sunny’ it is often foggy like all the Bay Area.  Wet in winter, too, like a slightly warmer Portland.  Diverse?


Good lord.  If there are any other people who haven’t fled Oakland aside from hippie types, they are fleeing now due to crime.


Danielle Outlaw, the first African American woman to lead Portland police, shrugged Thursday during her first public visit here and responded simply, “I find commonalities in human beings.”


She does the Snotty School speech perfectly.  What the hell are ‘commonalities’?  HAHAHA.  Why does she use this twisted and awkward language?


The 41-year-old explained that she wanted the job because Portland police face many of the same issues as the Oakland department, where she has spent the last 19 years, most recently as a deputy chief.


For 19 years she…helped turn Oakland into a hell hole.  Yup.  Oakland is not at the top or middle of anyone’s ‘great place to raise children’ lists.


And that may be truer in Portland where the population is 71 percent white and where the mayor made a point of noting the state and the city’s history of “systemic racism” when he launched a national search to fill the chief’s position.


She can fix that!  75 years ago, Oakland wasn’t a fairly big slum with high crime.  Now, it is.


She described herself as a “strong, proven, resilient and progressive law enforcement executive,” with a commitment to diversity and thirst for learning in a fast-paced environment who wants to “shape how we police in today’s world and in the future.”

(this stupid movie was filmed mainly in my old Brooklyn neighborhood!)

The new chief can’t wait until she can create this stunning, wonderful future.  And she can and will do it…easy as falling off a chair after being hit across the back of the head by a baseball bat.


Though she’s risen through the ranks of Oakland police since she began as a police explorer while in high school, her resume shows she’s been involved in policing beyond Oakland and on the national level.


Unlike her, I actually ran street patrols in several major cities: Berkeley, Tucson, New York City and Northern New Jersey.  Made a number of arrests.  I know the ‘streets’ like the palm of my hand.  This woman never walked any streets.  She went to schools.  SJW schools!

25 Shockingly Dangerous Cities To Live In | In My Area, Oakland CA

In contrast, there is much less sturm und drang in Portland:


Portland, Oregon, violent crime, on a scale from 1 (low crime) to 100, is 43. Violent crime is composed of four offenses: murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. The US average is 31.1. Portland, Oregon, property crime, on a scale from 1 (low) to 100, is 62.

Crime Statistics | The City of Portland, Oregon

Compared to 17 years of Ms. Outlaw’s work in Oakland, CA:

Oakland has the most violent crime in California!  Great systems there!



Oakland ranks highly in California for most categories of crime. Violent crimes including assault, rape and murder, occur from two to five times the U.S. average. The 120 murders recorded in 2007 made Oakland’s murder rate the third highest in California, behind Richmond and Compton.

Good luck, Portland, you will discover that more SJW crime fighting will lead to everyone enjoying muggings, murders, robberies and other fun stuff but then, this is what liberals really love to do now, anyhow:

Beating the snot out of anyone who dares to question SWJ females!


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17 responses to “Portland OR Gets New Chief Police: Ms. Outlaw 17 Years Running High Crime Oakland CA

  1. Lou

    Portland is a sanctuary shitty.

    Santa Monica [low crime city of 100k people] has a Black Gal Police chief, Black Gal Coillege president, Black School czar. You get the picture?

  2. Ziff

    Keep Portland Weird !

  3. Vengeur

    I live in Tucson, in an old and rather well-to -do neighborhood, Elaine you may remember it, just west of what was once the El Conquistador hotel, which was torn down to build a mall in the 70’s. Anyway we are having a rash of property crimes, and cars are routinely broken into at 3:00 in the morning. Anyway not too long ago a Federal judge moved in ( and his house was broken into before he was even moved in!) and then the new Police Chief Magnus moved into the neighborhood. Well a few days ago while getting my coffee, I see a half dozen police cars all around the Chief”s house (crime scene vehicle, the whole nine yards). Turns out Chief Magnus had HIS cars broken into, LOL. Of course he didn’t have to wait eight hours to have the police show up ,like the rest of us do after reporting a crime, if they show up at all.

  4. You live near Tucson High School, right? I lived right where the new buildings are, on Euclid Place. In NYC, when the elites were hit by crime, the cops are there instantly and all over the place. Live in the ‘poor’ neighborhoods and no cops, no help and this is why the patrols we set up were so wildly successful. We forced the City to give us cops because it was embarrasing, how many arrests we made.

  5. Petruchio

    You know what this is REALLY all about? It’s about getting back at whitey. Blacks will never, EVER give up on their victim status!! They are too lazy to reform themselves or blame themselves for their problems. You know, it makes me want to ‘upchuck’ when I hear these black folks–whether they are athletes or whatever–profess their love and devotion to their family. Then you find out that they have six step brothers and/or sisters. All with different names, of course. Yeah, that’s devotion to family, alright.. Anybody’s family will do of course.

  6. And this is why we can’t blame them for their present deplorable state. They were LURED into this and they were offered this by DNC operatives, it is all about bribes which have a terrible downside, the collapse of the entire social structure of honor, marriage and productive work that Blacks used to have in spades, so to say.

    I have watched this very close up! It pisses me off. I have known fine, married black men who work very hard. And they get mugged when they go home after work, etc.

  7. Jim R

    That top picture is so goofy looking. Are you sure it’s not a muppet?

  8. Moe

    Excerpt: The Warriors: this stupid movie was filmed mainly in my old Brooklyn neighborhood!

    Hey, I liked that movie! Not the dumb, macho-criminal mindset, but the travails of crossing ‘enemy’ territories.

  9. HAHAHA like crossing Flatbush Avenue at Grand Army Plaza heading north into Bed-Stuy.

  10. Lou

    HAHAHA like crossing Flatbush Avenue at Grand Army Plaza heading north into Bed-Stuy.–north = past the museum?

  11. Black Heart

    Portland is about 80 percent white. So why hire a black chief? Mental illness. Extreme virtue signaling. Same reason white parents let their daughters run and romp with the negro. “Hey look at me, I’m not raycist. I even don’t care if my white daughter fucks niggers?”

    Liberalism is a mental disorder, Michael Savage.

  12. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    I remember reading an article by Lloyd Shearer about the Kerner Commission report in Parade Magazine in the summer of 1968. He essentially said that “negro” men had no power in their own home especially when confronted by a rebellious wife and one or two social workers there to “help” her.

    Even the “smartest man in the Senate” – Daniel Patrick Moynihan of your state acknowledged that the AFDC policy of ONLY giving benefits to families where no man was present virtually assured the destruction of black families.

    So, you comments as usual are bang-on!


  13. It was a trap, a lure. It certainly has destroyed black men. They have to cleave to their mothers since they won’t ever get married and have a family except for some football players, music guys, movie actors, etc. They will have a series of wives. Usually end up poor due to that. But over 60% of the black men will have bastard children paid by the State.

    This is a total catastrophe for black children especially the males. The females have the money and thus, the power. The leases (nearly always) are in their names. They ‘own’ the children who are handed over to the State.

    Liberals want everyone to be this. In Sweden, white Nordic stock women are on welfare, etc. and never marry and the men float around increasingly and the place is falling apart. Many of the politicians are women with no children, I wrote about that earlier. All of the EU top brass are women who can’t have children and who want the State to raise the kiddies. And this is due to so many former communists like Merkel, who is childless, running the joint into the ground.

  14. Petruchio

    The destruction of the traditional Family Unit has been the goal all along. Strip men of any and all say in the raising of their children and what do you get? The inevitable absentee fathers. Government gives all power to women and the traditional role of the male, the Father is obliterated. This is EXACTLY the intended result by the Social Engineers. It is difficult for the average person to comprehend this because the average person cannot understand the depth of hatred and rage it takes to do all this damage to families.

  15. Shawntoh


    You are right on about the police stepping down and it’s starting to show up in the statistics–


  16. Shawntoh

    Elaine, I wish Portland would just stick with the interim police chief. I feel he’s better qualified by far after reading his bio–


    What do you think and feel about this?

  17. If he is good then he is no good for ANTIFA who are the official thugs of the DNC.

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