Cernovich Asks Media Dangerous Questions At WH Briefing

Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸 (@Cernovich) has been allowed into the White House press room.  He is a thorn in their sides now and I bet he will be kicked out again for asking real questions.  In this case, he is asking the fellow press critters why they don’t demand that Democrats disavow ANTIFA.  On top of all this, the machine grinding apart our universities has sped up the gears and is working overtime to insure that complete destruction of society happen in the foreseeable future.

Journalist at White House Demands to Know Why Media Ignores Anti-Trump Violence – Sputnik International which is Russian news since we get virtually no real news from US media these days.


This news story is utterly and totally hidden by mainstream media.  All of them heard and saw Chernovich ask these questions and then argue with them.  But they are so scared of him, they are giving him the ‘Elaine, shut up’ treatment.  That is, pretend nothing is happening.  They did this to me, too, over the years which is why no one believes me when I say correctly, that I have argued with and dealt with many Presidents and other politicians over the last 50 years.


After leftist demonstrators have been documented unleashing violence against supporters of President Donald Trump, Cernovich decided to attend the briefing to attempt to ask Press Secretary Sean Spicer what the administration is going to do to curb it.


Trump can do nothing.  He is boxed in.  Who boxed him in?  Well, the mainstream media, the Bilderberg gang, Congress and other powerful people.  They all hate him and he is an outsider and drives them nutty so they literally and openly want him dead. Like, really, really dead.


Cernovich repeatedly raised his hand, shouting out his questions multiple times, without response from Spicer.


“What about violence against Trump supporters at Berkeley?” Cernovich repeatedly asked.


After Spicer ended the briefing without responding to the question, Cernovich turned his line of questioning on the journalists in the room instead.


Today’s storyline is, right wingers fought leftists and this is the fault of the right wingers daring to appear in public.  If only they stay at home and hunker down, no one is going to attack them except an army of criminals who roam about our DNC-run cities, attacking citizens nearly nonstop now.  Here is Trump last winter before the Gang hammered him hard:

From last February:  Violent Protests Interrupt Conservative Comedian’s Speech, Trump Weighs In – Sputnik International


Eleven people were arrested in New York City on Thursday evening after a protest turned violent during a speaking event featuring right-wing political commentator and Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes.


McInnes, a libertarian, had been invited to speak at the New York University student center by NYU college Republicans. As he attempted to enter the building, he was pepper-sprayed and attacked as protesters called him a “Nazi.”


These gang attacks on all right wing speakers has been going on for quite a while.  It is pure thuggerism and the mainstream media either refuses to report these attacks or blames the victims who are not doing anything criminal.


The mass media giants enable these SJW/ANTIFA physical attacks on anyone who isn’t parroting the party lines set by our Real Rulers.  The events yesterday are exactly the same: blaming the victims.  The right wing man who went nuts and ran over some ANTIFA attackers will be properly punished for what he did was ILLEGAL but what the ANTIFA crowd was doing was ALSO illegal.


That part is left out of all the mainstream media stories. No on to the twin topic about how all our universities are looting expeditions enslaving students or cheating taxpayers who have to foot the bill when students go bankrupt 20 years later:  Vassar teaches freshmen to ‘appreciate social justice’:  This is the school teaching SJWs.


The expansive 15-day orientation also features exclusive events, such as a dinner for “first-generation, low income, and/or undocumented students,” plus an “LGBT Center Open House” and a “Women’s Center Open House.”


The series will take a total of five hours to complete, and will begin with the “We are Vassar workshop,” which invites students to participate in “an introduction to inclusive language” where they will “explore what can impact our sense of identity and belonging within our community.”


During the next session, students will learn about people “of particular identities, beliefs, and expressions,” while the concluding session will reiterate the school’s commitment to “celebrating identities and affirming belongingness.”


Everyone gets to celebrate their identities except for…white males.  Any black students or female students who want to join white students in resisting this, will be demonized and attacked, too.  Even literally beaten senseless.


Feminist prof to teach class lamenting ‘American Whiteness’  


Although Erickson declined to provide a copy of the current syllabus, Campus Reform located a syllabus for a previous iteration of the course from the spring of 2015, which contains a course description identical to the one of that being offered in the fall.


It is hiding it now. I think I will refer to all SJW fanatics destroying our schools as neuters since they dispute sex identifications.


“Whiteness is, among much else, a very bad idea,” the syllabus states, quoting Kansas University Professor David Roediger. “It is quite possible to avoid hating white people as individuals but to criticize the ‘idea of white people in general.’”


This is openly teaching racism.  This is illegal under the laws of the Civil Rights Act.  Reverse racism is not legal.  It isn’t prosecuted…yet.  But it should.


Additionally, the 2015 version of the course featured texts such as “Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness” and “The Case for Reparations,” the latter of which encourages students to “take on the labor of interrogating and attacking racism by making whiteness visible.”


They are deliberately teaching racism now and urging students become violent and to push for laws that openly discriminate against white males, etc.  This is an epic confrontation.


White males have 100% the right to claim they are being victimized by a racial quota system that discriminates against people who are more qualified than race hires of people who are less capable.  The ability to rise inside any organization has been turned into the Great Wall of China whereby the people doing all the grunt work can’t rise through the ranks while people who are ‘the protected class’ gets all the promotions.


This exclusionary policy system will collapse into a bloody, literally bloody mess.


Prof claims American patriotism is ‘drenched in whiteness’


A University of Florida professor has produced a study asserting that the concept of patriotism is “drenched in whiteness” and implies that black people are “un-American” (because it is best to hate patriotism).

A teacher teaching pure garbage is easy to get good grades and fun for students who hate learning something sensible.


A new journalism degree from Columbia, with a $150K catch:  here is the game!  The professors and schools all lure SJW kiddies into taking all these nifty courses and then being burdened with huge, gigantic debts turning these delusional kids into debt slaves!


For everyone else, dropping just over $106,000 for tuition and fees — plus $41,232 in living expenses, per Columbia’s estimate — for a master’s degree in an unstable, layoff-ravaged industry where the median annual salary is less than $40,000 might seem ludicrous, or at least deserving of mockery.


Steve Coll, the dean of Columbia’s graduate journalism program, told Poynter that the new degree’s high price is worth it, saying data literacy is in high demand at news organizations.


Below I explain that jobs in ‘newspapers and media’ are dropping.


“You would be a highly literate candidate to participate in the modern newsroom, where you have technologists working alongside journalists to create new engagement with the audience in the digital age,” Coll said. “So the idea is, you could take these skills and be a world-beating investigative reporter in this era of big data, or you could equally apply your journalism vision to the newsroom of the future.”


They are charging an immense amount of money to do what I do at home: scan the planet for information and then direct opinions.  Many of my readers don’t like it when I don’t go for various popular think systems.  They think I am stupid.


ALL HUMANS ARE STUPID.  We are not as clever as say, kitty cats.  Or our dogs.  Or cockroaches.  Ever try to outwit roaches?  In NYC I battled them endlessly.  They are extremely clever little creatures who survived multiple mass extinction events.  I fear that they actually thrived during extinction events.


Humans, on the other hand, messes around with stuff and nearly destroys themselves.  Roaches live with us and laugh at night behind the wainscoting.


Columbia University Uses Trump To Sell $100,000 Journalism Degrees


The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job opportunities for reporters and correspondents will shrink by 8% over the next decade. These jobs currently pay a median annual wage of $37,820.


It is a poor paying, dying business.  Reporting is increasingly useless.  I try to tap into people’s feeds where they actually are where things are happening because this way, one can get some information.


The federal government allows graduate students to borrow unlimited student loans to finance tuition and living expenses. After graduation, borrowers can repay their debt as a share of their income, and have any remaining balance forgiven after 20 years. If borrowers don’t repay their loans in full, taxpayers are responsible for the difference.


Consider a student who takes out loans to cover the full cost of attendance for the master’s degree ($147,514). If his earnings after graduation start at $45,000 and rise 5% per year, he will only end up paying $83,121 in inflation-adjusted terms—repaying barely more than half of what he borrowed. Meanwhile, taxpayers will forgive a remaining balance of $177,857.


The student debt mountain is a crime. It is deliberate.  And degrees are getting more and more worthless due to demands that these be handed out like candy and students can’t be kicked out of school for being incompetent or lazy or inept or pugnacious.  The entire SJW army camped on many campuses would be discharged if we had a sane educational system.


Instead, they stay on board and do their worst.  And this hasn’t slowed down under Trump, he can’t stop this freight train to financial collapse.

The graphs clearly show that debt is shooting upwards like a rocket and the downside is, students are financially crippled when they leave school, often with useless diplomas or if a white male, shunted to the back of the employment line while everyone one else gets to jump the line.


This is why fewer and fewer white males are going to college at all: there is little reward for this.


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10 responses to “Cernovich Asks Media Dangerous Questions At WH Briefing

  1. Petruchio

    “The mass media giants enable these SJW/ANTIFA physical attacks on anyone who isn’t parroting the party lines set by our Real Rulers.” This won’t stop people for long. IF, as the reports say is true, that the cops were ordered to “stand down” while the ANTIFA thugs attacked the white nationalists, the next logical step will be taken. Force will be met with Force. The violence will escalate. All you have to do is study the Labor Movement in this country to see how violent things can–and sometimes do–get. If the mechanisms for civilized Society break down it becomes dog eat dog. The ANTIFA are initiating the violence now, but that won’t last long. Sooner or later the Other Side will start to take the action to ANTIFA. Time will tell how well ANTIFA holds up when THEY are attacked. There is no good ending here. At all.

  2. Hell, my own family was always on the Frontier since they came up the Hudson River way back in the 1600s. We always lived next to or near the natives and indeed, intermarried with the natives.

    The level of violence in all these interactions was just like…get this…THE VIOLENCE IN EUROPE. Yup. Starting off as Vikings, Europe was swept by many hostile and very violent invasions and then kings and queens fought each other with great and near continuous ferocity and then…went off and fought others.

    Right now, the liberals are openly physically fighting anyone who disagrees with them. Their tactics mirror exactly the Nazi/Madame Mao tactics step by step and this fact is hidden from the public who are fed stories about ‘people being mean/bad’ when they are attacked by ANTIFA/BLM gangs.

  3. Petruchio

    If ANTIFA insist on using violence, violence it will be. Whether anyone wants this or not.

  4. floridasandy

    people are allowed free assembly, but that doesn’t mean at the same time. A smart mayor would have only allowed permits for each side on different days. Then we would see who has the turnout, and there would be no violence. Oil and vinegar don’t mix.

    I saw the usual grandstanding about “white abuse” by our congressional leaders-including Pau Ryan, Mccain, our own Marco Rubio, etc. ALL DEAD WHITE PEOPLE, dumbasses,

    I also saw that the mother of the murdered girl said she is glad her daughter participated. Did I read that wrong? Is that insane? She should be horrified that her daughter died for nothing and nobody. Don’t send your kids to these rallies because there are nuts there. It isn’t a party!

    I hope all the injured sue the city for allowing it to get out of control, and maybe they will think twice before they do that again

    there are still too many people living in their parent’s basement who are unhinged and ready to blow, especially those in disguises at the rallies, or paid agitprops. This event didn’t concern some unhinged loser from Ohio, and his mother should have told him so. Now he will be in jail for life, unless they have the death penalty.

    OT, on your Cernovich blog link I see that Paul Ryan may try and stop border wall funding. Trump should start a wall lottery in 50 states and go ahead and build his wall, while making a couple of Americans wealthy.

    Screw Ryan and his alleged “power”. These leaders are tripping over their own egos.

  5. All this is ripping the mask off of the fake face of our Rulers who pretend we have two parties.

  6. Lou

    Does anyone here listen to his you tubes?

  7. Lou

    Off topic,

    Chanda Prescod-Weinstein is a woman with bushy hair and a gigantic nose who is attempting to infect science with Cultural Marxist dogma the way a street hooker who harbors grudges against men purposely tries to infect her clients with herpes. It’s August, and Chanda may have written the most Orwellian article so far this year. “Stop Equating ‘Science’ With Truth,” scolds Weinstein’s recent article for Slate. Surely they misplaced the quotation marks in that headline—although it can be politicized, science is by definition objective, whereas “truth” can include personal truths and is often subjective.
    “It should come as no surprise that the mainstream media has been eardrum-smashingly silent about these revelations.”

    Weinstein questions the objectivity of evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology—the two fields that progressives hate the most, because they help us understand things that egalitarian mysticism fails to explain

    Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

  8. Lou

    Elaine, have you seen this? What do you think?

  9. Shawntoh


    Excellent blogging as usual and I noted incident today up near a decaying mall that the The Sanctuary City of Emerald (PDX) is attempting to revitalize–

    Four, perfectly well-behaved strangers, African-American/Black kids (equal distribution of sexes) ages from five years to seven years crossed with me, to my right, through the cross-walk at the stop-light near the mall (with its consumerist and alienated vibe)–

    They, the kids, paid no attention to me and said nothing, which is fine– their parents did a good job of making them responsible out in public as you would have noted. As we reached the other side, some cars were pulling out in front of us to turn left as we reached the other side of the cross-walk–

    Some Chinese tourist in a rent-a-car pulled out and made their right hand turn with a causal glide and started to cross beside us.

    On the passenger side, I spotted the young Chinese man’s face and saw him brandishing his little i-gadget/i-tablet out the window. Along with that he thought it was real “cute” to call out to the kids, with this statement–

    “N———!!!” and I clearly heard that from him, loud and direct, as this was clearly a racist slur with the intent– especially with the tone in his voice.

    The kids didn’t respond back and didn’t even note the incident in front of me. I was proud of them and their parents and I wanted to catch that car with those (*&&%^^&%$%^#! swine/tourists and say the following to the idiot on the passenger side–

    Me: “Go back to North Korea where you belong!”
    Tourist: “Ummm– I’m not from North Korea– I’m from–“.
    Me: “After hearing your racist and rude remark to those perfectly innocent kids back there, I don’t care where you’re from–I’m sending you back right NOW!”

    At that point, another part of the punchline would be delivered– and I don’t need to consult a lawyer to say I will say nothing further about the details about and concerning the rest of the punchline delivery at this time.

    Respect is a two-street and they better learn that “traffic law” real quick here. That’s all I have to say on the matter.


  10. Mewswithaview

    It’s not just the alt-right that is getting censored, elements of the ant-war left wing are also being targeted.

    Between April and June, Google completed a major revision of its search engine that sharply curtails public access to Internet web sites that operate independently of the corporate and state-controlled media. Since the implementation of the changes, many left wing, anti-war and progressive web sites have experienced a sharp fall in traffic generated by Google searches. The World Socialist Web Site has seen, within just one month, a 70 percent drop in traffic from Google.

    In a blog post published on April 25, Ben Gomes, Google’s chief search engineer, rolled out the new censorship program in a statement bearing the Orwellian title, “Our latest quality improvements for search.” This statement has been virtually buried by the corporate media. Neither the New York Times nor the Wall Street Journal has reported the statement. The Washington Post limited its coverage of the statement to a single blog post.

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