Here Is First Hand Account Of Yesterday’s ANTIFA vs Conservative Riot In Virginia

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The riot yesterday was exactly like all recent ‘riots’ whereby conservatives get permission to have a rally, then the DNC elected officials withdraw the permission to rally, then have to give it back because this is unconstitutional, then they tell the conservatives to disarm.  Then suddenly, around the corner, there comes heavily armed ANTIFA and BLM gangs who then physically assault the conservatives like the thugs they are.  Then the police blame the conservatives for being attacked.  This happens over and over and over again with the key here being the fake news systems: they are complicit in all this, deliberately lie about this and encourage ANTIFA attackers.  This is leading to a civil war.

Charlottesville: Violence in the Streets | Faith Goldy and Stefan Molyneux – YouTube

I found the tweets of two male activists who detailed their day which started off with them trying to get to the rally but their Uber driver denied them full service based on her politics.  She kicked them both out of the ‘taxi’ and then had difficulty restarting her car.  I hope they sue Uber for bad service.

They came to the site only to learn that the DNC withdrew the right to rally and the police were told to move on so they went to another park to hold a legal rally.

Someone screaming at them ran into another car.  This is the result of mindless behavior.

Here is the key to the riot:

As with EVERY demonstration on the right for the last year, DNC operatives provide zero police protection and instead, allow ANTIFA to storm in and physically attack anyone demonstrating for Trump.  These violent radical leftists are the fist of the DNC.  The DNC which is corrupt and in cahoots with the very rich, pretends to be ‘popular’ and the schools filled with SWJ teachers who are mostly but not all females, these social systems are set up to be the muscle of the Bilderberg gang.  In Europe and the US and other ‘first world’ countries, these minions are out to destroy anyone who supports stronger families and other things the left hates with a passion.

So far, I have no idea who drove into the crowd.  It isn’t clear if this was intentional, panic attack, whatever.

As with previous police actions on behalf of ANTIFA, the conservatives are forced to leave and the ANTIFA attackers are allowed to roam at will, beating up people and screaming at them and vandalizing everything.  The demonstrators should sue the city.  This is grounds for civil rights lawsuits.




The civil rights movement is on the verge of flipping.  No longer are anyone promoted or hired based on merit, it is done with race/sex quotas instead.  This leads to all sorts of evil things.  Namely, the collapse of society.  The left openly crows that thanks to illegal aliens, eventually citizens will be outnumbered and foreigners will take over the country and they think this is funny and good.


It isn’t.  Anyone reading any history can see the end result.  ‘The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’ is a good start.


Do White Men Really Deserve To Vote? – Affinity Magazine which is an ANTIFA online operation.


Last time a journalist dared to use their platform and freedom of speech to discuss this question on the Huffington Post, she was silenced and the article was taken down. 


The Huffington Post figured out that publishing the truth of the plans of the SJW gang would clue people into the severe danger to all of us that this thuggish operation represents, they canned the article.  It is important for us to know the ultimate goal of these fiends.


However, I saw it and thought that the benefits of reversing white men’s suffrage was definitely worth discussing. After all, women and people of colour went through times of not being allowed to vote, and the fact that white men never had to experience that is an injustice. Despite the fact that we are given the illusion of democracy today (even though in reality the electoral college decides our future for us), do oppressors of minorities and women deserve to choose to continue our oppression, or should we help them by withdrawing the right to vote from them for a while until we can truly get on the same page and connect?


This idiot forgets why the Civil War happened.  She thinks a bunch of SJWs who are allowed to behave like Nazis will win an actual civil war, they are sadly mistaken.


Women were not allowed to vote in the United States until 1920, so that’s over a millennium of women lacking the right to vote. And what reparations have been paid since then? Nothing. Where’s the justice for women? Black suffrage in the United States has also been a slow process where even when people of colour were legally allowed to vote in the 1860s, there were many obstacles such as the “Black Codes” and voter intimidation in general. Where’s their justice? Nowhere to be found. Historically, white men have had few problems voting and the way things are going, they will never understand the kind of injustice others have faced. 


‘Voting’ for all citizens never existed anywhere in Europe or the New World until my ancestors fought for it back in 1776.  Then, expanding the right to vote was done step by step with lots of contention and determination of nonvoters to gain the right to vote.  Now, it is in the reverse with racists on the left wanting to deny people the right to vote or any civil rights at all.


Now, history lessons aside; many people who disagree so far might be thinking, “Yes, all this injustice that happened in the past was undoubtedly awful. However, two wrongs don’t make a right.” However one can’t be sure if withdrawing the white man’s vote could be considered a “wrong”. Furthermore, the point here that has to be made is that banning white men from voting temporarily will help them understand systemic injustice and help them become better, more empathetic allies to the social justice cause. In contexts like these, identity politics can be helpful, empowering and contributing to an important learning experience. White men who want to become better allies always come across the problem of “I will never understand what it feels like to be systemically oppressed” but this proposal may further their understanding of minority needs and improve relations between different genders and races, which is the ultimate goal; equality. 


This is no joke, this is their actual goal.  This fool thinks that by discriminating against white males is funny or OK, that is insane.  They have the right to fight for civil rights for themselves and they have been increasingly discriminated against by SJW people who punish students who don’t hew to their ideology, who deny men advancement based on merit, instead, imposing sex and race barriers that exclude males who excel in any field or endeavor.   This is called ‘racism’ and is ILLEGAL.  The Civil Rights Act isn’t supposed to be a ‘Civil Privileges Act.’


When I sued under that Civil Rights Act, I didn’t ask for special favors I just wanted to train and compete with men as equals.  I salute men who were stronger, smarter and quicker than I but I still wanted to compete because I am competitive.  Despite my weaknesses, I was still able to do ‘men’s work’ by working smart and using the correct tools but still, I admit I am weaker and not the top brain on earth, far from it…hahaha.  Yes, we are all struggling to do things but government quotas are dangerous and stupid in the long run and can destroy a civilization very quickly.



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26 responses to “Here Is First Hand Account Of Yesterday’s ANTIFA vs Conservative Riot In Virginia

  1. Lou

    THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE THE DEEP SOUTH ATTACKING BLACKS 60 YEARS AGO.–Were Whites attacking so many Blacks? If so, Blacks have 10,000x made up for it with endless murder and assault of Whites. Crime stats confirm this.

  2. Jim R

    This is the elites, for example Soros and company, trying to restart the civil war. Or a class war, or a race war, or a street brawl. They are good at it, and have done it in many places around the world.

    It will be used to justify more violent suppression of the people in the street, regardless of their politics. The oligarchs will quietly support one side and send the police to violently suppress another side. If the balance shifts too much, they will switch sides.

    When the chaos reaches a crescendo, they can pull off a coup or do whatever they want, and own the whole town…

  3. Yes, that is certainly the plan. They want chaos because out of chaos comes power, it is their motto. And yes, they will, like the Nazis, suppress the Brown Shirts after those leftists create enough chaos. I wish more people read the real history of the Nazis and how they began as a leftist organization and how Hitler manipulated things to gain power and the support of the industrialists and bankers.

  4. melponeme_k

    Hitler always had the support of the industrialists and bankers and royals.

    They had to break Germany. Hitler was their spear. He was set up to fail and leave Germany in ruins.

    You gave them a curse and a boon Elaine. We will see the fall of the USA because that is what they want.

    The skull of Geronimo should have been destroyed and his soul condemned to perdition. Even after death, that failure of a leader doesn’t realize that flesh means nothing. He played the Dragon’s game when he was alive and is manipulated by it even after death.

  5. floridasandy

    terry macaliffe fraud, case 1,

    Russian connection, haha.

    Why did he build his plant in another state? CORRUPTION.

    there is so much dirt on this guy-no wonder he wants a civil war to preoccupy the peasants.

    all 3 dead are white.

  6. floridasandy

    spelled McAuliffe wrong, but who really cares?

    the crimes are still the same.

  7. Hitler was NOT ‘set up to fail.’ His failure was a common failure: bit off more than he could chew and didn’t know when to stop. This happens to many humans, there are many myths about this the eldest being about ‘flying too close to the sun’ story about Icarus.

  8. melponeme_k

    Hitler was a known factor and the powers allowed it to happen.

    These people don’t plan for 10, 20, 30 or even 50 years. They plan for 1000s!

    Caroll Quigley stated in his book that Germany was ruled or at the very least influenced by business cartels. They were already looking to make trade power blocs even then. The question was who would control these power blocs. IG Farben and other German companies made trade deals with American and English businesses to take part in these cartels.

    The business world knew first hand what was going on in Germany from before WWI and WWII. They knew it!

    According to Frank Larson in his book, he stated that Roosevelt’s hand picked ambassador Dodd, was hamstrung in everything he did at that time. His efforts at diplomacy destroyed. Our spies spent most of their time spying on Dodd’s young daughter and taking notes on her sex life rather than pay attention to the political/social developments in Germany.

    Why ignore this? Because they ALREADY KNEW what Hitler was up to and they approved. They purposely misdirected communiques between Dodd and Roosevelt.

    And when it was all over, we went in and rescued all the conspirators.

  9. Christian W

    I wish more people read the real history of the Nazis and how they began as a leftist organization and how Hitler manipulated things to gain power and the support of the industrialists and bankers.

    Except there is no Left in the US independent of Oligarch hand outs. Antifa is classic agitprop. The rich send out some “alt-right” affiliated far right neo-nazi nutters (also funded by Oligarchs) to provoke Antifa, Antifa take the bait, as told to, clashes ensue and then there is much hand wringing on both the left and the right how evil and degenerate the other side is…

    You say it yourself, one minute you call the Google etc people “Maoists” out to destroy the US/West. The next minute Google are profiteers doing anything for money… ie Capitalists. So you invoke an oxymoron; there is no such thing as Maoist Capitalists. Antifa and the Dems are no sane represenation of the political left.

    Most all organisations in the US, including supposedly liberal left ACLU etc, are living off Oligarch hand outs. That is one consequence of 9/11 and the subsequent Dubya Bush destruction/distortion of the US economy. The Left was swept off the political landscape completely decades ago. Now everything happens within a political fishbowl.

  10. You fail to understand Maoism: they destroy all other systems while KEEPING THE RICH PART for themselves. Any system that does run, they run it. All other systems are systematically destroyed. See?

    Madame Mao wasn’t poor. She was the richest woman in China! Kim of North Korea certainly isn’t poor, he is the richest man in North Korea and the fattest, too.

    The same went for Stalin, etc. Hitler needed the rich industrialists who were hampered by the terms of surrender after WWI and they needed him. He then destroyed them nearly utterly but they were saved by Stalin…that is…fear of Stalin caused the USA to save most of the Nazis and put them back into power. They ran our rocket program, for example.

  11. Lou

    Online reports say Hugo Chavez daughter is now the riche est gal in Argentina. 7? billion dollar net worth.

  12. Christian W

    You fail to understand Maoism: they destroy all other systems while KEEPING THE RICH PART for themselves.

    I understand Maoism. I just find it funny that you use far right Oligarch sponsored lunatic fringe “Maoist” anarchists as a representation of the US political left. Just as you use ultra-capitalist hyena Oligarch wannabe Hillary Clinton as a representative of the American political left and ultra-capitalist Oligarch hyena Trump as a positive image of the American right?

    You will get nowhere as long as you are caught up in this matrix that is designed to lead you exactly nowhere. It’s fishbowl thinking.

    Now ask yourself, why is the Fake MSM (ie the CIA) building up Antifa (TM) into a global brand, like they did with ISIS?

  13. Lou

    Is the driver wearing a different shirt, or is this his mug shot?

  14. Lou

    Unite the Right rally was a gathering of far-right groups in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States, on August 11 and 12, 2017.[2][3]
    Those assembled at the rally included members of
    white supremacist,
    white nationalist,
    alt-right, neo-Confederate,
    neo-Nazi, and militia movements.[3]

    The participants were protesting against the removal of Confederate monuments and memorials from public spaces, specifically the Robert E. Lee statue in Emancipation Park, which itself was renamed from Lee Park in June 2016.

    Hundreds of protesters and counterprotesters were in attendance and several violent clashes between protesters and counterprotesters occurred.[4][2]

  15. Yes, and this ‘wipe out the past’ stuff has a definite goal: to get rid of Jefferson, Washington, et al. Seriously. The far right is responding, as expected. The far left isn’t finished by a long shot. This fight is being misrepresented by the media because they refuse to report the true nature of what is going on.

    I am not a far right person at all. I do care about history and culture! This is why this place is called CULTURE of life news.

    Vandals have been systematically destroying culture, look at modern ‘art’ and modern ‘architecture’ and modern ‘music’. Holy cow.

    The far right doesn’t care about all this, either, the far left wants to utterly destroy all this completely.

    Both are very dangerous forces. The problem here is, the government and media and international rich want to fund, control and enable the far left so they will then ‘save us’ from the leftists when they smash everything. See? This happened after WWI, for example and caused WWII. And this will cause WWIII.

  16. Thanks for the link to the news. The left is on the march now and since DNC mayors and governors gave them the red light to do vandalism and attack citizens, they are now unstoppable except in a very violent way. This mirrors Madame Mao unleashing angry students on society and they very nearly totally destroyed China.

  17. Lou

    17-Indeed. And a nod to you to point to ‘History repeating itself, Kultural revolution’–how did that end for the Chinese?

  18. The very first thing the Chinese did when arrested Madame Mao was to call my father. Seriously. Then they called me. No one has to believe this, it isn’t in any history books but so what? This is what happened.

  19. Lou

    NY Times Reporter Admits Antifa Protesters In Charlottesville Were ‘Hate-Filled’ And Violent Before Left Forces Her To Backtrack … backtrack/ … b_14_2000/ … tear_down/ … tator_now/

    Twitter is deleting everthing related to /pol/ news, even back-up accounts. H … r_is_dead/ … 7268184064 … premacist/


    ELAINE: Lou, more than three links, you get put in the ‘spam’ folder so break up your postings in the future.

  20. Yes, vandals are acting just like…HEY…the TALIBAN and ISIS!

    Duh. And the mainstream news is screaming at Trump to condemn people who tried to protect monuments from vandals. So he did…and they still scream at him. He gained nothing by following their barking orders.

    This is all so insane. In Europe, the natives are punished if they protest Muslims attacking churches and nuns.

  21. JSmith

    “ANTIFA vs Conservative Riot”??
    Really? I saw the KKK and a bunch of Nazi wannabes.
    You deeply disappoint me, Elaine. I never thought I’d see you backing that sort.

  22. Christian W

    It’s what goes for the “right” nowadays in Trumpland just like “ANTIFA” somehow is the “left”. That’s why I say the scam is obvious.

  23. Smith, there were SOME Nazis but also Conservatives. Just as in Peace marches we had Buddhist nuns and crazy Maoists who riot. Geeze, have people’s brains fallen out at last?

  24. Kenogami

    One blogger wrote that someone saw the KKK guys coming on the same group of Soros buses as the Black Life matters and the Antifa thugs!

    If so, manipulation and provocation to divide any potential real opposition to the vile oligarchs.

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