Pro-White Demonstration Becomes Riot When ANTIFA/SJW Troops Attack

The war is on.  The far left and far right are battling in the streets.  I will note that all our rulers are demanding that the far right stand down…yet again.  But not ANTIFA or the crazy leftists!  This is ridiculous.  If they want quiet in the streets, all they have to do is separate the two radicals but they don’t do this, we have proof that in California, for example, the cops exit when ANTIFA shows up.  So everyone knows you have to fight.  Crazy people do crazy things and addressing this properly is important yet our Rulers aren’t doing this, they are attacking one side and supporting the ANTIFA agitators.


This is a crisis.  They are now blaming Trump for this situation and even though people like myself have chronicled how the SJW people have taken over our universities and many of our dying cities, forming this alliance with illegal aliens and ghetto blacks to take over the entire political system and then run it like Madame Mao only they have a new alliance with…angry Muslims!  They riot all the time all over the place and make it very clear, no one else is allowed to do any public demonstrations: these SJW/ANTIFA leftists will attack.


This battle for power is going to be very bloody.  So far, most events are inside DNC-run cities that side entirely with the ANTIFA/Muslim/SJW gangs which is why Trump was driven out of more than one city when police protection was denied.


The SJW/ANTIFA/foreign nationals riots have been going on for over a year now.  Increasingly, angry white males are striking back because they must.  Notice how mainstream fake news tonight is blaming the white males for all this, not the violent activities of the far left.  When Trump entered the White House, these leftists openly rioted in DC and the mainstream media pretended it was ‘no big deal’.


Well, the chickens are now coming home to roost.  Attempts at making white men feel bad about all this will BLOW UP.  They won’t fall for it and go home to die quietly while aliens and other join forces to undo a fair election, destroy a President or anything like that.  The white males know they are at war now and won’t back down.

AND we are at war with North Korea.  Years of backing down haven’t worked there, either.  Trump has to call Congress to act about all this and they can refuse but then, this means Congress might not exist in 4 years.  The idea that males who have a tremendous amount of hidden power, will kneel before the SJW females and their illegal alien allies is…insane. They can’t and won’t.


What are the SJW gang and the Bilderberg gang offering white males?  Seats at the back of the bus?  Abuse about how they are hidden racists and should be denied jobs?  Told that they have to pay heavy taxes and support armies of illegal aliens and drug addicts and gangs in cities with their tax money while they are whipped for being successful at various careers most people can’t handle?


This insanity will blow up in everyone’s faces because the secret behind our still functioning society is…an immense number of white males who do the heavy lifting, the difficult stuff, who work and work and work.  They are being reduced, politically, to ‘plantation slaves’ to do the bidding of others while daring not to complain.  They are getting very, very pissed off now.  The seething rage about the programmer fired by Google for suggesting they not smack around white tech staff has lit a fuse that burns still.

This black woman, for example, is one of many black people who are conservative who is being punished by the army of SJW/illegal alien/black inner city thugs.  They are racist, rude, nasty, they don’t tolerate ANYTHING, any time, any place.  They have been throwing this massive temper tantrum nonstop since the election.  They practice open racism against anyone who is black and doesn’t march in lockstep with dying DNC run machines in our cities which the last 5 Presidents systematically destroyed pursuing ‘free trade’ that is really ‘one way trade/strip the US of masculine jobs’ regime run by both parties.

And what are our Real Rulers doing tonight?  HAHAHA.  Google’s SJW California radical Maoists are playing around like they are French royals in 1789.  They think all this is funny!  They are lording it over us all and destroying our nation because they want more power and hate citizens who have power, too.  And they really hate Trump who owes them NOTHING.   And is talking about their secret societies and plans.


And a reminder that Google has definitely screwed with search engine retrieval, EVERYTHING has ‘blacks are good/better than whites’ no matter what the topic:

Most of the ‘happy American families’ in this search are blacks!  In reality, 76% of black American families have no black fathers!   This is ridiculous.  Now for ‘Unhappy families’:

There is ONE black couple arguing and then 90% of the other pictures are of unhappy white families!  Amazing.  Oh, and a happy bi racial couple is slipped in there.  Eh?  This is just amazing to me.  Blatant and a serious degradation of Google’s search engine which has been redesigned to do this SJW trash all the time on every possible topic.


This is what today’s battle is all about.  And this is what is never, ever in the news, don’t expect any media system to talk about this, not even Fox News dares talk about this since they sell ads to make money and don’t want to upset our Real Rulers who have all the major power systems except the Presidency.



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13 responses to “Pro-White Demonstration Becomes Riot When ANTIFA/SJW Troops Attack

  1. floridasandy

    I think you got sucked into calling it a pro white demonstration. Gov McAuliffe is a total douche. If they hadn’t been taking down the statue that people visit to explain history, there wouldn’t have been a protest in the first place.

    mr. hit and run looks like a failure to launch to me. .The victim may be white, although I have no confirmation-so it clearly wouldn’t be “racism”.

    this is our media,, doing what they do best, trying to get people to all hate each other so liberal democrats can win elections. Look who weighed in already WITHOUT KNOWING ANY ACTUAL FACTS—-Hillary, Jesse Jackson, Stephen King, Gov McAuliffe, CNN “commentators”: and other usual suspects etc

  2. floridasandy

    I want one of the statues since they don’t seem to want them.

    How much did the cities pay for all these things anyhow? They always want to give away stuff other people bought and paid for.

  3. Lou

    The War on White people [by Blacks] has been going on for a long time.
    The tries to hide facts on crimes by race.
    Obama especially tried to do this.

  4. Lou

    white males –is White males the correct form?

  5. floridasandy

    one more thing, I love how the media calls the people demanding the statues be torn down the “anti-fascists” and people who want to discuss history and what it means with their children are “white supremacist” haters.

    Expect the left to continue to get even more unhinged when the economic numbers keep improving. Government workers should be supporting Trump because a stable improving economy helps protect their pensions, but they probably don’t think that far ahead.

    I see one of Mueller’s appointees, Phil Mudd, called for Trump’s assassination–isn’t that sedition? shouldn’t he be in JAIL? Why hasn’t Mueller been fired, or recused himself? CLEARLY there is no even pretend attempt at impartiality and rule of law.

    BOyCOTT Amazon and the Washington Post’s yellow journalism– with their continued “unnamed sources” and “speculation”, not to mention these jackass headlines they present. For the record, David Duke only speaks for David Duke, not America in general. A lot of blacks voted for Trump—– in case he didn’t know that somebody should tell him.

  6. floridasandy

    Meanwhile, Virginia state police said one of their agency’s helicopters crashed outside Charlottesville, killing two troopers.

    Police said the helicopter was assisting law enforcement officers monitoring the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.

    Police said Lt. H. Jay Cullen of Midlothian and Trooper-pilot Berke M.M. Bates of Quinton were killed in the crash.

    The crash happened just a few hours after the car plowed into a crowd of people. (end)

    since some of the leftists were shouting death to the police, maybe they should investigate the helicopter crash and call that a hate crime too while they are at it, McAuliffe.

    you know that the good guys always cover their faces when they are doing good, right? (sarcasm on).

    It’s easy to see that some of the “protestors” were outside agitators because their signs were professionally produced—- with correct spelling.

  7. floridasandy

    the reporter for that, Alex Rubenstein, Is a reporter for Russia Today America, you know the Russia that Americans are supposed to get in a war with. (i.e. Hillary, who armed them with more uranium in her usual brilliant fashion, along with Mueller, the clown who is the head of the Russian witchhunt. As I said before, they always do what they accuse the other side of doing–maybe it’s a preemptive strike,

    one other thing, what does black lives matter have anything to do with the statue being torn down? They were clearly trying to take away other people’s rights, including the right to assembly. Some of the alleged “KKK members’ were paid agitators, for the record. Soros may be old, but he still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

  8. There is understandable confusion about yesterday due to the mainstream media openly lying about it. The ‘riot’ was created by ANTIFA which was allowed to assemble, march and ATTACK the right wing groups who were following police orders to DISPERSE.

    It ended up exactly like the Battle of Berkeley with the right defending themselves from attackers allowed to assail them when the police are ordered to ‘stand down’.

  9. Lou

    Any information on the 20 years old driver who has been arrested?

  10. He was a young man living basically in his mother’s basement. A classic example.

  11. Lou

    On meds? In the care of an MK ultra shrink? Like James Howell, 2017, Batman shooter, Unabomber?

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