DNC Boston Mayor Illegally Forbids Google Demonstrations

(79) Boston Mayor Shuts Down Free Speech Rally, Labels Speakers Racists – YouTube

Google and government of Massachusetts illegally shut down planned Google quiet protest.  Google doesn’t want to import ANTIFA gangs to their headquarters in Boston to beat up computer geeks who planned, legally, to demonstrate against Google. Joe Biggs told Infowars that he still plans to speak in front of the Google headquarters which is very brave of him but then, he is a military veteran so he is used to danger.



Leftist demonstrations are nearly nonstop in Boston.  The police do nothing no matter how nasty the people are who are demonstrating, stopping traffic, vandalizing stuff or attacking citizens who disagree.  The excuse that this is troublesome is a lie.  The police have an obligation to protect protestors, not disarm them or herd them somewhere only to fade away and vanish when leftists armed thugs arrive and begin attacking citizens.

And look at what I found!!! This same time as the legal demonstration against Google’s racist policies, we have the far left planning to riot already and openly soliciting people to come and do what they do every time activists who are conservative plan for a peaceful demonstration.


Activist Calendar (Boston, MA) – Home | Facebook

All of these will be allowed by the Democrats who use the far left as useful fools who fight for globalists who rake in billions in bribes from foreign powers which run trade surpluses with the US.  These kiddies are too stupid to figure out, they are the dumb mules of the globalists.  The globalists don’t even want these brainwashed kids as ‘workers’ they are unproductive and have nasty tempers.


They are the ‘storm troopers’ of the globalists.  The ‘brownshirts’  in pre-Hitler Germany worked with Hitler to attack the outright communists.  Once they won the street fights with the help of the cops and the incoming Nazi government, Hitler moved during the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ to arrest or kill all the Brown Shirts and then he declared himself dictator due to ‘unrest inside Germany.’


The globalists aren’t stupid.  They know once they gain power, they can quickly take down all these foolish young people who think they rule the streets.  All will be killed or imprisoned.  But until then, the rulers are happy to use these drones to scare off anyone who is infringing on their powers.  Trump is really messing with them and they are bending their considerable power and money to destroy him and his movement.


Then they will appeal to the white males to support them to ‘bring law and order back’ and pretend they had nothing to do with the riots and disorders which they plotted and funded.  There is a glitch in all this: the internet.  We can learn all sorts of things online, even stupid things.  But at least the conversation is no longer one way.


We can talk back!  They hate this which is why they are attacking us on the internet.  This is why the anti-Google monopoly demonstrations are freaking them all out, greatly.  This strikes directly between the eyes of the Bilderberg gang!  They plan to scrub all the anti-Bilderberg stuff from the internet.  We have to stop them.


Absolutely everything is under attack by the SJW, everywhere.  On Broadway, they celebrate having black actors play white Revolutionary War heroes and people, for example.  At the same time, they have begun to impose race quotas in the oddest and most strange places like a play about RUSSIA during the Napoleonic wars!  ‘Great Comet’ Broadway hit falls from political correctness – Washington Times reports this week:


A critically acclaimed musical with one of the most diverse casts on Broadway tried to reverse slumping ticket sales by replacing a black actor with a more famous white one, but social justice warriors torpedoed the move, and the show will not go on as a result.


The actor chosen to play a white Russian noble, Pierre, was a very black  black activist actor and he didn’t do well in the role and people began to stop going to the play.  So the desperate gang running the theatre panicked and asked the black dude who was the top role in the racist play, ‘Hamilton!’ was asked to step aside.


This infuriated the racist left which demands that all roles in theaters be equally divvied up between blacks and whites no matter what the role or historical figures, but whites can’t play whites, blacks can do this, too.


This is contradictory and all the race stuff today is contradictory.  We now have ‘reverse racism’ which is going to blow up in the faces of people fooled into supporting this.


“Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812” will hold its final performance on Sept. 3, four months after it was nominated for 12 Tony Awards, the most of any production last season.
The historical musical joins a growing list of artistic endeavors to offend social justice advocates over issues of identity politics. Social critics savaged last year’s Marvel Universe film “Doctor Strange,” accusing filmmakers of “whitewashing” an Asian character by employing actress Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One.


They also rejected the Nina Simone biopic “Nina” because lead actress Zoe Saldana had to use a prosthetic nose and darken her skin for the role.


So, Asians can play Asians and no one else but if Asians want to be someone of another race, they can.  Ditto, Hispanics and Africans.  And women can play male roles and vis versa too but straight men can’t play either women or gay men, right?  This pigeonholing of people is just one more step down the road to pure racism/segregation. Black students now demand separate but equal facilities, special rooms, special teachers, special dorms.


Good lord, they have no idea this is a trap.

This just in:  (79) LEE STRANAHAN: TERMINATED by YouTube.. – YouTube

He studied journalism, he is small enough that You Tube can attack him.  Every time You Tube’s Maoists attack the big guys, they fight back, they even tried to terminate the President of the USA.  They are at war with citizens now, full time which is why Google is most anxious to use illegal means to stop demonstrations against their felonious behavior.


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5 responses to “DNC Boston Mayor Illegally Forbids Google Demonstrations

  1. Petruchio

    Another “fly-in-the-ointment” for the ‘Rulers’ is this. Blacks and Hispanics do not get along. Asians keep to themselves. Only White people, some of them anyways, are confused about which race to be loyal to. I really don’t see these groups fighting amongst themselves. Of course there will be racial related violence. There always has been that. The real problem, imho are the brainwashed white people who are useful idiots for our “elites”, who aren’t really elites, but ultra spoiled rotten overgrown children who happen to have a lot of money.

  2. Ken

    If not for Elaine’s blog I would have no idea that there were all of these under currents to the mainstream news.

  3. Lou

    2–under currents? I assume Fbook and Goolag are fronts for the Gov.inc.

    Elaine has mentioned WaPo being CIA. And who owns it now?

  4. Amazon.com owns the Washington Post and they got over $100 million from US TAX PAYERS to do propaganda from Obama just before he left the White House.

  5. timothy carroll

    this pigeonholing of people is just one more step down the road to pure racism/segregation….


    If only. Anytime blacks want to bring back segregation and freedom of association, it’s a – okay with me. Glory f*cking Hallelujah!

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