Media Giants Hide ‘Die Whites Die’ On Charlottesville Memorial


Die whites die graffiti in #Charlottesville – Pacific Pundit

The memorial in Charlottesville was vandalized by ANTIFA gangs who were imported to fight the right wing that rallied there.  This is a total breakdown in law and order.  The media and the power people are demanding that everyone stand down while ANTIFA be allowed to run rampant.  Preventing ALL demonstrations is OK to keep law and order.  But this isn’t what is happening.  The ANTIFA get to run riot while if they get hurt or killed, they act as if they are not agents of their own messes. That is, they are violent and people encountering them become very violent, too.


I love how the media describes the left wing terrorists and anfifa thugs as simply “counter protesters” in Charlottesville. You can trash the “alt-right” or “white nationalist” crowd all you want. But when it comes to left wing domestic terrorists like black lives matter or antifa, they are simply called “counter protesters.” Even when the so called “counter protesters” write graffiti like ‘die whites die” and ‘fuck Trump.’


When Black Lives Matter marched around causing chaos, they chanted ‘Kill cops’ and this was barely reported in liberal media.

NYC protesters chant for dead cops – YouTube


There was zero outrage in mainstream media and this march was in midtown Manhattan where all the mainstream big league media have their international headquarters!  In your face violence by the left is ignored while any on the right is magnified.


The police in Virginia were told to ‘stand down’ and this is news but it is news only in half the media.  Instead, this vital information is hidden while politicians and media hammer and hammer Trump to condemn only one side in this two sided fight.

JUST IN: CHAOS erupts when cops disappear during illegal Antifa/BLM march (Faith Goldy excerpts) – YouTube

This is the video showing the actual cars…PLURAL…smashing into the crowd as white demonstrators being chased by ANTIFA try to escape…suddenly a car with a white man crashed into the ANTIFA gang and a car driven by a BLACK WOMAN then crashes into the car driven by the racist man.  She was TAILGATING him trying to follow him through the crowd.


This changes the story a bit.  The ANTIFA were blocking the street and people were trying to drive though…this video should be evidence for any trials.

The Daily News in NYC that didn’t report on the ‘kill cops’ march in Manhattan.

(77) Alex Jones Joins Diamond & Silk In Massive Lawsuit Against Google / YouTube Discrimination – YouTube


Two black online ladies are now suing Google because of discrimination.  I hope they do this all the way.  It has to be done.  Google has screwed up absolutely everything in a dire attempt to redesign reality, rewrite history, push all of us towards Maoist culture war destruction.


I see the entire edifice of the online society collapsing as the rulers screw up everything in sight.  We still  have a Constitution and though it is often ignored and it was ignored in 2000 when the Supreme Court screwed up the counting of the votes in that election, now all things are screwy with people being told many lies and emotions are high and…civil war is brewing since people can’t run away from crime much longer, they are being forced to fight.


Things are going downhill so fast, white males are leaving football and other sports due to being hectored and abused and open dissing of patriotism by football and basketball and other sports is now taking a huge toll.  Even the Olympics are dying on the vine for the same reason.


The looming battle will not be over fantasy items, it will be fought over raw deals such as the demand that businesses and schools hire people who are incompetent just on the basis of skin color or sex, for example. This is counter the real wording of the Civil Rights Act.


The ‘quotas’ were supposed to be a temporary crutch but has grown into a monster that is devouring everything.  Instead of ‘a chance that is equal’ there is this demand, ‘No matter how poorly or badly this person operates, you MUST hire them or else’ which is destroying Civil Rights because everyone slowly learns to hate it because…it discriminates!


This is why I wrote a fairly long missive here: I have competed with men but on the terms of all things being equal and did OK but not GREAT.  I am weaker than many men, I am often shorter, too.  I still did construction work/engineering/design but was OK at it, not a genius or great, just good enough which is…good enough!


What the radicals want is quotas based on population and don’t care if it is crappy or useless, they just want these quotas.  We see in fire fighters, for example, much weaker females joining more and more and being more and more a drag on fighting a fire, ditto, increasing women cops who are the ‘weak link’ and criminals sense this immediately now.


This mania is going to destroy civilization as thoroughly as the barbarian invasions/lazy Romans out for entertainment and free food were destructive.




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7 responses to “Media Giants Hide ‘Die Whites Die’ On Charlottesville Memorial

  1. Ken

    During the 60s and early 70s there were also widespread protests against the established order of society. Elaine recalls this time fondly. Conservatives back then also disapproved of these protests.

    America survived that period of protests, and I’m pretty sure we will survive the current ones.

  2. timothy carroll

    America survived that period of protests, and I’m pretty sure we will survive the current ones,


    Don’t be too sure about that, Ken. I was around back in those days and people have gotten even dumber than they were then. Sure, we have lots of channels to watch and now the internet, but people swallow the propaganda more today than even back then. Enough adults who survived WW 2 recognized that they had been had and even if they didn’t support the Vietnam protesters, at least had a somewhat sympathetic ear toward them. And yes, there were the Archie Bunker, God Bless America (whatever she does has to be right) back then, but there was a bit more of a recognizable shift in how the elite controlled the narrative in those days. Many folks in their 50s and 60s realized they had been had back in 1975, and they were not afraid to talk about it. Now we have a constant meme of “Raycism means you’re a Nazi and you must DIE….and I am the man to kill you.” That wasn’t around back then.

  3. ziff

    Perhaps these antfa are just being encouraged now to hurt Trump and if/when trump is gone the establishment [ i mean old money @ Seymour Hersh] will turn on them.

  4. Lou

    1—The SDS were weaklings. Remember the Greenwich Village house that was blown up?
    2–USA soon[20? years] to have Whites as minority. First time in how many years?


  5. Lou

    Chant ‘Die Cops’–thats old news.
    BLM, ‘Pigs in a blanket’ chant.

  6. I used that dead cops chant as a connecting event, not as ‘news’. It was to illustrate the hate.

    And yes, daily, there are terror events all over the planet as we are in a very nasty religious/ethnic/race war now. This is due to the fact that during the last 50 years, thanks to modern medicine (which is under attack) and modern vaccinations (which is very much under attack!) there has been a gigantic population boom in Africa and Muslim countries where there is no use of birth controls or it is forbidden.

    This, in turn, is the key to the ongoing invasion of countries with birth controls. Note that slum populations don’t do birth controls, either, if it means more welfare money.

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