Students In Durham, NC Riot, Destroy Confederate Statue

Instead of doing proper research and explaining what is going on, liberal media has resorted to calls for revolution, illegal actions and ignoring court orders and allowing DNC politicians to order the police to ‘stand down’ whenever leftists attack schools, statues, other citizens, etc.  This rising reign of terror is being sponsored by and protected by DNC and GOP politicians who collude behind closed doors to undo a legal election.  This is open revolt now.  In every case, DNC politicians order the police to stand down whenever leftists plan violent attacks.  This is leading to a massive and very violent civil war.


Durham, North Carolina is now having yet another leftist riot.  As I illustrated above, these riots are like clockwork there.  They either begin in the welfare dens or the students who are being systematically radicalized by poorly paid, increasingly female instructors who teach the SJW courses on campuses while the administrators enslave the students via 6% plus ‘student loans’ for useless or dangerous classes.


This process of radicalization/debt enslavement/poor job prospects model to make the administrators of our schools filthy rich should be the subject of student ire, not hatred of history, demands for goodies and other things.  This calls for a nation-wide student strike against this scam of fake degrees from fake schools.  Well, the students want the fake classes, they just want taxpayers to pay for all this!


Taxpayers don’t mind supporting schools teaching skills needed by society.  They object greatly to schools teaching trash and destroying the young people who are taking courses that teach them to be obnoxious and violent!  I was in on the ground floor of all this.  My excuse is, I was against the Vietnam War because it was useless, never ever was I a Maoist or communist, my main enemies in the sixties were these two groups who attacked me openly and PHYSICALLY.


I was still against the war because I didn’t want my older brother to die for nothing.  I didn’t want any men to die for nothing.  Just like I am against all the Afghan wars: our people are dying for nothing.  That is different from supporting the other side.  I look in horror at the Afghan radicals, they are terrible and oppressive.  I didn’t like the North Vietnamese government drones, either!  Still won’t like them.


Now in this war which is already raging, denial of the law and the process of doing things is replaced with mob violence of the worst sort.  These are now leftist lynch mobs and they intend to physically lynch anyone who defies them.  Confederate statue toppled in North Carolina during protest | Fox News reports:


A crowd of protesters in Durham, N.C., tied a cord to a Confederate statue and toppled it to the ground Monday night to loud cheers, a symbolic response to the violence at the rally of white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va.

Here is the background for the riots in Charlottesville which was all about pulling down yet more statues…and I assure everyone, these rioters on the left intend to take down Presidents Jefferson and Washington, too:  Gavin McInnes: Who is REALLY to blame for Charlottesville? – YouTube


Eleven people and two groups – the Virginia Division of Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Monument Fun Inc. – filed a lawsuit against the city to stop the removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee from Lee Park.


The DNC voted to take it down.  This was legally disputed the proper way.


Councilors voted Monday, April 17, on plans to sell the statue – 3-2 vote, with Kathy Galvin and Mayor Mike Signer opposing – and rename the park – a unanimous vote.


Now for the SJW rhetoric:


“I do think we have a right to make sure we do all that we can to be an inclusive city, and this is part of the cost for us to be an inclusive city,” said Charlottesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy.


Bellamy is the one who provoked the attacks later.


The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are pointing to state code which prohibits removing monuments or memorials to war veterans.


Charlottesville is calling on a judge to deny the injunction and dismiss the plaintiffs’ motion.


VML says it will not cover legal costs connected to the Lee statue. It cited a list of reasons for the denial, two of which are that it doesn’t cover injunctions or multi-million dollar payouts (in this case, if the city were to lose and the statue stays).


City Hall insiders say they are confident Charlottesville’s legal team can handle the case, and are continuing to move forward.


Some councilors worry about the legal price tag, while others aren’t sweating it.


“I believe that it’s worth it in my personal opinion. The city is often times sued by different entities,” Bellamy said.


Fenwick says VML covered another City Council issue in court over free speech at meetings, and is hopeful the nonprofit can be persuaded to change its decision.


Since they lost in court, the stage was set for the political leaders to enable and allow an outright riot and physical attack by radicals so the council members who voted for removal can get what they wanted…ILLEGALLY.  This is called ‘a crime’ and ‘incitement to riot’.  They let the students know, they could riot so the students rioted and the police were called off as we see repeatedly this year, the DNC operatives remove the police protection of entities they wish to attack.


It is worse: the tell the victims, ‘we will protect you’ then at the last minute, when ANTIFA shows up, often bussed in from far away, the police disappear.  This is criminal and victims of this illegal stuff are now suing in court and I expect them to win.   Below is an interesting comment from someone who knows the student rioters:


shugendoyo fosho36 minutes ago
fun facts: wes bellamy is not the mayor, he is the vice-mayor. mike signer is mayor. neither the mayor nor vice-mayor are democratically elected positions in charlottesville, the city council just appoints their buddies to those positions. jason kessler’s real issue wasn’t with the statue , but with the fact that for many years , while a school teacher at albemarle high school , wes bellamy would regularly tweet very anti-white messages, and also tweet pro-rape comments that jason exposed. wes bellamy , when exposed , was fired as a teacher leaving him with only his part time gig as vice-mayor to pay bills (trust me, that position barely pays a livable wage at poverty levels. wes brought up the removal of the statue and renaming of the park , and made it as racially charged as possible , to distract from his personal scandal. the city did a public poll and the over-whelming majority of people from every racial group did not want the park renamed or the statue removed. wes persisted, and insisted the city then bring in outside consultants. the outside consultants also supported leaving the status quo unchanged, so wes fired them. he then , at every turn race baited , and made it as controversial as possible to again distract from his consistently poor record as vice mayor and his personal controversies . while the dick driving the car is responsible for the murder, wes bellamy is entirely responsible for initiating all the event preceding it, and he should be federally investigated.


oh and before anyone gives me shit, every bit of this is easily verifiable in less than 5 minutes on google and through the search bar on nbc29’s website, the city’s primary local television news


So, like so many events this year, much of the background is deliberately missing. The mainstream media is happily giving utterly one sided news so they can call for the suppression of any opposition to their Mad Madame Mao cleansing of history and demonizing of all previous systems and people.


This is EXACTLY like the Cultural Revolution in China, item by item it matches up exactly.  This is highly dangerous and has been brewing for 50 years as administrators of schools systematically destroyed tenure, replaced competent teachers with angry, frustrated women who hate society and these harridans are now teaching students how to be crazy.


The right wing students are also being radicalized.  Abused daily at school by their teachers, punished for not aping the Madame Mao ideologies, they are rising in fury and for understandable reasons.


Unlike their fathers, they don’t have an open road towards rising higher, all the hires for higher positions are being set aside for an army of people with less learning, lower IQ and less competence so that all the race boxes can be checked off.  All doors are slamming shut in the faces of young white and increasingly, Asian males.  They are told, they must do all the literal and figurative heavy lifting and work twice as hard while race/sex hires that are less talented or weaker, can be included.


On top of that insult of increasing the burden of the males is the system now prevents them from rising upwards if they are particularly smart and hard working.


Worldwide, white males are definitely a minority population.  There are many more African, Asian and South/Central American men.  So the white males should be considered a minority.


This logic infuriates the left which has clung to identity politics to gain power so they could oppress everyone and history shows that leftists, in power, smash the captive populations, of all races and sexes and enslaves everyone like we see in North Korea!  This is why they must be defied.


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14 responses to “Students In Durham, NC Riot, Destroy Confederate Statue

  1. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    How proud I am of you this year – sticking to your guns and defending our constitution & country! Like you I despised the REDS and the WARS and was shunned by both extremes for my opposition.

    The RED GUARD!! Damn, I had totally missed the connection to the “Great Cultural Revolution” in China now a scant 50 years ago.

    WoW, I guess we can start saying:

    “GULAG it.”
    RED GUARD it.”

    When referring to that communist/maoist conspiracy now known as “Alphabet” company.

    Many regards,

  2. Thanks. It seems that people who visit my forlorn site think they can force me to believe anything they believe and nothing infuriates people more than someone who won’t believe in Santa Claus.

    I had this problem in my youth. When I had to confront the Maoists in California at the big Antiwar Convention back in 1968, they yelled at me, tried to pull me down, took away my mic, everything. I opposed them every day since August, 1968.

    No one can stop me or force me to do ‘group think’. People think, if you yell and do group think and THREATEN people, they will obey and change their ‘beliefs’ only this doesn’t work, it drives people away. In my case, since this is my blog which I control, these people can’t do this to me.

    They self-exile which is OK with me. I am writing a history. Sometime in the future, people can consult with this site if it isn’t annihilated by radicals on the left and right, and they will see what my peculiar point of view is.

    Communists and Muslim radicals and Christian right wingers and fascists and all sorts of people hate the Goddess of History and try hard to kill her, blow up and demolish everything and wipe out all traces of whatever history we have. This is why, every 1500 years, history is literally wiped out.

    It happened when the Minoan empire disappeared along with several others, it happened famously to ancient Rome, it is overdue for Europe but Europe has tried not once but twice to wipe itself out in the last 100 years….see a pattern here?

  3. Christian W

    Yeah Elaine. You are such a poor little victim and nobody believes your screeds despite your Heroic struggle.

    Just maybe it would help if your stories held up
    to scrutiny you know.

    At least the entertainment value of your site is great. I follow it mainly as a documentation of the grand self destruction of the US.

    We wanted to have a discussion with you, but you obviously cannot do that to defend your assertions, so you resort to distortion, logical fallacies and obfuscation. When people get fed up with that you play the poor little misunderstood me victim card. Neat.

    Take good care Elaine, I’ll pop in now and then for the chuckles.

  4. Good lordie, you do go insane when someone doesn’t fall for obviously stupid stories about 9/11. I find this funny as hell. And pathetic.

    Temper tantrums shows that you are a victim of brain washing. People brain wash themselves all the time, this is normal so don’t fear, you are not ‘crazy’ just…trapped inside someone’s manipulation of reality. We are all this way to some degree, you know.

  5. And the fact you remain here to complain to me about me not falling for obvious fake stories is a sign that you are lonely and need someone to talk to. I bet if you went to neighbors and told them they better believe the bombs in the building thing or else, they would call the cops.

  6. Christian W

    More red herrings.

    If it was so obviously easy to explain you, as the self proclaimed expert, would be able to do so. That is how it works you know. You make an assertion and you back it up with proof and evidence. But you do not, you just point to you expertise but show no evidence of your expertise.

    This is not only about 9/11. This is how you work. You proclaim you have the truth, but when people call you out you obfuscate rather than explain and tell people to take a hike if they don’t accept your stories at face value.

    Sorry, I prefer Newton (reality) to Elaine ramblings. If you can show me that your version is correct, then I have no problem accepting it as long as it is based on factual evidence and straight logic. But you don’t have that so you say people who doubt your story are stupid conspiracy theorists instead.

    Ta ta.

  7. Christian W

    @ Mel

    Can you please link your site again? I’d like to read your post about the Met.

  8. You guys are great allies…NOT. This obsession is causing you to act like you are super smart when you are actually being yanked around by the CI fucking A.

    The idea that big modern buildings are ‘strong’ is crazy. Indeed, most of them are doomed to be a massive mess just over the horizon, they age very badly over time. The modern architecture of France and Switzerland after WWII is weak by nature and doomed overall, the taller the building, the more the doom will be messy.

    Many countries are building these monster buildings and will reap the messes, you can’t get rid of them easily, either, due to vast size.

    This is why I am against ALL of this giganticism in general. The WTC mess is a warning all countries building monstrous buildings. They are inherently dangerous inside and out.

    Why people think these are invincible baffles me.

  9. The Empire State Building (like the WTC buildings, I have been inside and outside that building and used to work once next to the Chrysler building, in a gothic stone giant tower, my office was on the 48th floor) is solid as a mountain with very thick walls at the bottom and so forth, a strong foundation no parking garages below which weakens all buildings big or small.

    The WTC building complex all had garages in the basement, this fatally weakens them. King Kong could pancake all of them easily whereas he could climb the Empire State Building (this is a joke, a JOKE, I say!).

  10. A two story building with garages below falls easily! In earthquakes, they are deadly, people died in California due to these weak buildings falling while others nearby merely shook. This is another consideration. Big does NOT equal strong or dense or mighty. Often, they are hollow boxes on basically stilts.

  11. Lou

    Lets get back to riots and civil war rumors,

    Rent a mob-Actors and Photographers Wanted in Charlotte (NC) … 05119.html

    Why Is George Soros Agenda Trumping The President?

    The Radical Left Funded By George Soros Planning More Racially-Fueled Attacks In Seattle, Baltimore And Kentucky … -kentucky/

  12. Christian W

    Strong or weak… Even weak buildings must follow the laws of physics when they collapse.

    I am not saying it is impossible for any building to collapse. I want to understand how it is possible for the WTC buildings to collapse in the fashion they did.

    Let’s look at WTC 1 and 2.

    A. You say the buildings were weak, but if so, they must have been “weak” (in relative terms of course) throughout.

    Why did the much weaker, lighter and already structurally damaged, disintegrating and burning top section fall/push down against and through the much stronger, heavier solid and relatively undamaged support structure? It is against the laws of physics for a lighter, weaker object to dislodge a heavier, more solid object. Especially at free fall speed, which means the lighter object MET NO RESISTANCE.


    B. Why did not the (structurally equally weak OR weaker from damage) top section ALSO disintegrate against the resistance if there was resistance in place? If there had been resistance, the weak structure of the top section would have
    – disintegrated, collapsed on itself and dissolved as it was falling.
    – the collapse would NOT have happened at free fall speed.
    – the collapse would have stopped sooner as the momentum of the top sections collapse got slower and the resistance increased.

    This means there was NO PANCAKING. Pancaking would have meant the destruction of the top part.

    C. The fact that the top section did not dissolve, did not meat resistance (reached free fall speed) has to be explained. WHY did the top section, the part that was directly damaged, suddenly seemingly become an unstoppable solid wrecking ball that fell down in free fall speed against no resistance, against the part that was not directly damaged AND against the very part of it’s structure where the building was strongest (from down to up)?

    Let’s look at WTC 7.

    A. What caused WTC 7 to
    a. not only collapse but collapse
    – completely
    – straight down in it’s own footprint
    – again in free fall speed
    – throughout it’s entire structure in basically the same instant

    There was no
    – pancaking
    – partial collapse
    – obvious causative factor
    – no fire throughout the building, certainly nothing hot enough to bother the steel frame
    – no damage throughout the building, meaning the structural integrity was pretty much intact
    – no air plane that hit the building to even “wobble” the structure
    – no damage from debris heavy enough to cause the entire, complete and simultaneous collapse.

    So, what was the causative factor that disintegrated, not to say imploded WTC 7?

    You can’t just say these buildings were “weak” because that is relative. There are mechanics involved in their collapse.

    So I disagree with your conclusion. Believing the NIST report is to be yanked about by the CIA, asking pertinent questions is not.

  13. ALL modern glass/steel sky scrapers are WEAK. Much weaker than the pyramids, much weaker than the Empire State Building. This is a huge, huge hazard across the planet. We have only around 70 years of building ‘weak glass towers’ and that is an eyeblink in time.

    Don’t pretend the WTC and other buildings around it were ‘strong’. They most certainly were not. Nor are most of if not all towers built today.

    The hazards will show up relentlessly over time. These monster buildings endanger everyone inside, outside and all around and god help us all if there is a war…these are deadly buildings, not ‘shelters’ at all.

  14. Great write-up, I’m normal visitor of one’s web site, maintain up the nice operate, and It is going to be a regular visitor for a long time.

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