Trump Forces China Into Trade War…Which China Should Lose

China has been allowed to have basically one way trade with the US, importing raw materials and exporting manufactured goods.  Trump is now working on changing all this.  He is opposed by our Real Rulers who got filthy rich on ‘free trade’ which has destroyed many lives for the worse.  There is zero news or support of Trump in this regard as our media giants hunker down and plot a coup.  Time to celebrate a President who is finally tackling China on trade.


China issues order to implement U.N. sanctions on North Korea: another Trump diplomatic triumph.


 China’s Commerce Ministry issued a ban effective from Tuesday on several imports from North Korea, including coal, iron ore, lead concentrates and ore, lead and seafood, a move that is in line with U.N. sanctions announced this month.

Beijing issued the banning order on Monday.

U.N. sanctions must be implemented 30 days after the resolution was approved in a vote on Aug. 6.


China snarled and snapped that the US better not stop business between North Korea and China.  Now, they are falling into harmony on this issue.  If Obama and Hillary were running things, this never would have shown up at the UN, North Korea would continue to arm itself with missiles and nothing would change.


Now, change is happening rapidly.  Trump doesn’t want to invade North Korea, he wants to intimidate North Korea.  I am not a pacifist who believes in never fighting, hell, I descended from warriors who loved fighting and thought fighting was a necessary skill.  We fought our way across Europe and the New World, after all.


The far left isn’t peaceful, either.  It wasn’t at all peaceful during the anti-Vietnam war demonstrations, either. The far left wanted violent revolution!  I wasn’t a ‘peacenik’ I was ‘practical’.  I could see that the US couldn’t win that war for obvious reasons (hint: the South Vietnamese government and people didn’t want to fight!) so why bother?


Now, on to the looming trade war.  I posted a picture of a host of graphs above, showing clearly that trade with China is a total unmitigated disaster for our country.  It is a great and wonderful thing for our rich, our ruling elites, they got much richer and much, much more powerful thanks to free trade with China!


Chinese labor is totally controlled (no strikes) and totally good (the Chinese are excellent workers).  The last thing our rulers want are citizens working, they are troublesome and annoying and cost a lot.


If US Starts Trade War, China Has an ‘Arsenal of Retaliatory Measures’ » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


Earlier, US President Donald Trump issued an order for a possible US trade investigation of China’s trade practices. He told US trade officials to look into whether Beijing improperly requires foreign companies to hand over technology in exchange for market access.


Yes, all the techie genius billionaires are doing that: handing over our technology to China.  They want to cooperate with the proto-communist/proto-capitalist rulers of China.  This way, they get that lovely Chinese labor which is so easy to use.

According to the survey by the US-China Business Council, within the past three years more than 20 percent of 100 American companies were asked to transfer their technology to get an access to Chinese market.


Resorting to American rules would allow the US President to use national response measures allowed under the US laws although not compatible with the WTO rules, which require negotiations and whole processes under the WTO.


The main tool of the Bilderberg gang and which was created by the Bilderberg gang and which the Bilderberg gang used their media buddies to sell to European and US workers was the idea that we needed this ‘World Trade Organization.’  Well, it has nearly totally destroyed all our major manufacturing industries and moved these overseas.

Starting a trade war however would not harm only the interests of China and the US, because the international trade is not just bilateral.


All wars have some factor of destruction.  Asking nicely for our jobs back didn’t work.  So now we demand our jobs come back.  The tool to do this is ‘tariff barriers’.  Simple!

“If we look at products, most of the products have inputs from various countries of the world. Hence there is likely to be collateral damage to a lot of other countries. This is a no-win situation,” the expert stated.


The stupid ‘expert’ is actually a running dog working for the Bilderberg gang.  What do we lose if we fight to stop imports of things we used to make?  Tariffs and barriers is how all countries for centuries, protected themselves so they didn’t see all the wealth pour out  the front door.


150 years ago, China was attacked by Europe and overthrown because Europe was running a trade deficit with China because China knew the way to keep wealth is one way trade.  But China failed to maintain its military and so, was invaded and destroyed and it took 150 years to gain traction again.


The Chinese know totally and perfectly well, that they are running one way trade again now and they want to keep it this way because it makes them stronger and everyone else, weaker.  So now we have someone in the White House who is not accepting any bribes from European or Asian Big Bosses and now we can get real negotiations going for once.


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7 responses to “Trump Forces China Into Trade War…Which China Should Lose

  1. billibaldi

    Dear Elaine,

    The Chinese don’t need to bribe anyone. The bribes will flow from Bentonville Arkansas and Cupertino California.

  2. Petruchio

    Economists and “experts” are the biggest wh#res out there. They will say whatever they think who is paying them wants to hear. Criminal trials frequently have hired gun “experts” on both sides, for the Prosecution and Defense. You can find an “expert” who will tell you the Earth is flat.

  3. Lou

    Bentonville Arkansas? tyson foods?

  4. The Chinese bribed the DNC and RNC clowns. They did this for the same reasons the Saudis and EU manufacturers did this. To gain power in DC.

  5. Lou

    The reason the Chinese have money is Bill Clinton and NAFTA, plus Most Favored Nation Status.

  6. Petruchio

    News reports suggest that Trump is pushing for NAFTA reforms at the latest talks with the USA’s NAFTA “partners”.

  7. Yes, and the Chinese want a trade war with us which is hilarious. All this is funny except for the violence. We will see a lot more violence in the future because so far, the SJW/Bilderberg gang (they are now one entity) can’t kill Trump…yet.

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