Rutgers University NJ Hires Several SJW Professors To Teach Insurrection Tactics

SJW professor at Rutgers is working hard to overthrow the government and destroy society as she goes to war against men.


The Left has doubled down on everything.  The elimination of nearly all Republicans from the educational systems has led to an echo chamber effect whereby all the liberal programs have no one giving counter-arguments and now everything is sliding off this terrible cliff.  Openly SJW fighters are penetrating all systems. Huge sums are spent on paying this army of very destructive, very hyper-sensitive pro-racism staff, they are now physically assaulting students and setting University buildings on fire, etc.  And more come into the systems every hour.  And spending on excess staff who are SJW is creating this crushing financial burden on students who have to pay for this at a 6% rate or higher!


I used to live near Rutgers University and hosted a number of students, mainly from China.  The school is virtually unrecognizable now, 20 years later.  It is one of the many hotbeds for anti-Americanism and anti-white males.  The new PC SJW hires are all…guess what?  Females!  The school always gets to tick off extra boxes this way.  They are all ‘sort of ethnic protected’ people, too.  That is, ‘not so white’.


Rutgers Law hires new profs to help ‘advance social justice’ to radicalize students further:


Indeed, the school touts on its website that the goal “for all Rutgers Law School students” is “to develop the skills and inclination to work for social justice throughout their careers, whether in a public interest setting or through pro bono work,” a task the social justice scholars are eager to help fulfill.


Work for free!  That pays off student loans really fast!


One new hire, Rachel Godsil, expressed her excitement with the new position, noting that her work  “focuses on how institutions and people with egalitarian values—who want to ensure fairness across race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and other identity categories—struggle to translate those values into behaviors and outcomes.”


Ensuring ‘fairness’ means white men can start suing because they are now the minority in schools and many workplaces.  They are being kept out of promotions due to skin color and sex.  So I am expecting a flood of lawsuits about this, it is right around the corner now.


Godsil, along with her new colleagues, Sahar Aziz and Rose Cuison Villazor, were selected out of a pool of 90 candidates by a committee led by Professor Elise Boddie “funded under an initiative” first started by Chancellor Nancy Cantor, who sought to recruit “law faculty with an expertise in social justice and a demonstrable record of impact in the field.”


Two women did the search for three women.  Hey, guys, see a pattern here?  HAHAHA.  I sued to take ‘boy’s classes’ back in 1965.  Not for ‘special consideration.’  I wanted to compete with boys and learn with boys and gain boy type skills but never, ever asked for any special crutches or help.  None what so ever, ever.  I wanted to compete on the same terms they competed with each other.


And I did very well, too!  It was hard won and I appreciate the amount of work, danger and sweat and intelligence men and boys have to apply to do all the things they do such as creating civilization itself.  This is all being systematically destroyed by an army of freaky females who are furious that they built nothing so they hate builders with a passion.


To this day, I seldom see ANY woman doing the hazardous work I did way back in the 1970’s and onwards.  None!  Zip.  Zero!  Where on earth are these females?  Go to any construction site and count them.  It is ridiculously easy.  For a while, contractors hired women to wave flags but even this has stopped.  There are none, anywhere except the very, very few now that I am retired and old.


UC Davis School of Law – Faculty & Administration – villazor – Rose Cuison Villazor is a ‘Hispanic’ who is from the Philippines.  She looks Asian/white.  But she is a female so she checks all the SJW boxes and thus, gets to ride into jobs easy.


Professor Villazor teaches, researchers and writes in the areas of immigration and citizenship law, property law, Asian Americans and the law, equal protection law and critical race theory.


She is pure SJW big time.  Then there is Rachel Godsil:


Professor Godsil is a co-founder and director of research for the Perception Institute, a national consortium of social scientists, law professors, and advocates focusing on the role of the mind sciences in law, policy, and institutional practices.  She collaborates with social scientists on empirical research to identify the efficacy of interventions to address implicit bias and racial anxiety.  She regularly provides trainings and lectures to a wide range of private and public institutions seeking to address the role of bias and anxiety associated with race, ethnicity, religion, and gender and provided trainings on implicit bias to state judges across the country on behalf of the National Association of State Judges.   Godsil is a lead author of the report:  “The Science of Equality Volume 1:  Addressing Implicit Bias, Racial Anxiety, and Stereotype Threat in Education and Healthcare” (2014) and A Tale of Two Neighborhoods: Implicit Bias in Environmental Decision-Making, in IMPLICIT RACIAL BIAS IN THE LAW (Cambridge University Press 2011).


A total SJW warrior.  Guess who she is:


Yes, the oppressed Jews who hold many, many powerful positions all over the political and economic map.  So oppressed!  Barely 3% of the population holding 30% of high power positions in academia…yes, they are oppressed badly.


How about a foreign lady, Ms. Sahar Aziz who is a Muslim woman?

Sahar Aziz’s scholarship examines the intersections of national security, race, and civil rights with a focus on the adverse impact of national security laws and policies on racial, ethnic, and religious minorities in the U.S.  She is a recipient of the Derrick Bell award from the American Association of Law Schools and served as a nonresident fellow at the Brookings Institution-Doha.



This checks all the boxes: a Muslim female, a Filipino female and a Jewish female all set on strangling the law, imposing sharia/Madame Mao anti-freedom laws on us all…Maoists are very dangerous.  They really want to wipe out sex.  I know this first hand!


Here is a local college near me, Sage which now teaches ‘innovative teaching and differential instruction to CATER for student diversity’ which is total pure SJW rot:

Most of these ‘teachers’ are women as well as being PC perfect examples of not being very ‘white’.  And this is costing the students a fortune for this many hires to teach ‘how to be a vandal and make life hell for citizens’ classes.

This all goes hand in glove with attempts to wipe out history and to demonize everyone in the past for not being SJW perfect ‘humans’.  This is also pure Madame Maoism who did this to poor China until the government collapsed.


Triggered Black Caucus Members Call on Government to Remove Statues and Mississippi Flag from US Capitol


Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are reviving calls to remove Confederate statues from the Capitol following the violence at a white nationalist rally in Virginia…


… “We will never solve America’s race problem if we continue to honor traitors who fought against the United States in order to keep African-Americans in chains. By the way, thank god, they lost,” Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond (D-La.) told ABC News.


However, a CBC aide told The Hill that the group is not currently working on any legislative efforts, like resolutions or letters, on Confederate statues in the Capitol.


They are certainly not using the law to do this, they are physically attacking statues and other things and destroying them systematically.  It is happening everywhere now and has a very bad ending because people who ignored all this are getting very worried now, these people are quite violent even though the media lies about this.


The reaction will be, of course, equally violent which is what happens when people start fighting.


Governor Says No Flag Special Session


The Legislative Black Caucus says Bryant should set a special session because white supremacists marched with the battle flag last weekend in Virginia. Mississippi has the last state flag featuring the Confederate battle emblem – a red field with a blue tilted cross topped with white stars. The Black Caucus chairwoman, Democratic Rep. Sonya Williams Barnes of Gulfport, says the “square of hatred” needs to disappear from the Mississippi flag. Bryant spokesman Knox Graham said Wednesday the governor still believes voters should decide the flag design.


So, they didn’t get what they wanted.  So we will see more violent SJW actions.  It is getting crazier:

Disobedient Media – The truth has no bias:

The long arm of the law is slowly creaking into action and terrorists on the left are finally being arrested. The DNC enabled all this and looked the other way but this is ending.  All the illegal junk going on is eventually going to stop or…we can have the fun of watching DNC-run cities burn to the ground and since these have little economic function anymore, it will fix the problem of our dying cities by seeing them totally die.


The demonstrations against Google have been cancelled due to fears of being killed by raging mobs of ANTIFA who work with the mayors and police to brutalize anyone demonstrating against PC racist/sexist programs.

And who created this?  The Clintons!  And their DNC/GOP Bilderberg buddies who destroyed US jobs and cities via ‘free trade’ and ‘open borders’.


Google is doubling down on the SJW sewage:

Google ads are now being sued by non-SJW internet businesses because Google illegally defunded them and is defrauding them.


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16 responses to “Rutgers University NJ Hires Several SJW Professors To Teach Insurrection Tactics

  1. timothy carroll

    Many alt right/ white nationalist/ neo Nazi sites are disappearing from the web. One in particular, which I personally find very revolting, Daily Stormer, was accessible earlier this week and now it’s taken down. Why do I care? Because “others” are deciding what can and cannot be viewed. There are many views I find despicable from the left as well as the right. Their right to state their views is in our Bill of Rights. Besides, it lets me know what the “other side” is thinking. Now we are driving groups “underground”. This will not end well.

  2. Ken

    Just like the mid-1800s, the South is under pressure to conform to the beliefs of northern liberals. It may be time for another attempt to secede from the union.

    But not by force of arms. Take a lesson from MLK and Ghandi. Passive resistance. Such as, stop using federal services and grants, don’t volunteer for the federal armed forces, etc. Drop out.

    Actually, this strategy is similar to that advocated in Atlas Shrugged.

    The strategy would probably never work. But the mere threat of it may get the SJW to back off. Unless, of course, the whole plan is to break up the US, in which case the South would be playing into the hands of the SJW. Plots within plots.

  3. Lou

    1—what was offensive about ‘Stormer’?

    BLM–search jarrett meets with BLM amd BLM at White House.

  4. Lou

    I found these—-
    Zog.= Zionist operated Gov

    From Counter Currents –

    struck off of Paypal.
    Both Red Ice servers were hacked, as were the site owners’ Twitter accounts, and still have not recovered.
    VDare,, and AmRen were bounced from PayPal.
    TRS was taken down by their webhosting company, but got a new host and were back online in 3 hours.
    Mike Enoch was banned for the fourth time from Twitter.
    KickStarter, GoFundMe, and IndieGoGo have all vowed to shut down campaigns related to White Nationalist concerns.
    Pax Dickinson’s Twitter has been shut down.
    PolNewsForever’s Twitter has been shut down.
    The Daily Stormer has been targeted with massive DDOS attacks.
    The Daily Stormer domain registration was dropped by GoDaddy, transferred to Google, and then seized by Google.
    The Daily Stormer discord server has been shut down.
    The discord server has been shut down.
    Vanguard America’s WordPress account has been shut down.
    RootBocks has been taken down by its hosting company.
    Xurious’ BandCamp page has been taken down.
    Daniel Friberg and Christopher Dulny, both Swedes, have been barred from entering the United States because of their presence at Unite the Right.
    AIR B N B doesn’t want alt right

    I, Zachary K. Hubbard have been censored by Google, having my main and backup channels deleted, each having 700+ hours of video content. I have tried to create a backup channel but YouTube put it in bad standing within 48 hours of its creation, which means no new posts for 90-days. Because Google / YouTube is making it clear I am not welcome, I am only going to be live streaming every Wednesday, during my regular radio show on Truth Frequency Radio, the Gematria Effect, 6-9 PM PST (where I am), and 9-12 AM EST. If you’re in another time zone, do the math! ALSO, the book is coming very soon and I am so excited to share it with you. I’m making sure it is worth your time and one you will want to share with your friends and family. Thank you to all those who support!

    Listen to TFR every Wednesday is here:

  5. Lou

    “The Science of Equality Volume 1: –Equality is a social construct [a lie].
    Race and DNA are science, facts.

    Forget (((Boas, Freud, Marx))). 3 liars who did what they could to ruin Whites.

  6. Duski

    Elaine (and all others), I am happy and sorry to see your country imploding. It will probably finally put a stop to USA imperialism and rampant war crimes across the globe. I just feel bad for everyone, like you, who have fought against it all… oh well, if this must be the way, so be it.

    Of course, this is not a guarantee that things will change for better, it might lead to even worse situation for the whole world. Or even nuclear war… I just don’t feel like fighting, since I don’t know what to fight for, or against whom.

  7. KHS71

    We are finding out what happens when the left loses an election. They are pulling out all the methods that they can use to shut down any form of communication that their opposition would use to get out their message. Nothing is beyond them. Nothing. They will do what it takes to win. Cheating, stealing, and even killing people if necessary. This is what is happening now.

  8. Petruchio

    “Work for free! That pays off student loans really fast!” I would laugh at that quote, but it’s sad. The people who are exploiting/using these “interns” use the same con over and over and over. It goes like this: “Sure you’re working for free NOW, but think of all the valuable work experience you are getting. It will look good on your resume.” It seems they never run out of suckers to buy into that line of BS. Yes, sir. And the folks who want to collect on your Student Loan Debt will wait while you are working for free until you get that First Big Job, right?? Yeah, right.

  9. Petruchio

    The solution to neutralizing these man-hating, anti-white people infesting Universities has to do with MONEY. Cut off their money supply and these hate filled Radicals have nowhere to go–where they belong. This means cutting off the Student Loan Debt Machine. Let these Campus Radicals believe whatever they like. They just have to finance their hate with their own money. And it ends the Student-loan-debt-for-life crisis.

  10. timothy carroll

    Daily Stormer celebrated the fact that the white lady, Heather Heyer, got mowed down. I think it is in extremely poor taste to celebrate another person’s violent death, I don’t care what political belief that person may have held. If a statue displeases a group, then it is up to the community to decide and vote on whether or not they want it in the public square. To just unilaterally decide that something “offends” you and that gives you the right to just tear it down, is equally repugnant.

    We are seeing the complete collapse of law and order. It started at the very top : Hillary and company. It has spread to healthcare, education, all of it is one big, gigantic fraud. Karl Denninger has written a lot on that very subject. You cannot have a democratic republic with one set of laws for the elite and another for us little people. Marie Antoinette found that out the hard way.

  11. The problem here is, if you are in the middle of the STREET and bad things are happening…GO AWAY. I saw all the videos of all the violent events this year and all had the same thing: everyone was in the middle of the street all the time. That is ILLEGAL.

    I used to be ‘medic care’ at demonstrations in the 1960s for the Free Clinic. I treated cops and students, communists and right wingers. Got people to talk honestly while being treated. This built bridges. My reward for this was for the Maoists to put a price on my head and go after me! I moved away from Berkeley.

    When at war, people have to pick sides. The crazy Maoist side has a very ugly, long history of butchering and starving millions and millions and millions of humans young and old.

  12. Lou

    Jewish ‘Professor’—but when do we read of Jewish Privilege?
    EMS has written about it. Others pretend to not notice, I guess.

  13. Elaine, I really appreciate your honest and unrelenting reporting on what has happened to the American Woman: she has become a monster. I have had my differences with you over the years but I think what you are doing with your posts on the SJW phenomenon is– well, outstanding. American Womanhood has become the great betrayer of civilized life. How our grandmothers would weep to see such selfish entitlement, self-righteous fury and unreasoning arrogance!!

  14. Thank you for your kind words. I lose readers when they demand I toe some sort of ideological line. I write here because I am Cassandra, not a panderer who wants ‘popularity’.

    People seeking popularity eventually are imprisoned by their own followers. This sad fact leads to madness like with Mao or Stalin or Lenin or Hitler, etc.

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