Washington Post Claims US Needs Violent Riots To Kill White Men

(95) The house of cards collapses: Diversity or Meritocracy? – YouTube

We are at the final end of the ‘diversity’ circus.  When I sued for my civil rights way back in 1965, there were many barriers to girls learning ‘boy skills’ like fixing cars…which I and my girlfriends were all lucky to learn from really nice boys and men.  But I wanted the right to take the boy classes and when I did win this, I was the only girl in these classes and this fight was long and hard and at no point did I ask for a ‘crutch’ so I could win via a rigged game.  Now, women get these all the time and are systematically taking over and even driving out men in various fields like ‘professors’ for example.  And now are the majority going to university, for example and thus, are no longer ‘an oppressed minority’ but a ‘huge majority.’  Yet their shrill demands for more ‘rights’ is screaming now, when statistics show that this must reverse and reverse fast.


Racism is the same: anyone who is ‘black’ gets this royal treatment whereby they get shoved ahead of everyone else and get high positions without effort and are now all over the place…at the top…while the vast, vast majority of black men especially, are sinking deeper and deeper into the mire, killing each other at a mad rate, learning nearly nothing in school, going to prison, never marrying, loose and wild and dying while killing all the DNC run cities.


The owned Washington Post has become the mouthpiece of California radicals who run parts of the internet and got filthy rich on the internet.  They are  now trying a coup to totally take over the entire internet.  Google, for example, has utterly changed their search engine so that sites like mine don’t show up anymore.


Proof of this is easy: last year, when I test-googled my own site by listing a story by name, I got it as the first item in a search.  Now, it doesn’t show up AT ALL.  What does show up, after a mainstream story on the listed topic, is a generic link to my blog showing all stories with the ‘code name’ like say, the word ‘earthquake’ as the item and not the actual title of the story I googled.


So you have to then go through all my stories that are coded with a word to find the actual story I am searching. This reduces searches to a very few words when it comes to blogs. I am going to ‘fix’ this by expanding my ‘search’ system to have ten times more words so I can be absolutely precise as to what an article is about.


This malicious change is deliberate and done in order to destroy all opposition to the Mega Powers of the Bilderberg gang who want victims to have access only to official stories.  On top of this, the censorship of the internet is huge now as Google and others are now putting in power an army of angry, vile leftist organizations that want a dictatorship and will enforce this via banning or shadow banning anyone who doesn’t support ANTIFA and I am not joking here.  This is very serious.  This is a California coup.


Here is an editorial featured today at the Washington Post that has this black radical professor who has some power still, being a ‘teacher’ demanding ‘rocks’ be thrown in a race war which he expects to win…violently…via burning down even more DNC run cities which are already suffering from a very bad reputation and seeing mass white flight due to exactly this for the last 60 years.  That is, frequent crime punctuated by very violent black riots.


Charlottesville showed that liberalism can’t defeat white supremacy. Only direct action can. – The Washington Post who is responsible for this irresponsible call to violence:


 The white nationalist riot in Charlottesville, a city that boasts “diversity makes us stronger,” made a lot of things clear. One of them is that generic solutions to the racial problem — bland affirmations of inclusiveness, tolerance and “free speech” — will no longer work. Indeed, they have never worked, at least not on their own.


There was no ‘white nationalist RIOT’ there was a race riot whereby a bunch of ANTIFA terrorists were allowed, by the mayor and governor both DNC gangsters, to attack citizens who had a march permit. The ANTIFA’s march was totally illegal. Blaming victims when illegal thugs who were paid to attack, is right out of Hitler’s playbook in the 1930’s before he rose to power.


For a long while, we’ve been throwing a lot of “paper.” Liberalism — our paper — preserves our country’s long commitment to contracts. Under liberalism, citizens stand in contract with their government. The government’s job, in turn, has been to enforce contracts between individuals and groups. Truly, when people ask for rights, be they women’s rights, gay and transgender rights, or rights as people of color, they are asking for contract rights. Capitalism, for better and often for worse, is that baked-in to our political system.


This man is a communist.  I am not joking.  I have tangled with communists all my life.  I had to flee Berkeley because of the Maoist and Trosky communists.  When Madame Mao was deposed, I won over the hearts and minds of the Maoist communists sent to live with me.  When the student rebellion was crushed, I defied Bush Sr. and the communists in China by camping out in front of the UN for a month, taking care of the Chinese students who sheltered on diplomatic territory after China demanded they be deported and imprisoned.  I won.


These people are immensely cruel.  Communists view humans as machines to be manipulated.  They are utterly and totally heartless.  History is crystal clear here: no one is worse than communists.


Ethnic cleansing a la Naziism and race riots is a close second.  The point is, the Washington Post just gave a platform to a very dangerous black professor who imagines he will be the black slave master whipping white men and forcing them to work to death in labor camps, a la communist style regimes.


Markets didn’t give citizenship its only meaning, to be sure. But the meaning of citizenship in America has remained most real in the commercial possibilities and legal certainties offered by contract. Our “paper” citizenship, thus, inheres in things like the defensible access to employment, ownership and even, at times, the right to kill as a soldier, police officer or property owner. Liberalism’s loftiest promise, in brief, has been the right to own and not be property.


This is the communist ideology: kill property owners. In our inner cities, many, many property owners have been killed by black males and some females who were raised on state money and who ate and lived in homes provided by the taxpayers they then attacked systematically, stealing and killing as much as they could.  This has led to ‘white flight’ and now is why nearly all former manufacturing cities are hell holes even blacks don’t like much anymore.


Resistance, be it forceful or clandestine, threatened or explicit, stands as our “rock.” Rocks can look like armed self-defense or nonviolent direct-action campaigns. They appear, too, as blunt, bald public speech about the hatred arrayed against the dispossessed. Our rock against racism has also included the sacrifice of people like Medgar Evers, a black World War II veteran and civil rights organizer, dying in Jackson, Miss., in 1963; or Viola Liuzzo, a white Northern Unitarian Universalist, dying for the same cause in Selma, Ala., two years later.


Thousands and thousands of white people have been murdered by blacks.  The white killing black statistics are near zero, the opposite, blacks killing whites is through the roof.  This guy has to reach all the way back to before the Civil Rights Act to complain about whites killing blacks.  Not one, not Obama, no one in the black community except supporters of Trump who are black, talk about black crimes, black murders and why this is happening except to blame whites for these DNC messes that turned three generations of blacks into violent, out of control criminals.


No matter its form, rock breaks scissors. A half-century ago, nothing less than radical anti-racism could reduce white supremacy to an outlaw religion. Paper could not do that. The contract logic of liberalism, on its own, was not built for that. On matters of racism and discrimination, capitalism can never serve as the great social fix, because in many instances, the very sectors of the economy that have historically been the most profitable in American history — for instance, slavery, real estate — have also been the most discriminatory.


This is typical communist talk.  Note that this clown doesn’t mention the Industrial Revolution.  ‘Real estate’ has value only if one has ‘economic wealth’ otherwise, housing is a net loss.  All the Great Estates of Europe were possible due to the owners paying no taxes and having cheap rural labor or slaves.  Take that away the the palaces are a headache.


The British palaces where the royals camp out are all paid by taxpayers, not the royals, for example.  Rich industrialists bought up or married into the land rich/money poor aristocracy because their profits made it possible to take up the property losses.


The fact that a legislature entity like the author of this piece thinks real estate is ‘profit’ is a sign that our government has people who are insane, trying to set up laws that will destroy civilization.  One can sell for a ‘profit’, I have done this….by going into neighborhoods destroyed by black rioters and rebuilding it…with great danger and difficulty.  Voila: it rises in value and I make a profit!


Have another riot due to liberals being foolish and voila: the property, if it still exists, is worthless.  I explained this to liberals for years and years and they still cannot understand this.


Then, in April 1968, amid a flurry of other “rocks,” riots shook American cities following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. It took that rolling unrest, not the promise of further economic growth, to spur President Lyndon Johnson and Congress to action. Within a week they had passed the Fair Housing Act.


And…white flight began.  School integration bussing killed the golden goose, too.  Houses lost value like crazy during this time and then the final blow was delivered by Clinton when he did the free trade deals.  Bang!  Social and economic collapse that was papered over by welfare money for the cities that were going bankrupt.


Yet despite the rights hard won by rock, we returned to paper. During the 1970s, we covered and concealed any historically specific grievance with a general promise of “equal opportunity,” ownership, and with law and order. Under liberalism, property rights were still king.


This is an utter and total lie.  In the seventies, blacks regularly rioted often for zero reasons.  Mass, across the entire city except for Manhattan and Staten Island, whole neighborhoods including mine, were totally looted and many put to the torch when simply the lights went out.  The mayor, Beame, boasted that the cops stood back and let it happen and thus, the only rioters killed were killed by my friends defending their property and lives.


Outcry about ongoing exclusion in employment, education, and political and cultural representation were not met with redistributive programs but rather diffuse commitments to multiculturalism. We were not allowed mandatory fair employment law, but rather voluntary affirmative action. We were not allowed historically redressive policy — dare one say reparations? — but rather mere tolerance and the assertion that our greatest problem, after nearly a century of Jim Crow, was ensuring the protection of free speech, even for hate speech.


‘Mere tolerance’???  Every opening at every university and major corporation openly begs for blacks and blacks only to apply.  They are desperate to hire anyone even if they are barely literate or even insane, so long as they can tick off the ‘we hire blacks’ box.  The people who are not getting jobs are white males.  They are not going to school in great numbers anymore since they are last in line for degree jobs, the STEM fields are now under full attack with women and others demanding they get degrees even when they hate the work and want to run away from it.


The military, police and fire departments are now being heavily filled with smaller, weaker females who are utterly incapable, for the most part, of doing ‘a man’s work’ and thus are all ‘weak links’ and endanger the lives of the men who have to do all the heavy lifting.


When I worked in construction, I belonged to what was then, mainly a men’s gym and I worked out there daily, at sunrise, to prime my muscles for work.  I was muscular.  Now, I am retired and still work out, just not to the degree back then.  Many women taking men’s jobs don’t want to do this so they are materially weaker than men.


This will impact society in the future in very dangerous ways.  In a war, for example, I am betting 99% of the young females being trained in all sorts of positions will suddenly be pregnant.  Period.  This means our armed forces will be one half its real size and other countries will have planned for this, ask any Chinese general.  Or Russian, for that matter.  They are not insane or stupid.


The Washington Post still allows various non-liberals to comment, the NYT doesn’t let anyone anymore, comments are rarely allowed at that vile rag.  I picked out some of the more thoughtful non-liberal comments:


8/17/2017 12:22 AM EDT
I find it humorous the number of people who claim “throwing rocks is a metaphor” and “Trump supporters are too dumb to read the article properly.” Yes, the author clearly tried to disguise his intent behind a forced metaphor of a game of rock/paper/scissors but he also failed by claiming that “Charlottesville showed us the way!”


So what exactly happened at Charlottesville? A group of leftists from a group who’s origins date back to pre-World War II Germany showed up to do what Antifaschistische Aktion was formed to do; engage in violent confrontation with their political enemies. That’s right in Charlottesville there was a violent clash provoked by a group which has been spreading violence all over he country.


So when the author says we need more Charlottesville he is calling for very real violence people. The rocks might be a metaphor but they are a metaphor for very real attacks.

ZZ Orost
8/17/2017 5:28 AM EDT
The title alone proves he means physical violence. “Direct action” means just that.

8/17/2017 11:42 AM EDT
that is EXACTLY what the “professor” means. the LEFT has been the ones to start violence in almost every instance. look at antifa in seattle a day or two ago.


8/16/2017 8:16 AM EDT
This is a monstrous Opinion piece, intentionally dressed up in transparent, “cutesy” language by an odious, racist “professor” (no doubt with tenure) advocating (“figuratively”, don’t you know) “throwing rocks”. Such plausible deniability a three year old could see through it.


The mask has finally slipped! The Washington Post, by this act, and in the context of recent events, is “normalizing” real physical violence.


It has given a “permission slip” to AntiFa/BLM, IWW, the Black Block, BAM, and other vicious street fighters to hunt and kill. It is so wrong that it is breathtaking. It is the apotheosis of the fascist press; the baying (figuratively”, of course: “snicker, snicker”) for blood and destruction. A call for “direct action”, the battle-cry of physical destruction, heard in Baltimore, Ferguson, Berkley, Seattle, Charlotte and all other venues afflicted by Marxist revolutionary destruction (oh pardon, “protest”).


It is Cultural Marxism writ large. The Washington Post is now officially on the dark side. The American version of Der Sturmer, espousing ISIS and Taliban values (blowing up the Buddha) for principled liberalism. That it dares to authorize its space to describe The President and Attorney General as “Segregationists” is repulsive and deeply shameful. It is the hysteria of hate. It is seditious.


The Washington Post, in its campaign of hate and zeal for unthinking destruction of history, spurred on by mob violence, should ponder these words from Orwell’s 1984:


“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statute and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered, and the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute, history has stopped, nothing exists except an endless present in which the party is always right”.


The Washington Post should rightly be ashamed of itself and withdraw this Opinion piece.


Perhaps some “direct action” against it is warranted?


The rewriting of history is necessary and continuous but at the same time, dangerous.  I have a number of very old history books and they are important to read.  Reading histories written 2,000 years ago in ancient Greece and Rome is very important.  Reading medieval histories that chroniclers wrote long ago is important.


History is often misreported or erased.  Lots and lots of it is erased.  I have seen this first hand, after all.  Right now, the left wants to rewrite REALITY.  This leads inevitably to them killing millions of people in their mad quest to rearrange reality to suit their insane ideology.



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2 responses to “ Washington Post Claims US Needs Violent Riots To Kill White Men

  1. Shawntoh

    Hey Elaine,

    After reading this article, I think I need to find a local chapter here or help start one, what do you think? I’m glad somebody is finally speaking out like yourself against the bigotry against people like me. The tide is turning! Peace.

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