Breitbart Bannon Leaves White House, Still Friends With Trump

‘It Was Great!’ — Donald Trump Thanks Steve Bannon for His Service

When Hillary wanted more power, her Bilderberg buddies gave Sanders $2 million for ‘a future book’ which was a bribe to get him to endorse her and shut up about all the dirty tricks the Bilderberg gang pulled on him.  Bannon knows why Trump had to do this, the mainstream media and the GOP and DNC Bilderberg gang wanted him out.  When he left, he said, ‘I am going to fight FOR Trump on the outside’ and proof is at his own news service site online.  So…the mass media lied about this…of course:

So, Bloomberg news has the truth!  Amazing, someone in the media got the story right.  Financial Times, on the other hand, published an outright, total lie.  The Telegraph is lying, too.  The Daily Wire is also lying.  Google is pushing the lies here.  They do NOT list Bannon’s own paper and its headline which isn’t a lie!  Nope.


Bannon isn’t mad at Trump he is made at the GOP leadership joining ANTIFA.  Yes, the Republican leaders are openly siding with ANTIFA, the head of the GOP in the Senate openly said ANTIFA can riot at will and attack citizens so long as they attack Trump supporters.  THIS IS WAR.


Trump is highly aware of this.  He knows who the enemy is and perhaps he finally looked into who the Bilderberg gang really are.  This gang has been bipartisan for its entire existence.


Speaking in a discussion on Fox News with anchor Martha MacCallum on the departure of Mr Bannon from the White House, Mr Kassam said the move didn’t mean there had been a falling out between the President and the returning Breitbart boss.


Bannon is aware he is, like so many Trump chose from day one, in the line of fire and his ability to take any more flack is pretty much finished.  I think he is saving his own life by retreating.  I have retreated, I live on this mountain, I own this slice of a mountain and have a LONG road leading to my eyrie.  Anyone who wants to be annoying, I can deal with.  No more, living in New York City!


Kassam told Fox host Sandra Smith that “This isn’t about Bannon versus Trump, the two are on the same page. This is about the people who Steve sees as trying to stop the Trump agenda”.


And they will succeed because Trump doesn’t have enough of a support base to do things he said he wanted to do.  Point blank, Congress and the GOP leaders told him, ‘No walls, no stopping Muslims, stopping any illegal aliens!’  And they are winning via not cooperating.  So now we know exactly who our enemies are: leaders of both parties who lie to us and who stop important things we need while inviting in millions and millions of illegal aliens to destroy us and prevent us from living in peace, at home.


Identifying those who Kassam said were trying to stand in the way of President Trump delivering his promises and agenda, he said: “these are people who have historically been RINOs or Democrats. And that’s the White House right now”.


And this is deliberate.  Trump thought he could hire people but they showed, he can’t.  This is the huge difference between government and private businesses.  Trump had to learn the limitations on power.  He had much more power over things when running his businesses.  Running the country is different.


Most of Breitbart’s readers understand this:


Sean Miller • 3 hours ago
Bannon was doing some undercover work in the Swamp.

Monsieur Voltaire✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ Sean Miller • 2 hours ago
I am actually happy that Bannon went back to being a media figure at BB. There is so much good work he can do as a generalissimo marshaling the truth and the anti-narrative against the (((fake news media))). At the White House he had too much of a behind the scenes role, which is probably why he quit–too much wasted talent, especially for a high-energy volcano like Bannon. Here he can take BB from N. 66 to the top-10 most visited sites in America. I want to see CNN destroyed, and of all people, Bannon can make it happen!


Go Bannon! Go Breitbart! Go Trump! MAGA!

jontyfire Monsieur Voltaire✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ • 2 hours ago
Well stated, Monsieur!

fird jontyfire • 2 hours ago
Bannon knows the enemies are now the Democrat-Antifa whose tactics are to use UNIVERSAL loathing for Nazi KKK types to disguise their radical Liberal agenda. The Antifa are Democrat brownshirts. Make no mistake, Democrats are funding Antifa violence.


Dem-Antifa oppose Nazi KKK types THEN label all who disagree with their Liberal doctrine as Nazi KKK types.


The Dem-Antifa connection must be fully exposed and if Bannon triggers this then he has done a fine job right out of the chute for America. Dem-Antifa must be crushed. Conservatives don’t need help isolating, marginalizing, and deconstructing Nazi KKK types.

The mainstream media is trying desperately to make it look like Trump is now hated, not the GOP, by GOP voters.  The rage on the ‘right’ is huge now.  Trump is being shoved and pushed and denied and lied about so no matter what he does, they will do this to him because he isn’t a Bilderberg co-conspirator.  Neither is Sanders who would have been savaged, too, if he won.

(98) Google Memory Hole: Gab Dropped From Google Play Store – YouTube

The Google war against users moves along, Google hates us, wants to control us and use us mercilessly and are being quite vicious about this.  They are deliberately censoring people who are not breaking any rules at all, there are no rules, actually.  Eventually everyone will move to new platforms as Google kills its own platforms.

(98) Massive Demonetization: The Show Must Go On… – YouTube


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17 responses to “Breitbart Bannon Leaves White House, Still Friends With Trump

  1. Tim E.

    So ANTIFA = ISIS = Bilderberg = Google = MSM + a majority of Dems & GOP To name just a few.

    It isn’t a swamp, it’s a dense jungle that needs cleaned and burned.

  2. This machine was built after WWII. It took over the country bit by bit until the Bush clan joined at the hip with the Clintons and Obamas to impose a total dictatorship on us all and when we insisted on voting the ‘wrong way’ they launched this media/Congress critter/super rich machine of Destruction on the Deplorables and are toiling hard to destroy anyone who irritates them which is at least 50% of the citizens. Illegal aliens are their allies in this fight against citizens.

  3. Christian W

    I don’t believe in this claim that Trump’s supporters (about half of whom, at least, are Christian Zionists I wager) are fighting the good fight. Trump’s supporters are fighting to stay ahead, not to fix the corrupt system because “fixing” the corrupt system means reform of the system to reward them, not fixing the contradictions and inherent corruption and criminality.

    Trump is a shyster who played his audience to perfection. As soon as there was a little bit of heat he threw his “friends” Flynn and Bannon under the bus. Trump talked the talk, but didn’t walk the walk and he never will.

    I disagree with Elaine that this machine was built after WWII. Wall Street and various elites have ruled Washington since the 19th century. The monster has been growing for 200+ years. WWII just gave it more momentum and added new tools (like the CIA) and gave it a global reach.

    The monster has been ripping huge chunks out of the US for years, and now, in it’s decline into absurdity, it is getting ready to start the real blood letting using it’s own citizens to do the dirty work against each other Ukraine style. The second amendment has nothing to do with political freedom, it’s there to turn the guns of Americans against each other and “the other side”, not on not the political elite.

    Americans are boiling along nicely.

  4. Actually, there are various SURGES in history. With Kennedy’s assassination, the left rose up and was driven by LBJ into the Vietnam War which was a total disaster. So the right rose up when students (including ME) rose up against ‘Hey, hey, hey, LBJ, who did you kill today’. Nixon expanded the wars and fell in disgrace after kissing ass with MADAME MAO…hahaha. See? Things rise and fall and go nuts all at the same time.

  5. JimmyJ

    The anti racist protest in Vancouver BC today attracted thousands including some friends of mine. Ostensibly they were there to offset a supposed “far right” rally. but the far right in Canada is the fringe of a fringe so protesting it seems entirely pointless. (For example the Liberal leftist Gov of Canada supports the Ultra Right Wing Ukrainians and you see no protesting about that.) So I assume they are actually protesting Trump since they all despise him as a scapegoat for all that is racist and bigoted. Not that it’s any of the Canadians business what the hell the US does politically but that doesn’t stop them, they are as triggered as any US citizen.

    I try to stay moderate but it’s impossible these days. The moderate left winger here is so ridiculously far left now that it forces centrists such as I to appear right wing which drives me crazy in conversations. And that’s the tragedy of what’s happening now. This idiocy forces everyone to either the far left or the far right to survive. A typical Ukraine style colour revolution is underway but no one I know can see it.

  6. Traditionally, the conservatives are all in the countryside. This is where I live. The radical left is in the cities. And the countryside is heavily armed, knows how to survive, can hunt and fish and chop down trees, all things I can do really well.

    City people can barely survive a rain storm.

  7. Christian W

    This idiocy forces everyone to either the far left or the far right to survive. A typical Ukraine style colour revolution is underway but no one I know can see it.

    That is why it annoys me so much when Elaine pretends these ANTIFA lunatics are any kind of representation of the “left”. Or, that the fringe lunatics baiting them are a representation of the “right”.

    Ever since I came here on this site a decade ago or more, I have pointed out how hopelessly destroyed the political landscape and discourse is in the US. If Americans want to fix their nation they have to fix this problem, which is completely engineered by the elites.

    A friend told me the other day that way back in 1980 her very politically active mum, a staunch right wing Christian conservative, was commenting how hopelessly extreme right the US political parties were (both GOP and the Dems). From a Scandinavian perspective both parties were off the charts to the right, in territory that was way beyond the pale by decent standards (meaning basically black fascist/neo-nazi territory in the Norwegian landscape)

    And that was in 1980! Every single year since then both the Dems and the GOP have moved further and further to the right… And now we are in this totally absurd situation where “both” “parties” are openly corrupt, criminal and serving outside interests, yet nobody can do anything about it.

    Unfortunately the US, as the leading Super power, by it’s sheer gravity of political, economic and military force (plus a lot of work by the CIA) has pulled the entire European political landscape with it and distorted it in similar ways. Now little Norway is attacking and invading Syria, and hardly any Norwegian is even aware it has happened.

    Norwegians hated being invaded by Nazi Germany, yet now they are aping Nazi Germany just to please Master (the US). The other day I was talking to a local volunteer for the sea rescue service. This young man bragged that their Sea Rescue has saved over 4.000 Syrian refugees in the Mediterranean Sea, yet I am positive he has no idea Norway is waging war on Syria and so creating these very same refugees his fellows are rescuing and sending to Norway…

    See how absurd things have become? Even Norwegian MSM is so corrupted it can only say what their US masters wants it to say.

  8. Christian W

    So instead of a sane political discussion you have Maoists this and Neonazis that and ANTIFA and Alt-Right and Russians this and race baiting that and Commie baiting and Cultural Marxists (a favourite!) and Muslim terrorists and Illegal Aliens and White Supremacists and Evil Dems and Evil GOP and Boogey men here there and everywhere in every corner of the political landscape and under your bed.

    I don’t see how it is conducive to fixing things to go along with those manufactured narratives designed to lead you exactly nowhere.

  9. Christian W

    As for the “Liberal Left Government of Canada”. There is no Liberal Left. Liberal Left (TM) is just a brand devoid of meaning, see my comment of how the political landscape has shifted to the right off the cliff.

    Trudeau is Macron is Blair… mere products to sell the neoliberal policies of their Totalitarian Deep State owners.

  10. tio

    In his first interview shortly after the White House announced that it was parting ways with Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon told the Weekly Standard on Friday afternoon that “the Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over.” After confirming his departure Bannon said that “we still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency. But that presidency is over. It’ll be something else. And there’ll be all kinds of fights, and there’ll be good days and bad days, but that presidency is over.”

    Permit me a bit of back of the fag packet maths, so you can blot out the following with my blessings. In the 1790 U.S. census there were 7K souls per elected representative, how many of there were eligible to vote I don’t know. But I do know that back then 1K armed men constituted an army, and none of those voters was an incorporated company of scoundrels (ahem). Now, by my rough estimate, there are ~750K souls per ‘representative’. This is a twisted republic. These people are little princes borne aloft on cushions of dirty money, the only thing they actually represent is the greatest ‘return on investment’ an oligarch could wish for. Could the Orange Messiah have bypassed this and spoken to the republic directly for support in reform? We’ll never know.

    There is an engineering principle called KISS. I used to watch the hardware engineers fire up their latest prototype PCBs and if it failed to function, instead of running off to tool up an ICE probe or slam a rectum paralyser on the RF side, they would simply run their finger tips over the components. Heat was a dead give away of malfunction, and it’s gettin’ warm around here.

  11. Left and right are a spectrum. We use these words to explain the spectrum. It is universally recognized as ‘two extremes’ and as I keep explaining, both end up the same awful place: the Nazi/Madame Mao horror shows that kill millions and millions and many millions of people.

    These are Death Cults. The left extreme is more dangerous than the right extreme because the left hates children with an insane passion. So they can’t maintain power long because they doom themselves. They are a death cult.

    They hope to get their believers to do one major thing: kill others while not reproducing. They have a rainbow of adherents. For example, the people who demand population reduction to save the planet.

    They attack anyone having children but only in their home states, not in the third world which is pushing out babies at a mad rate. Those, the left recruits to attack and destroy civilization so it will fall apart and everyone dies.

    They openly talk about eliminating most humans…EXCEPT THEMSELVES. Prince Charles of England is one of these monsters, for example. The British workers pay taxes to support this monster!

    And he wants them all dead.

    He is a ‘conservative’. And he is a radical anti-humanist who is as bad as Madame Mao. This illustrates the spectrum of ideologies that runs like a red thread through many systems.

  12. tio

    Charlie is not fit for purpose. Period. Everyone knows this and no one is saying it. Is he more sinned against than sinning? Probably – who cares? I do know people are incredibly resistant to change, however beneficial it may be.

    There are some that wish to add one further dimension and characterise us in some sort of four state truth table e.g. If it falls short of the mark it doesn’t negate the validity of an additional dimension in characterising polity. May help, probably not.

    I guess we must appear as ants to those who are most likely to succeed in climbing the various greasy poles that constitute political life, hairy knees perhaps?

    There is nothing so damning in politics than to be called an extreme moderate .. go figure.

  13. Lou

    6–The Left is non Whites and White ethno Masochists.
    I went to see the Google Protest in Venice California, yesterday. Gooogle has a BIG office space or spaces.

    What I saw was 200? people, some masked, screams of

    Do you think that these antifas, if stabbed or shot wouldnt go to the police of the nazi nation that they hate so?

    Here, from local throwaway, orwellian double speak….people can be so stupid,

  14. Lou

    6—- Illegal aliens are their allies in this fight against citizens.
    Not all immigrants are good and NONE are needed in a land of 350? million.

    The days of Whites kissing the ground at Ellis Island are over.

    Muslims are [often?] infiltrators. I saw a few burkas yesterday and plenty of scarved, assimilated mussie women, yesterday.

  15. Zoran Cvetakopla

    Bannon should start his own search engine lest goon ghules curate him.

  16. Their plan is to shatter the internet by pushing people into various corners. This is typical tactics of our Ruling elites who import nasty people to attack citizens, getting them scared and angry and then ‘saving them’ from the same people they let in. 9/11 attacks used aliens as weapons to destroy the US public and drive us into ridiculous wars.

  17. Christian W

    @ 16

    That is why you need to unite. The only “enemy” is the criminal elites and their manipulators. It is not helpful to promote various forms of sectarianism, tribalism, classism and “warfare” between cities and the countryside and whatnot. There is a reason the Deep State supports Donald Trump. He is divisive and inflammatory because he plays to the fears on “both” sides.

    The heart of this fight is in the US since the heart of the elite system is the US system. European and (US controlled) Asian systems are mere spin offs of this system (including the “Bilderberg” types).

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