More Terror Attacks In NATO Countries, More ANTIFA vs Nationalist Clashes

Across the NATO countries, the right is on the march.  Leftists have been allowed free rein to run riot for several years now as the Bilderberg gang let in millions and millions of illegal alien Muslims invade, in the US, they even went to court in California and other DNC-run state to demand Trump let in millions of aliens, but with these same aliens now at war with the citizens in NATO countries, street fights are breaking out as young people on either side of the divide, fight.  The Bilderberg gang runs the media systems and always sides with ANTIFA rioters as we saw this week in the US.  But this is failing fast and we see in the news today: the Muslim terror attacks are doubling down now.

All terrorist families are ‘shocked’ and deny supporting, training or enabling their terrorist youths.  But it happens over and over again.  Note who is a huge ally of NATO: Saudi Arabia.  And who attacked on 9/11 in the US?  Again: mostly Saudis.  Who were the only people allowed to fly the next three days?  Again: only Saudis so they could run back home and not be grilled by the FBI.


Since then, NATO has attacked several countries that had absolutely nothing to do with the terror attacks.  Especially Syria which had absolutely nothing to do with any of this.


The terror attacks are proliferating and liberals in Europe are being openly confronted by desperate citizens.  All citizens demanding a stop to the madness are attacked by Bilderberg media which uniformly supports illegal aliens in all NATO countries.  They originally hoped to replace recalcitrant native citizens with foreigners who would do the dirty work and do it for pennies on the pound, but virtually no Muslim males want any work, they want to take over and rule the joint.

Putin has talked openly about this battle that is now raging, he wants to stop the madness so the US Bilderberg media and the EU Bilderberg gangsters scream at citizens to let in another couple million angry Muslim males…or else!  But look at Syria: it has nearly vanished from most Bilderberg news systems because Russia won there.  All the ‘rebel groups’ have basically surrendered and are now cooperating with Russia and Assad.


Poland officially hates Russia for historic reasons (Stalin) but is sliding closer and closer to Russia.  The Bilderberg gang continues to demand Poland commit suicide and it is now at the point that Poland will have to definitely side with Russia against NATO like Turkey is doing today.

Yes, Macron is going after the Muslims now.  He has taken nearly all the positions of Le Pen, the woman he defeated using strong arm tactics and support of all the Bilderberg gang media outfits there.  Unlike her, though, he is too cowardly to evict the invaders, he is moving them into communities that voted for Le Pen.

There were several terror attacks yesterday in NATO nations.  Finland saw a young African male run riot, stabbing mainly women and men who ran to save the women.  I wonder how long EU citizens will sit on their heinies?  Will they finally figure out, they are being tortured so they can’t push for other things?  That their rulers are malicious jerks who enjoy watching people run and scream for help and then tell them, ‘We will help you only if you let us do whatever we want?’


The deal here is obvious: all these people who live closest to the terrorists, the working and idle poor of Europe, will get more money from welfare if they shut up about the illegal aliens being parked right next door and who are attacking them.  If they want these invaders deported, they will have to lose their welfare.  A devil’s choice!


Poland has been told, if you let us park a million illegal Muslim males in your country, we will give you welfare money.  This is the raw deal.  They were quite open about this.  I believe the people there said no to this deal, so far.  Will they keep it up?  I am fascinated by this.


I am betting Poland will be forced to host terrorists or else and they will buckle under because they want more money from the EU bosses.  This will be a betrayal like the WWII deal Poland was given.  The Muslims hate the Poles who successfully fought off the Muslim invasion back in the 1600’s.

The young men doing the terrorist attacks didn’t think of this on their own. The mosques built all over NATO countries are the training centers for terrorists.  All terrorists are given this ‘go party/go die’ dispensation whereby they can eat, drink and have sex and then kill many ‘infidels’.


Every time they do this the fake news media screams to us that the terrorists are not Muslim fanatics because they ‘eat, drink and have sex’ and therefore are not radical religious nuts.  The media giants know perfectly well, they are lying, most media is run by Jewish families who know quite well what is going on.


So what remains is ‘why’?  Why do so many powerful Jews want violent Muslim males invading Europe and other NATO countries?  Well…they then can claim they are saving us!  How many people will fall for this scam?  Well, it is very attached to the business of handing out money to dying cities so people trapped in these hellish places will get free housing, food and other things.


So they cling to the rulers in desperation while jobs disappear, wages drop, crime shoots upwards and schools deteriorate, as chaos spreads at the bottom, the very rich live in their lovely enclaves where no one, black or white, Christian or Muslim, can dare set foot.

This is a nasty story.  The government spent $80 million to ‘psychologists’ to do what Medieval torturers figured out with nearly no money spent on this: how to torture people.  The tools and methods were very medieval in style and goal.  The government doesn’t want anyone to know the details of the Nazi-style actions they took after 9/11.


It was stupid, futile and ridiculous.  The solution to 9/11 was political.  It was used as an excuse to commit war crimes, destroy the US constitution, to terrorize citizens into doing stupid things that made things worse.  And here we are: the same entities that enabled terrorists attacking on 9/11 and Bush and Cheney were enabling and forcing along events before, during and after the attacks, these same entities that made 9/11 possible then used that crime to commit another crime: the attacks on ‘liberal’ Muslim leaders that gave women basic civil rights!


All this is grounds for a Nüremberg-type trial and it won’t happen.  Which is a shame because they are committing treasonous crimes right now trying to overturn an election here.  The same media giants that enabled and pushed for war crimes are at it again.  They will do this until people totally repudiate them and unfortunately, it is too easy to continue these crimes due to citizens scared about losing goodies held by our rulers.  The carrot and the stick are at work here.


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4 responses to “More Terror Attacks In NATO Countries, More ANTIFA vs Nationalist Clashes

  1. Lou

    More police murdered.

  2. Tim E.

    I am wondering if the cooler/colder weather on the horizon will be the “ace in the hole” to wake people up and stop this madness.

    Not eating can sure change things quickly.

  3. Petruchio

    the ever credible Washington Post, in an editorial declared John McCain as a ‘Champion of Human Rights’. Oh well. The WaPo lies about everything else, so why would they not lie about that senile warmonger McCain?

  4. They hand each other awards like candy. Remember Obama’s PEACE award?

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