Google Launches ‘Documenting Hate News Index’ Run By Far Leftist Organizations

A new machine learning app for reporting on hate in America: Google is now Big Brother/Big Sister who is spying on everyone and then working with Fake News to attack us.


This is another tool to be used by radical leftists to warp the news even worse than it is warped today.  This week an astonishing thing happened: all the media giants dumped ‘fairness’ and went on a full blown attack on Trump based on fake news.  They pretended ANTIFA doesn’t cause riots, and that the pull back of cops at demonstrations to let ANTIFA attack citizens is misrepresented as the citizens attacking while the police try to stop them.  This flipping of reality is total, constant and deliberate.  The media giants are deliberately lying, Congress is lying, all are in a CONSPIRACY to lie about things in order to deceive citizens.


Funny, I couldn’t click and drag this dreck.  Google inserted an icon that shows up when you click and drag that stops it.  Here is the icon:

Google+ and twitter and Farcebook: I guess they can click on these and then move it but a simple click and drag to anywhere else is rendered impossible.  This is the very first time I  have encountered this unnecessary business.


Over time, the internet’s use systems have become less and less ‘user friendly’ and more and more ‘jump through these and only these hoops’.  I suspect this is being done like the site here by Google to extend across the web to prevent people from using click and drag to wherever and however we wish.  One more door slams shut!


The noxious leftist censors running our media into the ground and turning ‘news’ into ‘fake news’ is tightening their noose around free speech and open chatter.  Note the far left radical coalition here:  BuzzFeed News is one of these ‘news helpers’:

They are attacking Twitter for allowing humans to use it and they want to have a commissar like the ones in China and Russia when they were totally ruled by commies.  ‘Accountability’ is code for ‘censor all opposition to leftist regimes’.


New America Media

The Root – Black news, opinions, politics and culture

This is a neo-Black Panther ‘news’ system.  There is this big push to glorify someone who is dissing the American flag and being ‘Black Pantherish’.  No one will hire this guy and there is a huge liberal push to insert him into a game watched mainly by white males.  Who are increasingly boycotting the NFL.

100 Days in Appalachia – Candidly narrating the new American landscape from within the heart of Appalachia which is yet another super leftist site and look at their happy Appalachian photo;

A smirking Muslim immigrant woman desecrating the American flag.  Good choice here.  It shows how insane these people are and how crazy and outright evil Google has become openly.


Southern Poverty Law Center is another operation that is radicalized very dangerously and is very Maoist:

Their ‘hate’ is good and anyone else’s ‘hate’ is evil.  The ‘blame Trump for a left/right riot’ that happened because the police were ordered to stand down by the Democratic mayor and governor…this is now infesting all systems run by ‘liberals’.  They feel they finally hurt the President who blamed everyone.  ‘How dare he!’ they shout at the top of their lungs.


Average people, I suspect, noticed that none of these lunatics are censoring or attacking ANTIFA.  Even when, in Boston, the ANTIFA gangs ran riot with zero opposition by the right, Katie Couriac was reporting and she and her crew were doused with feces thrown at them.  She didn’t say who threw it, covering up the ANTIFA attack on her.


The fool.  They are very, very emboldened when they got the outright, obvious, loud support from the Bilderberg gang in DC and the media giants.  It is now out in the open: our Real Rulers are openly siding with gangs they sided with during this last year, hoping to destroy citizens and complete their rule of the US via illegal aliens, Muslim money from the Middle East and Chinese bribes.


Now, all is out in the open.  Will citizens figure out they are being scammed?  Will all our educational systems totally collapse?  We shall see.  They are trying their best.  Remember: the real goal of these monsters is to eliminate at least 3/4 of the population of the earth to ‘save the planet’ from…global warming.  And trust me on this, another Ice Age will do exactly that.


A thought here after writing this article: one of the many horrible things Google has done was, last year they changed the search engines so words one is seeking no longer were blocked out in yellow so one could find what one is looking for quickly.  Well, they terminated this and now it is hard as hell to find needles in haystacks.


This, too, was deliberate in order to make seeking information much harder.  The internet has been a victim of this sort of retrograde programming.  They study how people do things and then VANDALIZE systems to prevent people from seeking things.  Google has been evil for quite a while.



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12 responses to “Google Launches ‘Documenting Hate News Index’ Run By Far Leftist Organizations

  1. Lou

    Ambrose Kane blog hnow only has a place holder page.
    It documented crime by Blacks.

    SBPDL is in a similar situation.

    Daily Stormer has been blocked.
    Air BnB cancelled ‘conservative haters’ reservations!!!!!

    See my link in other article.

  2. Lou

    Colin K is only a half Nig and [predictably] abandoned by his nog daddy.
    His daddy issues have been turned on Whitey.

  3. melponeme_k

    They are emboldened because of the Eclipse tomorrow. I’m sure they have some grand working in order. But something tells me it may backfire.

  4. Lou

    Mel–why is 322 a special number? Spring equinox?

  5. timothy carroll

    @#1 Lou,

    Daily Stormer seldom had anything on it but constant bitching about Jews, fags, negroes, not necessarily in that order. Seemed to be a lot of complaining but no real ideas except the ole “let’s exterminate them!” meme. Ummm, no. The blacks are doing a real bang up job on that all by themselves.

    The Jews will be taken care of by their new Muslim friends, once enough of them get the upper hand. And whatever people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms, provided it is with adults of consent, is frankly none of my business.

    At least we still have Colin Flaherty (for now). Here is a nice, summertime tail (sic) of how a lovely Sweet 16 birthday party for a young negress went horribly wrong….(funny how that seems to happen whenever large groups of blacks congregate.

    blacks…….why we can’t have nice things.

  6. timothy carroll

    Submitted with no comment:

  7. melponeme_k


    Elaine wrote here that the Skulls venerate the number because it represents the fall of Athens, meaning the destruction of democracy. So from 322 B.C. to 1776 A.D., it was dictatorship and feudalism.

    If you add the numbers in the date it becomes 7. 7 is a sacred number and represents successful physical completion (God Rests). In alchemy it represents the 7 steps to the Philosophical Gold, the 7 Planets (Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Mars and the Sun).

    I’ve heard some call the alchemical working “The Death of the King”. In Alchemy, the prima materia, the first matter must be killed, worked in the fire than reborn as the philosophical child.

    On some sites, they say that the elites look upon themselves as Alchemists. That we are their prima materia and that they are working us with suffering in order for us to be reborn anew. Each cycle will create a stronger human race. The end game? I don’t know, assail the universe?

    The more you study this subject, the more insane it becomes.

    Tomorrow, the Eclipse, is a an 11 day (8 plus 21). If you add in 2017, it becomes 3, the holy trinity. In their religion that would be Osiris, Isis and Horus. Horus being the new Aeon.

  8. Yes, and it is all pathetic. So the sun is blocked by the moon on occasion. Humans used to fear this as the End of Times. Today, it still retains ancient fears. To me, it is marvelous that the moon can do this being the same size at its distance at this time, to block the sun.

    The moon was MUCH closer 200+ years ago. Eventually, it will block the sun less and less as it spins further from the present orbit.

  9. Lisa

    If you don’t already read John Michael Greer, the archdruid, then you’ve been missing out on some great writing. One of his recent articles:

    From the article:

    “These days hate has roughly the same role in popular culture that original sin has in traditional Christian theology. If you want to slap the worst imaginable label on an organization, you call it a hate group. If you want to push a category of discourse straight into the realm of the utterly unacceptable, you call it hate speech. If you’re speaking in public and you want to be sure that everyone in the crowd will beam approval at you, all you have to do is denounce hate.”

  10. And they do this while screaming in a hateful voice, face twisted with rage! That is what makes it so ridiculous. 🙂

  11. Lou

    SPLC is not ‘poverty center’ but they are quite rich. They got rich ‘working poverty’.
    And Jewish, of course, as activists often are.

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