Another Ship, USS McCain, Crashes In Asian Oceans

Ten missing as USS John S McCain collides with oil tanker | Daily Mail Online

Pentagon incompetence after years and years of wild spending, futile, useless and outright illegal wars coupled with confrontations with China, North Korea and Russia, the latter being the most useless of confrontations that hurt us badly, is tearing apart Europe and Japan/South Korea showing far less concern about North Korea than US Bilderberg gang members here…we have one military ship after another crashing into everything in sight or rather, blindly running into huge ships.  Putin doesn’t have to lift a finger to win against the US, we are literally self-destructing rapidly.  Add the irony of the name of the present ship matching that of the out of control, destructive Senator in the GOP who wants to sink Trump…the gods are laughing.

USS John McCain involved in collision near Singapore – YouTube


I am assuming our rulers will fight WWIII by sinking all our own ships and then having our cities be burned to the ground by raging, violent illegal aliens and blacks who hate everything, it seems.  Yes, a great way for an empire to win…history’s booby prize.


Why is our military incompetent?  It seems that the military is based on ideology of passing through the system as many people based on all sorts of check lists that have ‘intelligence’ as the last item, not the first.  This is rapidly destroying all our universities, once the envy of the world, now a laughing stock.  US corporations are riddled with people put ahead due to ideology, not skills.  Google, which is going down the drain, fast, recently fired one of their staff for the sin of warning them, if they do PC hiring only and eliminate or push down white/Asian males, the company will collapse.


The response was for all the media giants, the entire DNC apparatus, all the big dogs and little bitches all howled in unison that he was pure evil for pointing out the obvious and off we go: as systems collapse now that all hiring has to be PC, we will see systems fail.


I will note here as a female who made her living doing dangerous men’s work, during which virtually zero women entered my field, I don’t see radicals demanding all building work, all the dangerous lumber jobs, the hard and dangerous other fields which there are still many, be 50% female.


The military is a political operation like the police.  We see many more weak women in these areas while still, all the really dangerous work in these fields are done strictly by men only.  Once upon a time, I was building a big brick wall with oversized cement blocks.  I could lay cement blocks but couldn’t even pick up these huge ones at all so a man and I lifted them to the man laying the cement blocks and he was over six feet tall and could lay them, once we brought them to height, by himself.  I could not do this.


I am (or rather was!) very strong for a woman.  Yet I was defeated by these cement blocks.


There is another facet of all this mayhem with our incompetent military: aside from PC hiring and advancement in the ranks, we have military falling to pieces because of the constant battles with Trump by our CIA spooks and the super rich/super powerful.


The soldiers and sailors are on the front ranks of all this, they are the hammer our rulers use across the planet.  Are they happy right now?  I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THIS!  I bet they are not allowed to discuss politics or they will be punished by the higher ranked people who have to endorse all the PC stuff.  So the people who do the actual lifting and hauling and dying are very, very unhappy.


Survey: Career-Oriented Troops Favor Trump Over Clinton | reports.

They know what is going on in DC.  They know this is a coup.  They know that the Rulers will expect them to support this coup.  They are VERY PISSED OFF ABOUT THIS.  What proof do I have?  History is proof!


Turkey: the NATO powers and the CIA conspired to have a coup in Turkey.  The people took to the streets and thwarted the coup and the troops didn’t shoot at them because they didn’t know they were part of a coup, they thought this was merely an exercise.  Enough mid-rank military figured out fast, what was going on and joined the President against the coup and it was thoroughly defeated.


There is a coup going on in the media and Congress and the super rich to stop Trump’s reforms.  Instead of using voting and other systems, they unleashed deliberately armed thugs wearing black masks to attack and harass any citizens complaining about the new regime the rulers want to reimpose on us all.


This is why the media is lying about everything.  They have to now, they are stuck in this hellish place where they had to openly endorse and protect ANTIFA thugs and rioters.  Fed up with all this, the conservatives are now rising up and arming themselves and many of them are military and incompetence at the top is causing them to be killed due to the sheer weight of stupidity at the top.


Two years ago, the Pentagon Says Women Can Now Serve In Front-Line Ground Combat Positions : The Two-Way : NPR


Saying America’s military must draw from “the broadest possible pool of talent,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Thursday that women in the U.S. military — including the Army and Marines — can now serve in combat posts.


The formal process to open combat jobs to women began in January of 2013; in finishing that process, Carter acknowledged that in recent years, U.S. women have fought — and sometimes given their lives — in combat posts in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Carter made the announcement at noon Thursday; the event was not attended by Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, whose branch of the service was the only one to request the ability to make exceptions to the new rule. Dunford is now the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


“There will be no exceptions,” Carter said.


This is pure lunacy.  Genetically, women are deep designed to surrender to force and men to fight to the death.  Overcoming millions of years of evolution isn’t easy since it is deep inside the human brain, the ‘older’ parts that are the hard wiring of all living things.  Expecting women, when under pressure of death, to fight to the death is crazy, their genes scream ‘surrender’ not ‘fight’.  Look at any mammal, any fish in the sea: the males will risk death to have sex whereas the females want to protect offspring with great desperation.  Two very different genetic codes going on here going all the way back to the dawn of sex itself.


“Today, the Defense Department is taking another historic step forward by opening up the remaining 10 percent of military positions, including combat roles, to women. As Commander in Chief, I know that this change, like others before it, will again make our military even stronger. Our armed forces will draw on an even wider pool of talent. Women who can meet the high standards required will have new opportunities to serve. I know that, under the leadership of Secretary Carter and Chairman Dunford, our men and women in uniform will implement this transition — as they have others — in a responsible manner that maintains military readiness and the unparalleled professionalism and strength of our armed forces. Together, we’re going to make sure our military remains the finest fighting force in the history of the world, worthy of all our patriots who serve — men and women.”


Madame Mao who tried to erase sex differences is laughing in hell right now.  Way to go!


Carter says the new rule means women in the military who are deemed fit for combat can be assigned to those roles, rather than relying on their own initiative to seek roles in combat. The lack of “absolute choice” for posts and assignments is part of being in the military, he says.


HAHAHA.  I wonder how many females heard this?  Do they not understand?  They will be FORCED into deadly fighting.  And guess what?  All of them, I bet every last one chosen to be in real combat will get pregnant by accident.  This is the female solution to violence: get pregnant.  This is why, after all wars, there is a baby boom.


In September, the Marine Corps released results of a study that found all-male units perform better in combat than do mixed units.  As reporters at the briefing note, Dunford is not attending today’s announcement.


Think they aren’t utterly demoralized now?  It is obvious to me.

GOOD GODS ALMIGHTY!  Look at the female picture!  I have actually been shot at, more than once, in real life.  I also have been in hand to hand combat in the streets a LOT.  Many times, in fact.  I am a trained fighter and I taught men how to fight.  I do medieval combat in real armor for FUN.  I was one of the very few women to do this for real fun.


Keeping one’s head while under fire is not a thing one merely trains in, one has to be habitually able to do this.  Boys play or used to play, violent games and I was a tomboy who played war games with fellow children in my childhood.  I loved doing this.  Even weird games we were allowed to play at school back then and which is forbidden today, like ‘Rover, red rover, come over, come over’ where one side would literally charge the other and try to break through…I was one of the very few girls who loved playing that game!


Now, it is verboten.  All the rough boy games are verboten in school now.  Watch any series of videos of black males fighting and what we see is them ganging up on one person and beating on them, not real fighting but rather, mob attacks on weaker, isolated individuals.  What sort of soldier would they make?


Horrible ones.  They would all run away if they are matched by the opponents!  This cultural collapse in the black community is rarely mentioned.  Blacks back in the 1960s were real fighters.  I knew quite a few Vietnam vets who were on the front back then.


Now, raised mainly by mothers and grandmothers, their ability to fight bravely like ‘men’ has disappeared nearly entirely.  Now, they are reduced to ambushing from behind, helpless people with the ‘knock out game’.  This is the ultimate cowardice.


Devoid of the concept of ‘honor’ and ‘courtesy’ we have a military base built on sand.  Why should everyone not on the PC list have to do all the heavy lifting and dying so that dainty females and antisocial blacks can be elevated?  That won’t work.  And blacks who are raised properly will be punished by this, too, for no one will notice that they are capable and good since all the military top brass see is ‘fill in the boxes’ of ‘black’ or ‘female’ to make things look good to the politicians and press.


The harsh reality is, PC is poison in the military.  Why did Hitler attack Russia?  Because Stalin purged anyone who wasn’t a puppet.  He attacked his own military and wanted PC people not good soldiers running things and it was a complete catastrophe.  When Hitler attacked, finally, Stalin had to promote and listen to people who told him the truth, and after the war, he attacked them again.


Jennie Carignan: the 1st female general from the combat arms in Canada.  


Later this month, the 47-year-old Carignan will be promoted to the rank of brigadier-general (a one-star general), earning the title of chief of staff of Army operations. Although there are other Canadian female generals, up to now they have risen from non-combatant disciplines such as intelligence, medicine, combat support or administration. Carignan is the first woman in Canada—and so far as the Forces can determine, the first in the world—to rise to her rank from the combat arms trades. In the Canadian Army, women comprise just 2.4 per cent of regular force combat arms trades, compared to 14.8 per cent of the overall Army. Carignan is changing that statistic by increasing recruitment of women to combat roles, and she’s doing it her way, as a stereotype-defying mother of four.


She actually saw no direct combat.  And she took time off to have children which is denied to men.


“I call it ‘the Jennie effect,’ ” says retired lieutenant-general Michel Maisonneuve, academic director of the Royal Military College. Recruitment of women to the RMC in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu jumped from 10 to 25 per cent between 2013 and 2015, during the two years Carignan met with girls and their mothers at open houses and appeared in the Quebec media. “She can wear a dress or a bulletproof vest,” says Maisonneuve’s wife, Barbara, a director of the college’s fundraising foundation. “That’s a new breed we’re seeing. [In the past,] you would see the female soldiers, and sometimes it was like they were a bit burly. It was like they were fighting to not be feminine. She just proved to a whole generation that you don’t need to do that.”


My jaw hits the floor.  Oh, she is ‘feminine’ and…good lord.  She is in a country that unlike the US, is not in so many actual wars.  Even if posted in places like Afghanistan, I am betting none of these females in NATO are actually doing the dangerous grunt work there or in Syria or anywhere really dangerous.  And what pisses off men is, they are promoted when they do very little in comparison.  When this female was pregnant FOUR TIMES, she wasn’t fighting or lifting stuff or doing much of anything except desk work!


In the case of the Canadian woman, she grew up like me except for one major, huge difference:


Growing up in the mining town of Asbestos, Que., Carignan never viewed activities as gender-specific. “I was handling the chainsaw and shooting guns just as much as my brothers,” she says. “My mom was not into keeping me back to do dishes while the men were out having fun with the ’dozers.” Carignan’s mother was a teacher who argued for equal pay between genders, her father a police officer, and her three siblings went on to become a nurse, businessman and sugar bush operator (she calls the mixture a “chicken noodle soup family”). She drove ATVs and camped throughout her youth, but she avoided hunting. “I feel sorry for the beasts,” she says. “I just think they’re very cute.”


And that is the difference between her and myself.  I hunt.  I kill.  I began my career in killing when I killed chickens on Saturday for my mother to cook on Sunday.  You hang them by the legs and pull out their necks and flick a blade across the neck, decapitating them.


I am a killer.  For real.  There are women who hunt like me.  And they are not stupid, they know how dangerous war is and what death is.  There should be a test for all women going into the military: force them to catch chickens and then kill it with a knife.  Seriously.  In the OSS, my father said they had to learn how to kill with non-weapons, even.  But that was WWII, a real war.


About WWII: Stalin weakened Russia greatly.  Just like PC people are destroying NATO with their sex fantasy promotions.  Fast forward to today: the military in Russia hated Yeltsin.  THEY LOVE PUTIN.  They absolutely adore, love, are proud of Putin.  They are enthusiastic about Putin.  They will die for Putin.  That is key.  Putin has women in the military as a separate unit with skills set for their abilities, not this ‘everyone is the same, have the same number of women as men’ stuff.

Victory Day Parade on Red Square 2017 (FULL VIDEO) – YouTube

Great pride going there.


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18 responses to “Another Ship, USS McCain, Crashes In Asian Oceans

  1. Melponeme_k

    “Even weird games we were allowed to play at school back then and which is forbidden today, like ‘Rover, red rover, come over, come over’ where one side would literally charge the other and try to break through…I was one of the very few girls who loved playing that game!”

    I remember that game! In my school it was always Boys against Girls. Before puberty, girls and boys are roughly the same strength wise. Even still we used to put all our strongest, tallest girls in the center. The more violent the better. Good Times. Of course, there would always be some turncoat boys who would join our line.

    Then there was King of the Hill. If there was no hill available it would be a designated spot on the playground. I remember kids coming to blows to stay on the spot and laughing at the same time!

    The teachers on monitor duty never stepped in to stop us. I feel sorry for kids now. They aren’t allowed to sow their wild oats as babies.

  2. timothy carroll

    Then there was King of the Hill. If there was no hill available it would be a designated spot on the playground. I remember kids coming to blows to stay on the spot and laughing at the same time!

    *****Ah, Mel….you reminded me of MY favorite, or at least ONE of my favorite games as a child. Our house was on a steeply sloped hill and the neighbor kids and I used to play King of the Hill all the time. On the playground at school we would play “Smear the Queer” (how UN-PC is that!!) Hell, I didn’t even know what “queer” meant! All I knew was that if you were “it”, if you didn’t run for your life you could be assured to get caught and pummeled by the other guys. It actually was quite fun! But my all time favorite was dodge ball. Yes, it could get pretty intense, but that’s what made it exciting and fun.

    Years later when I taught school, I noticed the students would cry if they got hit with so much as a nerf ball during a game of dodge ball. I blame it on two things: political correctness and the ever growing suing of any one who claims victim status for being hurt on a playground. Oh, and FORGET tackle football – too dangerous, and you might get those expensive designer jeans torn. Remember Sears toughskins jeans? Funny how being a twelve year old boy back then didn’t include having to look glamorous!

    Make no mistake. The Russians and the Chinese see these feminazi controlled Western countries where women “prefer rapists to racists” for what they are….pussified bastions of Political Correctness. Anyone of these “soldiers” we’re grooming for battle will cry real tears if they so much as break a nail in combat. I would imagine a blemish on one’s chin might make one of them refuse to leave their barracks. And I’m talking about the “MEN”!

  3. Melponeme_k


    I never played dodge ball. Never knew there was such a game. And I lived in a few places around the country growing up. When people started making a big deal about it, I was confused. LOL.

    The big game with girls was Dare. Around our neighborhood the biggest dare was to jump on or roll around on the red ant hills near our houses. Oh my the laughs we had about watching each other run around screeching and picking ants off for what seemed like hours afterwards.

    Getting bruises and scrapes were badges of honor then. Ripped clothing wasn’t thrown out. They would just be labeled play clothing. So everyone would run around on the weekends with holes in their shirts and pants.

    And I wasn’t a tomboy back then. This was all girly girl playtime. Kids are getting soft now.

  4. Peter C.

    Not common news but McCain ignited a bomb on a carrier using his afterburner and killed a few people and put the carrier out of action when he was a pilot.His father covered up the accident and flew McCain out of there.

  5. Christian W

    Murder Inc. wants Google Inc. and Apple Inc, and various other Inc. tentacles to run the lives of “citizens”, that is why female soldiers are promoted.

    It’s of course true that females are weaker physically. The solution is computerized robotics, the next step the elites are enforcing.

    The US is being destroyed by the inherent to
    Capitalism profit motive. Capitalist profiteering is why jeans are crap nowadays (need to sell more jeans) and the generals have sold out to the Murder Incorporations (ka-ching) and US Navy ships are junk and the soldiers of it’s armies weak sugar junkies raised on corn syrup and junk food.

    Blaming “Maoism” is nonsense when the problem is inherent to the US system.

  6. ziff

    ummmm, that last tanker collision a while back, the freighter was on a bizarre and erratic course.

  7. Christian W

    Listen to the Trump administration who wants to subjugate Venezuela…

    They play their audience in exactly the same way the Dubya Bush admin did.

    (starts at 2:11)

    – “We will continue to stand with “Free nations” (TM) until democracy is restored”

    (Fact: Venezuela is more democratic than the US, they have a much more representative voting system and vote on all major referendums. The last US presidential election was just a farce of fraud. In general the US system is only for millionaires and billionaires).

    – “A failed state knows no boundaries. A failed state would drive more illegal drug trafficking radiating outward across Latin America and into the US”

    (ask the CIA, Gary Webb and the DEA about drug trafficking into the US)

    – A failed state in Venezuela would drive more illegal aliens compromising our borders…

    (be very afraid more darkies incoming)

    – “A failed state would endanger the prosperity and security of all of us…”

    – “The Venezuelan people will be free [read, subjected to US dictatorship] once more, for here in the New World [Order, HAHAHA]) Freedom always wins.


    Do you still support Trump, Elaine?

  8. Petruchio

    “Why is our military incompetent? ” A big reason is that the military is All Volunteer. What does this mean? It means the lower classes of people join the military. People with low levels of education. And you are asking these folks to operate high tech equipment? Some of them aren’t up to it, obviously. Also, a lot of illegals join the military, usually in exchange for citizenship. If the day EVER comes where this kind of a military has to square off against a well trained, well led, well armed military…..well the results aren’t going to be pretty. The Russians don’t use oil tankers; they use ships that have munitions on them like missiles and electronic jamming equipment. The future doesn’t look good for a military like the US currently has. The quality people tend to get fed up with the BS and leave.

  9. Nani

    Trump’s ‘Tragic Error is That He Focused on Foreign Affairs,’ Not Home Agenda

    “His tragic error is that he has focused on the foreign relations area, but the Americans did not elect him for that. They voted for him to stop the war, to stop the regime change, the coup d’états, which is what Barack Obama did in Ukraine and Libya. The people who want war between Russia and the US, with Iran, etc., are Democrats, neo-Conservatives and the media.”

  10. Every time Trump wanted to do something at home, his own party would sandbag him and the unholy media would scream at him…good lord. Normally, they are all in agreement behind the scenes because they agree during secret Bilderberg meetings!

    Venezuela is a communist hell hole. It is dying, literally. It should be rich but now it is very poor and the CIA is poking at it, too. Trump is being dragged into everything, like me, he thinks the dictator of Venezuela is a creep.

    About ‘king of the hill’: since I grew up in mountains, we called it ‘king of the MOUNTAIN.’ and if you played this on Kitt Peak or at the McDonald Observatory, for example, the fall down was pretty harsh. On the other hand, in Death Valley, it was flat. So we played ‘escape from the prison camp’ instead.

    Like Mel, I was a ‘girl’ when not playing with the boys, I did play with dolls and plastic horses (!!!) in between doing stuff on the ranches, of course. Wore dresses, too. We can be both!

    But what the military and police are doing is hiring and promoting women who are NOT TOUGH AT ALL. This is a disaster. Total disaster.

  11. Голоса утопии

    «This is pure lunacy.  Genetically, women are deep designed to surrender to force and men to fight to the death. «

    History tells:
    War’s Unwomanly Face by Svetlana Alexievich, Nobel Prize.

    “In all, 800,000 Russian women answered their country’s call during World War II, either as members of the regular armed forces or partisan bands or both. Not only did they serve as doctors and nurses and support troops, they also played important roles in combat functions of all Soviet services, on land, sea and in the air, some becoming very famous and successful snipers and air aces. “

  12. Again: snipers are not like ‘soldiers’ who have to rush into caves, buildings, or ditches and get in HAND TO HAND COMBAT. I could do sniping easily. Snipers hide.

    Women were great backup during WWII and immediately afterwards, went home to have children! Not do all the ‘men’s jobs.’ I knew Jinx, a lady who was a WWII pilot. But she didn’t do COMBAT plane fighting, she was BACKUP.

    A good one, too. Had 2 children after the war. Again: she didn’t fly off of aircraft carriers, for example, didn’t bomb Japan or Germany, etc. The men do the most dangerous stuff, by far.

    I come from 10 generations of women who lived on the New World Frontier starting with the very first colonies. They had to hold down the fort, were captured by tribes, escaped, they fought grizzly bears and wolves. They all knew how to shoot guns, etc. As I do. I grew up ‘wild’ not in cities.

    They all knew how to skin a deer or dig a grave. They were all hard women. Russian women during WWII had to be ‘hard’. Still, it isn’t good when it comes to reproduction of children.

    Women need to be protected when they have children! Not be on the front lines fighting. Duh.

  13. Petruchio

    @#11: Yes, Russian women fought–and killed–Nazis . They had to. The Nazis were invading Russia. There was no escape. And Nazi cruelty to the women in the countries they invaded was well known. Russian women had two choices: fight or be raped–or brutalized in other ways. Or killed. Russian women had no choice but to fight–and they did.

  14. billibaldi

    @#11 and #13 – What history tells us is mess with Russia at your own peril. After Napoleon crossed the Nieman river, it was downhill from there on. Yon Adolf in his hideout in Bariloche must have rued the day that he started Operation Barbarossa. Them Germanskis have never been the same since. Now that Russians have returned to Jesus (see all the Christian iconography visible at the May Day parade) and when they are right with Him, they may lose a battle but they will be on the rise just like under the Romanovs.

    After a review of Russian history it is tempting to convert to the Orthodox church.

  15. Lou

    The crash happened on eclipse day? at what time?

    Elaine, I think you might have a laugh at,

  16. Ziff

    These ‘ accidents ‘ are attacks .

  17. Actually, these attacks are HUBRIS.

  18. ziff

    first one the freighter followed a very erratic path [ odd ? ] latest one US ship was struck in the side as opposed to hitting the China ship .

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