ANTIFA Attacked Charlottesville Mayor And City Council, Screaming Death Threats

(118) Charlottesville council meeting erupts in chaos – YouTube


Dan Lyman – Home | Facebook  has this report: Charlottesville City Council Meeting Explodes As Alt-Left Mob Devours Its Own | NewsWars


I predicted this would happen.  The ANTIFA gangs finally know for certain that the Ruling Elites of both parties want them to succeed in destroying Trump and his followers and so they are now attacking the DNC/RNC traitors who boxed in Trump this week with fake news and fake charges.  The Great Destruction has begun.  I wonder if the stupid elites will wake up in time?  This is going to be funny as all hell.


Remember when reading this: the cops moved in to protect the cruel, stupid City Council by arresting and removing ANTIFA.  They did NOT do this earlier when ANTIFA illegally attacked a legal demonstration.


During the initial half hour of relatively mundane city affairs, Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy stoked the flames of the smoldering crowd, delivering a prepared statement in which he claimed, “In recent months, the Charlottesville community has experienced a series of terrorist acts and intimidation by white supremacists, intended to instill fear and send a message of hatred and bigotry.”


And what were these?  Where is the proof???  I don’t see any proof.  I did see ANTIFA gangs invading the city and illegally attacking people and they got attacked back.  Crime in Charlottesville – Charlottesville, VA Crime Map – SpotCrime

Zero crimes shown on this map were white right wing males.  This is the usual DNC-run city crime map.  Note all the thug behaviors as well as armed robberies.


Shortly after, the crowd began to lose control of their emotions, and Mayor Mike Signer lost control of the meeting, threatening to having unruly citizens removed by police, which prompted an explosive backlash from his constituency, and a shocking devolution of decorum.

Charlottesville versus Baltimore – YouTube


As law enforcement expelled disorderly attendees, some protestors commandeered the council desk, stomping on the table and unfurling a large sign reading, “Blood On Your Hands,” as the mob roared its approval and chanted, “Re-sign! Re-sign!”


HAHAHA.  I hoped they would tear these stupid clowns to pieces like good Bacchanal maenads.  It took less than a week for the worm to turn.


Mayor Signer and fellow committee members quickly exited the room under police escort.


I wish the cops made themselves scarce like they did the other day, under orders of this illegal and obscene mayor.


Slogans of ‘The Resistance’ such “Shut it down” and “Justice for (insert name)” were shouted and interspersed with plentiful profanities, while protesters raised middle fingers and clenched fists.


These people intend to KILL.  No ifs, ands or buts.


Mayor Signer is reaping his own whirlwind after declaring that Charlottesville would be the “capital of the resistance” to President Trump and the anti-leftism agenda, adding fuel to the fire of division that continues to spread through the United States.


Except he is now on the run being chased by ANTIFA.  I find this goes under the rubric ‘you get what you deserve’.


Shortly after the presidential inauguration, Signer held a rally to announce his new primary policy focuses, which would center on foreigners and minorities.


Yes, this stupid traitor wants more illegal aliens.  Arrest him.


“Signer outlined three main policy changes in his speech to the crowd,” reportedNBC29 at the time. “He is working with Virginia Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine (D) to provide specific case assistance for immigrants who need visa help.”


“That he is considering the possibility of making Charlottesville a sanctuary city, first looking into legal ways to add protections for immigrants and political refugees, and the third is putting together a group of lawyers and law students to help immigrants or refugees in Charlottesville process cases and answer questions.”


He is a traitor.  Feed his carcass to the mob of screaming fanatics.  I have a word of warning to these foolish young people who don’t know history: these illegal aliens are being brought in to replace YOU ALL, you dummies!  Duh!!!  Wake up.

I got this from the London Daily Mail, not our wretched US news.  He got DEATH THREATS.  From crazed leftists who are supported by the DNC and RNC.


Some funny cartoons I picked up from the Gateway Pundit:  Paul Ryan Gets Destroyed on Twitter For Refusing to Condemn Antifa Violence.


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14 responses to “ANTIFA Attacked Charlottesville Mayor And City Council, Screaming Death Threats

  1. KHS71

    This is getting to be more interesting. You are now finding out who the real thugs are and is not the right. Kent State anyone?

  2. Sunger

    Elaine said “Increasingly desperate, the global warmists are howling at us that we are going to freeze—roast to death. Michael Mann is leading the fire brigade with another hot blast of hot air, we are doomed, he cries, absolutely doomed to roast to death”

    B.C. Wildfire Service: 19 fires combine west of Quesnel to create record-size blaze

    The Canadian Press

    August 21, 2017 08:30 AM

    “KAMLOOPS, B.C. — Over 400 firefighters are working to contain the largest wildfire in British Columbia’s history.

    Kevin Skrepnek of the BC Wildfire Service said 19 fires merged in an area west of Quesnel in the Interior, creating a single fire estimated to be 4,674 square kilometres in size.

    Co-ordinating a response has been a challenge because the fire measures more than 130 kilometres from one end to the other, he said, adding 25 helicopters and 73 pieces of heavy equipment are being used.

    “There’s good progress being made out there, but just given the sheer scale of this fire, it is going to be active for some time to come,” Skrepnek said.

    It’s been decades since British Columbia has seen a fire anywhere near this big, Skrepnek said. The previous record was 2,250 square kilometres, set in 1958 by a fire burning in the northeastern part of the province.

    Residents of several small communities have been forced from their homes by the giant fire, but Skrepnek said it’s still about 60 kilometres away from the nearest cities of Williams Lake and Quesnel.”

  3. Yes, you can have forest fires even during Ice Ages, indeed, MORE forest fires due to LESS RAIN.

    It is raining here in my forest today like most of the summer. Dry in one forest but very wet in another. This is called ‘typical weather on planet earth.’ Oh, and this is one of the coldest summers in the last 50 years here, too.

  4. Remember: 80% of earth history the last 2+million years have been Ice Ages not Interglacials.

  5. Pete


    If you want to find out who truly rules you,
    find out who you cannot criticize.

  6. JimmyJ

    I lived for 40 years a few miles north and worked in that forest where the huge, so-called “Plateau fire” is now. The entire Plateau area is lodgepole pine forest that was completely killed off by Mountain Pine Beetles since the 1980s, with thousands of dead standing trees and dead wood on the forest floor. The bug killed pine burn very hot and the fire stays in the tree which candles, unlike in a live pine forest where the fire moves through quickly. These fires are way hotter and last way longer than a normal pine forest fire. Add in the hot dry windy summer and you have this disaster.

    Whether the Pine Beetles epidemic was a result of climate change or mismanagement by BC Gov forestry personal is a matter for debate. Certainly when the Pine Beetles first emerged in a big way the Gov dropped the ball in eradication efforts and then it got away on them.

    During and post epidemic the BC Gov reduced stumpage (tree tax) to basically zero to encourage companies to log off the bug kill but the milling is tricky with equipment wear much worse than for green wood (and exploding sawmills and dead employees due to flammable dust). And the dead wood is increasingly poor for construction so companies try to avoid it. If you look at central BC on Google Maps satellite it is mostly massive logging clear cuts, which grew to huge sizes after the beetle kill. Yet still there is millions of acres of standing wood some for decades now and debris enough to burn. They are replanting lodgepole pine again in this area although not to capacity.

  7. floridasandy

    antifa equals antifamily.

    You see no families there, just butt hurt kids living in mom’s basement.

    the successful kids have better things to do.

    it’s probably all staged. The mayor of Charlottesville worked for the Center for American Progress and is a graduate of Berkeley. He’s Jewish and a “race activist” and his dad worked for a newspaper. This is all not accidental that it is happening at Charlottesville as he tries to get them back in the news.

    Meanwhile, they are burying police officers here today due to losers like him, always trying to start race BS. I don’t see the media covering that, or the other 4 officers that were shot. Again, the shooter here posted a lot of race crap and went by the name Malik Mohammed Ali.

    If you are smart, you won’t let your kids go to any of these rallies, or go yourself. They can have a war and none of us will attend. The media wants fights, and we should deny them.

  8. floridasandy

    you want to know how stupid they really are?

    from the comment section at zero hedge:
    ESPN yanked an announcer off the upcoming University of Virginia football game because his name is Robert Lee. 
    Mr.Lee is of asian descent.
    You really can’t make this shit up…
    …no word yet on if the Antifa social justice warriors will descend on Mr.Lee’s family burial plot and desecrate graves or topple tombstones so, stay tuned 😉

    good post.

  9. Jimmy J, thank you for the deeper explanation of forest fires. My brother-in-law is a fireman in Oregon who has to deal with this sort of business if there is a forest fire in his district which is mainly pine forests.

  10. Good comments, Floridasandy. Some of my readers seem to have lost their way lately and are falling for all the tricks flowing out of every pore of our media these days.

  11. Lou

    Guess Who Funded The Charlottesville’s Riot? … lles-riot/

  12. Lou

    The White Supremacist Organizer of the Charlottesville Rally Was a CNN Operative
    BUSTED: Unite The Right’s, Jason Kessler, Was Paid By CNN … -Operative
    “He used to work for or with CNN. No Joke, you cannot make this stuff up!”

  13. Thank you for the information. Too bad, it made zero news in the mainstream media. But then, this hiding of information about ‘agent provocateurs’ has been going on since before I was born. I have seen these at work during the student uprisings of the 1960s.

  14. Lou

    scary, if you let it get to ya.

    heres more–possible true stuff,

    Linking Charlottesville to Assad – latest witch hunt of the US war lobby … lle-assad

    NAZI march video from the day before — same as done in Ukraine … and-terror

    (Disney – part owner of VICE – produced WW2 propaganda films)

    (Cooper admits Vice Media captured his demographic’s imagination by feeling fresh and competing aggressively while Playboy was on cruise control, yet he notes that, now that Vice is backed by 21st Century Fox and Disney, “nobody is viewing them as some pirate ship any longer.”)

    The Next Hef: Hugh’s 25-Year-Old Son Reveals Plan to Remake Playboy “For My Generation” … on-1031468

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