Trump Surrenders To Bilderberg Gang: Will Double Down On Afghan War Folly

The mainstream fake news, the DNC Democrats and the GOP Bilderberg gangsters have finally defeated Trump and above all, the many US soldiers on the front lines who voted for him because he wanted to stop all the many futile, dangerous and ill-concieved wars…Trump has betrayed all of them.  He hopes that following the orders of the Real Rulers, they won’t kill him.  He has ceased trying to do what Kennedy tried to do and failed: stop the CIA from infiltrating and attacking the US itself.  They now have a green light to continue their control of the US public, with the help of Californians working for Google which is just another CIA operation to collect and abuse data.


Dear readers, I am not boasting when I talk about my own childhood deep, deep inside the Deep State apparatus.  My father was one of the founders of the Deep State systems when FDR chose him to be the one to seek out the Nazi rocket caves and bring back the scientists there and whatever else he could gather.


The Deep State runs our government.  I oppose the Deep State because many of its activities isn’t hidden from me, I spied on my dad to the point that he agreed to give me premature adult status just to get rid of me in 1967.


This was when the Vietnam War was raging and I was organizing against the war and this was a menace for my father.  That is, I was telling everyone about actions by the CIA and by 1968, I had uncovered via grilling German Nazis and prisoners of the Nazis, about events that involved my father doing ‘Operation Paperclip’ in 1945.


This was kept top secret, this push to bring Nazis home to be NASA, for many, many years and wasn’t eked out into the public after the Soviet Union fell.  And 90% of the actual information is still quite secret today.  For this event was the birth of the CIA which was organized along the lines of the NSA which my father was in, and the OSS.


Today we see the warmongering Deep State winning the election.  Many millions of voters voted to stop this war.  The military grunts on the ground nearly uniformly voted for Trump and the reason they cast these votes was his promise to pull out of Afghanistan.


Now, he has betrayed them in particular.  He did this in hopes that the Bilderberg gang will stop attacking him.  He is too naive.  The s**t storm that happened in the last several days where everyone in power screamed at him to SUPPORT ANTIFA and to condemn his own voters caused Trump to surrender.


As I pointed out, the DNC/RNC/fake news machine made it crystal clear, they are siding with and are part of ANTIFA.  ANTIFA is a tool of the Bilderberg gang and it is suffused with black magic dirty tricks.  The ANTIFA are trained in what used to be called ‘universities’ but now are brain washing centers for the elites.


The teachers are near slaves kept at starvation wages and threatened to be replaced by new recruits trained by these brainwashed ‘professors’.  They, in turn, are filled with rage and the Bilderberg gang tricks them all into fighting white males who the Bilderberg gang fears because they are capable of contending for power whereas the females are easy to dupe.  Tell them, they will get all the juicy jobs now held by white males, these will now go to the females who are not as suited for these key jobs.


The women in the Pentagon, for example, are on this fast track to rise to general status.  Meanwhile, the men who do the actual front line fighting are shoved to the back of the line and have much reduced chances of rising in the ranks now.

The betrayal of the voters of Trump will now isolate him from his own natural base: white males.  He will continue the destructive policies of all the previous Presidents and do nothing to help white males who the media and Congress all yelled, are the cause of all our troubles because they resist the far leftist communists.


This victory for ANTIFA is its own destruction.  Now that the voter base has been destroyed, the Real Rulers will now utterly crush ANTIFA.  This looming ‘Night of the long knives’ will repeat Hitler’s moves against his own ‘Brownshirt’ followers.


Already, Google is isolating and suppressing LIBERAL antiwar websites.  As well as the conservatie antiwar sites, the liberals are on the chopping block.  Google hopes no one will notice now their peculiar position in this ongoing coup.


The censoring and destroying liberal websites began before the coup, last week.  Now, when people look to the news to see what the hell is going on, if they google the news they will not see one liberal/antiwar/conservative news sites, they will only see mainstream fake news sites.


They will not understand why Trump changed direction so suddenly.  I do know why: the s**t storm of this last week has finally broken his will.  He can’t take it anymore.  He wants peace and quiet and this means KILLING US MILITARY SOLDIERS WHO ARE MALES.


They voted for him!  The Bilderberg gang hates them.  This is why it is promoting women over these brave men, women who see little to no direct combat.  By 2013, women soldiers were only 33 of the casualties in Afghanistan whereas the men were over 1700.  Virtually no women would rise to ‘general’ rank if the position was given proportionally to the people who do the most dangerous military jobs.

Suicide rate of female military veterans is called ‘staggering’ –

WTF?  We were told, women would love to fight.  But most women are not EMOTIONALLY capable of this.  Why?  Evolution says, women who are protected by males can then concentrate on producing and protecting babies!  Babies are very hard to raise.  And they usually are close to their mothers though this is being destroyed by Western civilization which has decreed that strangers should raise babies while the mommies work far from home!


New government research shows that female military veterans commit suicide at nearly six times the rate of other women, a startling finding that experts say poses disturbing questions about the backgrounds and experiences of women who serve in the armed forces.


Their suicide rate is so high that it approaches that of male veterans, a finding that surprised researchers because men generally are far more likely than women to commit suicide.

The question that is never asked is ‘why the F are men committing suicide at a much higher rate than women?’  Furthermore, when women get total parity with men, they become MORE suicidal than men!  This is the hidden truth about the push to remove men and replace them with women struggling to pretend they are men.


The rates are highest among young veterans, the VA found in new research compiling 11 years of data. For women ages 18 to 29, veterans kill themselves at nearly 12 times the rate of nonveterans.


Roadside bombs in Afghanistan killed the most women in the military.  The Pentagon is pushing hard to send more women there, that country HATES women soldiers far more than male soldiers. It is a top reason why the Taliban won’t stop fighting!


Female service members have always been volunteers, and their elevated suicide rates across all generations may be part of a larger pattern. Male veterans 50 and older — the vast majority of whom served during the draft era, which ended in 1973 — had roughly the same suicide rates as nonveteran men their age. Only younger male veterans, who served in the all-volunteer force, had rates that exceeded those of other men.


The differences suggest that the suicide rates may have more to do with who chooses to join the military than what happens during their service, said Claire Hoffmire, the VA epidemiologist who led the research.


So, blame the victims. The article goes on to blame male soldiers for women soldiers being treated like men, end up having sexual advances on them.  DUH.  If they want to keep women safe, they must not put them smack dap in the middle of nowhere, sleeping with horny young males, and tell them, they are strong soldiers and can fight off a rapist.


Afghanistan is a country without whores.  Whores get stoned to death there.  All male soldiers posted in Afghanistan are sex starved with no outlet that is possible except for their fellow soldiers.


All encampments of soldiers since around 12000 BC have attracted whores.  This is NORMAL.  Denying basic human psychology is futile.  The Ottoman empire castrated guards of the palaces and especially ones keeping the harem isolated and under control, for example.


Sending young men into Afghanistan is destroying their psyches.   Sending young, naive women there to be cheek and jowl is insane and is causing the deaths of many, many women who commit suicide after being exposed to Hell.


I am concerned with the suicide rate of ALL soldiers.  This has to stop.  This is insanity.  The status quo isn’t working. Trump lost in Syria and he should have, it was sane to ‘lose’ there and he is losing Afghanistan which all world losers lose!  History is clear: Afghanis will fight to the last man.


Among men 18 to 29 years old, the annual number of suicides per 100,000 people were 83.3 for veterans and 17.6 for nonveterans.  The numbers for women in that age group: 39.6 and 3.4.


GOOD GODS…the suicide rate of all soldiers are 10x that of non-soldiers.  And what is the Pentagon doing?  Oh, studying it!  The Taliban are very aware of this information.  They have strategists who are mainly in Pakistan who are computer users who are highly aware of all this, the North Vietnamese tracked US information, too, for the same reasons.


Putin is very highly aware of this.  He probably, being very bright in math, has been very aware of all this and discusses it with his own generals.


A back injury forced out Sara Leatherman in 2009 and continued to cause her pain. She was also suffering from traumatic memories of maiming and death she witnessed as a medic in Iraq, said her grandmother, Virginia Umbaugh.


Leatherman was 24, attending community college in La Mesa in San Diego County and receiving treatment for PTSD when she hanged herself in her grandmother’s shower in 2010, Umbaugh said.




I grew up very rough.  I went through hell beginning at 5 years old when I was both struck by lightning and raped.  I dealt with this all my life.  When I was 15 years old, I was going to kill myself in the desert so I went off to this hill and standing next to a saguaro, I prepared for death only to stop at the last minute because I had a true revelation: I am stronger than those who attack me!  I have the power, the MENTAL power to defy them all.  And furthermore, I could be a heroine, not a victim.


This information came with other news: despite the damage to my body due to being raped as a child, I would defy the doctors and have a baby which did happen in the end.


It is dangerous to be on any battle line.  This poor woman was an idealistic recruit who, when faced with the reality of real blood, recoiled.  But nurses at DNC run hospitals see endless gun victims there…and don’t commit suicide at the rate the soldiers do this.


The best preparation for being a nurse, doctor or soldier is to learn how to kill chickens for dinner and then sit down and eat it.  For the last 3 million years, this is how men and women homosapiens survived: by killing and eating animals!  It is part of our DNA.  And civilization has gotten rid of this connection.


The best soldiers are hunters who kill and then eat their prey.  I do this, too.  About trauma: I have known a number of Battle of Iwo Jima soldiers.  My deceased father-in-law was a medic in that battle.  They all bore great mental scars from that fight.  All of them buried these very deep in the soul.  But it was there, huge and menacing.


They stayed sane by burying it.  Men ‘man up’ all the time and I suspect the suicide rate for male soldiers is also so high now due to them not growing up on farms and doing farm chores.  This makes ‘killing’ more natural and guess what?  The Afghanis are exactly that: farmers and animal herders who view killing as normal!


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64 responses to “Trump Surrenders To Bilderberg Gang: Will Double Down On Afghan War Folly

  1. floridasandy

    I would have no problem with targeted air supported. He really didn’t say what he was doing. There are really evil people in the world, and the more I read about militant Muslims the less I like them-a lot of pedophilia there. (and sex with animals, sanctioned by the religious leaders). Iran was much better off BEFORE the religious nut addition.

    I liked that he said that he would cut off Pakistan’s aid if they didn’t step it up. We will see.

  2. Tim E.

    What is the payback time for the people doing black magic? I know you have mentioned that it comes back to the people that practice it and will end up affecting them worse then the person they cast the spells on.

    With how long this stuff has been going on it seems to me that payback has started somewhere. Maybe that is what they are most scared of now with some of these secrets starting to see the light of day.

  3. It happens at the Gates of Death.

    The other payback is my favorite curse from the Darkness: may all your wishes come true.

    That destroys people like nothing else on earth. The more they get their own desires, the more they are destroyed.

  4. I forgot to mention, if your wish is for people to be safe and happy and live good lives, it might not be granted in life but it is a huge deal at the Gates of Death. A very positive thing.

  5. hblinken

    what difference is Trump to Tsipras, they both misled their voters base. I suspect Jeremy Coburn will be the same

  6. Melponeme_k

    @Tim E

    The elites have all occult knowledge at hand from the beginning.

    Yes, they will answer to personal faults at the end. Just as we all do.

    BUT they know Natural Law. They also know what to avoid and what they can take on as soul debt.

    All the black magic? Yeah, done by their lackeys. So the actual black magic is not on their souls. Will they be censured for wanting and suggesting? Yes. But they won’t take the fall for the actual workings.

  7. Tim E.

    That makes sense.

    It seems that they are trying to get off on a technicality passing it off to the lackeys.

  8. Tim E.

    Have a feeling that the Gates of Death won’t work for the elites like the court systems do here on earth.

  9. Melponeme_k


    Perhaps but then again they have been in power a long time. The same families from at least 1700 and even earlier. They know more than us.

    All the occult literature stress that thoughts are real with the ability to become concrete objects/actions on the earth plane. That is why religious/occult literature continually warns us to control our thoughts.

    According to Natural Law, the world is the way it is because of our collective thoughts. Because we shirk responsibility, refuse to take charge or learn, we get the leaders who are the same. Because we don’t value virtue, chastity, purity, loyalty, beauty and love, we get leaders who are ugly black hearts.

    Isn’t easier to complain about society instead of doing something about it? We are all, collectively, in a mass cop out of responsibility. Except for Elaine. She can rightfully stand up at the end and say she took action. There are others like her.

    In fact in some occult literature it states that the world hasn’t collapsed or suffered some huge natural calamity because of humans like her. THAT is how powerful pure thoughts and rightful actions are in the world.

  10. Shawntoh

    If you want to see what the future going to be like, then look no further than a certain documentary about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan–

    The Soviets expelled and banned all journalistic coverage of that invasion, which was horrific for the Afghan people (million dead)– not to mention that the idiots in OUR government decided to back extreme “Mujahadeen” like Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the seeds of blow-back, once the Soviet Union withdrew when the various “Mujahadeen” forces turned their US made weapons on each other further turning Kabul into more rubble after ten years of war! (another 400k dead)–

    Elaine, if not herself having visited there, I’m sure knows old hippies who went to Afghanistan in the ’60s and early ’70s. It was no paradise but it had its own rugged charm and was relatively peaceful enough to do some travel there to some areas. Elaine, please correct me if I’m wrong on this but that’s what I know about the place

    I am in no way associated with CEM Productions. View at your own risk–

    Last Images of War (1992) concerns four photo-journalists who covered the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan never to return.


    Other sources cited:

  11. Look, NO mere human can fool the Watchers. As their name says, they See Everything. Very similar in nature to vultures.

  12. Shawn, hippies went there for the hashish. I once used Afghan hashish when a hippie chick back in SF. It was a very laid back place, Afghanistan was back then. Once it became a bone of contention, it became a hellish place. Sikkim, which I know very well, on the other side of the Himalayans, was very private and very peaceful and ended up totally destroyed by the Great Powers by 1980.

  13. Melponeme_k

    True. Yet, we don’t really know the nature of what they judge. Purity of thought would be a given.

    But then stories say that we all agree to a destiny when we incarnate. We are then judged over whether we met these personal goals or not. Some of this destiny doesn’t even have to be huge deeds in life. It could be as simple as loving a wife or husband, and child (which would mean very much if the person in question never did in previous lives). Its about learning, controlling feelings and integrating thoughts and actions.

    What if it is true that some are destined to be gods over the rest of us humans because collective thinking requires it? It isn’t pleasant to think about. But I give it pause none the less. After all, in a universe where the spirits of Geronimo and Princess Diana can be used in grand magical workings…then anything is possible.

  14. Melponeme_k


    This is why Farmers are ferocious and carry firearms in the US.

    New Zealand has strict gun ownership laws. Apparently self defense and protection of property are not taken into account when granting licenses.

    This is obvious, otherwise these farmers would NOT be sitting ducks for thieves. They would be out at night, armed and patrolling their property. Rather than watch the cops bumble around and fail to catch anyone.

  15. Dogs and more dogs! Dogs guard my place.

    I had this Afghan dress way back in the 1960s. It was wool with MIRRORS sewn all over it and embroidery by hand, it was sturdy and beautiful. It was one of my favorite ‘hippie’ dresses.

    Now, the women have to dress in Saudi dreck. No more mirrors on dresses there.

  16. Tim E.

    Thank you Melponeme_k

    I can see why they want to make anything occult and natural law seem crazy to the non elites. Makes their job easier for control.

  17. And they all believe in BLACK magic!!!! That is the kicker here.

  18. Mewswithaview

    Trump is probably a scared man right now and has surrounded himself with the modern day Praetorian guard who have successfully put a buffer between him and his allies. The viciousness of the Washington establishment has taken me and I would say most of his supporters aback. It’s quite disheartening for any man (or woman) to face that level of opposition and it would be a brave man who does not retreat in the face of certain assassination were he to continue his pre-election promises. Oh well, the empires decay continues towards its inevitable bust over the next two decades, just remember the USA is still the best looking horse in the glue factory, we are much more likely to experience a major crisis in Europe within the next few years. Today’s senior politicians grew up 50 years ago in the 1960s, they will all be gone from power over the next five years. Who is coming behind them?

  19. Christian W

    Come on. Trump is no victim, he was a fraud from the beginning. He had obvious Deep State handlers and support from Sheldon Adelson and Netanyahu. You cannot possibly be surprised he is screwing you over.

    It is also interesting that Trump’s Deep State handlers were promoting this ANTIFA vs. alt-right narrative from the beginning the one that Elaine has been pointing at.

    You are being played like fiddles… again (and again and again) sigh.

  20. Shawntoh


    Why I’m shocked and scandalized! 😉

    You mean those nice young people in the sixties weren’t doing cultural outreach by sharing and witnessing to the Afghan people the positive things about America– like Due-Process–the presumtion of innocence until proven guilty in a fair court of law? 😉

    Forgive me, I jest.

    Yes, old travelers mentioned to me that you could drop into a Tchaikana {pronounced CHAI-KHAN-na} (teahouse) and see Afghan men in cafes smoking hashish and playing chess. How interesting. Anyway–

    Elaine, is some kind of curse upon that area of the world? I know we can just usually write it off to the strategic positioning (a Silk Road route between Persia and India)– yet I wonder about that one.

    The Afghan people need to be left alone and given help to heal from the war trauma that’s been going on for generations. Who knows when that will finally happen.

  21. As I keep saying, Alexander the Great went deep into Afghanistan, married a lady there, partied with everyone and left in one piece, the ONLY conquerer to do this.

    All the rest insist on dying there or rather, forcing their captive troops to die there. It is insane and at the same time, rather queer and funny.

  22. floridasandy

    Christian, on the economic front Trump is doing great We have more help wanted signs here than I have seen in over 20 years, and I expect that it will get even busier in the tourist;/busy season.

    I can’t deny that I am a little worried about his foreign policy. If our jackass congress wasn’t on vacation every 2 days, he might be able to get them to focus on that, and be diverted from any foreign policy crap. Generals always advise more warriors-that’s what they are paid to do, but it doesn’t make them right.

    For the record, I don’t believe in black magic, but I do believe that people make their own choices in life.

  23. Magic is a metaphor. It helps one focus. Doing stupid magic leads to messes and mythology teems with stories about doing stupid magic, as warnings. Hubris being the #1 item here.

  24. Melponeme_k

    In all the books I’ve read on “magic” or “alchemy”, none of them have ever stated that the practitioner would turn into Gandalf. That is fantasy not magic.

    Magic is merely having immense control over your own brain. The biggest part of magical exercises is self examination of thoughts. Eventually to control how one thinks.

    Basic exercise. Sit for 5 minutes and observe your thoughts. You’ll notice how much “white noise” is part of everyday thinking. We are all filled with stray thoughts, emotions and hundreds of other little wild whims that mask our purpose. This white noise thinking prevents us from accessing our full potential. Eventually the exercises gravitate toward controlling that white noise so that one can actually recognize purposeful thinking over emotion based reactions and bored fantasies.

    Alchemy books also stress the concept of marriage of Sun and Moon, Man and Woman. Yes, on the large it means creating a stable relationship with the opposite sex. But on a personal level it means creating an even relationship or melding your creative Right brain side with your logical left brain.

    A person with immense control over themselves, who harnesses the power of their creativity without barriers (white noise thinking) and can take purposeful action would look like a magician to us. Even though this power is the birthright of everyone on this planet.

    The elites don’t hide this fact. But they misdirect it. A lot of pop psychology books and new age books use the concepts but instead turn it into selfish endeavors. Even satanic endeavors. Almost all advise worship of money.

  25. Or the short cut: get hit by lightning bolts over and over again. Works great.

  26. Christian W

    @ Mel

    Yes, the elites always use the personal ego to misdirect people. They love to use instincts and emotions anf feelings, the basic constructs of ego, to create emotions like Fear, Hate, Greed, Envy etc so they can manipulate people using Delusion.

    Lately, as you point out, I’ve seen a lot of people selling you your “perfect body”, invocations, spells and concoctions to get rich/solve financial problems and so on. Spirituality in the service of superficial worldly success…

    What you are describing, the basic birthright, is what the Buddhists call Buddha Nature; a Buddha, the way you describe it, is someone who has control over themselves. I’m sure other religions have their equivalent. Maybe the way Christianity would put it is Holy Spirit, not sure. The Christian way of putting things is a little bit too removed for me to understand instinctively, maybe someone else like Sandy can help me out here.

    Your basic excersice is basically Mindfulness and Awareness in action. I’ve been meditating for years observing these phenomena in myself. Nothing is harder than to go to the root of yourself and accept everything you find. Everything is there. The way we (I) habituate ourselves (myself) to not go there, there is reality, is extremely hard to untangle.

    And that is why the elites can manipulate people. People will do anything in order to avoid facing themselves fully so they use their ego to project and create false stories to comfort themselves. The elites feed into these stories (me vs others, us vs them, Good (always me/us of course) vs Evil (always you/them of course).

    This is the basic survival instinct (me (ego) vs other (outside world)), then they add fuel to the fire (ANTIFA vs Neo-Nazis, Left vs Right, Christians vs Muslims, America vs the World/China/Russia/North Korea/Syria/Afghanistan, North vs South, Capitalism vs Communism, East vs West, Cities vs Countryside, White vs Black, Citizens vs Illegal Aliens etc.

    The Truth shall set you free. The “Kingdom of Heaven” is inside you (your Buddha Nature). You can discover this for yourself.

    The only enemy is Delusion.

  27. Christian W

    @ Sandy

    The financial situation is an illusion. We are in yet another Global financial bubble now, created by the Quantitative Easing program by the FED/EU Central bank etc. This one is many times larger than the one that burst in 2007/8.

    Like any bubble this one too will have to burt. The only thing that changed post 2008 crash is that the FED increased it’s grip on the economic system. Now the system cannot even reset and rebalance because every time there is a crash the algorithms kick in and prevent it. Then over the next few days/weeks the algos rebalance everything again back to “normal”. Rince and repeat.

    Nothing is more fake than the “Free market”. That is why no one bothers to even discuss the economy anymore. It’s a complete waste of time as long as the system is as artificial as it is.

    So, in preparation for the inevitable crash the elites are setting the political stage to reap the harvest of emotions, Fear and Hate etc see my reply to Mel above. That is why we are being fed ANTIFA and Alt-right/Neo-nazi/KKK stories instead of having a genuine and sound political discourse to follow. The elites will use the emotions to fuel their own power and redirect the fury to a target of their choice.

    There is no functional political landscape left in the US. It is all under the control of the CIA/Mossad. You name it; education, media, the political system, the judicial system, the military, the financial system everything is under the control of the CIA. The elites will go to WWIII to protect this system as there is no way they can reform it anymore. The only way for them is forward into a Matrix system where they control absolutely every minute detail of our lives. Ask Google, Facebook, Amazon (Prime, Alexa), Apple (Siri), Spy camera TVs and Smartphone spy sets, the CIA, the NSA, the MI6 etc etc how this works.

    The fake choice of the Trumps vs the Hillarys is only there to give you comfort through ego stories of Us vs Them. It’s all just a distraction.

    That said, I don’t think they like Trump much, but that is mostly because they need to school him to their ways. He is clumsy and crude but he is learning his lessons.

  28. Christian W

    The US system means that we will see perpetual war (the war on terror/Russia/China/Venezuela etc. Venezuela so far has been assymetric but perhaps we will see a more direct intervention soon). The only way the US system can perpetuate itself is through looting people (domestic and overseas) and other nations, not through sound economic domestic activity alone (most of that is of far too small a scale to matter much for the elites).

  29. Economics isn’t a ‘delusion’ it is RAW POWER. And populations of ill-educated humans are pushed from one side to the other, run over, hammered, killed outright, etc. Anything that can be done to destroy them or enslave…lies, delusions and foolish distractions…this is why control of the media is so important.

    The internet wrecked this for our Rulers and now they are at war, fighting information with lies, spreading stories that isolate or delude, they push and push and hope no one figures out what is going on.

    So focus on the rulers: what are they doing today? Oh! Destroying Trump! This is the main reason I support him now: the elites hate and fear him so much.

  30. Melponeme_k


    Although I’ve read books on Buddhism. I dislike the notion that the goal is what seems to be self annihilation. What purpose does that serve? The sum total is again, luring the ego with a promise of bliss eternal. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the concept. Since I’m not Asian, wasn’t raised in an Asian household, I’ll never understand. In fact Asian Religious systems were part of the CIA attack on American culture.

    I stick to western based religions and philosophies. Of late, I got my hands on Harold Percival’s Thinking and Destiny. It is a metaphysical work by a Crowley contemporary. Basically Percival amalgamates all these ideas into a rather coherent system. I’m not saying I believe in it but there are good ideas in there. His basic argument is that we have 3 part selves, body, mind, soul. The goal is to reunite them. While we are in the body, we have to learn to control emotions etc. Only then can we gain awareness of the rest of our being.

    His opinion of Ego is that it has metastasized past its function. The only job Ego needs to do is take care of is our basic functions, eating, cleanliness, health and safety. But due to our culture it has grown out of control, it ignores its basic roles and instead thinks that IT IS ALL that we are. It thinks the clothes, car, house etc. that surround the body reflects self worth. Basically it is the social satanic directive that the elites like to jail us under.

  31. Christian W

    And finally, the elites are not the enemy. To put them in the position of “enemy” is to fall into the trap of me vs them. The elites are not apart from me. Everything is One interlinked reality. What the elites represent is egoic delusion, they are working on personal power (ego) on this plane, not caring, actually feeding off, the destruction, pain and misery they cause in their wake for their own supposed profit.

    I can find all these reactions within myself. That the elites are not the enemy does not mean I am not allowed to protect myself from them, but the intent behind how I deal with them is what is crucial. They cannot be destroyed and conquered, because you cannot destroy Greed eg, so they will only resurface in another form. The best weapon against them (delusion) is the simple truth, not hate, fear, anger or any other emotion they (the ego) feeds off.

  32. Melponeme_k

    This is where I divert from metaphysical, religious and other mumbo jumbo.

    The elites are the enemy Christian. When there are people actively working to keep me and others a prisoner in body and soul, what else to call them? Calling the Rose by any other name etc. etc.

    If there was a mass awareness today, the elites would disappear within minutes. But that isn’t going to happen. Everyone is on a journey at different levels. Telling the truth is great. But keeping laser focus on them and naming names is paramount. This is why people like Alex Jones are so powerful now.

  33. Christian W

    @ Mel

    There is no promise of bliss eternal as far as I see because there is nothing to reward. There is only the here and now, the eternal moment. Nirvana is to be connected to the living moment beyond ego identifications. In Buddhism you cannot die, because there is no coming or going, no birth or death. This means that the body is just an organic form on top of, and formed by, the underlying true reality ie Nirvana. Thus reality itself is bliss eternal, the “reward” (note that there is no such thing) is not something in the future like in Christian traditions, it is NOW.

    Also, very importantly, in Buddhism there is no Self, no Soul, no Atman, to be rewarded. The Self is simply a reflection of everything. Not sure I agree with the notion of no Self. Buddhism becomes a little murky to me when it has both reincarnation – of what if there is no Soul? and a personal karmic destiny. That one is still for me to understand. The explanation I have read is that what is reincarnated is an amalgamation of habits and attitudes and personal karmic choices that carry over to the next life.

    So, the “reward” is to be free of this cycle and just be one with the reality, Nirvana, once you have shed the karmic habits of many lives. This is another one I have no personal experience with yet. I only go with what I can, and have, experienced myself so my approach is quite practical and in the here and now. I leave faith and dogma for others if they want it. I don’t pay too much attention to the mythology and cosmology, since various tradiitions have various explanations based on their culture. This is just my understanding. I guess some Buddhists would disagree, others agree more or less.

    Some Buddhists believe in an elaborate Heavenly system, with many heavens and hells, others in none. The Buddha himself called people who believed in nothing, or a one time soul living once, what we would call Atheists, Nihilists (or Materialists) and people who believed in an eternal Soul he called Existentialists. His teaching was that there is neither a temporary nor an eternal soul. This is a subject/object problem.

    When you realize there is no outside and no inside, a lot is understood. This is a realization beyond mind and logic, not an intellectual understanding, in my experience. That is why I go with experience rather than dogmatic teachings. Ultimately you have to find out for yourself. I still have a lot to understand for sure 🙂 The Way sure is fascinating tho (for the ego hehe).

  34. Christian W

    @ 33 Mel

    Yes, they are the enemy and they are not the enemy. I am not saying you must turn the other cheek or be a doormat or go to the ovens without self defence. I am saying the attitude how you deal with them is important. Nobody has the right to violate you but don’t become another version, a mirror image, of them in the fight.

  35. Kenogami

    Melponeme_k wrote:

    ” Although I’ve read books on Buddhism. I dislike the notion that the goal is what seems to be self annihilation. What purpose does that serve? ”

    This deep misunderstanding about the goal of Buddhism was propagated by Schopenhauer and many Christian and Western intellectuals. But is it conceivable that some of the most brillant Asian minds of the last 2000 years would strive mightily for years of their life to reach the mental state of a vegetable and the hopelessness of a suicidal neurotic? Schopenhauer and many others thought so.

    Nirvana has often been translated as annihilation in Western languages, but Buddhists strive for the annihilation of the Ego: the source of egoism, greed, thirst for power, hate, jealousy, war, destruction and other “sins”. When the Ego has been annihilated, what is left is the Self, which is the Adult human being, and which is mostly obscured by mental noise and the unlimited greed of the Ego.

  36. Melponeme_k

    @Christian and Kenogami

    You both highlighted WHY the CIA and the Bilderbergs used the Beatles to push Eastern religions.

    Christian, yes we are connected BUT we are solitary beings each and our job is to reunite all parts of our selves. The beings that Elaine calls the Watchers, Percival calls Complete Triune selves. These are beings are part of a higher reality who did not become enamored of physicality. That is why they can judge us.


    Ego serves a function in the body. To kill it is to kill the caretaker. What must end is the Ego thinking itself a far loftier emissary than its natural duties of making sure dinner is on time, baths are taken and butts wiped after defecation.

  37. Christian W

    @ 30 Elaine

    Supporting Trump is like pissing in your pants to keep warm, nice and fuzzy at first, not so much after a while… Spiting the elites is fun but doesn’t lead anywhere. (Maybe I am wrong here tho.)

    I love that he threw a wrench in the US elite system. I see that they hate him because they need to keep their system running and his ideas are anathema to many of those things. Sadly I think his ideas would create a host of other problems because they would crash the US economy and system (the reason the elites hate him) AND divide the US populace even further, when the opposite needs to happen. A perfect recipy for chaos, which the elites are now using the momentum of for their own ends imo.

    The elites have a dilemma. A. Allow Trump to crash the system, which most likely would force the elites to go to war before they are ready or lose it all (not going to happen). B. Subvervt Trump and integrate him (happening, hence Deep State handlers installed early.)

    Trump’s problem is that he has/had no solution for the problem of the elites. He hadn’t fully understood the US system or the enormous scope of it, which is why his ideas didn’t survive reality.

  38. Christian W

    @ 37 Mel

    The problem with these discussions is often how we use language and words. There are many words and concepts in Sanskrit (just to use one language) that have no translation either directly or culturally or in many other ways to our language and cultural understanding. Eg. the word Ego is used by some where I use the word Mind.

    Higher beings… some people see Guardians (friend), Watchers (Elaine), Devas and Angels and Saints and on and on. I don’t have much experience with them (maybe some) so can’t say much about it. I have one friend who is an Alien from Sirius (I keep a little distance shall we say). This to me is religion and dogma since I don’t know about them. Maybe in time I will come more in contact with them.

    The idea that you need to integrate these beings reminds me of Jung and the need to integrate the Shadow aspects of your self and Anima/Animus etc. Maybe also the Enneagram could be used here (using Instintcs and Tritypes (Head, Heart and Gut) and Archtypes and so on). Or Taoist Alchemy.

    I heard of a Buddhist monk who was utterly distraught when the Vietnam war started. He viewed is as a personal failure of his practice. The point is that also Buddhism recognizes what you describe of how the “mind” and intent affects reality as expressed in our world.

    You can dress these things up in various ways, but past various interpretations based on personal and cultural bias and experiences they point the same way.

    As the Zen saying goes, don’t mistake the finger (teaching) pointing at the moon (enlightenment) for reality. The teachings are just a metaphor to put you on the right track.

  39. Melponeme_k

    No, Christian, I won’t fall to relativity.

    Psychology is based on “magical” principles but stripped of the religious/moral basis. Jung went back to Alchemy but used his own terms.

    The Monk should have been distraught. If Alchemy is correct than the power of his moral/righteous thinking, along with his fellow monks, should have prevented full blown war. But there is a lot of skullduggery among Buddhist monks and nuns just the same as the Christian church.

    I find Zen ridiculous. More mumbo jumbo to hide the obvious. Its the same mindset that keeps the mystery cults hiding what they know.

    We don’t have time for mystical, airy fairy, look at me tap dancing. Now is the time to speak out. And if the ones who know can’t do it, then they are failures. All the more reason to ignore them and work on the self, to become the one who speaks truth.

  40. Christian W

    Maybe Alchemy is not correct. And yes, there are a lot of fake monks and nunns in any religion.

    If someone speaks of integration of something, then how can you know what something he/she speaks of. You have to make your own idea/interpretation of what they are talking about. How is this not also mumbojumbo? How is this not also a finger (metaphor) pointing at the Moon (ultimate goal)?

    Buddhism is exactly about that, to work on the self, to become one who speaks truth (a Buddha).

    All we can do is find our own path.

    (Elaine seems to have some help on hers tho. 🙂 I’m joking not meaning to be mean or offending, not sure I would like getting zapped all the time tbh).

  41. Melponeme_k

    Alchemy is one of the closest to truth philosophy’s I’ve read about. Zen/Tao and Buddhism are all based on its tenets as well.

    Where the mumbo jumbo comes in is typical crazy speak to veil meanings for people “not ready” for the message. Who is anyone to judge who is ready? There are very few on this earth who are complete beings. I guarantee you NONE of them are in the religious orders.

    Zen has its silly finger koan. Alchemy speaks of marrying sun and moon and killing green lions. The elites and religious muftis et. al. are quite content to let this all remain needlessly obscured. But when spoken in plain terms, it is all simple common sense.

    Which is exactly the reason why it is hidden.

  42. Christian W

    What is truth?

    What is a “complete being” and what makes them so?

  43. I used to tell people, if they want ‘enlightenment’ they could put a finger into a lamp after removing the light bulb and then turn on the switch. Either that or stand outside in a thunderstorm with an umbrella.

    Either way, you get the shock of your life and get to learn about how the Gates of Death operate all simultaneously! See? Fun.

    Playing mind games is another human trait. We really do love doing this. And when anyone figures out how to ‘zone out’ they love to claim they are now at one with the Gods. A short cut is to get stoned, of course. Then you zone out really good.

  44. melponeme_k

    “What is truth?”

    Don’t fall into relativism. That is what elites LOVE for us to do. There is truth, there is love, there is beauty and there is good and there is evil. If we hadn’t fallen into relativism as a collective race, we wouldn’t be having all these social problems now.

    “Complete Being”

    Someone who thinks, takes action and creates with love, compassion and joy. Simple. We just think it is hard because of all the useless thoughts we throw around instead of really doing the work.

    The only examples we know are done by the elites who use it for dark purposes.

    “I used to tell people, if they want ‘enlightenment’ they could put a finger into a lamp after removing the light bulb and then turn on the switch. ”

    Oh Elaine, then we’ll have to stand at judgement and explain why we committed the crime of suicide. Then we’ll be sent back to Go, don’t collect and start all over again. Not only that, we won’t remember a darn thing.

    The idea of enlightenment meaning zoning out seems to be CIA social program/engineering flim flam. Becoming more aware means being more aware of the nature of this reality. There is no bliss out or zone out involved.

    The work and the wonder is here, now, right in front of us. What the heck is this place? Why is it so weird, beautiful, ugly and confusing?

  45. Christian W

    Hm zoning out in Zen terms is actually zoning in. Out of excessive thinking (Cogito Ergo Sum… I think therefore I am lost in thought… a Buddhist joke) into simply being with what is. The idea that you are looking for Enlightenment as a Bliss realm is completely wrong. If you think that is what Zen is then you have completely missed the point. The point is that you practice, through meditation, to stay with reality just as it is rather than start to conceptualize everything and using your small mind/ego to search for solutions and start to divide everything into good/bad. Big mind, Buddha nature is staying with what is just as it is. That is Mindfulness, the opposite is Forgetfulness (meaning you are lost in your egoic conceptual world/mind/thoughts)

    There is truth, there is love, there is beauty and there is good and there is evil.

    Heh, this is the point of the One Finger Zen teaching. Everything IS, right here and right now. But simply to say there is Good and there is Evil IS relativism. Because what is Good for one, could well be Evil for another. Already you are caught in conflict of views and opinions. The Soviet Red Army, was it Good or was it Evil? The German Nazi Army, was it Good or was it Evil. The US Army that dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima, was it Good or was it Evil? Depends on who you ask, no? To say this is 100% Good, and that is 100% Evil is fanaticism, no?

    In Buddhism, also in Taoism, NO view is the correct view. All views (relativism) are wrong. Standing outside such judgment (relativism) is the thing to do. Simply to use concepts such as Good and Evil has already led you astray.

    “Beneath the Heavens, when everyone knows perfection as perfection,
    Then there is already imperfection” Dao De jing – chapter 2

  46. melponeme_k


    Again, I have NO interest in Asian forms of religion. I think it was created to appeal to the minds of a totally different and alien society to the western person.

    Asian society has never really looked upon itself as a group of individuals but a collective.

    The fact of the matter is, Asia has been prone to communism which has analogues in their religious systems. Russia was not an anomaly to this, it is a Eurasian society. This is why the elites were so gung ho to bring these arcane systems to western societies.

    “But simply to say there is Good and there is Evil IS relativism.”

    Relativism is the FIRST TENET of Satanism. Congratulations.

    “The German Nazi Army, was it Good or was it Evil.”

    Are you for real? Of course they were evil.

    “The US Army that dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima, was it Good or was it Evil?”

    Japan wanted to ethnically cleanse China and was well on the way to doing so. Not to mention they were fixing to do the same to Hawaii. Which is why we fought them tooth and nail in Iwo Jima.

    They were evil and they were quite content to default to suicide bombers and become terrorists.

    So years and years and years of everlasting terrorism from a rogue nation or end it with the big one.

    Where we went wrong was let down our guard and forget they were ethnic cleansers. They were allowed to ethnically cleanse our auto industry.

    “Evil is fanaticism, no”

    Being a moral person is now fanaticism? The elites would agree with you.

    I’ve read the DAO. ITS BULLSH))00t! Purposely twisting the brains of the Chinese peasants so they can’t think straight and allowing the Chinese elite to rule with iron fist. TO THIS VERY DAY!

  47. Christian W

    So you are saying nuking 200,000 men, women and children to ashes, just to make a political point, was GOOD?

    The US spared Hiroshima and Nagasaki from the fire bombings that ravaged Tokyo and other cities, so it could make scientific studies on pristine environments and measure the effects of atomic weapons. This was Good?

    And you don’t think the families that had their children burned alive by US bombs thought the US bombers were evil? Could it be that to them that both their leaders and the American leaders were Equally Evil?

    To you let your egoic judgment be the be all and end all of what is Good/Evil, that is Satanism in my book. How is that different from being a One person Inquisition? This is just a variation of Maoism for flips sake! Maoists have zero doubt what is Right and Wrong in their book and Chairman Mao has ordered them never to step back from the righteous fight!…

    So now what? Are you going to decide you are the force of Good and off you march to combat Evil? Good luck on your Crusade!

    Satan uses your Personal Ego as his main tool. This is why Christian Dominionism is Satanism in “Christian cloathing”. Dominionists believe God is NOT Almighty but needs their personal help to fight “Satan”. They have made God and Satan into limited objects. Heaven is likewise an object outside of them they are promised to reach in the future.

  48. melponeme_k

    “So you are saying nuking 200,000 men, women and children to ashes, just to make a political point, was GOOD?”

    So this is about body count?

    Japan’s ethnic cleansing of China should have been allowed to continue?

    300,000 in Nanking were murdered. Not only that, they took a page out of the Nazi book and committed gross experiments on victims. They also plague bombed Changde and were prosecuted by Russia for this war crime.

    They still have not accepted fault. And our elites have allowed them to do it. There is a reason why China is enraged every time Japan venerates its war “heroes”.

    “To you let your egoic judgment be the be all and end all of what is Good/Evil, that is Satanism in my book.”

    Again knowing morality is now evil? Or Communist?

    So stating with firm judgement and morality that Germany and Japan were evil in regards to ethnic cleansing crimes in WWII is now egoic satanism?

    Ok. Also where did Dominionism come into the conversation. Now being a moral human being makes one equivalent to being a member of a crazed Christian sect?

    I’m not the one calling for ethnic cleansing of whites (even though I’m Native American). I’m not calling for the censorship of books or Professors in schools. I’m not arguing for different religious sects nor looking to ban them.

    I’m calling a Spade a spade.

    One of the basic Natural laws in Alchemy is one of Polarity. So yes there is pure good and there is pure evil and the variations in between. There is black and white of everything. To pretend that this doesn’t exist is ridiculous. This is why we have continual wild swings in history of far right to far left, back and forth.

    The point of gaining control of one’s own mind is stopping or slowing down the rate of the polarity swing.

  49. Christian W

    It’s a weird Good to nuke children and women when you don’t have to. You just use rationalization to convince yourself it is necessary. Then your judgment is morality in your mind. This works both ways. That is the point here. Everyone can use their own judgment of what is Moral, Right and Good to justify their actions. To ignore body count, ignore the result of your own actions, is to let the end justify the means.

    Japan had lost the war. China and Russia had just defeated close to a million Japanese on the Chinese mainland. Russia had just invaded the Japanese mainland. There was no immediate need to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki as Japan was crushed and seeking a face saving way out of the war by talking to the Russians on backchannels. The US wanted to use their new weapons, so they used them for political, military and scientific reasons, not for Good though.
    The claim that every Japanese would become a crazed suicide manic is not necessarily true.

    So, then, are you not in the realm of Evil? Or are you Good simply because you are by default Good since you know what Good is, and therefore can do no wrong?

    If you are a convinced Nazi, then getting rid of lesser beings is fully justified. Then that is your Good. In your polarity world, only approved people have the right to act and think. In Nazi Germany, only Nazism was Good and childred were brought up to believe this fully. How is this not Satanism?

    So we end up exactly where we are today. People using their own judgment of morality, good and right to justify their actions. That is why in the minds of Nazis, Commies, Righteous Crusaders, Maoists, Capitalists, Dominionists etc etc everyone is using their own egoic definiton, or rather the value of that particular Collective consciousness, of what is pure evil and what is pure good.

    The only way to have everyone agree on what is the True Good and the True Evil is to have only one option, but then you take away the freedom of choice and individuality.

    How is that not an Evil in itself? Isn’t this the recipe for complete Totalitarianism? How do you deal with people that have a different notion to yours what complete Good is? Send them to retraining camps or simply shoot them?

  50. melponeme_k

    “Japan had lost the war. ”

    Yes, they did. But they were perfectly willing to engage in terrorist activities which caused considerable damage. Our fighting men were not allowed to speak about it. Not only because they didn’t want to scare Americans but because they didn’t want to bolster the tactics of the Japanese.

    According to this blog, they even attempted suicide bombers dressed in Diving suits!

    “The claim that every Japanese would become a crazed suicide manic is not necessarily true.”

    Except, unfortunately, it is true. Read the links from a WWII veteran and the crazy diver suicide bomber story along with photograph of memorial statue.

    “If you are a convinced Nazi, then getting rid of lesser beings is fully justified.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh I’m a NAZI now because I revile death camps and the two countries who exalted in their use in the war.

    So stopping war criminals is on par with mass ethnic cleansing.

    “In your polarity world, only approved people have the right to act and think. ”

    Where did I write that? It is everyone’s duty to recognize the polarity swing in the macrocosm (world) and the microcosm (self). MY word, Elaine writes about it ALL THE TIME!

    “The only way to have everyone agree on what is the True Good and the True Evil is to have only one option”

    So the ethnic cleansing of Nazi Germany, WWII Japan and eventually of Soviet Union (Ukraine starvation) plus Madame Mao cultural war in China are not examples of True Evil? Obviously asking you to agree to that is EVIL in itself.

    Oh my.

    “How do you deal with people that have a different notion to yours what complete Good is? Send them to retraining camps or simply shoot them?”

    Who wrote that? The only one who did was you. I think you are projecting.

  51. Christian W

    Some nutcases does no suicide nation make. There was still time, that was my point. Japan was finished in any case. Why not wait it out a bit? There was no immediate need to drop the atomic bombs, apart from fear the Russians would manage to end the war before the bombs were dropped. Since it was not totally necessary (Eisenhower and many others disagreed with the bombing) was it still Good?

    You misunderstand my argument, I did not mean to say you were Nazi, I meant to say what makes you certain you are Good, when Good depends on the context you exist within? Good within the context of Nazi was Nazi, to some Germans. Other Germans had other notions of what Good was. Is it not conviction of what is Good that decides what is Good? So if you identify as American and find what is Good for “America” to be Good. What about other Americans who find their Good is different from yours but still believe their Good is the correct Good?

    What IS the Unpolarized Good for America?

    What made the Japanese suicide bomber convinced he was fighting for Good (Japan)? The collective context and his upbringing among other things. So if someone exists in a collective context, like we all do, how do you know your value of Good is the Unpolarized Good or just an idea of the Unpolarized Good that has been given to you?

  52. Christian, you are the opposite of what you write. You are highly emotional, easily triggered. You fall for other people’s fantasies and grip these beliefs to the point of being rude, you attack people with all your ‘might’ when they tell you there are technical explanations for reality.

    You become vicious and throw personal attacks whenever someone doesn’t believe your beliefs, too. This isn’t ‘zen’ or ‘Buddhist’ or ‘no ego’ but the exact total opposite.

    I have an ego. I am happy to have an ego. I recognize that I have an ego. People with brain damage don’t usually have an ego. I have known many famous people and they all had an ego or they would be crushed by outsiders.

    I have battled other famous people’s egos. This is what power and life is all about. Religious fanatics are all the same; they cannot stand anyone having a different view on life.

    The biggest egos on earth are people who lie to themselves and claim they have conquered their own egos. They don’t. They usually become religious leaders who uniformly including Jesus and Buddha and Moses, etc. have the absolutely gigantic egos, massive Himalayan sized egos.

    This is a message from the Watchers. 🙂

  53. By the way, if you look at the history of giant egos, note that all of them demand their followers, this includes Mohammed, etc. to ‘go into the desert/mountains’ to ‘meet god’ and they all have to ‘wander in the wilderness’ to find their gods, etc. I was raised in the desert and when I ‘met the gods/goddesses’ it was in the desert. Nice climates don’t seem to produce this sort of god. You need very dry air and when meeting these ‘gods’ one is told by them this message: ‘It may look as if everything is dying, and one despairs but then the earth turns and the season changes and suddenly it rains. And when it rains, there is lightning and this brings life as well as death.’

    Seems a simple lesson but humans hate simple lessons and want more elaboration and then all sorts of activities that removes the hard truth of Nature and Time and replaces it with…get this…WORSHIPPING HUMANS.


    Yes, for the last 2,500 years, virtually all new religions worship humans, not the Watchers or the Nature gods or anything nonhuman. Humans have this element called ‘hubris’ which is why they seem to insist on worshipping mere humans. All communist dictators want their victims to worship them, too.

    Note that virtually all religions kill people and this includes Buddhists. They ALL do this. ALL the time. Isn’t that hilarious? In a horrible way, of course.

  54. Oh, and all the damn black magic practiced by mere humans: the Watchers absolutely hate that. It is attempts at meddling in their affairs. You cannot do that and get away with it. It attracts their attention, big time.

    This, too, is a lesson humans find hard to learn. The powerful imagine they control the Afterlife. Note the Pyramids of Egypt: ahem…LOOTED.

    The rulers of Egypt thought they could take all their wealth into the afterlife. All it did was cause the death of the workers building their monuments to hubris and then learn, too late, ‘you can’t take anything through the Gates of Death.’

  55. I am presuming here but: the way the Watchers operate is, whatever you did in life, big or small, they force you to relive it but from the victim’s point of view. We all do things, large and small, and the small things cause very little anguish but the very big cause very big anguish. This is a very simple concept: a guilty conscience.

    It is a very old concept. The ‘Furies’ are a Greek incarnation of the guilty conscience, for example. There is one thing that really irritates the Furies and this is humans doing their jobs. People think, if only they use force they can force people to believe what they believe.

    AHEM. This is how all religions operate. They punish anyone who questions anything whatsoever. They can’t stand people challenging their views. Their views are to be imposed on others. When someone argues with them, they get angry. I can get angry when arguing, too. I am a human, after all.

    Fanatics wipe out all doubts. They believe they are equal to gods and can impose their views on others which is different from ‘persuasion’ but rather, is ‘domineering’ and this leads to ‘anger’ and then ‘threats’ and often, ‘violence’.

    And Buddhists can be very violent, too. Ask the Japanese!

    See, there are no perfect humans. They cannot exist. Go watch 2001, the movie. It is a long meditation on humans defying the gods (HAL) and winning only to be trapped in this alternate universe of death and resurrection. A lot of people dislike this movie because it seems to make no sense.

  56. Speak of the devil, here is the entire movie.

  57. Christian W

    @ 53

    1. Of course I have an ego, and of course I am emotional, I am a human being not a tree stump.

    Some people I believe, sometimes, and others I do not believe, sometimes. I believe Newton’s Laws of Physics, becaue they match experiments and reality. I believe Richard Feynman when he says: “It does not matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are, if it doesn’t agree with experiment it is wrong”. because this view supports the Scientific method.

    I find the “Truthers” and “Conspiracy theorists” (accusations created to shut down critical thinking) hypothesis that gravitation and fire alone can NOT pull down the WTC buildings the way the collapsed is correct because it matches Newton’s and other fundamental laws of physics. This is the only hypothesis put forward that matches the reality of physics, observed data and testimony of first responders.

    You, on the other hand, use the claim that you are smart and knowledgeable about the WTC buildings as proof of your hypothesis. This is not proof, that is your personal view, unsupported by Science. This hypothesis therefore fails Feynman’s test and Newton’s test, ie it is junk since all that supports it is a logical fallacy (Appeal to Authority) ie your authority.

    I can fully accept your professional knowledge and expertise, but I cannot accept that as the sole explanation for the collapses. Your claim has to be supported by evidence and experiement, and it simply is not. Even “technical reasons” have to be supported by the laws of physics in action, and they are, in the Truthers’ model…

    NIST’s hypothesis does not even pretend to be science if you look deeper into it. It is just mumbojumbo promoted by the Fake News MSM to pretend there is an official explanation.

    Since only the “Truthers'” (the real ones of course, not the CIA fake ones there is a LOT of disinfo out there) argument is logically and scientifically coherent and matches my own observations of what occured on 9/11, I have to support their stand point until someone has a better explanation.

  58. Christian W

    2. Ego & Buddhism

    Buddhism is not about annihilating your ego. Why do you think that? Buddhism is about seeing through the conceptual reality imposed upon us by others and ourselves and perpetuated by the egoic complex.

    The Buddha took a long time to decide to start teaching because he knew people would start to conceptualize his teachings and miss the point but he decided to give it a go anyway.

    Why do people believe Buddhism is about going off to a lala land of bliss? Nothing could be further from the truth. Bliss happiness and joy is right here and now, the only place that ever exists. It is not apart from anything because, as the Buddha teaches, there is no separate self. Everything is composed of everything. Everything shares the same reality. I saw a Native American saying which got this – All beings share the same Spirit.

    The very first teaching of the first Buddhist I met was simply: Do not believe in any dogma, not even Buddhist dogma. There is the Buddhist saying: “If you meet the Buddha… chop his head off!” This means, do not fall for dogma or start to worship an idol or an idea ie concepts.

    Therefore your contention that all religious people get angry when their dogma is challenged is simply not reality.

    Also, I never claimed I am a Buddha or perfected being or anything quite the opposite. I know that if I see one of Mel’s “Perfected Beings” I will run like hell in the opposite direction.

    As for 2001, I’ve known for a long time it was a metaphor for deeper understanding.

  59. Um, practice what you supposedly preach is a great start in life.

    You have great fury over issues of little to no matter. How many angels can dance on the top of the WTC is an interesting hobby to worry about but you did threaten me if I didn’t agree with your head count of these angels which is where you go wrong. See?

    You see 1,000 angels and I see none. Isn’t that what irks you so much? 🙂

  60. Christian W

    3. Religious killing

    People kill. Non religious people kill. Religious people kill, sometimes in the name of their religion. You say you are a killer. You say you are ready to kill and that people on the countryside are excellent shots and can handle firearms much better than the city folks.

    This only shows that even religious people can miss the point of their teachings. They fall into the trap of missing the obvious, that we all share the same spirit, and start to follow conseptualized thinking, ie the Ego and make up stories around it. It is Us vs. Them, My Religion vs Their Religion, My Country vs Their Country… therefore we have the right to kill because We Are Good and They Are Evil and the other side says We are Good and They are Evil and this loop goes on forever.

    In other words, both sides have fallen into delusion. For example one side Loves Trump the other side Hates Trump, or One side Loves Hillary and the other side Hates Hillary – and the elites are overjoyed to feed both sides to strengthen the Hatred and Fear that feeds delusion.

    Delusion is the lifeblood of the elites because that is the real tool they use to move people to kill and die for them. Support Trump, feed the elites and delusion. Support Hillary, feed the elites and delusion.

  61. I kill because I have to kill to survive. People living under the protection of the State don’t have to fear death except when the State decides to kill. Ahem. My family has been involved in military matters since…the end of the last Ice Age? At least!

    The ‘fighting spirit’ is important! Fight with me, I don’t go ‘Oh dear, someone is attacking me!’ Au contraire. I light up with joy. ‘Oh goodie, someone wants to fight with me!’ See?

    Not everyone likes fighting. Some of us enjoy it. You worry about ‘delusion’ while being deluded, yourself. All humans are ‘deluded’ to some degree due to the way our brains work.

  62. Christian W

    @ 60

    Dear Elaine. Wherever I look in the US I see madness and increasing insanity.

    I am looking for signs that the US will return to sanity (out of delusion) but the nation is getting darker and darker by the minute.

    I never feared when Russia collapsed. Their collective consciousness was sane enough. The collective consciousness of the US is a mess of madness and confusion, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. The US needs to be healed, not pushed further into disruption and division and schizophrenia.

    Moreover, the reach of the US is unsurpassed. No power on the planet comes close. The monster that is the US system is sending it’s tentacles to choke all of us.

    That is what irks me.

  63. Christian W

    @ 62

    That is obvious. We have a survival instinct. None of us is a God.

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