Everyone Is Now Blocking Traffic, Getting Hit, While Protesting In DNC Cities

Every day now, people are illegally blocking traffic to protest something.  Instead of organizing a proper march, getting permission and allowing the police to reroute traffic, these demonstrations are now in the middle of traffic and deliberately done this way to get attention.  This is also a good way to get hit by cars.  People try to barge through, they can’t just turn around, and when protestors don’t step aside, bad things happen.  This tactic of going into the street and forcing traffic to stop and sometimes attacking the trapped drivers is now causing people to muscle through these ad hoc demonstrations.  The police in liberal cities won’t stop these traffic stopping events and this causes tragedies.


There are literally millions of reasons to demonstrate. We all have this need for attention.  The point is often to get people angry but this backfires because people get angry at the demonstrators stopping traffic, it doesn’t earn respect or compliance.  So far, demonstrators have gotten away with this with the media supporting traffic stopping for causes so long as these are ‘liberal’ events.


The transvestite who was killed by the cops was trying to murder someone with a knife and then stabbed a cop too, and then was finally shot.  Like many Black Lives Matter demonstrations, the object of this ire is usually protesting on behalf of someone who is a criminal or doing something very illegal or even deadly.


This wins no hearts and minds.  So far, the demands we all allow blacks to run riot has backfired and got Trump into the White House.  If transgender people do this too, it will backfire very badly in the long run.  I advise all transgender people to show a peaceful face, to NOT BLOCK TRAFFIC but have other means of getting messages across.  And please avoid riots.


Ditto, the peace movement which rolled over and played dead once Bush Jr. left office.  You guys failed miserably.  And are still failing miserably since Hillary was war mongering like mad during the election even openly talking about launching WWIII missiles.  Not a peep or demonstration against this at all.


When the far right does and of this street blocking, destroying monuments, etc., the media attacks then and demand that Trump attack, too.  And if he does condemn this, they still attack him, attack him endlessly.

The mass media giants are relentlessly pushing the idea that Trump is a Nazi.  The ‘Trump is a commie Russian’ storyline is now officially dead.  Congress is still riding that pony, of course, they are horrified he tried to do diplomacy with Putin.  But the mass media has moved on to this new trope.

Most of the UN are countries run by brutal dictators.  They kill their own people and anyone else who irritates them.  Very few countries have any ‘civil rights’ for everyone at all and outside of Europe and the US, nearly all of them control their borders and do this rather violently.  And nearly all of the dictators are also very racist and anti-other religions, too.

Europe won’t do this.  Europe is being overrun by illegal aliens many of whom are very violent and some extremely deadly. Thanks to this, Europe is under siege and is being systematically destroyed.  And the rulers of this mess, the Bilderberg gang, is focused entirely and totally on stopping Trump from saving us from this mess.  Speaking of the devil here:

The mayor of Rotterdam is a Muslim man.  Ditto, London.  Like in the US, citizens are fleeing their cities and moving into the countryside.

In the US, Republican students are striking back, demanding the other side apologize, too.  And the pulling down of statues is now a fad. Everyone wants to do this now and rename cities, etc.  This happened to ancient Rome, by the way.  Another signpost of where we are going now.


And Russia is laughing right now.  Here is NATO’s EU partners for WWIII.  A bunch of dippy females who look weak, act weak and are nearly totally stupid when it comes to war issues.  They can’t fight. Germany not first in line to send more troops to Afghanistan: minister: Yes, they are surrendering in Afghanistan.  I think this is smart.  But they will surrender ALL THE TIME.  That is stupid. Ursula von der Leyen  is runny Germany’s military now- Wikipedia


Ursula von der Leyen was born in Brussels. She is the daughter of Ernst Albrecht, a prominent CDU politician and former European Commission official, as well as a long-time Prime Minister of Lower Saxony. Her brother is businessman Hans-Holger Albrecht.


She is a Bilderberg gangster who is very rich and very elite and very connected to the nobility of the old school.  She has zero combat/military experience.  She is also a figurehead who will let others use her as a puppet.  This is insane, it is like the middle ages where children were crowned king when daddy like Henry V died while at war.  This leads to disaster as Henry VI was totally incapable of running anything.


Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen (About this sound listen (help·info)) (née Albrecht; born 8 October 1958) is a German politician who has been the Minister of Defence since 2013, and is the first woman in German history to hold that office. A physician by profession, she previously also served as the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs from 2009 to 2013 and as the Minister of Senior Citizens, Women and Youth from 2005 to 2009. She has sometimes been suggested as a possible future successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel.


As the elites run Germany off the cliff, one wonders why are they doing this?  Are they insane?  Or just stupid?  I say, both.


Within her first year in office, von der Leyen visited the Bundeswehr troops stationed in Afghanistan three times and oversaw the gradual withdrawal of German soldiers from the country as NATO was winding down its 13-year combat mission ISAF.


I do say, Putin is highly aware of all this and silent.  He watches with fascination as NATO rails against him more and more and demand no one do business with him except when they need to do it like, selling Europe energy products.  And he is building his pipeline to Turkey and Turkey this week bought more weapons from Putin.  The alliance is growing very strong now and nearly done.  NATO is fatally weakened with Turkey joining Russia this way.


I find this all very funny, actually.  Trump was right to try to make contact with and do diplomacy with Putin.  And the Bilderberg gang blew up and demanded he stop and are intent on preventing even the most elementary diplomacy now, THEY are the ones imposing a new cold war on us and they are responsible for the warmongering going on now.

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