Hurricane Harvey Might Hit Texas, Will Hit Mexico, Mainly Floods Will Happen


will turn into a hurricane soon, it is still in the Gulf of Mexico.  It  has low wind speeds but this is going to be more like Hurricane Sandy which was big and slow moving.  Little wind but over 10″ of rain, lots more than 10″ of rain!  We were flooded here in New York, for example.  So Texas better brace for serious flooding.

Unlike 15 years ago with one hurricane chugging along the hurricane belt after another, we have very weak hurricane building going on.

It has been a very cool summer here on the East Coast because one cold wave after another has flowed over us, the latest one just yesterday around 12 am.  This will stall out the hurricane which isn’t strong enough to warp the cold front entirely.  Which means a great deal of flooding.


Stalled hurricanes are destructive.  Unlike the NOAA map, look at Intellicast – 36-Hour Surface Forecast in United States: 

They are predicting it will hit Brownsville square on, half of the hurricane hitting Mexico.  1933 category 5 Cuba–Brownsville hurricane:


After exiting from Cuba, the hurricane entered the Gulf of Mexico and restrengthened. On September 2, it re-attained winds of 140 mph (230 km/h). Initially the hurricane posed a threat to the area around Corpus Christi, Texas, and the local United States Weather Bureau forecaster advised people to stay away from the Texas coastline during the busy Labor Day Weekend. Officials declared martial law in the city and mandated evacuations. However, the hurricane turned more to the west and struck near Brownsville early on September 5 with winds estimated at 125 mph (205 km/h). It quickly dissipated after causing heavy damage in the Rio Grande Valley. High winds caused heavy damage to the citrus crop. The hurricane left $16.9 million in damage and 40 deaths in southern Texas.


This happened during one of the warmest years in US history, much warmer than today with ‘global warming’ which seems to miss huge hunks of the globe.  1938 New England hurricane was the nastiest one to ever hit the East coast.


I expect the global warming community to go utterly insane with fear now that finally, a hurricane will show up.  They were really worried none would happen this year like so many previous years.

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