China Accuses US Navy Of Being Stupid, While US Media Doubles Down Attacks On President


News — RT: 

The head of the 7th Fleet was removed after two embarrassing accidents badly damaged US military vessels that bristle with equipment for ‘seeing’ absolutely everything.  Yet these ships continue to blindly blunder about, crashing and killing sailors.  The level of incompetence here is very high.  And the US media runs in to blame Trump for this instead of lax systems set up previously.  The Chinese and Russians are very amused by all this and it gives them a great opportunity to mock the massive Pentagon war machine.  And the machine deserves mockery.


The attack on US statues by the deranged liberals who go nuts when they see a photo of a blonde toddler holding a US flag and a toy, has led many a DNC leader to attack statues all over the place and of all sorts of historical ‘crimes’ such as breathing oxygen 400 years ago:


The review, ordered by de Blasio who is running for re-election as a Democrat this November, is part of an effort to remove ‘symbols of hate.’  ‘We have to look at everything here,’ de Blasio said during Democratic a mayor debate held Wednesday evening.


Look in the mirror, dude.  There is the ‘hate’.  This mania to erase history is straight out of the ‘1984’ playbook.  Recent immigrants especially illegal aliens want all traces of our history destroyed, it appears.


Democratic City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito echoed the mayor’s stance, saying the memorial celebrates a disputable historical figure.


And she is an example, being a fairly recent resident in our country.


‘I will wait for the commission, as I said Christopher Columbus is a controversial figure to many of us particularly in the Caribbean and I think that that has to be looked at, when you have to look at history we have to look at it thoroughly and clearly,’ CBS reported her as saying Monday.


Why isn’t this woman in the Caribbean, fighting statues there?  How did she get here?  Why stay if you hate us!  We don’t want you, either.  This attitude problem is what Americans back 150 years ago worried about.  Will new immigrants be traitors?  Will they stay beholden to foreign powers?


This lead to the creation…I am not joking here…of ‘public education’ which didn’t exist anywhere in Europe or the Americas before 1800.  The New Republic began schemes for producing public schools and when the country expanded, it expanded and it taught newcomers how to be ‘real Americans’.


This is vanishing now.  The newcomers are taught that America is evil and our history is evil and they should hate America.  The radicals doing this teach each other in college, how to hate American history.  This will destroy our country, it is already wrecking it rapidly.  As Europe is being ripped apart the same way, the EU is now collapsing internally.


The vicious ‘liberals’ continue to attack a black man who supports Trump.   They did research about him and then published all the information they gathered in order to intimidate and destroy him and now are mocking this black man mercilessly like sharks eating a swimmer.  They think this is funny.  Beating up on little citizens is great fun for super rich, super powerful people like Alex Baldwin.


Next, I suppose that horrible show will make fun of the little white toddler, too.  Why not?  Seems all the little people are there to be beaten over the head mercilessly like the Google computer expert who was defamed, abused and hounded by these gangsters.


I see some very bloody days coming if the leftists in the DNC and GOP and mass media don’t back down.  They have gone stark raving mad now and want death and destruction which is why they continue even now to unleash ANTIFA on citizens.


And now onto the NYT being nasty as usual:

The NYT doesn’t want Trump to do anything at all. They do not want any border wall at all because they are using illegal aliens to gain power over citizens and to intimidate and destroy citizens, wreck all signs of previous beliefs and names and occupations that irritate illegal aliens, we are punished if we even say ‘illegal aliens’…this is a conspiracy to aid and abet a literal invasion which is also destroying the European culture, languages and civilization.


Basically, our political elites have declared war on the legal citizens of Europe and the US.  They hate us.  They want us dead.  We can’t even have pictures of cute little toddlers anymore because it enrages our elites who rule us with vicious delight as they torture us about even existing.  They are dangerous and they are out for blood.


The lunatics at the New York Times also have this editorial by all the editors there at ANTIFA central in NYC:  Say No to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mr. Trump – The New York Times


This, from the clowns who applauded Obama letting out of jail a record number of outright criminals!  More than all Presidents together, he pardoned them all by the hundreds while the NYT racist fascists applauded this!  But Trump giving mercy to a sheriff??? Oh no!  How dare he!  This insanity continues unabated and it is why I have gone from hating the NYT to wanting them shut down as a terrorist operation.  After all, war criminals run the joint.  They orchestrated the illegal invasions of Iraq, Libya and Syria!


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13 responses to “China Accuses US Navy Of Being Stupid, While US Media Doubles Down Attacks On President

  1. Shawntoh


    What’s going with China and South Korea? Things seem to be thawing a little bit between them or is this just for show?

  2. Christian W

    Why should China and Russia laugh? The Pentagon is waging war against them, even at their borders. India just joined the Pentagram fold when it signed a major military alliance deal with the US in 2016, and now suddenly hostilities kick off on China’s border.

    Now China has the US operating against it from
    – Afghanistan
    – Pakistan
    – India
    – South Korea
    – North Korea (the US put economic sanctions on China using NK as a pretext)
    – Japan.

    Afghanistan, Pakistan and India are hot wars while South Korea and North Korea could go nuclear at any given moment.

    Like you said the other day, all Putin has to do to defeat the US is stay out of the way long enough, unfortunately the Pentagon will not give Russia and China (and Europe) that option. The US has very advanced plans how to attack Russia and China (and Europe) which we see in operation right this minute.

    @ 1 Shawntoh

    Hopefully South Korea sees where this train is heading and decided they don’t want to get burned to crisps again just to serve the US.

  3. Christian W

    No wonder the Chinese are pissed off, wouldn’t you be with a reckless madman banging on your house day in and day out and intent on breaking in?

  4. China’s power is concentrated while ours is dissipating. China can punch outwards, the US can collapse anywhere on any front all over the planet, even simultaneously.

  5. Christian W

    CIA and Pentagon Al Qaeda weapons smuggling ring busted. The journalist who wrote this got fired. Just putting it up here because you will definitely not see this in the MSM.

    350 diplomatic flighs carry weapons for terrorists:

    “Silk Way Airlines” (Azerbajani company) used to smuggle weapons under diplomatic immunity from Bulgaria and other Eastern European nations through Azerbaijan (sometimes directly to Israel or Saudi Arabia) to receiving nations.

    Countries involved on the Western side. The US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Germany, Greece, Romania etc (basically NATO and owners)

    Type of weapons: non-standard, ie Eastern European Russian type weapons, seen in use by Al Qaeda & friends.

    Receiving nations: The Dark side in Syria (Al Qaeda/Al Nusra), Afghanistan, Congo, Israel (again for Al Nusra et al), Burkina Faso (pre.coup) etc.

  6. The CIA has been doing this all my long life and yours, too. Isn’t it ridiculous considering how it backfires so frequently.

  7. Petruchio

    I think the Fake News Media passed a major tipping point a year or two ago. The average age of the typical Fox viewer is reported to be 68! People that age almost NEVER change their minds about politics, so it’s no wonder. But aside from Generation Prune Juice, the Fake News Media has lost a lot of followers. Only about 15% of people take the MSM seriously anymore. My point is that the Fake News Media is lost their target audience. More and more, it does matter AT ALL what the Prop rags like the NYT and WaPo print, preach or think. Nobody cares.

  8. This is called ‘creating chaos’ and I am sorry to say, but this is the goal of the Bilderberg gang now that they can’t enforce anything abroad anymore after the Vietnam war/Afghan war failures.

  9. Lou

    Elaine, did you mention this crash, recently?

    Posted September 14th, 2017 at 6:48 PM (CST) by Bill Holter & filed under In The News. JS

    Bill Holter’s Commentary

    YouTube owes us an apology! Bill and Jim’s discussion for subscribers was taken down two months ago, presumably for being “fake news”. Now it turns out the Navy is investigating whether or not the two mishaps with the Fitzgerald and McCain were “cyberattacks”. Tinfoil hats? You must make the leap, what does a cyberattack mean for the dollar?

    U.S. Navy Investigating If Destroyer Crash Was Caused by Cyberattack
    September 14, 2017

    The military is examining whether compromised computer systems were responsible for one of two U.S. Navy destroyer collisions with merchant vessels that occurred in recent months, Vice Admiral Jan Tighe, the deputy chief of naval operations for information warfare, said on Thursday.

  10. HAHAHA. Perhaps. Certainly, no one was bothering to pay attention to what was going on. The problem is, trusting computers is stupid. One has to supervise the computers. Computers are prone to obeying whoever appears to be the ‘master’ thus, we have hackers.

    If there was someone awake and watching the radar screens, etc. at night, there would be no ‘accidents’.

  11. Kenogami

    Elaine wrote:

    “If there was someone awake and watching the radar screens, etc. at night, there would be no ‘accidents’.”

    But what if many were awake but not watching the radars screens, because they had a large group meeting in order to determine who had the right to use the transgender bathroom:

    it is important to get one’s priorities right.

  12. Lou

    Elaine, had you mention the recent Naval crash?

    Bill Holter’s Commentary

    Navy Returns to Compasses and Pencils to Help Avoid Collisions at Sea
    September 27, 2017

    WASHINGTON — Urgent new orders went out earlier this month for United States Navy warships that have been plagued by deadly mishaps this year.

    More sleep and no more 100-hour workweeks for sailors. Ships steaming in crowded waters like those near Singapore and Tokyo will now broadcast their positions as do other vessels. And ships whose crews lack basic seamanship certification will probably stay in port until the problems are fixed.

    All seemingly obvious standards, military officials say, except that the Navy only now is rushing the remedies into effect after two collisions in two months left 17 sailors dead, despite repeated warnings about the looming problems from congressional watchdogs and the Navy’s own experts dating to 2010.

    “Many of the issues we’re discussing today have been known to Navy leaders for years. How do we explain that, Admiral?” Senator John McCain of Arizona, the Republican chairman of the Armed Services Committee, demanded of Adm. John Richardson, the chief of naval operations, at a hearing last week

  13. McCain of all people has zero right to yap about Navy safety.

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