During Hurricane, Trump Pardons Joe Arpaio, Liberals Freak Out

Quick breaking news: Trump pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio causing the mainstream fake news media machine to go nuts because they were all distracted by hurricane Harvey the Giant Rabbit.  The New York Times, one of the oldest and slimiest of the Bilderberg gang news papers, ordered Trump to not do this or else.


Or else what? Why, they will yell at him again and again!  Imagine that!  How creative.  These stupid clowns were quite happy with Obama pardoning hundreds and hundreds of black criminals.  Didn’t bother them in the slightest.


Obama pardoned more criminals than all Presidents together since 1800.  That is OK with our media giants.  Trump pardons one person and they blow up.


I hope they do blow up.  They can sit on a crate of dynamite and blow their fuses.  That will be at least entertaining.  It is funny, watching hysterical ninnies with outrageous double standards, howling like banshees.  They just cannot see themselves in the mirror, being vampires.


This is so sad.  They all preen themselves on being super smart, super sophisticated and super good while being foolish, self-centered and stupid.  Give them all a clown’s garb and have them prance around, trying to tell jokes.  This is all they are good for these days.  Stupid humor.


On consideration, perhaps this is a demonic trick of Trump to drive them all into dying of heart attacks or brain farts. Yes.  That is it.



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3 responses to “During Hurricane, Trump Pardons Joe Arpaio, Liberals Freak Out

  1. floridasandy

    love it.

    he keeps his promises.

  2. And the media is going nuts about this, they desperately wanted to make the sheriff an example to any police officials doing anything to stop the crime wave the DNC wants so badly.

  3. Ken

    The sheriff’s “crime” was contempt of court. I could have never imagined that such a petty matter would require a presidential pardon. This whole thing stinks of politics.

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