Germans Protest Merkel, US Liberals Call For German-style Censorship Here

Merkel in Quedlinburg: Lautstarker Protest bei Kanzlerin trägt sich ins goldene Buch ein – YouTube

‘Liar, liar’: Merkel heckled by anti-refugee crowd at election rally (VIDEO, PHOTO) — RT News reports from Russia.  It is very annoying to have to go to Russia for real news but this is due to the liberals running our media systems in Europe, Google and the US all working in tandem to hide real news.  Merkel’s power in Germany comes from the Industrial Complex bosses and handing out huge dollops of welfare money.  She is systematically destroying Germany and she hates Germany, makes this obvious.  Will the German voters get rid of her?  Or are too many aliens now in the country thanks to EU laws, voting for her despite how destructive she is?


Merkel, who is seeking a fourth term as the leader of Germany in the September 24 election, spoke on Saturday to a crowd of 1,500 to 3,000 people in Quedlinburg, a town in Saxony-Anhalt, where she faced angry protesters who yelled and whistled at her during the 30-minute speech.


The demonstrators, who chanted “liar, liar” and “Merkel must go,” with equally critical banners, some with the logo of right-wing party Alternative for Germany (AfD), said the chancellor’s refugee policy has failed.


Since 2015, when Merkel introduced the ‘open door’ policy, around a million asylum-seekers have arrived in Germany, putting a strain on its social welfare system and sparking a rise in anti-migrant sentiment. AfD has tried to capitalize on the crisis and may win as many as 10 percent of the seats in the upcoming election, according to opinion polls.


Bribery works.  This is why nearly all major former manufacturing cities in the US are run by Democrats while all the surrounding countryside for miles and miles and miles are GOP voters.  These cities are being systematically looted and destroyed by the politicians and illegal aliens and native populations who are doing very poorly in schools due to chaos and antisocial behaviors.


The entire ‘first world’ nations are under attack by armies of populations from ‘zero birth controls allowed’ countries.  Unable to stop this flood, the Real Rulers now opt for telling everyone, they must surrender to these alien invaders and give it all up because they aren’t having enough children.  This is true, the costs of raising a child are now through the roof.


I saw this first hand, when I lived in NYC and had two children, I had to flee because the schools were terrible and downright dangerous to life and limb and I could only afford one child to be in a private school, not two!


Virtually no public school system in any big city in the US is safe.  Private schools proliferate due to this.  DC is typical: Obama didn’t send his kids to public schools, either nor would Trump nor did any President’s child.  The public schools are dangerous and out of control now after decades of liberal/court programs set up to ‘integrate’ them.


This caused white flight when too many children raised poorly were going into schools that ceased all forms of discipline at the same time because discipline was considered racist.  So now virtually no white children go to city schools and it is child abuse if they are sent there.

Every day, teachers and staff and other students are attacked mainly by violent black children who were raised with no fathers.  It is hopelessly out of control and the liberal solution is to ignore all this and pretend it isn’t happening.  It is not ‘front page news’ and it isn’t discussed in Congress.


What Europe Can Teach America About Free Speech – The Atlantic Monthly, once a ‘liberal’ magazine, now a front for ANTIFA rioters: The author of this piece is calling for communist-style suppression, he teaches at the University of Virginia School of Law, no less!


As images of armed militias and others waving and wearing swastikas made their way across the globe, many of my European friends and family messaged me to ask why the government was allowing this to happen. After all, events would not have unfolded as they did if Charlottesville were in my native country, or for that matter, in any European country. Europeans reject and criminalize certain types of expression they define as hate speech. Much of the speech that we witnessed in Charlottesville would have qualified as such.


Yes, Europe now criminalizes everything.

There is zero ‘freedom of speech’ anywhere in Europe or Canada.  The Real Rulers want this sort of dictatorship here in the US, too.  They are pushing with all their might to do this here and liberals are leading the charge.  Universities see students rioting and attacking teachers because they want limits on freedom of speech and want to control what people say or do and force them into compliance with ‘liberal’ ideology no matter how insane or destructive it is.


Google takes blame for internet disruption across Japan – Japan Today


The search engine giant apologized for the trouble, saying it was caused by a wrong network setting that was corrected within eight minutes of its discovery.

Google did not say whether human error or a technical malfunction was to blame.


Google answers to no one.  Just had to include this as the ‘daily Google hate’ moment here.  I really hate Google and their minions who run the joint.


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10 responses to “Germans Protest Merkel, US Liberals Call For German-style Censorship Here

  1. Nani

    Merkel will be re elected. Merkel recently said that she has no regrets about letting in over a million muslims into the country.

    Meanwhile in Italy: Italy: Polish Man Beaten Unconscious and Wife Gang Raped on Rimini Beach, African Migrants Suspected

  2. Mewswithaview

    They are not liberals are they? We are in time where men can self describe as women and go on to win trophies and awards. Progressives, Marxists and Maoists all wrap themselves in the cloak of liberalism when they are really wolves in sheeps clothing.

  3. Mewswithaview

    Merkel has never won an election and has always been part of a coalition.

  4. Melponeme_k


    Yes, most “female” athletes are male. I believe this was done from the beginning. Now, I don’t want to ascribe malicious intent to all involved. But the fact is, women aren’t very athletic. Even the top real female athletes would look like bumbling weaklings next to even the most mediocre male athletes.

    That doesn’t make for good TV or great “Feminist” stories.

    What did they do? They transgendered the mediocre male athletes. LOL

    It doesn’t stop there. Almost all the top “female” models and “actresses” are male. Yes, we are all being trained to see young teenage males as the epitome of female beauty.

    Now y’all know what Victoria’s secret is! ;D

  5. The ideal woman is over six feet tall, extremely thin, no body fat whatsoever and very long legs and almost no nose. Barbie, in other words.

  6. Melponeme_k

    Elaine. Barbie is based on MALE proportions!

    The actresses you grew up with, I grew up with are almost all male! Many of the well loved “female” opera singers are castrati (they never went away).

    The human skeletal structure does not lie.

    I’m just amazed I never noticed all these trannies before. But now that I do, its so obvious my glasses must not have been working. I need to change my prescription. LOL.

  7. Actually, all my sisters are six feet tall and extremely thin and have eating problems, of course. My mother was six feet tall. I am 5’5″ and they called me ‘the midget’ when I was younger. Wonder why I left home legally at 16? HAHAHA. All my brothers were way over 6 feet tall!

    There is the Nordic type that is what Barbie is based on. I used to call her ‘the Nazi dolls’.

  8. melponeme_k

    I know women of Nordic background. They are tall and have MASSIVE HIPS to balance out their frames. Because remember we birth children. Its the same skeletal structure, it just gets sized up or sized down according to the frame. This is why even tall women have eating problems. Because tallness does not suddenly turn a female body into a teenage male.

    I have the problem in reverse. I’m a stocky female in a short frame. I have big hips to balance out my big shoulders. But everything else is tiny, wrist bones, ankles bones, and facial features. I lost a lot of weight while ill and I became emaciated everywhere except the hips. My body fought tooth and nail to keep the fat on those hips. WOW, talk about an organism built to survive.

    The straits have to be really dire for women to lose the ability to get pregnant.

    I’ve been trying to prove the crazy tranny theories wrong. Oh man, I’ve been studying every man and woman crossing my path in NYC today. But ALL of them have held to the skeletal features of their sex.

    Men have shoulders three heads wide. Their shoulders are ALWAYS larger than their hips. Their torsos are enviably straight. It doesn’t matter if the men are tall or short. They have the same build.

    The women all had tiny shoulders in relation to their hips. The biggest women got were proportionate shoulder to hip ratios. But then everything else was tiny, waists, ankles, legs, wrists.

    Women also don’t have the same energetic look to their faces. We have a fey, girlish energy to our person well into middle age. That “Mona Lisa” hypnotic stare belongs ONLY TO MEN. It is men who have the look Because they are predators. Its the look of the cat on the hunt. I think in thinking about the differences between men and female bodies I discovered why women love cats. Because they remind us of men. And that is why most men hate cats. They recognize another predator on the prowl.

  9. Lou

    I believe average height for a White woman is 5.4.

    meanwhile, in EU,

    The situation in America isn’t as bad as in Europe, Germany in particular. Asylum seekers seem to immediately get “pocket money” and demand this in several locations and are succesful
    since their identities are not ascertained nor can be, since they rid themselvers of their papers.
    This information is suppressed and therefore it is not possible to come up with exact numbers and statistics as you demand.
    Now and then a disgrunted insider (civil servant of the social services) will leak information and then, in the noncompliant media, you will find some articles: in one state of Germany it is believed that on average fraudulent pocket money collectors obtain about 10000 EUR (12000 USD).
    Once asylum has been granted, the immigrant qualifies for
    generous welfare (called Hartz 4): housing, health care + 400 EUR per month for each person. You can own an appartmebnt or house woth 500000 EUR and still qualify. Rumours have it that some Lebanese immigrants (large clans in organized drug crime) are quite wealthy while still receiving benefits.
    You will not hear of this in compliant media.

    family from Eritreia (5 kids) obtained asylum in Switzerland and was then assigned to a county to be taken care of.

    The husband absconded and wife and kids were left to fend for themselves.
    Socal services consultants then descended on the family to render assistance: some intruded into the privacy of the bereaved to play with the small kids. Others made their appearance to go shopping with the wife.

    The older kids were entered into a boarding school. From there they were regularly transported back “home” by taxicab.

    Here are some links (sorry in German) but I’ll translate the headlines for you:

    “Municipality driven to ruin: refugee family costs 50000 USD per month”:

    “Dreaded refugee family from eritreia cause civil insurrection
    in new county of residence”:…

    Now I don’t blame the family. They didn’t get any of the 50000USD per month. Instead this was pocketed by parasitic social work consultants, these being native swiss citizens more than happy to live off the fat of the land.

  10. The Hassidim Jewish men hate work and love doing religion all day long so their families are nearly all on welfare in the US and Israel and they are rapidly destroying Israel which is supported by US taxpayers by the billions every year but the Hassidim have gigantic families (as do welfare mothers universally since their ‘job’ is to pop out children).

    There should be a rule: on welfare, you are on birth control. If this is evaded, the children are taken away. This will stop the ‘birthing as a job’ business.

    When I was very poor when I got pregnant while in school, I quit school and got married and pulled heaven and earth to make things work and survived with not a penny from anyone. It was hard work, not easy work (I was a super for landlords and in great demand before I bought my own house and became a landlady, myself).

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