Thanks For Evacuation Orders, Few Deaths Hurricane Harvey

Presidents are judged based on how hurricanes work.  In the run up to the latest hurricane which comes after a decade long ‘hurricane drought’ which puts a lie to the liberal story that ‘global warming’ is happening and it causes more hurricanes, we see virtually no one killed in this very dangerous hurricane due to the push to remove potential victims from the destruction of the hurricane.  Only very foolish people are in trouble due to it.


This fact proves that Civil Defense is the best way to deal with hurricanes.  We can’t stop hurricanes, we love living as close as possible to hurricane danger zones, and because of this, forcing people to build hurricane proof homes might help but won’t stop flooding or tidal surges so the only realistic response is to remove oneself from danger.


I once lived right next to the Atlantic Ocean.  We did fear hurricanes but we feared severe winter storms more.  My girl friend’s 150 year old mansion was swept away during a winter storm.  She thought, it was night, someone was banging on her front door so she called the cops.


It turned out, a huge wood beam from a neighbor’s destroyed house was hitting it.  The fire department managed to get her out of her flooded house with great difficulty and she lost everything.


When one lives in ‘beautiful places’ these often coincide with volcanoes, oceans and earthquake zones.  Japan, for example, has all three.  There is a form of fatalism humans have buried deep inside for we know exactly what will happen in these danger zones yet humans congregate there in immense numbers.


We are very attracted to dangerous zones, we huddle there by preference. If we wish to survive, we have to develop early warning systems for this is the only survival tool that really works.  Alas for humans, earthquakes have the least ‘early warning’ abilities.  Volcanoes, we have a lot more yet still run back to the danger despite warnings such as St. Helen’s when the government reopened camping next to a very lively volcano and the people who went nearby died.


Floods: again, most major cities are right where floods are bad or worse than surrounding lands.  New Orleans has been sinking for 300 years yet they build dikes and canals and these fail regularly.


Holland is below sea level and has less difficulties than New Orleans because the people there are making money and have profits and therefore are careful about dealing with living below sea level whereas New Orleans is just one more US dying city that used to be an economic power house so all systems are set on failing due to lack of effort.


The destruction of cities by residents actively destroying these are far greater than cities wrecked by Mother Nature.  This is yet another fact our government refuses to talk about or do anything about.  Policies cooked up in DC causes more destruction of great cities than any natural event.


And we are to not notice Detroit.


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3 responses to “Thanks For Evacuation Orders, Few Deaths Hurricane Harvey

  1. floridasandy

    5 deaths so far. Usually it is the flooding that claims the lives.

    New Orleans should have never been rebuilt, and they will have more loss of life with their next hurricane. It does seem that Texas was more prepared for this hurricane-possibly because they didn’t have Ray Nagin. It is incredibly ironic that Nagin founded CRN Initiatives LLC, a firm that focuses on emergency preparedness, green energy product development, publishing, and public speaking. He wrote and self-published Katrina Secrets: Storms after the Storms.

    Can you believe that, on the backs of all those dead people? That’s evil.

    Of course, karma is a bitch:
    In 2014, Nagin was convicted on twenty of twenty-one charges of wire fraud, bribery, and money laundering related to bribes from city contractors before and after Hurricane Katrina and was sentenced to ten years in federal prison.

    Not enough time, but a start.  

  2. In Arizona, we had that many people die in flash floods. We have to give the government applause for getting people to move away from obvious dangers. I am glad it didn’t kill everyone at the eye wall entry point.

  3. floridasandy

    the response time and rescues are pretty heroic in Texas.

    there are a lot more rescues to go, but I applaud their good work. They are looking for more boats if anybody local has one they can lend to use.

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