Berkley ANTIFA Admits To Crimes, No One Arrested Yet

The vile ANTIFA rioters, encouraged by McCain, House chief GOP ‘leader’ Paul Ryan and the entire DNC and mass media giants, are on a roll.  They are going around DNC-run cities flexing their muscle and intimidating citizens at will.  Here are some tweets about this fun from my former hometown years ago: Berkeley, the armpit of politics.


Beverly Hills Antifa (@BevHillsAntifa) | Twitter

They intimidated and harassed him in their usual crude way.

They marched in Berkeley to show their PC power and to intimidate citizens and prove to everyone, they intend to destroy civilization.  Here is more proof:

Evidently, one was going around Houston being obnoxious.


Yes, despite media lies about violence including pretending ANTIFA attacks were someone else, they now admit that picture of a ‘flame thrower’ was themselves doing a very illegal attack and they are nervous about this, it appears.

It is pretty obvious that yes, it was a ANTIFA thug doing the flame throwing.  Why isn’t he arrested?  Why haven’t McCain and Paul Ryan and the DNC condemn this attack?  Why isn’t the media talking about this attack?  Why do they all think we don’t know what is going on despite their constant attempts at lying about basic facts?


Hello!  Reality is calling.  These people are insane.  And their use of ANTIFA as a terror tool is ILLEGAL AS ALL HELL and all the entities doing this are committing a crime, a crime of TREASON.  I wish I could arrest all of them.




Student body prez: UC-Berkeley ‘not bound to Constitution’: More proof that Berkeley is a treason center training traitors to attack citizens!


A University of California, Berkeley professor and the student body president recently condemned the school’s decision to allow right-wing speakers on campus.


These are Nazis.  They hate free speech.  They think they can parade around town, attack the school and set it on fire and smash things, and that this is OK but talking about something they dislike is grounds for physical attacks!  This insane philosophy is taught at this fraud of a school.  It should be shut down, it is paid for by taxpayers.  So close the place down as a nest for training terrorists.


According to a letter sent out by Chancellor Carol Christ, “public institutions like UC Berkeley must permit speakers invited in accordance with campus policies to speak, without discrimination in regard to point of view.”


However, American and African American Studies Assistant Professor Michael Cohen took to Twitter on August 23 to demonstrate his outrage with the decision and chastise the administration for failing to ban the speakers from campus.


Hum…Cohen is a very Jewish name.  Ahem.  HAHAHA.  WTH?  And this Jew is pissed at people talking about politics from a slightly different point of view?  Who is he?  Hitler?  Um…yes, the Jews have aped Hitler for quite a while now.


“Our campus has responded to the rise of Neo-nazism by welcoming them to terrorize, harass and threaten our students,” he wrote, adding, “All so our naive & useless administration can double down the baby boomer free speech branding bullshit. @UCBerkeley should be ashamed.”


The Jewish activity in Israel is pure Naziism that is, ‘National Socialism’ for it is very state run services for Jews and ONLY ‘echt Juden’ and it is also fascist because it hates all other ethnic/religious people and wants them enslaved or dead.  Total mirror exact for the German Nazis.  This is a dopplegänger mirror image.  Berkeley should be ashamed to have these sorts of monsters ‘teaching’ students to riot and attack citizens.


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