You Tube Heavily Censoring Conservative Videos: Liberals Are Commissar Dictators


More and more videos are being censored by You Tube.  Now, today, Black Pigeon Speaks is being censored for…talking about women in history!  The Great Purge of history and conservative politics by You Tube’s ANTIFA gang is now in full flow as they select many ‘controversial’ videos to silence and hide from viewers.

Joy Villa & Kaya Jones CENSORED on Youtube For Being Pro-America. (Periscope) – YouTube

Two lovely non obscene, non violent ladies have been attacked by the ANTIFA You Tube staff.  You Tube better wake up.  Letting their systems be run by a bunch of crazy Berkeley/SF lunatics will have a very bad downside.  How many corporations will tolerate this eventually?


Well…right now corporate America is funding and protecting ANTIFA but not until they take over all systems again and reimpose their dictate like they enjoyed years ago being the sole source of information, commentary and entertainment.  More people are now under sustained attack by Google and You Tube:

Black pigeon speaks under attack – YouTube

Black Pigeon Speaks is one of the victims of You Tube’s war on citizens and free speech.  The above video is made by fans of Black Pigeon Speaks, showing a pigeon fighting off two cats.  One cat is named ‘Google’ and the other is ‘You Tube’.

(173) The DANGEROUS ESCALATION of Online Censorship – YouTube


This is yet another video chosen to be ‘hidden’ by the ANTIFA gang running You Tube now that Google has taken over all systems and are systematically destroying free speech and attacking political rivals who don’t want Europe and the US invaded by foreign powers.

This video was uploaded last fall during the election when censorship by You Tube took off as the ANTIFA gang running the DNC and California and Google went on their very first attacks: (173) This Community Needs to Wake Up – YouTube then there is this from last spring:(173) The Media War Officially Begins – YouTube

Yes, this is open warfare now.  The pushing and shoving that has gone on sporadically for the last five years and which intensified during the election and then shot upwards after Hillary lost, this war is now full metal fighting, they aim to kill.


And not metaphorically, this is real warfare, the thugs being unleashed on all of us are increasingly armed and very violent.  Individuals on the ‘right’ are becoming violent, too, but are NOT protected by the State or the police or the media.  They are attacked relentlessly by all the Bilderberg gang troops and supporters and illegal aliens and others being egged on by the Bilderberg gang.


Bilderberg gangsters who tried to surround Trump are now walking away because this is now war: Column: Can corporate America afford to walk away from President Trump? | PBS NewsHour wonders this week.


CEOs like Merck’s Ken Frazier rightly voted their consciencewhen they began to abandon Trump’s American Manufacturing Council and the Strategic and Policy Forum. Frazier, the first to resign, said he felt “a responsibility to take a stand against intolerance and extremism.”


See?  This clown, Frazier, is siding with ANTIFA!  The jaw drops.  The word is out, at the last Bilderberg meeting in Virginia in late June, they decided to openly side with ANTIFA and thus, destroy the ‘right’ and thus, cripple and control Trump.  So this has been in full swing this last two months.  And it is a total failure because we are all digging in and fighting back and unexpectedly, Trump is beginning to do this, too.


The Wall Street Journal, however, was quick to point out that many companies have stopped short of saying they would refuse to work with the White House in the future.


HAHAHAHA.  The plan to assassinate me by making me laugh to death continues!  I will fight on.


Indeed, despite the heated rhetoric, one thing is clear: Corporate America wants and needs to work with the administration, while the president benefits from a healthy relationship with America’s CEOs.


So if they both need each other, the question becomes how this increasingly tenuous relationship will play out.


What they hope is he is assassinated.  That assassination plan is put on the table then taken off as they desperately try one scheme after another in increasing desperation.  The latest one, openly siding with and protecting violent Maoist revolutionaries in ANTIFA has unmasked the Bilderberg gang and they are now in grave danger of more than 60 million US voters figuring out that Bilderberg gangsters are communist traitors!  Ooopsies!


Here is a posting I picked up last night but could not find the source and when I google phrases online I couldn’t find a match so here goes:


Miggy • 20 hours ago
LMFAO Trump is so ahead of the tards. This is great. Carry on Trump.

Chaos or strategy? This Might Explain a Lot of Things Going on at The White House “Apparently, liberals and never-Trumpers are so isolated in their political circles that they have no concept how things work in the real world of business and corporate America.


For example, they completely fail to grasp the concept of the “hatchet man.” Allow me to explain: Say you are a business tycoon. You just successfully completed a large-scale acquisition and merger, bringing together multiple smaller companies into one conglomerate.


After the merger, you want to put your own people in charge of everything. However, all those smaller companies had their own executives – and, at least for the short term – you need to keep many of them around the keep things running.


So, you keep many of those executives around, and let them retain their own senior staff. You even appoint one of them – the head of the largest of the companies you acquired – to be the CEO of the conglomerate, and he pledges to get all the departments working together harmoniously.


After a transition period, some of them are doing fine in the new conglomerate – but others are clearly causing trouble. In fact, the one you appointed CEO is clearly a disaster. The newly merged departments are working against each other.


Furthermore, you have good suspicion he is dealing in insider trading – nothing you can take to a prosecutor, but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence building up. Worse, he is not only doing his own dirty dealing, but it appears he may even be leaking intellectual property to your competitors, helping them take market share from you.


Clearly, he has to go – and go now. Problem is, many of the senior employees in your conglomerate are loyal to him. If you just fire him and put in your own chosen CEO, you know you could get a lot of backlash from disgruntled employees.


And in your business, there is such a small profit-margin that you really can’t afford anything at all that threatens performance. So what do you do? In comes the hatchet man. The hatchet man is someone you bring in for sole purpose of slashing the problems and shaking things up over a very short period of time – but doing it in a way that deflects any blame or blowback away from you.


As soon as the problems are hacked away, the hatchet man leaves – taking the ire and resentment with him, and leaving you free to bring in your new team for a fresh start. This happens in the business world all the time.


And Donald Trump is a businessman. He knows this. He has lived this. We’ve seen him do it on “The Apprentice.” We’ve read about it in his books. This is not a surprise to anyone. Except for liberals and never-Trumpers.


Enter Scaramucci. Liberals and never-Trumpers see the past two weeks as proof of a Hitler-clown-circus spectacle, as evidence that Trump is unhinged and our government is in the hands of madmen. Anyone who understands the business world and Donald Trump fully understands that what we just witnessed was a perfectly executed hatchet man maneuver.


When Trump won the election, he essentially performed the political equivalent of an acquisition and merger. He brought together different political factions – establishment Republicans, conservatives, tea party, religious right, moderates, independents, cross-overs – into one winning political coup.


For some, it was a hostile takeover – and if they were going to be dragged in against their will, they would sure as hell resist. This is where Reince Priebus came in. Priebus, as the then-chairman of the Republican National Committee, was hired as White House Chief of Staff to be a sort of post-merger CEO.


It was his job to bring all these political factions together and get them to work harmoniously. But he failed.


Worse, there is ample evidence to suggest he not only failed, but worked against Trump and the Trump agenda. Look at the leaks. Look at all the chaos. Look at all the bureaucracy continuing to work at odds with the president.


Priebus – and a number of other people around him – had to go. Back to Scaramucci. Donald Trump has known for some time that Priebus was a disaster. He was going to give him his six-month trial period – that’s a fairly common thing in the private sector. After that, heads were going to roll.


But Trump himself doesn’t want to be the hatchet man. He needs to be able to lead after the bloodbath. So what does he do? He turns to an old friend he has known for many years – someone with nothing to lose, someone who can step in with a hatchet and hack away, someone who can then just walk away from it all and leave the slate clean.


He turned to Scaramucci. So what does Scaramucci do? He comes in swinging. He fires a few people to make a quick example. He tells others they can “resign” right now if they want to – but if not, they will be fired. Others see what is going on and just up and quit of their own accord.


That problem CEO, Priebus? Oh, the new “structure” of the organization puts Scaramucci in direct competition with Priebus – and Priebus throws up his hands and says “fine, I’m out of here.” And Scaramucci does it all in a way that is spectacularly visible to draw all the fire from Trump critics.


So how does it all end? It ends with Trump putting in his new CEO – the one he probably wanted from day one, but held back – and the new CEO says “OK, Scaramucci – you are no longer needed here.” Gen. Kelly now has a clean slate to start fresh – and Scaramucci takes all the heat.


Where the left and never-Trumpers see a circus freak-show, realists from the business world see a perfectly executed post-merger hatchet-man job. The political wonks see Kelly taking command as the first sane thing to happen in this administration. They don’t realize they’ve been played, and played perfectly.


And soon we will likely see some other changes that move the Executive Branch further towards what Trump has wanted from day one. And then watch the real swamp-drainer get to work. It sucks to be Hillary Clinton right now… Oh, and Scaramucci? He gets a sweet deal out of all this – no doubt, he and his friend Donald Trump talked it all out first.


Scaramucci was already facing a nasty divorce that would result in the liquidation of his business to divide assets. A little-known law allows people who are legally required to sell a business as a condition of employment in the Executive Branch (to prevent conflicts of interest) to defer the taxes on their profits from the sale.


Scaramucci was going to have to sell his company anyway due to his pending divorce. Now he and his soon-to-be ex-wife just saved $80 million in taxes. So don’t think for a moment all this was an unplanned mess that went awry.


Scaramucci and Trump knew exactly what they were doing. All of this was planned – and foreseen. Scott Adams wrote before Trump was inaugurated that, to his critics, the first year of Trump would be a play in three acts: Act One – Trump is literally Hitler. Act Two – Trump is not literally Hitler, but Trump is incompetent. Act Three – Trump is not incompetent, but we don’t like his policies.


We’ve seen this play out. From election night up through the first 100 days, the left was out rioting and acting as though Trump taking office was literally the end of Western Civilization. But after 100 days, when Trump had failed to do evil-dictator things like round up all the brown people and put the gays into camps and force women to stay home and have babies, it became farcical to continue the “Trump is Hitler” narrative.


And so from that 100 day point up until now, it has been the “Trump is incompetent” game. Look at all the chaos. Look at all the leaking. Look at all the tweets. Now, we begin Act Three.


With Priebus out and Kelly in, things will settle down. Pretty soon, all the left will have to say is “we just don’t like Trump’s policies.”…Act Three. And once that happens, the left is dead.


Because, Trump’s policies are policies that most Americans actually agree with. We should put America first. Build back our economy. Create jobs. Strengthen the military. Protect the border.


Outside a few densely-populated liberal strongholds like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and – of course – Washington, D.C., Americans in general agree with all of this. So when all the left has to say is “Trump’s policies are wrong,” the left will literally be telling most of America, “you people are stupid.” Trump should win 47 states in 2020. The left will be scratching their heads and wondering what the hell happened. And you’ll be able to look back and say, “hey, some of us told you all this back in 2017.”


This could all be true.  Seems like something Trump would do.  My only dealings with him was playing his gambling game and winning every round until I was kicked out for being successful.


He could be playing this game with the Big Shots and will win no popularity doing this but hell, he has over three more years to play his game.  The elites are running out of time to stop him.  They fret about his popularity daily but he has his eye on the ball which isn’t popularity.


They screwed up badly, demanding he be impeached for not condemning ONLY the right wing protestors who were legally protesting.  He condemned the Bilderberg/ANTIFA rioters who were totally illegal!  That isn’t grounds for impeachment, far from it.  No, they blew it and revealed that they don’t care about the laws, elections, nothing but raw, vicious power.


And we call that ‘dictatorships’.  (173) ANTIFA: Media Backed Terrorists – YouTube

This Black Pigeon Speaks video is still available to all viewers…for now.  I expect more attacks on his site.

San Francisco Antifa Assault Recap w/ Phone Calls – YouTube

This is ‘Lift the Veil’ a news online service by a conservative living in the Bay Area, California, hot spot for ANTIFA thugs.  They physically attacked him and beat him up for trying to cover the news.



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13 responses to “You Tube Heavily Censoring Conservative Videos: Liberals Are Commissar Dictators

  1. In Helsinki a man filming ANTIFA screaming curses and is arrested because ‘filming ANTIFA is dangerous’ so they ARRESTED the man filming them! Incredible.

    This is further proof, the Elites own and run ANTIFA and force the cops to protect ANTIFA and prevent citizens from filming these illegal clowns.

  2. melponeme_k

    The “Why women destroy nations” video would have been better if the creators did not use TRANNYS as examples of “women” LOL.

    Then again, NO, I think this points the smoking gun and ABSOLVES women of wrong. It isn’t women destroying nations. ITS TRANNYS. Hollywood, Super model tranny males masquerading as women. All of the with the agenda of getting real men to hate real women.

    Mission accomplished.

  3. KHS71

    Good article on Antifa and Nazis. They’re basically the same. One is National Socialism and the other is World Socialism. They have been fighting each other for a good long time.

  4. Shawntoh


    While Youtube is influential, I suggest as a LAST resort, we all simply move/copy the main contents of our accounts to BitChute and leave.

    Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with BitChute but got the idea from this guy who Elaine has mentioned in her past recent blogs.

  5. Shawntoh

    Excuse me, folks, I meant we could all leave our YouTube accounts as “inactive” once we copy or move content to another alternative like BitChute.

    I suggest we still keep our YouTube accounts, to check out certain things and just keep it for reference in the event that YouTube comes around to realize that censorship will doom them.

    Elaine, it looks like you are correct, and here’s a good example of some young man who has gone from a “socialist progressive to capitalist libertarian”–


  6. What is really instructive is how the liberals turned into ANTIFA terrorists when they lost power. Remember: they don’t control anything anymore except the media and the internet structure which they are busy destroying in this mass temper tantrum.

    I actually accidentally typed ‘temper tanTRUMP.’ HAHAHA.

  7. Case

    I remember going to the protest in 2008 against the bank bailouts happening at the time. It was entirely peaceful and a very diverse crowd, including one elderly lady who told us this was her first ever protest. Suddenly the anarchist/antifa faction turn up, all at the same time, start causing fights, throwing things at the police (who stood and did nothing) and smashed the windows of the McDonalds and other businesses.

    After allowing this to happen for some time the police then move in and “kettled” the entire march for several hours. People had to go to the bathroom on the street. Of course the media reports were only about the “violence anti capitalist protest”

    So this has been going on for a very long time and of course these antifa are agent provocateurs, very obvious to anyone frequenting protests in the past.

  8. Yes and thanks for the memory. Yes, the police ‘stand down’ when ANTIFA shows up all over Europe and the US and Canada, all the Bilderberg-run cities. We are literally at war here and the Bilderberg gang is very pissed that people are now voting against them and their only tool left is to snarl that women will get no welfare.

    The women of the NATO nations are rewarded for getting divorced. In my own household are people struggling to stay married when they get double the money if they live apart. It is an ugly system that punishes marriage for people at the bottom.

  9. Lou

    2 sites that focused on crime by Blacks are gone. Killed.
    Neither advocated violence.

    They were SBPDL and Ambrose Kane blog. Both were excellent and factual.

  10. The book is still for sale. SBPDL is now locked behind this door that only opens if one makes contact and then SBPDL returns contact. In other words, it is being ‘masked’ and this is happening rapidly online as Google works to become total dictators of what appears online.

  11. Kenogami

    This is a very important article, I believe:

    A paragraph in the article:
    ” For anti-censorship search engine alternatives to replace Google, Bing and Yahoo, it recommends DuckDuckGo, Qwant, UnBubble, and GoodGopher; For anti-censorship video service alternatives to replace YouTube, it recommends Minds, Vidme, DailyMotion, and Vimeo, combined with Patreon for monetization; For anti-censorship social media platform alternatives to replace Facebook and Twitter, it recommends Minds, Seen, Gab, and Diaspora. It also recommends a list of uncensored reliable and credible news outlets which give fair coverage to independent or alternative news reports. “

  12. Patreon is now attacking conservatives and cutting them off from fundraising. This is an across the board destruction of the internet by the CIA, foreign governments who now control the internet as of two months ago, and our Real Rulers, the effing Bilderberg gang of international pushers and shakers and very rich bastards who have run this planet since WWII.

  13. Lou

    You tube rolled out a redesign, this week.
    It was a step down, not up.

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