15 Cent Hamburger Causes Near Riot In Philippine City

Stampede sa SM san mateo dahil sa 8 pesos Zark’s burger promo – YouTube


The hysterical mobs of people storming Zark Burger joints looking for a nearly free meal is astonishing.  These are not starving people, they just want a free meal.  The fact that this gigantic mob in all the cities where this was offered, actually rioted and destroyed stuff looking for a free burger.  The insane expectation that someone could cook up 10,000 burgers all at once is part of the mob mentality here.  Observing how crowds work is interesting because I used to live and work in NYC, home base of the biggest mobs in the USA.

Zark’s Burger PH event gone wrong! | The Annex, SM north EDSA | Train to Busan MODE | Vlog #9 – YouTube


In one mall, the police formed up and tried to push back the mob but people in the back were all pushing forwards overwhelming the police who were broadcasting that the ‘freebie’ event was not going to happen and it took a long while for the mob to dissipate.


Much of this riot was young people hoping for a freebie.  What is even more interesting is, the burger joint was only going to give away 80 hamburgers.  People were willing to die for this!  Any sane person could see there was no chance of any free burgers because it is physically impossible for any restaurant to cook 10,000+ burgers even if they had all day to do this.

Zarks Apocalypse (2017) – Official Trailer – YouTube


Nearly instantly, the online gang of young computer users in the Philippines began to upload videos making fun of the riots.  These riots occurred at all the malls that had this hamburger joint.  The mob mentality is obvious here.  Mobs are very dangerous, one can be trampled to death in these mobs.  People, seeing a mass of humans ahead, should turn aside but many mindlessly join mobs and end up in the middle.


I am rather allergic to mobs yet I was forced, for a while, to commute to midtown Manhattan and the daily commute was this mass of people shoving each other to get in and out of the subway stations.


The mobs in the Philippines are instructive: humans will do the stupidest things in order to get something free.  This is why mobs have appeared in Europe once the EU bosses, the Bilderberg gang, opened the flood gates.  Now they are closing the flood gates, a tad too late, indeed, fatally too late.


The vast majority of the mobs invading the US and Europe are looking for welfare money.  This is obvious.  Many illegals work ‘off the books’ but do this not because they are illegal but because they are also on welfare.  This, in turn, is bankrupting all the NATO nations who are also screaming at Russia that they are at war with Russia and fear a Russian invasion when the real invasion is from southwards and is systematically destroying all the capital cities in Europe as well as outlying areas.


Freebies attract freeloaders!  How easy is this to see?  All the major US cities are going bankrupt due to free trade and free freebies.  Useful workers are fleeing these cities and freeloaders are piling in.  Duh.


Two million Muslims arrive at Mecca in Saudi Arabia for hajj pilgrimage two years after stampede killed more than 2,000 believers: a reminder of mad crowd behavior caused by inept controls.


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3 responses to “15 Cent Hamburger Causes Near Riot In Philippine City

  1. Lou

    The Wal Mart Stampede? The Who Concert [1979] Stampede. Crowd behavior can be dangerous.

  2. Lou

    2,000 dead in stampede is the most that I have heard of.
    India has religious stampedes, at Ganges river, etc. With regularity.


  3. ziff

    low IQ populations

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