North Korea Shoots Missile Over Japan While US Media Goes Crazy Over Trump Wife Wearing HIGH HEELS!

So, we are on the verge of WWIII or not?  China and Russia are the key and Trump can’t do any diplomacy with either because the Bilderberg gang running Congress won’t allow this.  The DNC/GOP ‘investigation’ of Trump doing elementary diplomacy with Putin continues and they want to use this to depose him so no diplomacy.  Historians, if there are any later, will tag this action as the main trigger for WWIII.  How does West neutralise Kim without risking a world war? | Daily Mail Online asks.

 RT News from Russia:

Well, since the Bilderberg gang don’t want any solutions to Kim, there is nothing Trump can do.  The NATO leaders in Europe are all leftist feeble females who are silly geese so they are utterly useless and haven’t the faintest idea how to protect Europe being the same gaggle of silly geese who enabled and encouraged the Muslim invasion of Europe so far.  Here is the news today at the insane New York Times:

It is a side story near the bottom of the front page and it is below the story about *gasp* Trump’s wife wears high heels!  Like all the dames in Manhattan, all the NYT featured females on their ‘style’ pages…and this is news!  A woman is wearing fashion shoes!  And the NYT puts on its ANTIFA female mask and attacks a woman for doing what they normally praise when other women do this.


This is so insane, it is really annoying to me.  There is constant hysteria about Russia at the NYT and then blasé nothingness when the news is about North Korea.  They really aren’t all that concerned about North Korea!


Shooting this missile right over Japan is an act of war.  N Korean missile launch calls into question Japan’s defense ability – Japan Today reports.  I have mentioned in the past how Japan has been pretty much unfazed by these launches and today they are somewhat disturbed.


The Japanese government insists that it is taking necessary steps to counter North Korea’s missile threat, but the ballistic missile that flew over northern Japan exposed the limits to which the country can fully prepare for the highly unpredictable launches.


Namely, Japan is doing nothing.  Its leaders are focused on preventing any aliens coming into the country.  As other US ‘allies’ are badgered into taking in illegal aliens invading Europe, Japan takes in zero.  I think this is sane.  But our media giants aren’t attacking Japan for not committing cultural and physical suicide by taking in millions of illegal aliens who are Muslims.


“We’ve been completely tracking the movement (of the missile) ever since its launch and are thoroughly ready to protect the lives of the people,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters as he announced that a missile had crossed over Japan before splashing into the Pacific Ocean.


I don’t think any Japanese believe this but they have zero political power because there are no opposition parties there anymore.


Japan’s Self-Defense Forces did not take actions to intercept the missile, with Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera saying the decision not to bring it down was taken because radar data ruled out the possibility of the projectile falling on Japan.

Yes, South Korea bombed itself at a bombing range.  This is all prep for WWIII unless Trump is allowed to do basic diplomacy.  This latest missile didn’t fly over South Korea.  It flew over Japan.  I learned from Russian news that Japan took this to the useless UN.  Nothing will be done, of course.


What is particularly odd is, this is the #1 story at Japan Today, not the missile launch:  Aso retracts Hitler comment after criticism 


Tuesday’s comment by Aso, who also serves as finance minister, drew criticism from a U.S.-based Jewish group. In June, Bank of Japan board member Yutaka Harada told a seminar Hitler’s economic policies had been “appropriate” and”wonderful” but had enabled the Nazi dictator to do “horrible” things.


“It is clear from my overall remarks that I regard Hitler in extremely negative terms, and it’s clear that his motives were also wrong,” Aso said in a statement.  Aso said he wanted to stress the importance of delivering results, but not defend Hitler.


Aso is no stranger to gaffes, having retracted a comment in 2013 about Hitler’s rise to power that was interpreted as praising the Nazi regime. Referring at the time to Japan’s efforts to revise its constitution, he said the constitution of Weimar Germany had been changed before anyone realized, and asked, “Why don’t we learn from that technique?”


HAHAHA.  The Japanese were Hitler’s allies in WWII.  The present government are the sons of the war criminals of WWII and they fondly remember Hitler and they hate the US government and they are our ‘allies’ today because they run a trade surplus with the US.  How insane is all this?  Very insane and annoying because few NATO allies delve into all this, it is utterly ignored by Jews running US media systems.

And this news is from Russia, again.  It will NEVER make news in the US.  No news about Jews abusing Palestinian children ever, ever makes US news headlines.  It is verboten by our Real Rulers.  For a long while, the US ‘left liberals’ sided with Palestine but when Trump came into office, they tossed that out the door and now ignore this issue while screaming for more illegal alien Muslim males be imported.  Makes zero sense but then, 90% of what is going on in the real world is hidden from US voters deliberately.


Back to stupid news in America: the Washington Post/ news is typical like the NYT fake news.  They have some real news about the storm in Texas and…Trump’s wife’s high heels: Trevor Noah defends Melania Trump’s stilettos: ‘Who cares?’ – The Washington Post. Oh, and it attacks Trump because he did more than Obama during hurricanes but for the WP lunatics, it is never, ever ‘enough’.  They want ‘Superman’ and if this were real, Trump would have smashed them down by now.  Aren’t they lucky?


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3 responses to “North Korea Shoots Missile Over Japan While US Media Goes Crazy Over Trump Wife Wearing HIGH HEELS!

  1. DM

    You say that “Shooting this missile right over Japan is an act of war.”.

    A more sober appraisal may be that it is an act of preventing war. By demonstrating their defense/retaliation capabilities, it can be argued that the war hawks will be forced to seriously consider the cost of attacking North Korea. The US and SK are continuously threatening and actively preparing for war against NK – which is, I believe, a nominal war crime according to the Geneva Convention. If the Yankees just went home, there wouldn’t be any “threat” from NK.

    To me, it seems that they are being accused of threatening to defend themselves.

  2. No, they are aggressive. I am baffled as to why you think it is the opposite. Shooting ANYTHING over another country’s air space is hyper aggression. You can’t even fly a kite, legally, over another country’s airspace.

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