Port Arthur Is Badly Flooded And Many Are Left In Dire Conditions


TRUMPET NEWS – YouTube has been covering the small, rather poor town of Port Arthur which is in very dire straits.

The video live feed I just watched was a small group trying to remove severely disabled people who were totally helpless and were parked in this hallway during the storm and it is now under 3 feet of water and the beds are barely above the water level.  The rescuers are citizens, there is little government action seen and this is not a surprise: citizens have to be ‘self sufficient’ to some degree.


A lecture here: I grew up and lived and learned how to survive way outside the ‘city’ in places where the police was myself and a horse and a gun and fire department was…all of us, we learned how to put out fires correctly in childhood.  We were also search and rescue, pulling people out of wrecks, blocking roads, etc.  We were literally on our own.


When I lived in NYC, the collapse of social and government systems in the 1970’s had a solution: citizens could form patrols, I did!  And take the streets back, arrest criminals, fix things that break, direct traffic, whatever.  We did this because we wanted to survive.


We had, on the roof of our houses in the Wild West, full weather systems so we could judge the weather and we had short wave radio and all sorts of systems including knowing how to do ‘signals’ that boy scouts also learn.


Survival skills atrophy in cities.  The people who manage and run ‘survival systems’ for cities tend to be like myself, growing up in the countryside where one’s survival depends on being able to do all sorts of things and to have skills and knowledge of nature and how to make things ‘work’.


Watching the tragedy of the severely disabled: when things collapse, they have little chance to survive.  This ‘culls the herd’ if a bad storm/earthquake/tsunami/volcano/tornado event happens because severely disabled people can’t take swift measures when disaster hits.


The Third World is a nonstop-disaster.  This is why lives are significantly shorter and much more violent.  This is ‘fixed’ with a high birth rate.  Disasters are always all about ‘survival of the fittest’ and the fittest in many cases are criminals who are, in Texas, already on the prowl, committing as many crimes as possible during the chaos.


This was very true in NYC when it went into bankruptcy.  The gangs and criminals ran riot and were very bold about it and were nearly continuous in their attacks on all systems.  Houston is going to be looted.  Already, citizens are pissed off about this:

Again: everyone is on their own.  This group reminds me strongly of my buddies in our wonderful Street Patrol.  We were quite dangerous and let all the gangs know this and were prepared to fight and even kill if necessary.  So they went looking for easier prey.

Louisiana Cajun Navy Help Group SHOT At By Looters While Rescuing People In Texas Flood – YouTube: Looters are shooting at citizens.

So the looting begins in Houston — White people deserve it. – YouTube


I looked at Port Arthur yesterday using Google maps and could see it was rather poor and very industrial and very flat and I figured it would be badly flooded and more water is pouring in from the higher ground, it is a terrible crushing situation there with poverty making it very dire, most homes are one story and old.


According to the news now, the military has arrived and they ordered civilian groups doing ad hoc rescues to move out and go to safety, levies are  now breaking, dams are overflowing, the water in Port Arthur may rise another 6-10″ or more!  The Army Corp of Engineers has come and they said one of the biggest dams is about to fail.  So they are scrambling to move out people from this poor town.


How heart breaking it all is!  Nursing homes are being evacuated and they were badly flooded already and will end up totally underwater maybe by tonight.


A hero’s cheer for all the amazing people who are doing citizen and government rescues, this is one of the biggest rescue operations, ever, for flooding in one week.  This is the True Spirit of America and it never ceases to amaze me how we can pull together in a crisis, it is one of the best parts of being an American.

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