China, Russia Warn NATO About WWIII, Pelosi Condemns SOME ANTIFA Rioters

US Sends Warplanes to Baltic Amid ‘Fear’ Over Latest Russia Wargame:

Yes, while sabre rattling in Asia, the Pentagon has decided to fly planes all over Europe because Russia is doing its own border flights due to NATO refusing to do even elementary diplomacy with Russia.  This began under Obama, the Peace Prize President.  Trump inherited severe tensions with Russia and all his moves to undo this or stop this was hammered by US media giants, the DNC and GOP all of whom want WWIII and blaming Russia for this is part of the propaganda that is utterly surrounding us now.


Mother Nature, as usual, decided to hammer a huge part of the US military/industrial complex/space program by parking Her wet ass right on top of Houston, Texas.  The mess this has created hasn’t been tabulated entirely yet but it is obviously extremely huge.


The fallout of Hurrricane Harvey is going to be hideously expensive and a lot of this will be expended to fix up systems that were falling into disrepair in the first place as all our major cities are being turned into useless parasite operations that suck out money and energy instead of being the hub of power and economic activity.


Europe has decided to copy the US in this matter, turning their cities into hell holes for people who are unemployable.  Sweden, once one of the most technologically and socially advanced countries in Europe and the world is now a third world hellhole with the natives fleeing their own cities which are now on fire.

Now on to US news (Russian news is amazing, it has so much reality there): U.S. has more troops in Afghanistan than previously disclosed, Pentagon reveals – LA Times


The Pentagon revealed Wednesday that roughly 11,000 U.S. troops are currently deployed in Afghanistan, 2,600 more than the U.S. military had previously disclosed to the public.


Obama and the news media giants and the Pentagon all conspired to hide the real news.


Pentagon spokeswoman Dana W. White and Lt. Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., director of the U.S. military’s Joint Staff, blamed the significant undercount on head-counting rules the Obama administration had devised.


The staff at the Pentagon were ordered to lie to the American people or else.  This is true in the FBI and CIA, all were run by people who insisted on lying about basic crime and world statistics and to deliberately mislead the public about nearly everything, all the time.  This continues in the mainstream media and Congress and slowly, real information is finally trickling out of all the other systems.


The Obama-era policies did not include troops deployed for less than six-months — a stint the military considers a “temporary basis” — as part of the military’s total for Afghanistan. Because the Obama administration had set caps on the number of troops allowed to be deployed to active war zones in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, U.S. commanders found ways to supplement their forces by “temporarily” adding additional troops who would not be counted.


D-Day in WWII was in June, 1944 and the end was in April, 1945, less than a year later.  So six months is 50% of the fighting after D Day.  Half a year is a long time, not a brief stint!


Defense Secretary James N. Mattis expressed frustration with the approach and ordered a comprehensive review to give a more accurate picture of the U.S. military footprint, following last week’s announcement by President Trump of a new military strategy in Afghanistan.


More and more information that was twisted or openly lied about is pouring out now as people inside the systems see that Trump isn’t going away.  The hysteria on the left is rising to epic proportions.


Pigs flew over California yesterday: Nancy Pelosi condemns antifa for violence in California!  HAHAHA.  This venal lying bitch continues to lie:  Nancy Pelosi says violent “antifa” activists “should be prosecuted” and don’t represent Democrats.


Too late, honey buns!  You and your entire gang and the entire media systems all embraced ANTIFA, excused whatever ANTIFA does to peaceful citizens, blamed only the rightwing men for violence which comes nearly 90% from Democrats and their armed supporters!


 U.S. House minority leader says condemnation shouldn’t be taken as equivalence with white supremacists on the far right.


HAHAHA…this sick old bitch who is systematically destroying California couldn’t tell the truth even as her feet were in the fire.  No, the ‘white supremacists’ are not equivalent to the ANTIFA thugs, they are NICER.  The thugs on the left are extremely violent.  But we all know she was saying the opposite, being a nonstop liar.


These morons on the left all said ANTIFA wasn’t evil and was part of the DNC systems and therefore, OK.  Now you are running away from your own team.  Cowardly woman!  Why can’t you stand and fight with the little monsters you and your ilk created in the first place?


Like all the apologies by leftists, they don’t apologize, they continue to attack playing dirty tricks and they stupidly think no one will track these lies and expose their fake games.  Comments at the newspaper site are funny because the readers know more than the newspaper.  I see this all the time. The reporters and staff at news media especially in California, are not allowed to seek information or report anything outside of the DNC dogma.


User profile image

Pelosi correctly pointed out that it’s wrong to paint an entire party for the actions of a few, but just 5 days ago she labeled the organizers of the Patriot Prayer Rally in San Fran as being “white supremacists”, when they had absolutely nothing to do with the klan or any supremacist groups at all.


Note that the newspaper article didn’t report this vital information, of course, for it would expose Pelosi as a liar.


She also specifically called for their gathering to be banned, and refused to comment on leftist violence or antifa- was just last week.


A reminder that the Soviet California Union will not allow even one speech in public or any demonstrations of any size that isn’t full Madame Mao Madness.  All other people are forbidden from voicing their anger or opinions if it deviates from DNC dogma.


And if you read her statements from Tuesday or today carefully, she never once condemned antifa, just the actions of “some” that have supposedly “infiltrated” them.
Real genuine.


The letter writer is 100% correct.  Pelosi is covering her ass.  She continues to lie, deceive and fob off responsibility for her gangs attacking citizens exercising their civil rights following all the rules and laws, NO right wing group broke any laws at any time in California and they have a legal right to fight off attackers whenever the police pull back and let people attack them violently.


Time to sweep all the universities and colleges of ANTIFA trash.  They should be singled out and their funds and loans cut 100% and dump them back into the streets which they seem to spend most of their time, anyways.  Ask Soros to adopt and care for these little monsters.


Last news today: China roars ahead while the US disintegrates.  Our money is over there, building China:

Hyperloop 2.0? Chinese company proposes 4,000kph ‘flying train’ — RT News


China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), the main contractor for the country’s space program, announced that it hoped to shatter Elon Musk’s Hyperloop dream with some terrifyingly fast competition.

At the Commercial Aerospace Forum held in Wuhan Wednesday, CASIC claimed it had begun research and development on a new type of supersonic transport involving “near-ground flight,” similar to SpaceX’s Hyperloop project. There is one catch, however: the final phase of CASIC’s proposal would produce trains that travel at a staggering 4,000kph.


The company proposes a three-stage plan in which their “flying trains” would first operate an intercity network achieving maximum speeds of up to 1,000kph.


All going to plan, in the second phase the flying pods would aim to double this travelling speed reaching 2,000kph.

China ,Hight speed,Train Promises beijing to shanghai 4 Hours – YouTube


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9 responses to “China, Russia Warn NATO About WWIII, Pelosi Condemns SOME ANTIFA Rioters

  1. Petruchio

    Nancy Pelosi> A perfect example of a woman with penis envy–in the extreme. She is like Angela Merkel, Nikki Haley and that Penis Envy Bitch of All Time, Hillary Clinton. These women devote every single action they take as a way of “proving” that they can be as “badass” as the Boys. This is why these women were chosen to be put in positions of Power. And until these power hungry bitches get tossed into prison for long terms, they are going to be a problem for the rest of us.

  2. Case

    CNN posted a series of anti-Russia propaganda up onto their youtube yesterday for no particular reason, except that I guess it was a day ending in the letter “y” so it was time for Russian propaganda.

    (The irony was every accusation they made on Russia could also be made easily against the USA. They are without irony, or they just don’t care.)

  3. Lou

    3–There was a case in Hollywood, California where a ‘Swedish Rapper’ killed a pedestrian [who was a classical musician]. Guess what the ‘swede’ looked like?

    All Regions
    Safe Search: Strict
    Any Time
    Swedish rapper convicted of 2nd-degree murder | StreetGangs.Com
    Swedish rapper convicted of 2nd … A Los Angeles County jury convicted a Swedish hip-hop artist of second-degree murder Monday in a road rage … Swedish rapper …
    [Search domain]
    Swedish Mulatto Rapper Kills Man in Hollywood – Stormfront
    Swedish Mulatto Rapper Kills Man in Hollywood Race-mixing creates nothing but problems … Swedish rapper found guilty of second-degree murder in road rage incident
    [Search domain]
    Sentencing: 15 years to life for John Osnes’ killer – The …
    Sentencing: 15 years to life for John Osnes … Swedish rapper found guilty in road rage killing. … I can see getting into fisticuffs over a road rage incident, …
    [Search domain]

  4. Dennis Roe

    Love the way you say what you want to say, darling you’re the shite. Keep on keepin on, you rock.

  5. Lou

    A Black found a banana peel in a tree or saw a White Greek throw it. This precipitated a crisis, with many students feeling unsafe or disrespected. There was weeping! The Frat Bro apologized obsequiously for his sin.

  6. I read that yesterday via the fine website, Campus Reform. Wrote about it this morning. It is utterly insane, the hysteria, the hair trigger lunacy on the left…also sadly funny, in a horrible way.

  7. Lou

    Antioch, Ohio [theres a California branch] was in HYSTERIA over someone wrapped in a white sheet or blanket. Shut the school down?

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