Google Pure Evil: Determined To Build Soviet-Style Monopoly, Punishes Critics

Google’s Next Move to Destroy “Wrong Think” – YouTube


Google is doubling down on the Evil.  They are determined to censor the internet totally and at the same time, impose crap on us.  I have a fine example today of the sexual garbage they are determined to peddle.  Every site I visit today has this ’17 crazy things that are only possible in Japan’ when I do searches that have nothing to do with anything about sex (it is about sex) or Japan or any remote thing, yet it pops up on my You Tube lists, in the exact middle, when I look for hurricane news or political news, etc.  Something is falling apart inside Google that is destroying their search engine abilities as their SJW lunatics tamper with it endlessly.  Meanwhile, the SJW ‘teachers’ continue to destroy themselves and destroy schools.

Computing Forever, who is now being censored by Google for ‘wrongthink’ does an admirable job reading from ‘1984’.  For this is Google’s goal: to control reality to be aligned with the SJW dogma.


This blatant propaganda regime run by Google is being resisted, people hate it and more importantly, many people now understand Google is our enemy out to destroy or enslave us.  I cannot see how Google can escape this evil reputation they are building.


Once this is set in cement, Google will never escape it again.  The comic book industry, for example, is dying as men flee.  The owners of these businesses tried to stuff down the throats of their readers, the idea that slender women are super strong and hate ‘men who are strong’.  That is, the bad guys are always very strong and helpless when females beat them up with barely breaking a sweat.


The SJW army of females educated at schools that reward female sexism and punishes men, these are going out into the world to spread this hatred and now are being resisted.  Our university systems have been colonized and now run by these insane people who hate white men.


This obvious racism is ignored by the government which claims, white men have zero civil rights.  They are ‘the enemy’ who are born ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’ and therefore, are to be punished heavily for these sins.  This is amazing and stupid and destructive as well as very sexist.


Here, in Australia, is a fine example of this sort of sexism by vicious females who hate men: Melbourne dad says Clementine Ford treated boys like crap | Daily Mail Online.

Writer and feminism activist Clementine Ford has come under fire after reportedly refusing to answer the questions of young boys when she spoke at a Melbourne high school earlier this year.


She basically told them they were in the back of the bus and had no right to speak to her, the mighty female power punk.


The parent of one child in attendance, known only as Darren, claimed to 3AW Ms Ford had refused to take questions from boys at Aquinas College, causing the girls to walk out.


Bravo, a number of the girls were sufficiently insulted, they walked out but this didn’t appear to faze the sexist female SJW monster.


‘The ones that turned on her after she treated the boys like c**p, was the girls who got up and left,’ he said.


‘The boys wanted to ask her questions, and she refused to answer questions from boys. She goes “no no, I’m only taking questions from girls”.’


Ms Ford was also contacted for comment, and responded: ‘Get a real job’.


Her mode of operation is to insult people.  Fine.  And the schools bring this monster in to do what?  Wonder why so many students appear insane and violent after intensive training by females like this creep?


Ms Ford has strongly rebuked the claims on Twitter, responding that she had answered questions for 15 minutes and had been trolled online by students at the school afterwards.


‘I answered questions for 15 minutes afterwards, longer than I was contracted for,’ she wrote.


‘The reason I excused myself to leave was because my time was up and I had to get home to my baby so my partner could go to work.’


She has a baby?  Poor tot.  I wonder what terrible things she will do to this innocent child.  Someone should call human services.


The Fight Like A Girl author told her Twitter following she had received offensive messages and comments from students on her social media accounts following her talk.


So her book is about fighting?  I grew up fighting, I did sword fighting in college and my boyfriend back then was an Olympic champion and guess what?  This female isn’t talking about that, she is talking about training girls to be nasty to young men which means….men are very turned off by all this.

This is what this demented creature wrote in a book for a fan!  She should be arrested.


And now for the saddest video on earth, a SJW female who thinks she is hot is whining about men avoiding her:(100) PhD Woman Demands That Men Marry Her MGTOW – YouTube

She is badly out of shape and only 30ish years old!  And she has this grating, unfeminine voice.  Her voice is flat and hard.


Her stance is odd, too.  She has an aggressive stance, she keeps her legs bent and squared off as if she is a linebacker for the Steelers, ready to be banged into by someone.  On top of her aggression, she has a PhD and it is in a worthless field (take a wild guess!) and it trained her to be demanding and ugly and a brute.


Her list of what she wanted in a man was 30 items long.  Go look at it!  HAHAHA.  She whittled it down to a few items: the man must be taller than her and she is nearly 6 feet tall, he has to have money and he has to endure her ugly pointed ‘jokes’.  Everyone at that video site are laughing at her.  and this was at a TED X lecture, no less!  And no one in the audience told her she was nuts.

(100) Seven Reasons Why Men are Opting Out of Relationships and Marriage – MGTOW – YouTube

Women are in trouble now.  More women go to college than men, white males are opting for other forms of education that cost lots less while the females are all opting for useless but easy courses which leaves them unfit for marriage, unfit for real work and very deep in debt.


This is going to cause the future marriage rate to plunge to near zero.  Many courses in school these days are mere propaganda points being lectured by moronic teachers who know very little about real life.  Real life is hard and one learns lessons or else.  Men know this, but women are in La La Land, thinking they are very smart when they are actually tools for looting: their degrees are mostly worthless and the mental changes via ‘schooling’ are rendering them totally unsuitable to be mothers and wives.  This is a social catastrophe.



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36 responses to “Google Pure Evil: Determined To Build Soviet-Style Monopoly, Punishes Critics

  1. melponeme_k

    The Feminism movement is a CIA funded psyop to destroy families and relationships between the sexes. Women are trained to want other women. Men are trained to want other men. This is due to the unnamed Elite Religion.

    Once you see it, it can’t be unseen. The whole media turns into a mutant, freak show. The bearded woman is an A LIST STAR and playing a Superhero!

    I didn’t want to believe this and again, as I wrote before, I examined every man and woman who crossed my path last week. They almost all passed the skeletal test shown in the above video. Hollywood “stars” do not.

    Since the 1920s, the birth of mass media, this has been going on. And then everyone wonders why we can’t form relationships now. Why women want softness in men when they are genetically not designed to be this way. Why men want predatory looks in women when we women are not genetically designed to be threatening.

    I know the video is made by devout Christian. Most of them are, but they are the only people willing to discuss it. And it is important to discuss it.

  2. Lou

    Unfortunately Google is many times bigger than Duckduckgo.
    50 to 100 times bigger, in terms of number of searches.

  3. John

    I’ve looked – not a word about North Korea, in the last 7 days?


  4. Steve Carr

    Stop the Government from spying on everybody. The more we use Google the more powerful they become, There is so many alternatives,  so why are we so in love with google that we can’t use anybody else

  5. Mewswithaview

    I only managed 1 minute into that PHD woman video before I had to stop. The comments are much more interesting and pointed. I agree with Jordan Petersons assessment of the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement that has grown in the last year (at least come to my attention) as mainly being driven by men who have been burned financially and emotionally in relationships with women and even though they are intended as a warning just serve as a justification to young men for whom life is not going all that well to opt out.

    What this probably means for the West is a higher number of “leftover women” coming out of the university system who regard the “leftover men” as beneath them. There is a parallel problem in China that is compounded by the one child policy and traditional Chinese mores towards women in the family.

    The USA is a lot more diverse than Europe and with open borders there are much more options and choice for American men who choose to get married. Interestingly this is where the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program may have negative repercussions for established families that have formed here by suddenly breaking up families and deporting one of the spouses.

  6. tio

    >Every site I visit today has this ’17 crazy things that are only possible in Japan’<

    That is my fault. Remember a while back that I said that this site connected to google because my script filter flagged it and I couldn't find the connection in the HTML? Well my suspicions were fuelled some what by loading articles that did and did not contain embedded youtube videos, guess what? Yup youtube videos flagged as google-script in my filter, well I thought, this must be a feature of the filter. Alas the fact that you were plastered with nipponese porn proves my filter was correct in its assertion. I posted an Abroad in Japan video in the previous post, it is a youtube channel run by a youngish Brit living in Japan that is sometimes quite funny and contains zero porn. I'm guessing that you don't have to watch the video, just by loading the API you are pinging your preferences to Saruman. He then concludes that you are a young man interested in Japan = porn. I honestly don't know which is sadder, the unwarranted intrusion or the conclusion, whatever.

    My question is why live with the ads at all? Apparently you can run Firefox on a MAC and can therefore block ads in their entirety ..

    Just a thought and apologies for the link.

  7. It is interesting to trace how Google is spying on everyone and then selling this personal information to third FOREIGN parties. Like China!

    Google is a massive spy machine. They make money via spying. This is now a first amendment problem. I suggest we all sue Google for spying on us and then selling our information!

    This requires making this an ISSUE in the next election. I believe it will be an issue, I will agitate for it to be an issue. Google is basically a foreign agent spying on US citizens.

  8. Mewswithaview

    Who are you going to vote for the Republicrats and Demopublicans power structures are already in bed with Google,

    Hacked emails show Eric Schmidt played a crucial role in Team Hillary’s election tech

    And it’s not unique to the USA, countries also use hate speech or rather wrongthink laws to control them.

  9. Thanks for the video, Mews. The attempts at propaganda grows more and more nakedly violent.

    I said years ago, Merkel is a communist who has taken over Germany and is determined to impose the same misrule there as she worked for when an East German commissar.

  10. Lou

    Google is a massive spy machine as is Facebook.
    Who has the largest collection of face pictures?
    And how much is facial recognition software used?

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  12. Christian W

    Will you please finally stop with this utterly stupid nonsense that is “the Communists” or “Maoists” or “Liberal Communists” or “Maoists Liberal Anarchists (ANTIFA)” and whatnot at fault. Do words no longer have any meaning in American English?

    The problem is YOU. AMERICA. Own the fucking problem already.

    YOU have created a spy machine that leaves any communist or fascist system from the past in the dust by magnitudes. And it will only get worse. Until you face the monster YOU have created and accept it, own it, and fix it, this mess will only get worse.

  13. There are TWO systems at work. The Bilderberg gang isn’t ‘fascist’ or ‘communist’ it is EXPLOITIVE. Whatever systems ‘work’ to keep them all filthy rich is fine with them.

    The ‘storm troopers’ like ANTIFA happen to be believers in Maoism which is all about CHAOS. Trust me on this. Now, the Masters are turning on their ANTIFA clowns and attacking them beginning around…two days ago. The ANTIFA gangs will be crushed and gone by next year.

  14. Christian W

    1. The US system has been exploitative from day one.

    2. There is no independent “Bilderberg system”. The “Bilderberg system” is nothing else than the US system.

  15. Um, tell that to the many EU members.

  16. Lou

    The “Bilderberg system” is nothing else than the US system.–nonsense.

  17. Christian W

    The EU is under the US thumb and has been from the start. The Pentagon and CIA etc rule the EU. All the “Bilderberg” people are just siphoning off the US system since all their power is rooted in the Pentagon and the FED. Remove the Pentagon from Europe and there is no military might left. Remove the FED banking system and there is no alternative. The “Bilderberg” people are just a few dozen sellouts getting fat from the US system which orders them about.

    This has been the situation since the end of WWII and the birth of the EU and the “Bilderbergs” (both CIA creations).

    Everything boils down to the CIA, the FED and the Pentagon and other tentacles of the US monster.

  18. Melponeme_k


    You really need to read Carroll Quigley. The US hasn’t been in control of its own destiny since the early 1902 when Cecil Rhodes founded the Rhodes Scholarship. That turned us into a colony again of GREAT BRITAIN. The nail in the coffin was the Federal Reserve bank meeting in 1910.

    The Civil War was the first attempt by British/French bankers (Rothschilds) to put the US deep into debt or break it up. Ultimately it was RUSSIA who saved the US from these vultures. Apparently (I only just learned), the Czar parked some of his fleet in US waters to prevent England and France from supporting the South. They killed Lincoln because instead of asking the bankers for loans he printed his own money. Kennedy did the same. The results were the same. Both men were murdered.

    What you call the US system is really the British Crown and Banking system that ate the brains of the US and now uses it like a Zombie cat’s paw. Some say that the British Crown went bankrupt itself years ago and sold itself off to the Vatican. Who knows if that is true.

  19. Christian W

    I am well aware. have no problem adding the UK Rump Empire to the US system equation. The Five Eyes system and London City is at the core of it.

    We can argue all we want about which is the tail end and which is the head end of this Ouroboros snake, but we can’t pretend it is “Good” or it is somehow magically removed from the Western (non)democratic system. It IS the heart of the Western system and it is rotting rapidly. The Pentagon is the real muscle for it just as the FED printing press is the heart.

  20. Christian W

    The Pentagon/MIC/FED/Wall Street/CIA system running the US congress and the White House is the American part that Americans need to take responsibility for. Clean up that system and the UK Empire will finally implode. Choose Empire and you will continue your decline into madness.

  21. Christian W

    And you cannot separate Google and Facebook and Amazon etc. from this system. They are all part of it, grown by it, supported by it, shaped by it, serve it 100% and reflect it’s goals of complete control and dominance of our individual lives and “freedoms”.

  22. Melponeme_k

    “The Pentagon/MIC/FED/Wall Street/CIA system running the US congress and the White House is the American part that Americans need to take responsibility for.”

    All of the people in these institutions were taught in the Rhodes system.
    Americans HAVE done something about it. We voted in Trump. He may not pass your test but he is worlds better than Clinton. We are caught in a vise and only have wiggle room to get out of it. We keep wiggling, the more room we will make to maneuver. NONE of the European countries have done the same. France lost its chance. So did Germany. Believe me opportunity doesn’t knock twice. But I’m sure all the European ingrates will expect the US to come bail their asses out of their self made problem within the next 20 years.

    “Clean up that system and the UK Empire will finally implode.”

    It is not just a system. It is a MESSIANIC RELIGION. Discover the religion, it will burn each decapitated Hydra head.

  23. tio

    OUTRAGEOUS!!! Slander, Calumny and lies! I am fed up with all the UK bashing! We are all very lovely and our poop smells like Chanel No.5. Oh and another thing our teeth are better than yours ..
    Yar boo sucks. To imagine that there is anything nefarious at work on this foggy little rock is simply preposterous. I mean REALLY.

    Umm err .. unless you mean this, err ..


  24. Christian W

    The US (the White Protestant part) worships the Pentagon (Pentagram) as part of it’s religion. Trump just played to that part of the population.

    Europe is mostly tiny countries. In the larger ones the US System is very powerful. and the smaller ones are weak and vulnerable. Some like Hungary (also NATO) are trying to wriggle free, but most have succumbed to NATO completely (Germany, the UK, (Ukraine), Bulgaria, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Belgium, (Sweden), (Finland), Croatia, Czech Rep, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, France, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey).

    Of course there can be no talk about a genuine indpendence when you are under the thumb of the Pentagon.

    Trump was at most a nuisance but he is well under the thumb of the Pentagon now (Generals Mattis, John F. Kelly, McMaster)

    Reality is that nothing has changed.

    News from a year ago. The Pentagon has “lost” $6.5+ TRILLION. Now that is a lot of corruption, bribes and dark projects.

    Is Trump going to do something about that? Of course he isn’t. He is tame. Obama was tamed as well. The US does not have a functional political system. The System rules all, the President, Congress (both chambers) and everyone else. Stop pretending otherwise.

  25. Christian W

    The US NAVY barracks in Coronado… Ho hum. Or should i say Sieg Heil?

  26. Look, I grew up inside the ‘system’. My family has been part of the ruling class since the Norman invasion of England. We created the New World Order way back way back.

    And founded the Skull and Bones and other interesting items. Look, NO SYSTEM is ‘pure’ ‘nice’ or ‘kind’. They have to have a level of brutality and secrecy and even dark magic to function. The Power of the Gods are integral to ruling unruly humans.

    No matter who comes from wherever, the common thread of all civilizations and systems is to have Rulers.

    The struggle to have ‘democracy’ or a ‘republic’ seldom lasts more than 150 years. Corruption and fighting for power and of course, creating wealth out of thin air, a thing that lures everyone off the same cliff, is hard to resist.

    This is why ‘bitcoins’ were ‘invented’: the ultimate stupid scam. Something utterly worthless is elevated to ‘rich’ by conspiracy and belief in magic.

  27. Europe: it is the Tower of Babble. Too many languages and religions and add to this an army of angry Muslims speaking another dozen languages who hate each other and all Europeans and the Europeans have a bloody history of hating each other and they still hate each other and I am guessing the Gods need to be amused by dumping all this into Europe and then chortling over the resulting violent mess.

  28. Lou

    Christian, search ‘Denver Airport is Satanic’.

  29. I want to be on Google, not disappear! I am pissed as all hell that Google is now hiding my work online as it is also hiding anyone else who it hates. THIS is why I am pissed off.

  30. Lou

    32–Check this. Interesting about the woman behind the man of Google,

  31. Shawntoh


    Check this out–

    “Bad news for YouTube creators who depend on Patreon”

  32. Great catch, Shawn! Greatly appreciated. This is still barely any news, Googling it turns up very few sites.

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