Hurricane Irma To Go Straight Up Florida, Cat. 4, Hurricane Jose Close Behind

6 PM Irma update – YouTube


A quick note: I have in-laws in Miami Beach who live right on the ocean front and they were not going to leave because of this killer hurricane Irma, so for three days all of us worked hard to convince them to leave so…they finally decided to go and we are very relieved.  This is a highly dangerous storm and the aftermath is, it will take weeks to reestablish ‘civilization’ and I have been in a number of hurricanes and actually made money from these due to building or rebuilding houses.

The dangers from natural events like this one is something to not defy but avoid as much as possible.  Good luck to everyone…another hurricane is trailing after Irma, Jose is now a category 2 hurricane soon to be a 3 and it is following nearly the same path!


Irma is set to come to where I live and we have been joking with the in-laws that they can’t escape.  I do hope everyone is safe, nature can be dangerous.  We lived in a tent complex for ten years on this mountain and been in blizzards, the remains of hurricanes, heat waves and extreme cold below -40 F.


Back to the family drama, all of the younger members of the family spent the entire day in a round robin series of phone calls with myself and others and each other before the united front of the young family members who all have recently bought homes safely inland instead of say, Jersey City which flooded badly during Katrina, for example.


And so the Florida members will be fairly safe in upstate NJ or if necessary, can flee to my place which is further inland if necessary.  This storm is going to be a big soaker, I think and is coming straight north now to where we live.


Irma is going to go right over  lake Okeechobee which may cause it to displace over the banks and hammer anything in its path.  There will be at least a 10 foot storm surge in Miami.


On top of this, it is only two days past a full moon.  This increases tides. HURRICANE JOSE is following right on the heels, literally, of Hurricane Irma.  They think it will veer northwards earlier and stay at sea but then, it might continue to be sucked along with the bigger sister hurricane.  I hope it goes to sea.


Good luck to everyone!




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6 responses to “Hurricane Irma To Go Straight Up Florida, Cat. 4, Hurricane Jose Close Behind

  1. Ken

    The highest and lowest tides occur during full and new moons. Gallilio was the first person to explain why this correlation exists.

    In the past when hurricanes were particularly destructive the weather experts often noted the added effect of a full or new moon. I have not seen any mention of this with Irma, however. Elaine is the first person I have noticed to bring this up. Good for her.

  2. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Glad to hear your family has evacuated Miami Beach. Oddly my Uncle was mayor there for a short-stormy two year-term in 1965-67.

    I just talked to ‘Admiral Mike’ on the Palm Beach Inlet:

    Google Co-Ordinates
    Lake Worth Lagoon – Florida
    26.778972, – 80.042461

    He said it looks like ‘Irma’ will come ashore at Homestead – just as Andrew did in 1992.

    Mike is securing his 32′ sailboat bobbing on the ICW and the neighbors around his safe-house are all boarding-up the windows and doors and getting ready for another experience like ‘Wilma’ in 2005 – which was the last “most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic basin”.

    Seems to be a recurring phenomenon – no?


  3. Mewswithaview

  4. Good luck to all. Here in the Northeast, we must build houses with very strong roofs and very strong walls due to blizzards. The saving grace of blizzards happens to be the snow itself: after a couple of hours, the snow protects the house from the violent wind so you only have to worry about too much snow on the roof. I used to be a super then a landlady in NYC during the 1970’s many blizzards and spent quite a bit of time on the flat brownstone roofs shoving mountains of snow off into the backyards.

    Hurricanes, on the other hand, strips away the outer covering of houses and unlike blizzards, throws things around in the air because it isn’t all cemented to the ground by ice! Funny thing, that is: if you put something down outside, it can be glued to the ground, big time!

    So building strong houses is important in the South but no one does this, they build flimsy houses because there are no blizzards! So these fall to pieces in hurricanes, easily.

  5. Jim R

    Test of New York’s strong houses, coming right up!

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