US Mainstream News Continues To Attack Trump As He Tries To Save Hurricane Victims

The entire state of Florida is being basically evacuated due to this massive and highly dangerous hurricane with a possible storm surge to be the greatest Miami Beach has ever seen, with an 8.0 earthquake in Mexico and the struggle of Houston to drain the water and the people there facing terrible stresses due to losing all their possessions, we have the NYT and other US mainstream media doing their usual: attacking the President nonstop!  This is their #1 story, their #1 goal is to remove or destroy him and the more they do this during a major crisis, the more people hate the mainstream media.  This will ultimately destroy these propaganda machines and good riddance to bad trash, I say!


First, the NYT chooses today, a day when millions of Americans are fleeing a hurricane, to publish not one but a number of editorials demanding we take in any and all DACA people most of whom are adults.  The country is awash with illegal aliens and the DNC Democrats rely on them entirely for their own political power so these ‘politicians’ shove aside US citizens and cater only to illegal aliens now.


The DNC is the Illegal Alien Party.  The bosses of the DNC conspired with illegal aliens to allow them to assault and beat up Trump supporters during the election, for example.  This reason alone is grounds for removing all illegal aliens from our cities.


Suddenly, the stupid nitwits at the NYT have decided the cops should be disarmed and helpless.  I suppose they are too stupid or young to know what happened in 1977 when we had a mere thunderstorm, the city went dark and all my charming neighbors went on this arson/looting expedition which destroyed huge hunks of the city.


Houston is facing a gigantic problem today which is, many if not most of the people there need help due to their belongings being utterly trashed by the floods.  The NYT is more worried about ILLEGAL ALIENS than US citizens wrecked by a hurricane!!!  They said it right in their editorial title: DACA decision not the hurricane is the greatest danger.


How disgusting is this?  It is the face of treason.  The NYT is owned by one of the original Bilderberg founders!  The Bilderberg gang is an international looting/power operation.

The NYT staff dutifully put up yet another fake story.  The need, the desperate need to blame Putin for our election is insane, insipid and stupid as well as dangerous.  It shows that the elites are utterly blind to their effect on the world at large.


They desperately need to paint everything as the fault of one of the greatest giants to stride history according to them: Putin!  HAHAHAHA.  Putin isn’t angry about this, he is amused. He can see Europe collapsing right into his arms.  He can see the US elites flailing about, desperate to cling to any life raft to stay afloat and still drowning like rats.


Here is a story being bandied about by the US and EU mainstream media in another desperate attempt at disinformation or deformation of news, from the official NATO news feed:  The “Lisa case”: Germany as a target of Russian disinformation


The media storm surrounding a fake story about a Russian-German girl, who had reportedly been raped by Arab migrants, was a wake up call for German political elites earlier this year. For the first time, they clearly saw the links between Russian domestic and foreign media campaigns against Germany and Russian politics at the highest level. The German government promptly advised the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) in coordination with the Foreign Office to check Russian sources of manipulation of German public opinion.


Germany‘s leading role in the Ukraine crisis, Angela Merkel’s consequent position on sanctions against Russia and her leadership in Europe make the German government a core target of Russian disinformation.


The “Lisa case“ also shows not only the failure of Germany’s partnership for modernisation with Russia but also the dysfunctionality of Russia’s attempts to use personal ties and informal networks to influence German decision-making and policy when it comes to the current crisis and, in particular, the person of Chancellor Merkel. While the German government remains strongly committed to keeping channels for dialogue open, we see a complete loss of trust in relations which will be very hard to rebuild in the forseeable future.


HAHAHA.  This is a stupid story from top to bottom.  Considering how NATO has menaced Russia repeatedly, how NATO and the Bilderberg gang spew out nonstop propaganda and how they pour this into Russia openly and secretively, complaining about Russian news is insane!  Generally speaking, as I check reality against Russian news I have seen over and over again, Russian news is mainly real news whereas the NYT and WP and all US media is chock a block full of lies, this continuing storyline that Russia is using fake news to destroy us is utter hog wash.  Speaking of the top devil in all this:

The British ‘comedians’ who host liberal night time nit wit shows continue to rage and rant and whine about whatever Trump is doing.  Fine, it keeps the infantile quadrant of the public soothed and lets them go smugly to bed at night thinking that everyone agrees with them and wants to have millions more illegal aliens invade, etc.


The NYT whines about ‘democracy retreat’ and that is rich coming from the fake news CIA creeps running that joint!  Who pushed for one illegal overthrow and illegal invasion after another?  Who lies…nonstop…about the information we need?  Who is one of the biggest war criminal operations using deception, lies and fake evidence to egg on citizens here to break international laws???  Why, the NYT, of course!

Here is the same criminal operation, the NYT, demanding we let in anyone to this country.  90% of the people pouring in ILLEGALLY want to get on welfare.  The same is true in Europe.  This disaster is to continue nonstop until the welfare systems collapse then the Real Rulers can knock the middle class into servitude that is, make them into serfs again.


Other US media continues to attack and whine even as great disasters heave over the horizon:


Trump made a deal quickly because TIME IS WASTING!  He can’t wait forever.  The citizens suffering can’t wait forever, either.  They have time in three months to do deals right now, there is a genuine crisis.


The GOP dinosaurs are too dimwitted to see this.  They should have sat down with him and cooked this up, I am betting Trump DID sit down with them and try to do this and they refused simply because they want to be the Boss, not him.


So he did what any boss who can’t fire his wife’s clan at a board meeting and simply went around them.  If the GOP leaders continue to whine, they are already very unpopular with their own voters, they might all fall.  All voters have to do is stay home.


The Daily Mail has to attack Trump daily.  So even when our often vile and clueless ‘leaders’ get together, the Daily Mail has to attack Trump.  The Bilderberg gang which is attacking citizens right now, has to pretend to care about us.  I wonder why the NYT and WP and other US media didn’t get this memo from their ‘leaders’ that attacking Trump when he is pushing hard to protect Americans, is stupid.

And in Japan, Putin’s evil diplomacy continues to be a roaring success.  Putin didn’t bring Japan entirely around to reality but he got real close to it.  Here is some startling news the US media and our government ignores: Moscow Proposes Tokyo to Build Rail-And-Road Facility From Hokkaido to Sakhalin – Sputnik International reports.


The revitalization of the relations between Moscow and Tokyo started when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and presented an eight-point bilateral economic plan during his landmark visit to Russia’s Sochi in May 2016.


Russia proposes Japan to consider the possibilities of building a rail-and-road transition from Japan’s Hokkaido to the southern part of Russia’s Sakhalin, Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said on Wednesday.


“I want the participants of the session to know that we seriously offer the Japanese partners to consider the possibility of building a mixed transport, road-and-rail transition from Hokkaido to the southern part of Sakhalin. At the same time, we are close to starting our part of works of bringing railway to the Pacific coast and constructing such a complex transition from the mainland to Sakhalin. In this case, it will provide an additional opportunity to use our rail infrastructure, and Japan will become a continental power,” Shuvalov said delivering a speech at the Eastern Economic Forum.


Fascinating.  Spock – Fascinating! – YouTube


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9 responses to “US Mainstream News Continues To Attack Trump As He Tries To Save Hurricane Victims

  1. Rob

    Perth electrical engineer’s discovery will change climate change debate

    ““Yes, CO2 has an effect, but it’s about a fifth or tenth of what the IPCC says it is. CO2 is not driving the climate; it caused less than 20 per cent of the global warming in the last few decades”.

  2. timothy carroll


    Jewess Debbie Wasserman Shultz could be facing some real jail time, along with her DNC buddies. That is, if the caged canary Awan sings. Rumor has it his wife is returning from Pakistan to testify. One wonders if Madame Clinton favors dark colored panties these days.

  3. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Growing-up in the earthquake sensitive Pacific Northwest I was always told they CANNOT be predicted, only prepared for.

    THEN I stumbled onto Dutchsinse and my view changed tectonically:


  4. Sunger

    Rob said-“Perth electrical engineer’s discovery will change climate change debate”

    Good find.

    I’m sure that an engineer who designs integrated circuits surely knows more about earth’s natural systems than all those climate scientists. Now Foxnews and Wattsup can start blathering endlessly about how this obscure engineer figured out that climate change is a “scam”.

    Well I’m sure the current hurricane situation will not change the minds of any properly brainwashed Foxnews fanatic on climate change.

  5. There are plenty of real scientists who dispute the global warming dogma. And we have tons of proof that temperature graphs by government agents are toyed with so they show this era as warmer than the 1920-1940 heat spike which has been degraded deliberately to look as if it was cooler back then and we are hotter, now.

    And this summer was effing COLD. And it is cold today! And we had a freeze already over a week ago during AUGUST which is insanely cold for where I live.

  6. Jim R

    The thing about the global climate, is that you can’t pick and choose like that. You had a frosty night, there was a hurricane, the northwestern states are on fire. … “Anthropogenic Global Warming” has been blamed for just about every weather event. It caused the drought in Texas in 2011, and the rain in Texas this year. Well, both of these can’t be true … the only place we see the climate predictions coming true is at the poles and a few mountain and desert locations, where the effect of CO2 is not masked by the much greater greenhouse effect of H2O. Low humidity is the key to even being able to observe it.

    AGW is also used to predict more, or bigger hurricanes, as well as the opposite – fewer and smaller ones. And of course, these “predictions” are shouted to the proles by the same megaphones that have been spewing stupid obvious lies about everything for years… especially since Trump won the election, as opposed to their “predictions”. The fact is, hurricanes are controlled by extremely chaotic factors like the meanderings of the jet streams, and variations in ocean currents.

    But what really steams my cookies is the globalist claim that we need a worldwide bureaucracy (that is corrupt to the point of psychopathy) to tell us what to do about it. Of all the “solutions” for this problem (which doesn’t really have one), this is the worst, stupidest, and most wrong I can imagine.

  7. Lou

    But what really steams my cookies is the globalist claim that we need a worldwide bureaucracy (that is corrupt to the point of psychopathy) to tell us what to do about it.
    / never let a crisis go to waste.

  8. Lou

    5–Southern California is hot and humid, with a huge fire in LA.

  9. As always, the climate situation is a patchwork of climates! Greenland ice sheet grew greatly this year, for example. And we had a very cold summer in the northeastern/midwestern quadrants. This means the GLOBAL climate is a very mixed bag. But all the Democrats in California and up the West Coast think they are the entire planet. That is the problem, it is their localism causing them to project onto the rest of us, their climate problems.

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