Category 5 Hurricane School Integration Has Devastated Entire DNC Cities

(100) School Integration: A City Decides – 1956 Educational Documentary – WDTVLIVE42 – YouTube


I stumbled across this video last night.  It was so naive and hopeful, it made me quite sad.  School ‘integration’ has been a total, complete failure.  When a black family entered the White House, they ‘integrated’ their two daughters into a private, nearly totally white/Asian elementary school that was very exclusive, they didn’t send their own liberal daughters to a DNC-run public school!  No sane person wants their children in these DNC-run schools.  I had to flee NYC years ago due to DNC-run schools being physically dangerous for my children even in the lowest grades!  Violent black children were physically attacking teachers and fellow students in first to third grade, driving away all the white/Asian teachers and students!


Many DNC-run cities are going bankrupt as taxpayers flee collapsing school systems.  Nothing is fixed, every ‘fix’ makes things worse.  The need to push ‘integration’ has been killed by DNC lax discipline policies.


I founded ‘Save Our Schools’ in New York City and it was a total failure because the DNC-powerhouse, the teacher’s union and the entire political structure (except the few Republicans who supported me) went on full attack: they did not want to save any schools.  Instead, back in 1981, they wanted to push more for ‘integration’.


My own sister-in-law was a NYC teacher who belonged to the union and she was against my work there.  What is more disgusting is, both of HER darling children went…to a very exclusive PRIVATE school paid by grandpa.


I once ran a very secretive poll (the main activity of our organization was to conduct secretive polls!) that showed us, most NYC teachers either lived outside the entire school system, out on Long Island and Westchester county to the north!  So they taught in NYC schools which paid better and had fantastic benefits while their own darling children went to ‘safe’ schools far from the city!


If in the city, they uniformly used private schools.  This startling information was never really pursued by the liberals running the NYT all of whose staff and owners…lived outside NYC or if living inside, sent their own brats to private schools.  The utter lack of curiosity about this striking issue during the media clamor for ‘school integration’ pissed me off greatly so I would trot around NYC from the Bronx to Coney Island, loudly talking about exactly all of this!


Which was never, ever covered by the media even though they all knew me personally.  Every politician knew me very personally for I was constantly in their faces!  Hugely, to the point, when Mayor Koch saw me coming, he would literally run the other way.  I would chase him down, it was all very amusing.


And deadly serious.  He won, they all won when I said one day, ‘I am leaving forever, I can’t sacrifice my children to your insane incompetence!’  Since then, the entire school system collapsed and GOP  mayors tried to fix the catastrophe with ‘school choice’ whereby students could apply to schools based on…guess what?  School abilities!


So the schools are even more segregated today which is why the present DNC mayor is working hard to utterly destroy the city and drive out the very last white parents.  Most of the white population are young people who don’t have kids.


Just two months ago, my Asian/American relatives found out the wife is pregnant.  They lived in Manhattan.  Within two months of this news, they fled the city and moved to a fine mostly Asian neighborhood in New Jersey near my Asian/American son-in-law’s house where their children, when born, will go to a mostly Asian/American school.

(100) 1954 Film on NYC School Integration: “Let Us Break Bread Together” – YouTube

Watching these two movies is annoying.  Neither of these address the problem of black violence.  White kids can be very violent, I went to a high school with the highest MURDER rate in America, a white young male killing girls.  My high school was very violent, the first black male to go there was my buddy, I called myself, ‘the Body Guard’ and if any of my classmates wanted to fight him, they had to first fight me.  Which was funny, it was deliberate, none of them bothered him (he was six feet tall) and he was successful in college and highly intelligent.


School integration in the South was violent.  Then it calmed down briefly until parents discovered that black students had this tendency to form gangs and attack first, the loners and the quiet, weaker male students (Jews) and this began ‘white flight’.  At no point in time was the issue of black violence addressed by the politicians or the schools.  This continues all the way until today where black children fight each other very, very violently, murders, mayhem and rape run nearly out of control, the ability to learn anything except thug skills has utterly collapsed and the fix remains: more ‘integration’.

(100) Can School Integration Make a Comeback? – YouTube


The insane liberals running the Atlantic Monthly put up this really hilarious video about trying for the 100th time to ‘integrate schools’.  Since is refuses to even speak a word about black thug violence, it shows that the blind (hypocritical) spot hasn’t shifted one inch in 50 years.


The latest attempt is designed to have single black children scattered here and there where white schools exist so there will be some token blacks but not enough to form large gangs.  The tipping point seems to be around 25% black children then the school quickly deteriorates.


It isn’t magic!  I withdrew my own child from junior high in what was once a top school district 60 years ago, its school intelligence scores were very, very high, the top 5% of the nation back in 1960.  By 1993, it was spiraling down the drain quickly.  My child was ‘involved’ (the fight moved towards him in the hall) in a black child mini-riot.  The children were called into the principal’s office.


I was there!  All the kids including the ones dragged into the fight by the black kids, were punished the same.  I was the only parent in the room when the verdict was announced.  I told the principal, my child would be doing school work while suspended so I wanted to talk to the teachers.


The black children, when hearing they were suspended, high fived each other, they were overjoyed.  They yelled about playing video games for a week and snarked at the principal who sat there with a stone face.  They then, while laughing, exited the room.


‘Bring them back in,’ I said, wide eyed.  ‘No,’ he said, ‘They did nothing wrong.’  I blew up, stormed up to his desk, leaned into him and told him loudly that he was a fool and incompetent and no wonder these black children were rioting and out of control.  I then demanded he hand over all my child’s school records, we were exiting the school and…that was the last day at that horrible school.

(100) Black Violence in Schools: K-12 Edition Vol. 6 (Colin Flaherty Compilation #39) – This is a prime example of the ‘suspend the students’ policies.

The point is, I could fairly easily save my child by leaving the system and the state and all the mess.  The black kids, on the other hand are now all dead or in prison.  That principal let down the black kids, their own parents…make that ‘mothers’…there are virtually no fathers…also let their children down.


The South Orange school system fixed this mess by…redrawing the borders of the school district so that the cheaper homes where black mothers lived were shoved into the very black East Orange school district! Lovely! All those DNC liberals did what they always do: force the lower class whites to do all the ‘integration’ stuff that white liberals hate, personally.

(100) School Segregation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) – YouTube  John Oliver, a BRIT joker, talks about school integration…


John William Oliver was born on 23 April 1977 in Erdington, West Midlands, England,[3] to Jim Oliver and his wife, Carole. His father worked as both a school headmaster and social worker, his mother was a music teacher. Both of his parents are originally from Liverpool, Merseyside. His uncle was the composer Stephen Oliver, and a paternal two-times great-grandfather was William Boyd Carpenter, Bishop of Ripon and court chaplain to Queen Victoria.[4][5]


Since childhood, he has been a fan of Liverpool FC, noting in interviews that “my mum’s family are from Knotty Ash and my dad’s family are from the Wirral, so supporting Liverpool was very much not a choice”.[6] As a child, Oliver was educated in Bedford at the Mark Rutherford School.[7][8][4]


Following secondary school, he studied at Christ’s College, Cambridge. While a student there in the mid-to-late 1990s, Oliver was a member of the Cambridge Footlights, an amateur theatrical club run by students of Cambridge University. Oliver’s contemporaries in the troupe included David Mitchell and Richard Ayoade. In 1997 he became the club’s vice president.[9][10] In 1998 Oliver graduated from Christ’s College with a degree in English.[11][12]


So, this stupid sot went to elite schools in England!  I guessed it before looking it up because…he talks like a upper crust git!  Duh!  HAHAHA.  So, this jerk lectures Americans about ‘integration’ while England goes down the tubes as neighborhoods rapidly decline when foreigners move in and then terrorize the natives until they flee.


This clown is lying in the video.  Schools in the deep south are not ‘integrated’ at all.  The white children there are ‘integrating’ the schools are all ‘lower class/welfare’ kids.  The upper class sends their children to either private schools or live in districts that are not heavily black.


BTW, Oliver and his wife have a 2 year old child.  I bet they are both looking into lily white schools with one or two token black kids, for their future ruling class kiddie.  In Manhattan, you have to sign up at birth for a berth at the top elite white schools there.


White flight continues across the entire US.  White young couples who want to live in the City are entering black neighborhoods and colonizing them in various corners but the minute they have more than one child, they move due to the high cost of private schools.  They flee to white suburbs.


They must do this if they are sane.  Insane parents who insist on forcing children to go to school while being beaten mercilessly have very bad outcomes for their own children including death from either murder or suicide.


Watch this ridiculous video, please!  It is hilarious in the wrong way.  Oliver, the brat from England, illustrates his story that integration is fun and good by talking about two schools which ‘exchange students’ for one day.


The students are…glasses wearing, studious young, well groomed, wearing a school UNIFORM, with a white kid who is six feet tall and not wearing glasses!  Oh my.  Both seem to be going to a ‘preppy’ type school.  The black school didn’t select the worst school thug who is six fee tall and scarred up and tattoos all over and lifts weights for fun.  Nope. They sent the only other school nerd kid.


Black nerdy kids are wonderful people!  My child’s best friend across the street was this wonderful black nerd kid who works in the computer field today.  He also went…to a PRIVATE school to avoid being beaten senseless by fellow black thug students!  In grade school, no less.


This show was just a few months ago.  The sewage of lies continues, the problems of black schools are not being addressed honestly, it continues to be only this batty, stupid propaganda regime business of the DNC nonstop, all the time, in the teeth of obvious reality.


Instead of fixing black schools by restoring discipline, they are fixing it by eliminating the very last vestiges of discipline: no longer can they suspend violent black children no matter how evil they are!  They cannot be removed from the school.  Here I googled ‘Black children riot in school’ and got this:

There are a zillion videos of black children rioting in schools!  And most of the search shows me the exact opposite which is how badly Google has deteriorated in this last year.  Here is another search which includes the words ‘violent crime’:

Most of the videos so far are Colin Flaherty which You Tube bans regularly.

(100) Terrified White Students Barricade Themselves in Classroom From Violent Black Mob – YouTube


2015: NON of this made the news.  Hispanic, one black kid and a few white kids are locking themselves in this room as black rioters inside the school beat on the door hoping to break it down.  The black students then run outside and attack the windows and then run off in a HUGE mob.


I found this video accidentally due to You Tube treating it as a ‘shadow video’ that is to be hidden from view.  It doesn’t have ‘how many views’ for example.  It does have over 400 comments which means at least 100,000 people have managed to find this hidden video.

(100) This Video Proves Without A Shadow Of A Doubt That Blacks Are Violent, Irrational & Irresponsible! – YouTube

I just checked this out: You Tube is definitely now hiding how many people see videos the SJW clowns who work for Google want to hide from us.  None of the videos where people talk about or show black kids rioting or being evil is allowed to show how many people see it.  This is the first step in the process of totally hiding these videos via delisting them from Google (I used Duck Duck Go to find these videos).

This just up half an hour ago:  “Large fights” a black thing — and what we do not cover – YouTube


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19 responses to “Category 5 Hurricane School Integration Has Devastated Entire DNC Cities

  1. Petruchio

    The people running the Public School systems in the US have had the SAME objectives all along. The first is to do to the majority of Americans what the Nazis wanted to do with Russians once the Nazis defeated Russia in WW2. The Main Objective is to “duimb down” the vast majority of Americans to the point where their educational abilities are limited to being able to read traffic signs and to count to 100. Of course, this True Objective must be masked. These Social Engineers know that honesty is never the best policy. Another Main Objective is to destroy the American Middle Class, in particular the white male parts of that Middle Class. It isn’t a big mystery to figure out how to run an Education System that focusses on enhancing Student academic achievement. That is obviously not the Objective with these Social Engineers who run US Public Schools. It’s why they would NEVER dream of sending their own kids to Public Schools.

  2. melponeme_k

    I attended private school most of my young life in NYC. I spent about two years in a public school. This is how they deal in “integrated” schools. Most of the reasonably intelligent white children, black children, hispanic children etc are tracked into accelerated programs. All of these designated classes are cordoned off in a separate area of the schools. The children in these classes must arrive in school earlier than the general population (meaning they start classes earlier) and leave earlier (before the general school lets out).

    No one ever speaks about this but it certainly isn’t integration. Unless you count the nerdy non-white kids.

    My niece attended public until HS when she moved to L.I. It was the same “accelerated” program ploy. She was invited to Dalton when she was young (probably as one of their “minority” students) but we refused the place. It was too far and this was just after 9/11.

    But yes, integration is one big lie and always has been.

  3. EXACTLY! Thank you for the input. So, did you notice ‘Save Our Schools’ NEVER made the news at all, ever. It was deep sixed by our Real Rulers who have an iron grip on NYC.

    They would even argue with me in public…and it would not make the news. I went to great lengths to irritate them so it would make the news and it never made the news.

    When Abe Gerges

    I ran him for his first office back in the early 1980s. Carried his petitions. Even he could not force the school system to move even one inch. I ran up against this giant wall, the biggest of all the walls, defended by people who hate America and who have an iron grip on the PUBLIC schools which is why private/privileged schools shot up in numbers the last half century.

    The utter and total failure of the tremendously expensive ‘public schools’ are also bankrupting our former manufacturing cities destroyed by free trade deals and this combo: free trade/awful schools with zero discipline has systematically destroyed several dozen of America’s bigger cities. It is a horror and pisses me off greatly.

  4. Jim R

    Back in the ’60s, “integration” was just a cynical excuse for Washington to further punish the south fot losing the Civil War, IMNSHO. The resulting distortions to the southern states now extend to the whole USA. I grew up near the “Mason-Dixon line” boundary, and the neighboring state was treated very differently than my state. Now, it covers the whole country with “charter schools” and “no child left behind”.

    Petruchio, I think the grand plan now is not only to dumb down all the children they can, but the elites are hoping the anticipated correction for ‘overpopulation’ does not affect them. They are wrecking the healthcare system, allowing infrastructure to crumble, and other such things. Also, they are starting wars all over the planet, and pushing to take over Russia, the last great continent full of natural resources and petroleum.

    They are hoping to have the rest of humanity stupidly fighting each other, killing each other off, and leaving them alone. After all, if the soldiers and police knew who is actually stealing their pensions and degrading their standard of living, the elites might not be safe…

  5. Jim R

    * just thought I’d also mention that I’m aware that “charter schools” and “no child left behind” are not the same thing. Of course there is also this SJW political-correct nonsense.

    Bottom line is, you have to homeschool or send your kids to a real private school. Maybe one in Europe. But now Europe has been corrupted, too. You’ll have to send your kids to school in Russia.

    There’s another future export market for Russia — education.

  6. Lou

    2 and 3, interesting.

    he talks like a upper crust git–funny.

  7. tio

    “Watch this ridiculous video, please!”, Hell No, I’ve seen clips of this colossal prick before and he annoyed me greatly then, smarmy self satisfied toss pot. Anyway I can only console myself with the thought that which ever network hired the tool had a specific requirement to fill i.e. Smug Brit a la Piers Morgan lite etc.

    “…he talks like a upper crust git!” Not really, he went to a secondary modern, probably got a little polish at Cambridge. He is the very definition of middle class boy made good. Only someone from the middle class could be so utterly clueless and therefore ‘network ready’.


  8. HAHAHA. Pretty much. You nailed it.

  9. Lou

    wheres yr portrait, EMS?

  10. Lou

    UK, mock Isis and go to jail?

  11. jim e

    You know alot… tell me about the war goddess.

  12. Petruchio

    I can recall an example of a School “choice” in Arizona. You could get a $1000 subsidy for sending your kids to a school of your choice. Well that’s fine and dandy, but what if the school of your choice costs $5000 per year? That’s gonna leave out the poor folks. No choice for them, but it IS a nice little subsidy for parents who can afford to send their kids to $5000 a year schools already. Typical.

  13. Shawntoh

    Hey Elaine, Happy Grandparents Day! Congrats on being a grandmother– biologically speaking… and, to all.

    Oh my goddess, did someone dare speak of? Dare say–?


    Now, have I ever dated a warrior goddess? Do inquiring minds want to know? Well, if you do, then read on–

    I was involved with a heterosexual AA woman who was a emanation of Black Athena. Jeana graduated from Reed College, OR. She was very intelligent.

    Unlike Elaine, I didn’t meet my friend via sword-fighting– but Jeana did like to read Inferno by Dante (from the epic poem, The Divine Comedy) — in bed, that is, after we– well, I should probably stop there since Elaine will insist that all content related here in the Culture of Life commentary section passes the “sanctity of childhood” standards of decency. Especially today– on a Sunday this special.

    If my e-content is NOT clean enough for Sunday dinner conversation at the family table, then I will relate NOTHING. Again–

    Happy Grandparents Day to EVERYONE everywhere!


  14. Joa Cabrera

    Its that time of year again

    Saudi government allegedly funded a ‘dry run’ for 9/11

  15. Yes, I saw that. But then, according to many delusional people, the Saudis didn’t do anything, it was all fake. No one can talk about 9/11 anymore due to armies of people howling about bombs in the buildings instead of pinning the blame on Saudi Arabia and the CIA/Bush/Cheney gangsters. This annoys me all to hell.

  16. Lou

    16-I just saw this and want to share,

    Whatever Happened to Naming the Enemy?

    1 Minute with Frank Gaffney (click for audio)

    “Breitbart reporter Aaron Klein has observed that, during events yesterday marking the jihadist attacks of September 11, 2001, President Trump and three of his senior subordinates failed to name the perpetrators. Instead, they used euphemisms like “terrorists,” “barbaric forces of evil and destruction,” and “horrible, horrible enemies…like we have never seen before.”

    Now, if this were either of the other two post-9/11 administrations, such deflections would be standard operating procedure. But this is the presidency of Donald Trump – a man who savaged his predecessors for their failure to acknowledge we confront “radical Islamic terrorism” – and promising that he would.

    If Mr. #Trump’s base is to avoid the conclusion that they have been subjected to a colossal bait-and-switch, preventing the defeat our bonafide Sharia-supremacist foes, he must – for starters – repudiate Defense Secretary #Mattis’ absurd assertion we confront “maniacs disguised in false religious garb.”

  17. Everyone has to pander to the Saudi Royals. ALL of them. Every last one of them. There are zero people at the top who dare say the truth about anything the Saudis are up to.

  18. AND both parties, every single one including the little parties, all of them, uniformly also support Israel and obey Israel. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia have a stranglehold on our media, our government, everything. This is why we get attacked over and over and over and over again. Both Israel and Saudis attack us with impunity.

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