NYT Cat Lady Reporter Whines About White Males Avoiding White Bitches

Even ‘The Bachelor’ Can’t Find a Man – The New York Times whines…nasty bitches there bitch about how there are not enough strong men to wrestle these witches and win against their screaming howling curses.


The NYT has this iron rule: every front page has to have an anti-Trump story no matter what, preferably four or more such stories…and every day there has to be a story whining about the ugly social mess created by radical female leftists who are increasingly being avoided by white males in particular.  This major front page story at Ground Zero of ‘we all hate white males’ is all about how successful white males want nothing to do with savage white females who work tirelessly to crush white males in business, schools and socially.  ‘Where are all the successful white males for us to marry?’ cry these Amazons from Hell.


The picture at the top of the page is the home page of the reporter who is a typical highly educated, thoroughly spoiled feminist radical: all about her cats!  This is an in joke for most straight white males, this business with pushy women married to a house full of cats.  I have three cats, myself, but also a husband and a puppy dog.  The dog goes out of her way to annoy the cats as much as possible, the silly little girl.


Many of these ‘desirable’ women according to the NYT are at the age when it is getting rather dim to give birth safely.  And the damage to the eggs due to mutations accumulating rises greatly after age 30.  The worst part of all this is, older women who work in the ‘real world’ end up battle scarred and are used to crushing men to get ahead or using government tools to crush any white male competition.


Amanda Hess (@amandahess) is a David Carr fellow at The Times.  This nasty female is paid by the NYT to spew garbage mindlessly.  If she dared to write a real article, that is, look into the mirror to see herself and her ugly sisters out there in ‘smash the white males’ territory, she would have written a very useful article that might clue in her fellow shriekers why white males are avoiding them all like the plague.


For they are a plague!


The show’s recent crop of leading men has underwhelmed. Nick Viall, the franchise’s resident fifth-year senior, is officially billed as a software salesman but has spent the past several years suckling at the franchise’s teat, twice appearing as a runner-up on “Bachelorette” seasons and then taking a televised vacation on “Bachelor in Paradise” before graduating to Bachelor lead.


HAHAHA.  How dare he not go forth and work hard while these screaming witches howl that there are too many men doing computer work and all computer companies should hire 50% females to fix this deficit in competitive females in coding!  This man, by the way, is on TV to attract the eyes of these harridans and they lick it up while snarling at him for being a ‘loser’.


Then there was Chris Soules, who offered 30 cosmopolitan women the incredible opportunity to live out their days with him at his family farm in a rural Iowa town with a single restaurant.


So, a perfectly fine, upstanding, independent male is a loser, too, because he expected the female dragons to live on a farm!  HAHAHA.  I live rural life!  Men found this very attractive!  I had no problem finding a man.  But these creatures hate farm life, it means doing heavy lifting, staying up at night when cows give birth, shoveling tons of poop, etc.  I love it.  They hate it.


The former professional soccer player Juan Pablo Galavis was such a dud that he incited a mutiny by the cast; two women quit the show. Now we have Mr. Luyendyk, whom Reality Steve, the show’s most dedicated gossip reporter, called “the biggest dog they’ve ever cast as lead in Bachelor history.” It’s “The End of Men,” reality edition.


Oh, there is an army of men out there in Reality Land.  But they are refusing to get married due to the high cost of divorce.  This reality is avoided like the plague, no mainstream fake news is going to warn young men that predatory females are hunting for chumps.


But seeing their fathers being divorced leads to the young men being very wary of marriage.  Marriage has nearly totally died in the black community.  Rich black men still marry but are getting burned badly by doing this, losing half of their wealth when divorced.  In Europe, marriage is nearly dead except…the Muslims there.  Women in Europe like black women in America, are married to the State.


It has become increasingly clear over the show’s epic run that watching “The Bachelor” isn’t just about giving one’s self over to a blandly heteronormative spectacle. It’s to behold a particular kind of romantic coupling — one where vastly overqualified women compete for the attentions of a mediocre dude. For women who have found themselves in a similar position, it can all get a little too real.


So it is good: they need a dose of reality.  So far, as reality bites them like a viper, these sleeping beauties must wake up, but I bet they can’t because they think Hillary would have been a great President and they hate Trump so this screws them out of any relationship with the vast bulk of white males.  Too stupid to figure this out, they howl with rage as pro-Trump ladies have to beat away men with a stick.


The show featured its first black Bachelorette this summer, and it’s clear that the producers were eager to return to casting leads who do not threaten its white, Middle American viewer base. (The season pulled an average of 1 million fewer viewers than the previous one.) It wanted to nod to diversity, then reassure its audience that white romance still reigns supreme.


Note how this dried up white females with many cats sneers at the audience the TV producers (who backed Hillary to the hilt during the election) want to attract.  White married females and their husbands don’t want to watch a black dude, neither do the white unmarried females.  So, this is also evil!  We can’t win.


These deranged females in NYC want to attract ‘good’ (rich) white males while…hating all white males and in particular, successful white males.


As one fan meme put it: “After Peter flatly refused our offer to suffer for another cycle, we scraped the bottom of the barrel as hard as we could to ensure we’d never have a black Bachelor.” Mike Fleiss, creator of “The Bachelor,” spelled it out yesterday when he tweeted, “Make ABC great again.” As in dating, the show’s ingrained prejudices are sabotaging its chances for success. If you’re looking for only white men, you’ll miss out on a lot of great guys.


What this suggests is, all the white successful females should poach successful black males!  The marriage rate for black women is under 20%.  And how many black men want to marry tough, old white women?  They want 20 year old slim, happy, nonconfrontational white females!  Here is Amanda Hess, the NYT reporter, whining about the First Lady who she and her snarky ilk love to say, is ugly and stupid and annoying, they shun her in public, rain ‘most beautiful’ on Michelle Obama and tell her, she is a monster for loving a rich husband.

These screeching harpies have been attacking this obvious fashion model for wearing various items of clothing or wearing fashionable shoes which the NYT staff hawks in ads all over their filthy paper!  They are so stupid, they can’t see how stupid this is.


The NYT is also talking about how wonderful their privatized schools are, note this tweet of a NYT story praises this very, VERY segregated top notch school situation:

Where are the black children?  There are none!  Two teachers for 12 rich kids!  WTH? These ‘culture warriors’ all want their own children, like Obama did, going to special schools with maybe a token black kid.  So they can force desperate working class white families to send their children via gun pointed at them, to very dangerous inner city black schools.


There is this second, very nasty push to force white children into black schools all over again, learning absolutely nothing from the past disasters.  There is no honest conversations going on about all this.  The media continues to lie about nearly everything all the time.


It is not just the schools that resegregated, fleeing black criminals has also emptied white families out most of our cities run by Democrats.  The DNC is utterly blind to this fact.  They go to great lengths such as forbidding reporting crime news that identifies the criminals as ‘black’ to avoid talking about or doing anything about the gigantic mess they created.




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19 responses to “NYT Cat Lady Reporter Whines About White Males Avoiding White Bitches

  1. lyrac

    Thank you, Elaine, for this comment about the spoiled, arrogant, entitled stupid American Yankee woman!

  2. timothy carroll

    It is a demographic problem as well. The males who are born to mostly single women, black as well as white, are treated as the “man of the house”. This gives them an onerous existence, having to keep mommy happy all the time. These males grow up seeing women as a millstone around the neck. The typical response to this is the one night stand or serial monogamy throughout life. You also have to figure about 3% to 10% of the population is gay or bisexual, and the prospects of marriage approach zero for women over 30 or so. Add to that the propensity to put on weight in middle age and these women might just as well become “cat ladies” because there is no way any male is going to want to be married and risk losing half of what he’s worked hard for.

    Yet another reason men shy away from women is the very real prospect of getting nailed with a rape charge if the woman was drunk and has second thoughts the morning after. New laws make just about any sexual encounter privy to being a rape charge for whatever whim a woman has at any particular moment. And that is a shame, for it makes legitimate rape cases look suspect. The women’s movement has delivered exactly what its early stalwarts wished. The ancient Chinese curse indeed.

  3. CK

    And the demographics show that there will be fewer and fewer white children. The Education gap will close when the number of white children available for educational attainment measurements = 0

  4. timothy carroll


    Whites are continually punished because they have higher IQs than blacks and Hispanics. Asians even more so. I firmly believe that we are not too far away from whites being assessed a “White Privilege Tax” whereby each and every year one percent of one’s income will go into the “Oppressed Minority Grievances Fund”. Our society does more than I ever dreamed possible to deplete any ambition to become successful by taxing the living daylights out of the middle class. I honestly have to laugh when I hear Clinton supporters and the DNC talk about the “right” to “free healthcare”. The democrat voters are screaming to be placed onto the plantation where they supposedly will be taken care of by their government. Yeah, the government will “take care of them” alright. I hope I live to see the day when these stupid f*cks get exactly what they’ve been pandering for these past fifty years.

  5. melponeme_k

    Cats are just cats and have nothing to do with brainwashed women.

    And everyone has to stop judging reality based on media. MEDIA IS ALL LIES! Turn it off, stop reading the news and everyone should just go outside and really LOOK and LISTEN to other people.

    I’ve found that regular people are pretty much alright (of any sex) but very confused by modern media.

    Does anyone really KNOW anything about Amanda Hess (NYT writer) and Arie Luyendyk Jr.(Bachelor)? Can anyone VERIFY whatever they say is true?

    Both look transgendered. Hess has huge man shoulders and the face of a little boy. Luyendyk has a soft jaw, sloped shoulders and NO discernible adam’s apple. An FTM?

    Everything on the TV is REVERSED. Turn it the hell off.

  6. tio

    I thought that Hiss woman looked familiar, apparently she’s an actress too.

  7. I have three cats and a husband. And two adult children and one grandchild!

    The thing here is, these BITTER single women who decide, mid life, they want marriage to a RICH MAN, they are annoying to me. There is no ‘love’ there at all…they view men as something they have ‘earned’ via being ‘smart, tough and pushy’.

    This is insane. Men avoid women like that unless they are men who are poorer and want some female wealth. But these females all want alpha males! This is ridiculous. Why do these single women spurn men who are not ‘top dog/top god’ males? That is the insanity here.

  8. tio

    Why wouldn’t someone placed in a position by artificial means not have correspondingly artificial demands? Simples innit?

  9. ziff

    mel; @5 , good comment, Alex Jones did one recently ,walking about Seattle thinking he would be challenged by some one , nobody noticed , he is a legend in his own mind . I watch too much internet , its not the real world

  10. melponeme_k

    Alex Jones gets caught up in the BIG media narrative because he turns a mirror on it. It gets confusing because the media is constantly bending and changing reality. They are warping history at the source.

    Because there are so many of us, it has broken us off from the local neighborhood, our neighbors. Unlike our ancestors, we all live a transient life even if we stick to one house most of our lives.

    This is why Jefferson wanted us to stay a largely agricultural society. Because towns built around agriculture create a stasis field of protection against disconnected living. The first thing elites did was kill the farming communities and push big city living in early mass media. Loosely connected farming communities have no need for mega banks or large financial institutions. Not when things get done with local community banks and a barter network.

    Well that is all water under the bridge now.

    I personally found Youtube liberating. It was so nice to see regular people geeking out and discussing their hobbies. But even now, I can see this being inverted. How many of these “homespun” people are psyops actors? Can we really be sure?

    Its best to disconnect and start reading, getting the classical education that elites are preventing us from getting. So that we can face the world with intellectual weapons along with real ones.

  11. Ken

    The super-achieving women don’t need to get married. A one night stand or a fertility clinic and they can start their own family. Lesbians have the same option. Its harder for a guy to go it alone.

  12. Petruchio

    You reap what you sew! For years women like this ‘cat lady’ figured they could “pencil in” a husband anytime they felt like it. Were they REALLY that stupid, to think that? Yes!! Apparently they were/are. These middle aged women spent decades demonizing men at every opportunity and only NOW do they wonder, “Where are the men???!!!” LOL!!! OK, now let’s see…. Bitter, angry, man-hating female, middle aged, now looking for a romance with a man!! And not just any man, a Alpha Male type man!! HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!! You can’t make this stuff up folks! So… these women are middle aged, 40+ pounds overweight, their titties are sagging, their asses have ballooned….and they expect to find a husband in his prime!!!!!!?????? HAHaHaHaHahHaHaHa!!! Hard to believe. I hope they enjoy being bitter lonely Old Maids, because that is what they are going to be!! You deserve it beee-yotches. Live a long lonely life!!!

  13. tio


    We are all being played like fiddles, Mel is a little left field but she’s not wrong.

  14. tio

    Second thoughts ..

  15. Great thug cat videos! I once had a bobcat. He was awesome. Dogs always thought he was a cat.

  16. melponeme_k

    Don’t forget the crazy cat men

    Look this one cooks for his cat’s birthday.

    And don’t worry MGTOW. There is a special “woMAN” out there for you!

    No sagging boobs among these “gals” and a special surprise below!

  17. tio

    I knew a couple once that bread siamese, he told me he knew something wasn’t right when he sat down to a plate of defrosted mac-n-cheese and the missus and the cats ate chicken. Didn’t end well.

    >No sagging boobs among these “gals” and a special surprise below!<

    Yup, it's called a plug.

    "She is the latest development in a growing trend in Austria which has seen brothel customers preferring robots over sexual intercourse with a human."

    "Psychologist Gerti Senger, said that she was shocked by the news that Austrian men were preferring dolls to prostitutes.

    Senger, co-chair at the Austrian Society for Sexual Research (OeGS) called the trend 'a real autistic tendency'."

    I know, I know .. I'll sign myself up.


  18. tio

    Bred not bread. Sorry.

  19. tio

    I had to lookup what a bob cat was, wow, poor bloody dogs!

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