Secret Saudi/Israel Visit and Washington Post Attacks Trump For Doing Exact Same Diplomacy as Obama

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Breaking News of Saudi Crown Prince’s “Secret” Visit To Israel Brings Embassy Scramble:

Yes, there have been ongoing ‘diplomacy’ done in secret as Saudi Princes plot wars against pro-Iranian countries like Syria and Jordan, etc.  This leak of a visit is highly important because it can lead to the collapse of the evil rule of the Saudi royals, some of the nastiest dictators on the planet.  Also, the Washington Post continues endless attacks on President Trump for doing exactly the same diplomacy what all previous Presidents including WP god, Obama.  These mindless attacks on our President is stupid and borders on treason since the paper lies about nearly everything now.


The initial Israeli public radio report referenced the visit of “an emir of the Saudi royal court” on Wednesday while saying the trip took place “in recent days”. As both Israel and Saudi Arabia have been so heavily invested in pursuing regime change in Syria, and at a time when other world powers seem to be backing off, it is inconceivable that Syria wasn’t high on the agenda during the unprecedented visit.


These entities are plotting war crimes.  Period.  This should be discussed at the UN which is one of the most useless organizations on earth.  The super rich who rule much of the planet have no desire to do any diplomacy, they just do whatever they want.


This is highly significant if a prince of Saudi visits Israel.  A true story: when my mother and father flew to Saudi Arabia on a diplomatic mission many years ago in the early 1970’s, the Saudi plane took off from the airport only to turn around suddenly and go back.


What was the emergency?  Well…a steward noticed one of the paper towel packages had ‘made in Israel’ on it so they combed through the stifling plane on the tarmac seeking every single paper package!  It was terrible and it upset my parents greatly but the Saudis wouldn’t stop until they found every single stupid piece of paper!


The timing of the meeting also seems more than just coincidental in relation to last week’s Israeli airstrike on a Syrian military facility, which took place in the middle of the night Wednesday (or more precisely Thursday morning at 3:00 am). As we reported at the time, Israel’s brazen act of aggression was designed to provoke a response from Syria. As the Syrian government stands poised to be victorious in the more than 6-year long conflict while rapidly regaining more and more territory, Israel seems desperate to keep the war going and is still making last ditch efforts to draw external powers deeper into Syria, though framing its aggression as “humanitarian”.


Yes, the US and Saudi Arabia and ISRAEL are conspiring to attack the government of Syria even though there is this ‘cease fire.’  These violations are ignored by the useless UN.  Meanwhile, the GOP and DNC have conspired to destroy even the slightest bit of diplomacy with Russia and are pushing hard for WWIII.  Meanwhile, Putin does real diplomacy yet again: Russia, Jordan Agree on Deal to Establish Southwest Syria Safe Zone – News From


Creating such a safe zone will require getting the current fights between Syrian forces and rebels under control. Details are scant on how this is going to happen, but it’s likely related to yesterday’s call by Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the CIA for rebels in the area to retreat back into Jordan.


Real diplomacy is winning over and over for Putin.  The attacks on Putin by NATO countries continues but Germany is getting cold feet, they need Russia badly for energy products after the German hysteria about global warming screwed up all energy systems there.   Today, after two hurricanes which is NORMAL and which happens even in cold cycles, has roused the Bilderberg gangsters and their media mouthpieces to resume howls about ‘global warming’.  And next winter, Germans will freeze to death or have very expensive heating bills thanks to fears of global warming.  Will the people there revolt?


The African and Muslim invaders will revolt.  They don’t know what a below freezing winter is like with no heat.


More news: UN Security Council Unanimously Steps Up North Korea Sanctions: the Washington Post claims that this visit is evil and Trump should be punished for doing it:


PRESIDENT TRUMP has made a habit of embracing authoritarian rulers he regards as friendly, without regard for their subversion of democratic norms or gross human rights violations. Yet his meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak at the White House on Tuesday sets a new low. Not only is Mr. Najib known for imprisoning peaceful opponents, silencing critical media and reversing Malaysia’s progress toward democracy. He also is a subject of the largest foreign kleptocracy investigation ever launched by the U.S. Justice Department.


Since I still have a brain, it was easy to remember just two years ago when the exact same thing, only friendlier, happened.  Do note the utterly different tone of the news story: In Hawaii, Obama golfs with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak – The Washington Post


HONOLULU — President Obama has generally refrained from mixing business and pleasure on the golf course. On vacation here in Hawaii, he has mostly hit the links with the same circle of longtime friends and White House aides he usually pals around with. Until Wednesday, when a newbie joined the First Foursome — Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.


Oh my, President Obama not only did diplomacy with this utterly evil  man, he socialized with him and did the buddy buddy thing!  Did this utterly enrage the Washington Post and the creatures working for it?  HAHAHA.  Nope, this was fantastic diplomacy!


Obama has established perhaps a better working relationship with Najib, after making the first visit by a sitting U.S. president to Malaysia in nearly half a century last spring. It was unlikely they had an in-depth discussion of their foreign policy agendas on the course, however, but perhaps focusing instead on trying to avoid the sand traps.


All the ‘news’ about Obama was this chummy.  All the news about Trump is snarly, vile, filled with outright lies.  When they lied about Obama it was to cover up his errors and bad choices.


Here is a comment from a WP reader living in Malaysia:


likewise can be said to Najib Razak.. our country is in a crisis of heavy flood with more then 100,000 victims affected from it, some family member still missing family member, children drowning.. and yet.. our national leader got times to play golf.. apparently golfing with obama is so much better then be there with the people….


So Obama, the guy who supposedly loved the People and was interested in the little guys at the bottom didn’t give a fig about Malaysians dying while their leader hopped off to Hawaii to play golf.  I bet the Pope didn’t yap about this, either.  He yaps about warm weather all the time which is curious since Europe’s grape crops this year were destroyed by several deep freezes well into spring, ditto,  here.


It pays to contrast Obama stories with Trump stories in our media.  They are so nakedly biased, since they check themselves against each other, they are blind to the ridiculousness of their ‘reporting’.  Naked attacks on Trump and his entire family is the norm today.  The petty fury of the rich and powerful is fun to watch, actually.  That is, they stand before us, naked in their wrath, foaming at the mouth.  I hope voters thwart them in the future, just for this reason alone.


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2 responses to “Secret Saudi/Israel Visit and Washington Post Attacks Trump For Doing Exact Same Diplomacy as Obama

  1. timothy carroll

    Our “friends” the Israelis, have all bases covered. Our Secretary of State might have other ideas.

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