Paralysis In DC Is Caused By GOP/DNC Corruption And Fake News Systems

Sean Hannity 9/12/17 – Hannity Fox News Today September 12, 2017 TRUMP, HILLARY CLINTON, FAKE NEWS – YouTube


A number of issues is addressed here on the remaining, last ‘conservative’ TV news systems, Fox TV.  As our government collapses due to corruption at the top, the ability of Trump to change course is collapsing.  The Bilderberg gang wants corruption because this is how rich people get their way!  Duh.  Trump can’t be bribed but all his associates can.  And since the stables in DC can’t be cleaned out, we continue to run off the rails.  The DNC scandals continue to seethe with no resolution and this is because nearly everyone in DC is now corrupt so there is little desire by GOP members who have all the power now, to take even baby steps to stop this tsunami of corruption.


91% of coverage of Trump is negative according to a study this week.  Despite or even because of this hatred by mainstream fake news, half of the country hates the media more than Trump, indeed, the media has very low ratings at this point.  I have despised them for years now.


Fox TV, to my amusement, has been reporting real news periodically which is amazing.  If Obama was President, it would reverse, of course.  But the mainstream other news lied about Obama, too…only to cover up his flaws, his birth facts or anything negative about him.  This is why looking overseas or all over the place is the only way to have real news sort of…that is, I go to strange places to learn what is going on, the US is this media prison whereby much of what is really happening is concealed.


Here is something the liberal news won’t cover at all: August 4:  Rep. Ron DeSantis Wants Justice Department to Investigate Former Aide of Debbie Wasserman Schultz…going back in time to early August:


Rep. Ron DeSantis called on the Justice Department on Thursday to take a deeper look at the finances of a former staffer of fellow Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz after his arrest on a bank fraud charge.


The CIA and FBI have been heavily politicized and is now operations to cover up crimes, not uncover crimes.  Well, this is NOTHING NEW.  Ahem: Hoover did this too!  He tried to protect, for example, Nixon.  He spied on everyone including me.  I exposed this in San Francisco by planting a false story on my tapped phone which the FBI fed to the news media which had to retract the story when I exposed it as a trap.


Well, one effect of the Watergate mess, this spying stopped but only for a while (they continued to again tapping my phone when I hosted the Chinese in the 1980s).


“The allegations levied against Imran Awan are alarming and could have serious national security ramifications,” DeSantis, a Republican member of the Judiciary Committee, wrote in a news release accompanying his letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


OK, it was a month ago, now here is some developments—August 31: FBI Fear Awan Case Was Cleverly Rigged To Protect Obama, Lynch, Holder, Wasserman, Congressional Dems » The Event Chronicle


The explosive Awan case could also possibly implicate Obama as well as former attorneys general Holder and Lynch. Those tenets have not been lost on veteran federal agents with knowledge of the evidence unfolding in this complicated case against a family of alleged Pakistani IT gurus linked to dozens of Congressional Democrats, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


“He (Phillips) could be protecting Holder, Lynch and Obama depending how deep this mess is,” a FBI insider said. “He may have been appointed for the sole purpose of quashing this case.”


Awan and Alvi, husband and wife, were indicted on bank fraud and financial crimes on August 17, but federal agents believe this case is much larger than mortgage-related crimes. There is growing evidence, for instance the Awans could have sold classified information to foreign governments outside the United States. Then there is growing talk that the Awans may have blackmailed Congress with damaging emails and photos. FBI sources also believe someone in Congress tipped the Awans off months before their grand jury indictment.


So, information is leaking out.  Wasserman is in very serious trouble now but she is the tip of the spear, not the shaft.  The shaft is Obama.  The roaring mess of the DNC conceals the roaring mess of the GOP.  Both parties teeter on the edge of destruction due to something rather elementary: they are all traitors who owe their massive wealth due to collecting bribes.


This bribery thing has been brewing for over 25 years.  It began when Reagan, after allowing one way ‘trade’ with Japan, collected a $2 million bribe the month he left office.  Since nothing happened, he wasn’t arrested and charged with treason, everyone ran off mainly to Muslim nations and Asia to collect their bribes and now we have this gigantic trade deficit and everyone is looting everything and people now infest our cities who go around openly looting, too.  Anyone can loot because we have no more laws.


Below is an example of news overseas, this is Japan:

Abe is doing diplomacy with PUTIN.  Trump cannot do this.  He wanted to do this but Congress and the media giants prevented this.  90% of Congress is against any negotiations of any sort with Putin.  Why?  Merkel gets to talk to Putin!  The new kid in France gets to talk to Putin.  Anyone on earth can talk to Putin except for Trump.  And this is 100% the fault of the Bilderberg gang.  They are destroying our diplomacy systems and it is very embarrassing overseas.



From the dying Washington Post/ news reporting a meeting Trump had with Congressional Democrats to get a spending bill passed when the GOP screwed up everything:



And where is the wall?  When are we going to do something about illegal aliens?  Congress is dragging its ass on this issue as well as the equally pressing issue of the endless trade deficits.  It is just amazing, how traitors can destroy a nation mindlessly despite demands from voters to change course?


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16 responses to “Paralysis In DC Is Caused By GOP/DNC Corruption And Fake News Systems

  1. Petruchio

    I’m a little suspicious of Hannity’s criticism of Mitch McConnell. Did Hannity just discover Mitch McConnell a few days ago? McConnell has been around for decades. Where was Hannity’s criticism before now? This is just clever media spin, propaganda, just s different costume. The folks that own NewsCorp/Fox are well aware of their declining credibility. This is the True Source of Fox’s criticism of Mitch McConnell. It’s a feeble attempt by Fox to look “fair and balanced”. Notice how quickly they transition from a fairly mild rip on McConnell and then it’s “The Anti-Hillary Show” on Fox. Of course Hillary deserves to be ripped; she deserves prison time. Hillary Clinton is a sleazy, corrupt political wh#re. But what in the HELL does this have to do with Mitch McConnell’s stonewalling on Tax Reform??!! Another story Fox won’t mention is this: McConnell and Trump belong to the SAME political Party!! WHY is McConnell sabotaging Trump?? Let’s see them discuss that. Nope, Fox is just the Media Outlet for the Elites.

  2. Dennis Roe

    We’ve become what the founding fathers rebelled against, an imperial empire, corrupt and rotten to the core.

  3. KHS71

    Notice you do not hear much about the Menendez corruption trial. Of course he is a DemonRat. Enough said.

  4. JimmyJ

    HRC is on the View this morning pushing the Russians did it meme still to a complicit host and audience.

    In Russia 10 contemporaneous bomb threats were phoned in, prompting some to wonder if it was an “excercise”.

    First strike is getting closer daily.

  5. timothy carroll

    @ Pet,

    It’s called “Controlled Opposition”. Alex Jones’ Infowars is as well. I was banned from Infowars for commenting on the connection between Jews, Hitler, and the Nazis. Let’s just say it was something they didn’t particularly like and we’ll leave it at that. Amren, also, is married to the Jew World Order, and only tolerates things which will not offend the “owners”.

  6. ziff

    Today i saw an old guy on a local tv station Paul ? Kline , anyway head of Rogers communications in CDN , talks about how he loves art etc t, then says how he hates ‘fake news’ on the internet and how they are going to clean it up , nuts or pathalogical ? !!

  7. ziff

    And Phizz .org runs these research articles from the Ministry of Truth

  8. Lou

    Obama and Soros have really done a number

    Off topic,

    On this day 203 years ago, Francis Scott Key wrote our beloved national anthem. Today we are saddened to hear the news that his monument was destroyed overnight by senseless vandals. These cultural marxists will keep trying to erase the institutions, celebrations, history and patriotism that unite ALL of us.

  9. Shawntoh


    Is HC as delusional as the late Madame Mao?

    I shudder to imagine, Elaine, if I dared asked, which I won’t, what you would describe at the Gates of Death when the evil, the crooked, and war criminals show up– The Watchers will indubitably pronounce that– I probably should quit here while I’m ahead. Please, this be with all–


  10. Petruchio

    Please note that paid media wh$re Hannity just HAD to get in his Pro-Reagan talking points along the way. The same bald faced lies as always: “Reagan reduced the deficit, Reagan got spending under control, Reagan created millions of jobs,…” WTF!! Are there people out there still dumb enough to believe that crud??!! Currently, the average age of the Fox viewer is 68.

  11. Yes, they peddle lies all the time and yes, Reagan began the wild spending. Carter got in trouble for trying to balance the budget.

  12. Petruchio

    That sleazy, lying fraudster Reagan also passed THE biggest tax increase in history AND raised taxes 11 times! Oh……don’t get me started on Reagan….

  13. And then Bush Sr. took over…before Reagan left office.

  14. Lou

    14–well, Poppy Bush couldnt kill him.

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