NK Threatens WWIII, US Media, DNC Responds With More Attacks On Trump

Trump has to wrestle with North Korea which was emboldened by the fact that the Bilderberg gang using the US mass media, Congress and both political parties to destroy any protections Trump said he would strengthen when he ran for President.  The ‘open borders/free trade’ gang hates Trump, hates the Brits who voted for Brexit, their plans are increasingly in ruins now and so they would rather start WWIII than surrender their control of the planet.


Trump says he did not do an immigration deal with Dems | Daily Mail Online also reports:


President Donald Trump says he did not make a deal with Democratic leaders to protect illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as minors from deportation and fund some border security enhancements but not a wall.


So, evidently the Democrats lied?  I would think this is normal for them now, they always lie.  When the media colludes with lying we get ‘fake news’ and ‘fake politics’ all the time.  The entire GOP and DNC lie about everything nearly all the time now as we shall see below.


Trump says that ‘massive border security’ adjustments would have to be on the table for him to make a handshake agreement with Democrats.


He is trying to force Congress into cooperation.  They will not do this.  They are paid in many, many bribes to be ‘open borders/free trade’ all the time.


‘No deal was made last night on DACA. Massive border security would have to be agreed to in exchange for consent. Would be subject to vote,’ he said in Thursday morning tweets. ‘The WALL, which is already under construction in the form of new renovation of old and existing fences and walls, will continue to be built.’


So, since Congress will not spend money to build more fencing, he has to do it piecemeal.  One would think this would be a high priority item!  After all, we are being swamped with illegal aliens.  But the Real Rulers like this and insist on this so we are stuck with this.  Meanwhile, the Witch of the Liberals wants to utterly wreck the Republic:

Hillary wants to change the rules.  Remember the Pledge of Allegiance?  ‘The REPUBLIC’ is mentioned there!  It was designed this way to give states that are small in population enough say in things so that a huge population center can’t hog all the political power!  The DNC hates this.  Flooding former manufacturing cities with illegal aliens and poor people locks in power for them but only in these dying cities, they can’t loot the entire nation as easily.


Susan rise admits to various crimes.  Will she go to prison?  She ‘unmasked’ Trump and his people so she could destroy him and them during the election.  Election fraud should mean prison time.  The DNC-run cities are rife with election fraud!  The mainstream media and the DNC both work day and night to pretend there is no election fraud at all which is false.

Weiner was a Democrat representing Manhattan.  He is also nasty.  His wife is Hillary’s #1 female political operative.  Hillary blames everyone on earth for her losing the election but not these two creeps.


The DNC Hollywood gang continues to alienate people.  This alienation is digging deep and hard.  All over the internet, people keep track of all this and the list of ‘people/entertainment systems’ to boycott is growing.  It is hitting the media giants and entertainment systems harder and harder, the NFL is still struggling with this as people boycott them.

Espan wants to make lots of money but insulting and abusing its audience is a dumb way to do this.  Espan is dying and I suspect it won’t be around much longer at this rate.  She was not fired.  When any white person says or tweets anything faintly obnoxious, they are fired immediately.  Blacks get to mouth off whenever and nothing happens, they just give a fake ‘apology’ and roll onwards.  White men notice this double standard.


Double standards are dangerous.  The backlash that is building is immense.  Now on to a GOP male who pretends he is a ‘good Christian husband’ when he is really a sex fiend:

HAHAHA.  He is the creep who ran on a platform of being sexually honest with his wife.  He attacked Trump for being a jolly fellow.  Well, he is also a ‘jolly fellow’.  Many males are this, I once worked in the sex industry when a student because it made enough money in two months to pay for my school and living expenses!  And most of the men at the strip joint were married.

Last item here (I am in a rush, must take my husband to the doctor soon): yes, he is a spy.  All the Chinese officials sent to the US after my father’s visit when Madame Mao was removed, were spies.  I got to play the spy game with them while they lived with me.  It was very amusing.  Now, spies are all over the planet and it is no surprise.


Guess what?  Our country does that, too!  Wow!!!  And so does Russia and the EU and so forth.  Imagine that.  HAHAHA.






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4 responses to “NK Threatens WWIII, US Media, DNC Responds With More Attacks On Trump

  1. Nani

    We live in crazy times for sure. The US is a mess, and so is Europe. The slow but steady decline of the West continues.

  2. Shawntoh

    “It was nice knowing you, Elaine/I wish I could make this sound as good as a Steely Dan song”–

    — said the post-apocalyptic recording somewhere after reading this development–


    This is a very DANGEROUS “poker game” as in, I’ll that and up you one more!

  3. meagain

    Will idiot &psychopath libtards in US enact boomerang-sanctions on Russia and China? http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/09/13/economic-lesson-china-russia/ .. Why Paul craig Roberts hopes so!

  4. Lou

    Common Dreams,

    In a display of a solidarity with the black female ESPN sportscaster under attack by the White House for calling out President Donald Trump as a “white supremacist” earlier this week, the hashtag #NaziBucketChallenge was going viral on Friday as people from all walks of life waited to see if they would receive the same kind of harsh treatment for criticizing the president publicly.

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