More Muslim Terror Attacks Hits EU, Washington Post Widow Claims She Used Black Magic To Murder People

Merkel and Obama pushed very hard for a flood of illegal alien Muslims to be shoehorned into Europe and North America.  This flood has produced a flood of terror attacks which the mainstream media mostly ignores except when it is particularly bloody, then the ‘solution’ is…more Muslim invaders, most of whom are young men itching for a takeover, and it goes on and on and on.  This is why Trump was elected, this is also why ‘liberal’ judges did all they could to continue the flood of illegal alien Muslim males and the question is, why do our rulers want this?  I am guessing, so we will be too busy fighting invaders at home to fight the rulers who brought them in??? This is insane, of course but I say, our Real Rulers are…insane.


Muslim Man Threatens Shooting Rampage on High School Over Israel/Hamas Conflict…arrested in Ohio!   This made near zero news, by the way.

Gunfire Breaks Out In Ohio School, But There’s 1 Thing Media Won’t Tell You About Shooter – YouTube


I wonder how long it will go?  When will people be fed up?  So far, there is this bulk of voters in Europe and North America who want social services and be married to the State.  Marriages in the EU and North America are collapsing with the ‘underclass’ in particular which now nearly never gets married, in order to marry the State.  This, in turn, leads to social disintegration as fathers vanish and children are raised in increasingly  chaotic ways.


Most children in U.S. born out of wedlock:


There is also an education divide, with 92 per cent of college-educated women married when they give birth compared with 43 per cent of women with a high school diploma or less.


Only one problem with this: many young women wait too long to get married and end up never married especially if they are professors who have ‘part time’ work as the university systems implode badly.  The hollowing out of all top systems that used to be ‘safe havens’ for men depend on cheap female labor and in turn, the females are allowed to destroy the university system since only hardened radical leftist women stick it out and become this mass of nearly-useless ‘teachers’ which in turn, is leading to men avoiding universities as toxic waste dumps.


‘Women used to rely on men, but we don’t need to anymore,’ said single mother Teresa Fragoso, 25. ‘We support ourselves. We support our kids.’


Which is a naked lie.  The ‘husband’ is the taxpayers.


Other mothers said that if they married, their household income would rise, costing them government benefits like food stamps and child care.


The State has basically told working class males, they are no longer needed as either fathers, husbands or workers.  Crime flourishes due to this new ideology and then the men are blamed for this, too.  Media giants encourage men to be ‘outlaws’ and glorify and reward this so we have a very productive ‘outlaw criminal’ system going that terrorizes our cities.  This, in turn, drives out the law abiding population and then the survivors vote for more welfare, a bigger state and no industries.


This is a vicious cycle with an obvious end as any historian can easily see, it being played earlier by the Roman Empire.  Back to today’s news: I find that periodically the Invisible President, a friend of my father, Jimmy Carter, is in the news at least, overseas in England:

As usual, he is sensible.  This is why he is also invisible.  We are not to hear him because citizens might do things our Real Rulers don’t want us to do like say, protect our own borders.  Desperately, they are trying to distract Trump and have him focus on dangers thousands of miles away, not right here at home.

The race wars race onwards, too.  The latest volley is due to a racist black woman who was nasty to her audience and ESPN chided her…any white male TV personality would have been fired…and even kicking her out of the spotlight but not firing her pissed off radical leftist black males they hired to look ‘edgy’ and ‘with it’….they said they would all quit and instead of jumping for joy, the executives folded and let them be racist and nasty to the viewers who are now…boycotting the network.  HAHAHA.  The power of the purse will win over time!


Already, there are rumbles of troubles as the audience for sports begins to collapse.  The PC parade is pissing off viewers and no one can force them to watch ‘games’ when these stink.  The Olympics won’t exist in another 20 years thanks to the PC police parade.  International Olympic Committee Decides Against Complete Ban of Russian Athletes -over the issue of using male hormones.


This is insane, of course, because men pretending to be women but who still have penises, can compete now as ‘women’ even though their steroid systems are much, much more than women’s systems.  And every time one of these temporary ‘women’ participate, they win.  So kiss the women goodbye in sports!  What a miserable end to the entire business.  100 years up and in 10 years, collapse…thanks loads, dudes.


Now on to the insane news: as liberal females in the media and the Bilderberg gang go insane, it is funny as hell:

So Quinn, a top Bilderberg gangster, is also a witch!!!

Witches Burned Alive in Kenya – YouTube


I think we can bring her up on murder charges since she claims she kills people and can kill Trump, too, using her pact with Satan.  But then, the Pope is like this, too, now.  They are all witches and wizards and frankly, I keep pointing out how they use black magic spells all the time, their ceremonies which are held all over the planet, are all about black magic and calling on the Forces of Evil to give them all more power, the Skull and Bones does this annually at Yale, for example.


Oh, last of all this morning: Jose is coming to NYC.  Another day, another illegal alien!  Well, Irma didn’t bring much rain so this will fix that problem.  It has been a while since any hurricanes have run up the East Coast.

Looks like a Boston landfall?  The hurricane just did a loop the loop in the Atlantic offshore of Bahamas Islands.




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46 responses to “More Muslim Terror Attacks Hits EU, Washington Post Widow Claims She Used Black Magic To Murder People

  1. Melponeme_k

    I’m in the mind that we have never had real female athletes since the beginning.

    And it’s true, women will never be as strong or agile as a man in any sport. We are just not built for strength that isn’t related to child birth.

    I’m starting to see the problem tip toe into professional ballet as well. Plenty of suspicious “girls” with shoulder ratio greater than their hip ratio. If this continues there will no longer be real female ballet dancers as well. Women would just not be able to compete in technique.

  2. Lou

    The talk I linked yesterday, at 2.59 pm, delves into Sally Quinn.
    She has a multi faith site now, I gather.
    Learned Voodoo from her Black nanny.

    CIA-WaPo-Satanism-Pizza Gate. Yikes.

  3. Shawntoh


    I must publically denounce ANYONE using “black” magic or specifically, using occult power(s) to harm others and point out that what anyone puts out, the universe will pay back in full on the rebound. In other words, remember this–

    “Better to be humble in life or LIFE will HUMBLE YOU!”

    And that goes for ALL of us. That’s what I’ve learned.


    P.S. As an alternative, I’d suggest, pray that they get the help they need– which in some cases is justice when you least expect it on this earth.

  4. John F

    Did anyone actually watch that “witches burned alive in Kenya” clip? I certainly didn’t and I don’t intend to. What has been seen cannot be unseen.
    I know unspeakable things happen in the world and always have – I don’t need a convincer. A sick and un necessary thing to post on a blog.

  5. Mewswithaview

    Another interview with James Damore

  6. I specialize in REALITY. Yes, they do burn ‘witches’ in Africa today. And the kill them in Muslim countries, too. Half of the world lives like Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

  7. melponeme_k

    This is quite simply the most coherent and intelligent lecture (made by a regular person) regarding the Elite’s crazy ass religious myths that they are forcing us to enact for them. After all my reading, I had bits and pieces but this guy really connected the dots.

    We are dealing with a religious force on the level of the Muslim fundamentalists. But with all the power and money in the world.

  8. Ken

    I would like to point out a little bit of cognitive dissonance that I am experiencing on this site.

    Elaine dwells on the numerous problems that are arising from the undermining of traditional gender roles. Lower birth rates, higher illigitimate births, a general breakdown in the nuclear family structure, and overall moral decline. All of these are bad things, and Elaine does a good job of tying them to the breakdown in society as it relates to gender roles and the fixation on insisting that both sexes are equal in all things.

    However, Elaine also proudly points out that she was instrumental in breaking down the barriers between the sexes in education and types of jobs that women are now doing. Whether it was forcing the schools to offer “shop” and other “male” courses to women, or her work in construction.

    So here I am trying to reconcile the conflict between Elaine pointing out that the errosion of traditional male-female roles is a bad thing, while she herself got the ball rolling on that.

    Anyone got any thoughts?

  9. Christian W

    Speaking of black magic. Today I was inspired to see what 9 divided by 11 (9/11) multiplied with 2pi would add up to. Turns out it added to 5/14. What happened on May 14th? I had no idea (but was very curious) and checked on DuckDuckGo…

    Turns out the Constitution of the US was drafted on 5/14 1787.

    Why did I use 2pi? Because 2pi was important to the Old Egyptians and the Freemasons are crazy about the Old Egyptians. The Founders were Freemasons and masonic symbolism is everywhere in the US.

    The Powers that be decided to rip the US constitution to shreds on 9/11.

  10. Christian W

    @ Mel

    Wow, I looked into your youtube link and yes, the elites are crazy beyond our imagination (at least mine). We hear about how crazy the Nazi occult believing leaders were, but our modern western leaders (not talking puppet front figures necessarliy) are at least as bad.

    It was no coincidence that the US invasion looted the Iraqi (Sumerian) museums and that ISIS has been looting and selling ancient artifacts to “collectors”. That was a major purpose of both the US invasion of Iraq and the formation of ISIS (ISIS as destroyer of the obvious cultural heritage). The “old knowledge” must be hidden from the masses.

  11. timothy carroll


    I’ll give it a whirl. The Civil Rights Act enabled people who had previously been denied equal access to things offered in life to lay claim to them. Case in point, I had a cousin who had muscular distrophy. While we were in school, he had no access to the chemistry labs which were on the second floor of his high school. Wheel chair bound, he was unable to take that course, as there were no elevators in the pre WW 2 public high school he attended. Of course, his parents paid taxes for those schools, so they did not have equal access. Doors also opened up for blacks, women, eventually even gays. .

    Then something happened in the late ’60s. Women started burning their bras, dressing and cussing like filthy sailors, gays marched bare-ass down major city streets in parades, and the entire country seemed to lose its collective mind. All decorum was officially dead by the ’90s, the final death knell coming from gangsta rap. As has been mentioned previously, the elite’s satanic hand was pushing these agendas. What we see around us now is the precursor to the smoldering ruins the elites have in store for us after they start WW3. There is no fear of destruction or defeat for them. They are completely insane and no logical argument will deter them. Add an army of brainwashed, television addicted, ill informed populace, and they have more than enough foot soldiers to march us all into Armageddon.

  12. John F

    Interesting thought piece Tio. A new perspective, to me anyway. As an explanation of why the (western) world behaves as it does I am not convinced that it is sufficient, or even the major factor – but well worth thinking about for sure.

  13. Hello! I was there, in the front ranks! And the LEFT HATED MY GUTS. They hated me so badly, I had to be armed in order to stop them. They tried a number of times to kill me.

    At the same time, I wanted certain things. As I keep saying, way back when I forced them to allow me to take ‘boy classes’ I was the only girl wanting this.

    Women who followed me figured out fast, it was a HARD LIFE to do what men do which is why women ran away from the ‘dirty/hard/sweaty work’. Which I did all my long life.

    Now, women want the same pay and such for doing ‘light labor’ while whining about men doing ‘dangerous hard labor’ and hell’s bells…these females pretend their desk jobs are the same as me working of a ROOF???? Roof work is damn dangerous!!!!

    That is the difference between the present ‘women’s rights’ and my quest for equality: I wanted equal pay for equally dangerous work.

  14. tio

    Thank you, it resonated with me and seemed to add to the thread imho. Here is another by the same bloke from a while back, a bit more meat on the bone but then the chronology/scope is wider.

  15. melponeme_k

    Black Pidgeon Speaks ignores the Celestial Religious Myths that the elites hold near and dear. So his analysis is off.

    You can’t be an atheist (really a Satanist) and analyze the world movements. You have to be open to the notion that we are in the grips of religious movements from the beginning who are looking to enact their apotheosis on the world. The elites LAUGH at people like this lecturer because he is the profane. It is people like Alex Jones they fear because he hits closer to the metaphysical mark.

    The elites believe in grand cycles. Each cycle births a “New Man”. Currently we are in the cycle of the Kali Yuga, a cycle of death and destruction and evil. So the elites worked hard to emulate this age with rampant capitalism, atheism, wars, destruction of all kinds. Plus allowing evil to run free with pedophilia and human sacrifice.

    They believe we are on the verge of another turn. Birthing the new man into the enlightened beings we were always meant to become. The person who will herald this new age, known profanely as the Age of Aquarius will be the 10th Avatar. The 10th Avatar is why the elites, Media Stars and Scientist Stars (Sagan, Tyson) LOVE to kiss themselves some Dalai Lama smelly ass. Because Blavatsky wrote that the 10th Avatar would be born in the realm of the Dalai Lama.

    In the link I posted, in another lecture, Schism revealed that the Dalai Lama put money into the support of an AI transhumanist project that will meld humans to computers.

    Basically, according to this SECRET DOCTRINE, the United States, Great Britain and every other 1st World country were just shams. They were created to emulate the Kali Yuga age. The elites believe that the inundation of these countries with third world illegal aliens will give birth to a new consciousness of oneness.

    This is the truth that fits into my research. It is written on the walls of the MET museum in NY and probably every other major art museum in every city.

  16. tio


    I feel as if you’ve dropped me in the deep end without a life preserver! If you could furnish me with a ‘dummies guide’ it would be greatly appreciated and I will look, I promise. Some of the videos that have been posted here demonstrate to me that some very wealthy people have some very disturbing beliefs, of that there can be no doubt. But I am not a particularly spiritual person so don’t expect miracles 😀 However, this week I have been contemplating this But I am just as likely to visit this

  17. tio

    Oh and the only thing I can work out these nutters worship ultimately is G.O.D. Gold, Oil and Drugs. Call me a cynic.

  18. Ahem: once upon a time, my ancestors were…Vikings! The fall of the Roman slave state meant we could roam the world, doing what we loved: killing or stealing or taking over places. Then, we invaded England. Then we invaded the New World. Etc. all the same stuff all over the planet…seems this Kali Yuga thing is pretty old, as far as we are concerned.

    Look, History writes with a pen dipped in blood. This has been true ever since that crazy ape picked up a rock, hit it with another rock to make it sharper, then used a strip of animal guts to tie it to a stick and voila: a weapon was created!

    This was the magic moment. The even more eventful one was capturing a lighting fire, taking a burning tree branch from a tree hit by lightning and then figuring out how to keep it burning.

    The third magic moment was when chipping a stone to make it sharp and put in on the stick during a dry day sitting in high, dry grass, a spark ignited the grass and thus was born, the ability to make fires happen using just rocks and some dry grass!

    All other abilities sprang from all this. The ability to talk was the next giant hurdle and this required expanding the brain. We evolved to be rather violent monkeys.

  19. melponeme_k


    The Kali Yuga age lasts for about 400 thousand years or so.

    I’m not talking about or posting links about level headed systems about our origins. I’m investigating the Elite’s crazy religion. And they are convinced that they are creating a new race of oneness. They will create a genetically enhanced/ computer connected 10th avatar and have it born in the Dalai Lama’s presence to get their belief systems to come true. They don’t differentiate between natural development and their own crazy, celestial religion.

    Of course, they have a Hegelian plan to turn the illegal alien invasion around and that will involve us implanting microchips and other computer things into our bodies.

    They are this crazy. And so far things have been going their way.


    Oh there are so many books to read. As namby pamby as it sounds, its best to follow your interests and then heed intuition. It will generally lead you right.

    Begin with Manly P. Hall’s Secret Teachings of All Ages. Then pick your subject, Freemasons, Templars, Gnostics, Egyptians etc. They will eventually lead back to present day and the religious notions that drive the elites. When you are read, then read Blavatasky’s The Secret Doctrine. Apparently Lucis Trust is a theosophical institution and they support the UN. Which apparently is Theosophically influenced.

    Now there is a schism in Theosophy circles. There is a group that states that Alice Bailey took Blavatsky’s teachings and turned them into a Satanic based religion. Who knows. But so far, from my reading of Blavatsky…Bailey hasn’t changed much.

  20. Ken

    Tim@11and Elaine@14,

    Looking for a common theme, it seems that the two of you are arguing that people have a tendency to start with a good idea, and then inevitably some people will try to take that idea to an illogical extreme. Usually with disastrous consequences.

    Your argument makes sense to me. This seems to be a recurring theme in all sorts of human endeavors. Civil rights, labor unions, capitalism, religion, etc.

    My cognitive dissonance is resolved. Thank you.

  21. Shawntoh

    Folks, with all due to respect to all, I don’t believe we are going to get the luxury of even a THOUSAND years, much less more. Why?

    Because due to overpopulation, environmental destruction and the impact on the climate, we will be extinct in less than a HUNDRED years.

    I’ve researched this a long time since 1999 and I’m afraid that a scientist, the late Frank Fenner, has proved what Pogo warned us about–

    “We have met the enemy and he is US!”

    Please let me quote from the article–

    “Fenner told The Australian he tries not to express his pessimism because people are trying to do something, but keep putting it off. He said he believes the situation is irreversible, and it is too late because the effects we have had on Earth since industrialization (a period now known to scientists unofficially as the Anthropocene) rivals any effects of ice ages or comet impacts.”

    ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

    Obviously, we still must do something, as Frank Fenner has advised, but what, at this point, is really going to be effective?

    For example, how many of you would be willing to drive your motor vehicles less and consume less and so on?

    Could you make those sacrifices? Sooner than later, YOU WILL HAVE NO CHOICE.




  22. Lou

    20-Mel, I am in LA. Rumor is Manly Hall was in cahoots with Sirhan Sirhan. Manly was doing hypnotherapy on him, around the time that SS went ‘crazy’.

  23. melponeme_k


    There are shady things about ALL the metaphysical people. Especially in CA. CA is a hotbed of New Age, Cult and CIA psyops.

    You have to keep that in mind when reading these things. There are theories that the explosion of New Age information is to prepare people for the “NEW RELIGION!” I suppose this is after we all beg the elites to save us from violent illegal aliens. Then they can go forward with their one world government.

  24. Lou

    24—NASA was started by satanists? Nazis? Scientologists?

  25. melponeme_k


    All three. If you watch the series I linked to from the beginning, he traces NASA being used to back up Blavatsky’s blatherings from Secret Doctrine. She is practically quoted word for word in BOTH Cosmos series.

    “…this matter, radical and cool, becomes, at the first reawakening of cosmic motion, scattered through Space; appearing, when see from the Earth, in clusters and lumps, like curds in milk. These are the seeds, of the future worlds, the ‘Star Stuff'”.
    Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, pg. 51-52, Book 1, Cosmogenesis.

    Now where have you heard all of us being made of Star Stuff before? Hmm?

    We are in the clutches of sick people who are religious fundamentalists.

    Just like there are no real women in the media, there is no real science. Its all religious mania.

  26. WAY back to WWII, when my father was doing Operation Paperclip in Germany, the satanists in Pasadena, where my parents and grandparents lived back then, were doing spells to destroy my father’s mission because Parsons was pissed that my mother suddenly married my dad before he left for Germany.

    YES, it was this event that pissed off Parsons the most! So…Parsons and his gang gleefully got control of the rocket program because…my dad and I admire him immensely for this…refused to work with the Nazis he brought back because he saw first hand their hideous crimes including the abuse of slave labor in the rocket caves!

    The government covered up all that and forbade my father to talk about it and digging all this up was with immense effort by myself over the years. I was the only non-Nazi aside from my father, to know all the details of Operation Paperclip back in 1968 when it was still highly classified.

  27. Christian W

    @ #9

    To build further on that line of thought. What other day of signifance is represented by May 14th…

    The birthday of “Israel” is May 14th, 1948.

  28. Christian W

    @ 20 Mel

    I recently started to poke about in that matter. It started with the cuniform tablets post by Elaine. (Btw Kali Yuga lasts for an age of 432,000 years – the reverberation of 432 again).

    Turns out it all goes back to the Pyramids of Giza and the Old Egyptians (and Pre-Old Egyptians). The Pyramids of Giza are a mathematical masterpieces unequalled to this day. But it is more than Sacred Geometry of course, the esoteric teachings is the heart of the matter.

    I’m sure the Freemasons, Templars, Kabbalists, the Vatican and the “old bloodlines” etc can tell us more. Scratch the surface and suddenly there is no “Christianity” behind the facade of the “Catholic” “church”.

  29. Christian W

    @ 27 Elaine

    If you know all about Operation Paperclip, what happened to Maria Orsic?


    ELAINE: I know nothing about that female. Simple answer: she had nothing to do with it. She wasn’t a Nazi rocket scientist.

  30. Christian W

    @ tio

    Here you go.

    Gold, oil, drugs and human lives are just play things to these creeps.

    Just for one example: Note how Washington DC’s Political monuments, and many other US cities, are completely designed according to principles of Sacred Geometry (meaning the Freemasons (Occultists) have run the city since the beginning). It was not only Elaine’s pirate ancestors that made the journey across the Atlantic.

    Another example. Washington DC is designed as the “New Jerusalem” (Revelations 21:16) in terms of “Sacred geometry”.

    Hence the six pointed “star of David” Israel and the five pointed star of Pentagon (Pentagram) are no coincidences etc etc etc.

  31. Christian W

    And since Israel (Old Jerusalem) and the US constitution (New Jerusalem) share the same birthday May 14th, we have more resonance with 9/11.

    The Two Towers took down the Twin Towers to reshape the world.

  32. Christian W

    Watching the video I linked above (# 31) it is safe to say that the damn US Navy Nazi building (I linked to recently) was no mistake, it was deliberately designed as a Swastika.

    Any American lad or lass that wants to “serve” needs his/her head examined, or an education in what is going on.

  33. melponeme_k


    If you want to know more about DC, read David Ovason’s “The secret architecture of our nation’s capital”.

    But if you want to get into the spook factor for the coming Halloween season, go to one of the popular museum or theater sites in your city. The pay attention to layout, artwork, shapes. You’ll see that NONE of our important cultural buildings are created without sacred architecture.

  34. All the European cathedrals were built based on Masonic magic number thinking.

  35. Melponeme_k


    Most of the Cathedrals were built by the Templars that encoded Alchemical allegories, numerology, astrology into their walls.

    But in some, deep underground, in their sanctum of sanctums they held statues of the Black Madonna. The Goddess they worshipped called Baphomet but translated from their cypher code, Sophia. The MET museum follows the same floor plan. The middle of the building as I wrote before, is dedicated to the Virgin.

  36. Correct. This undercurrent has been there since day one. The new religion was reborn in the catacombs of Rome after the Romans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem.

  37. melponeme_k

    As I read further, honestly, just like Alchemy, I can’t find anything inherently wrong with Sophia Gnosticism. Its just one kind of religion among many.

    What does disturb me is that it is extremely aggressive about destroying the Judeo Christian religions. They have substituted the concept of the devil with the concept of the Demiurge. Everyone is a follower of the Demiurge except for them.

    I’ve come face up with some virulent anti-Jewish Gnostics. Yet they all think they are reaching some higher frequency, enlightened Gnosis with the Goddess. But then can’t see the crazy anger surrounding them.

    And then the elites, involved with this, they must hold some related attitudes. But forging ahead to destroy us in order to “save” us from the Demiurge.

    Truly I can’t believe how crazy the times are, I never thought I would live to see the likes of it.

  38. Christian W

    Sorry I don’t follow Mel. The Cathars in Southern France and Northern Italy were Gnostics and the Popes and the Inquisition destroyed them mercilessly killing hundreds of thousands of people, maybe even a million, in the Albigensian Crusade (1209-1229).

    The Cathars wanted people to achieve Gnosis (enlightement/illumination) and started schools to educate people, both men and women, and teach them to read. The Church wanted to keep people ignorant but useful and save the real education for the elites, The lower classes were allowed to work in essential and practical lines of work but higher knowledge was preserved for the elites. That is why Latin was the only language allowed in Church and people, except for the elite, weren’t supposed to be able to read. (We see a return to this mentality today with the devaluation of education for the masses (still stifflingly expensive!) while the rich have top universities reserved for them and their upper serving class.)

    The Cathars held that men and women were equal, the complete opposite to what the Church preached. Just one example of many. Basically the Cathars were not Feudal. The Albigensian Crusade destroyed the liberal and forward looking Catharian system and sealed the Age of Feudalism in Europe.

    Essentially the Dark Ages were dark because the Church (elites) imposed a monopoly on knowledge (while knowing much more than they let on) and strict social hierarchy, classism and sexism etc and a Police State (the Spanish Inquisition) to enforce it.

    I know suspect that the Church were hard on Galileo (and fellow Reneissance geniuses) not because of his/their teachings, but because he was brining understanding/knowledge/”Gnosis” out into the larger world, the very thing the Church was dead set against. The Church already knew the truth, at least partially, because it knew the Geometry from the ancient Egyptian/Sumerian knowledge.

  39. Christian W

    Note the similarities between Cath-OL-ic and Cath-Ar-ic.

    OL means “whole” – meaning Jesus is God, the whole.
    AR means “before” (the root word of Aryan/Arian – noble/pure).

    The Cath-OL-ic name shows the Catholic desire to be the universal religion. You get salvation through the Church (Papal) system. Jesus IS God.

    In contrast the Gnostics (AR-ians) held that Jesus stood between God and man, before God. For the Gnostics salvation is a personal matter. Jesus is a guide.

    The Gnostic view lost the vote in the first council of Nicea, convened in 325 by Emperor Constantine I to formulate Christian doctrine.

    Also note that Nietzsche’s Ubermensch/Perfect Being and the Nazi ideas of Aryan (noble/high born/pure) race etc are perversions of Gnostic/Old Egyptian/Sumerian/Judaeic ideas. Hitler sought to create a God Race/Perfect Beings through eugenics (blood magic). Some Jews still hold that they are the Chosen race of course.

  40. Melponeme_k


    The Gnostic resurgence isn’t Carthist. It seems to hark back to the Neo-Platonists such as Hypatia. Hence why the elites state that we entered a dark age after Hypatia’s death. They weren’t talking about the fall of education, science etc., they were talking about the fall of gnosticism. The light of Prometheus/Lucifer went out upon Hypatia’s death.

    This version of Gnosticism is very anti-Jewish, anti-Catholic, anti-Christian. However their version of the Demiurge (Jehovah) is very much influenced by the early catholic gnostics.

    Quite simply, I think this is a movement and always has been a movement based on very loose ideas pulled from various disciplines tied together under the name of Sophia. It also, judging by Plato then Neo-Platonists, was strictly hierarchical (rule by Philosopher Kings).

    Basically the Gnostic society was portrayed in Huxley’s nightmare “Brave New World”. At least the NWO version of it.

  41. All gods are nasty entities. We try desperately to sugar coat them but frankly, they don’t care.

  42. Lou

    Elaine, any insights into this,

    Re: NASA satanic ritual: in your face
    Those that do not know. NASA is full of occultist,& High ranking Freemasons. Every mission name,shuttle name,Apollo mission,& most likely everyday operations are occult,& or Freemason rituals. Massive amounts of info on this,& very easy to find. Basically all Apollo missions was a initiation from the 32* to 33*.

  43. Yup. Ahem…I know all that directly, myself. NASA was founded by satanic ritual lunatics who lived in California and a bunch of Nazis from Germany. And I had to deal with both during my childhood.

  44. Lou

    How satanic were the Nazis?
    Its a maze, to me. The Scientologists [science of what?], satanists, nazis, masons, jewish kabbalists, etc.

  45. Melponeme_k

    Nazis and Scientologists believe in Aliens. In fact many conspiracy people claim that using technology to stage a fake alien invasion or religious event was first proposed by Hitler.

    Whatever any of these people are, we can always be sure they are GRADE A CRAZY!

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