Russians Get Real New, US Citizens Make Bad Choices Due To Lack Of Real News

Virtually all the news I read in Russia doesn’t appear in US mass media systems.  Every day, without fail, the fake liberal Bilderberg news gang has a front page, negative story about Trump.  They almost never have any real news about their obsession with Syria and other issues which they tell us, are of vital importance, important enough to have WWIII.  This insanity is highly dangerous and I wish I could have the power to put all these lunatics in a secure hospital or better, prison for war crimes.


First, an interesting headline which is freaking out all the leaders in Europe and the Pentagon and other war criminals/idiots who run NATO:  ‘Turkey to get what Libya & Iraq lacked: Russian-made S-400 missile system’ — RT Op-Edge


NATO member Turkey announced it made down payment for the purchase of Russia’s S-400 anti-aircraft systems, signaling closer cooperation with Moscow amid tepid relations with its NATO allies, which have criticized the deal.


I predicted this would happen way back when the CIA coup failed.  Putin is triumphant.  Turkey’s leader went from shooting down Russian planes to buying Russian weapons systems!  This is a gigantic diplomatic shift of historic proportions.


“Our friends have already signed an agreement on the S-400s. A deposit has also been paid, as far as I know,” Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told journalists after returning from Kazakhstan on September 10.


Yes, friends!  Russia’s leader has secured the borders, enlarged his sphere of influence, he has destroyed NATO’s underbelly, he has the Grand Prize: control of the Black Sea, total control.  The other power that controls the Black Sea is Iran which is already an ally.


Despite US concerns over Turkey’s military dealings with Russia, Washington confirmed its commitment to military cooperation with Ankara.


HAHAHA.  Hope rises ever eternal.  Turkey informed Europe that they must continue to allow millions of illegal alien Muslims to invade or else.  Will Europe finally figure out the trap they are in?  I doubt it, much of the continent is run by addle brained females.  Nearly all NATO top positions are now very addled females with zero fighting abilities.

S-400 missile system in action 2017 — S-400 en accion 2017 – YouTube: This is an interesting video.  The actual launch is in the last part if you want to skip all the parts of how it can drive anywhere over open terrain.

Here is some more missing news in America: France is anxious to be buddies with Putin, too.  Merkel wants Russian energy because Germany committed energy suicide in the last ten years and industry is hurting very badly there now due to embracing alternative energy systems that are weak when it comes to industry.


Drone footage of Deir ez-Zor shows city recovering from 3-year ISIS siege  RT News reports (we have so little news over here!)


“We spent [the time under siege] like slaves,” grocer Abu Mohammad says, according to Syrian news agency SANA. “Hunger killed some of us, both young and old, and it almost killed us but then the Syrian Arab Army’s vanguards arrived and brought us salvation and victory. ISIS terrorists used to target homes, shops, and even fields, preventing food from reaching the neighborhood and seizing all of it, leaving the locals to fall prey to hunger and disease.”


While the drone hovered over Deir ez-Zor, showing the locals walking freely on the streets, Syrian Army units kept advancing further along the Euphrates River and striking the remaining pockets of IS resistance. On Friday, the troops recaptured the Al-Baghiliyah district, lying northeast of Deir ez-Zor.


Click on the link to see the city liberated.  The CIA attempt at overthrowing Assad so that Israel could kick out the remaining Palestinians from Jerusalem has failed miserably just like the CIA operation to kick Erdogan out of power.  Both of these are Israeli-planned operations and now Netanyahu is back peddling with Russia because Israel’s remaining allies are Saudi Arabia which is about to explode internally, and NATO.


Saudi Arabia: the Saudi people know now that their ‘leaders’ are traitors.  It is only a matter of time before there is a full scale revolt.  Most likely, a Saudi royal ally/member, in the name of bin Laden’s memory, will have a paramilitary palace coup.  It is a tad overdue but it will happen.

Another reason to revolt, I would guess.  Now for other items of amusement: two reimagining of some old cartoons which plays with history and how alliances form and crash:

Tom and Jerry WW2 Meme – Germany vs USSR – YouTube

Tom and Jerry WW2 Meme – Germany and USSR Relations in a nutshell -the Nazi/Stalin agreement to invade Poland.

The invasion of Europe continues and it is enraging citizens and in Sweden, it is suspected that a native Swede was so pissed off by the left encouraging Muslim rapists, he did this:  Swedish Left Party politician ‘raped for his beliefs’ at knifepoint — RT News


“On my way home I was attacked by an unknown man armed with a knife,” Liljeglod said. “I was brutally treated and also raped at knifepoint under the pretext that I was ‘Left-wing female genitalia’, that people like me ‘enjoy this’ and finally that I was a traitor.”


The action is illegal and violent but the sentiment is correct.  The politician is a traitor but…Sweden is a democracy and people voted to let in a million angry young Muslim male rapists so they are being raped now.


In an emotional and very personal revelation, the politician said he initially kept the attack private, only reporting it to police, but eventually turned it into a public discourse because the nature of the incident was politically motivated.


He didn’t want to discuss it because it makes very obvious why it happened: he let in and pays to keep Muslim rapists in Sweden.


“The few words and sentences expressed by the man had a clear connection to me as politically active and therefore it affects us all,” Liljeglod wrote, adding that “what happened to me is an event in the crowd.”


Stressing that he does not seek “compassion or empathy,” the politician continued the rest of his narrative speaking about protecting the principles of democracy in Sweden.


And is there a discussion going on in Sweden?  Nope.  In Sweden, if you wrote what I wrote today reporting the news with my editorial stance, I would be visited by the cops and fined or put in PRISON.  While rapists run riot there, no less!


‘Rape, robberies & murder: Swedish police lack resources to combat migrant crime wave’ — RT Op-Edge


Swedish police say they “cannot cope” with the growing number of rape cases in the country. That is what one journalist was told who wanted to know why a man suspected of raping a 12-year-old girl two months ago has not yet been questioned.


If anyone talks about all this online in Sweden, the cops pay a visit instantly and judges throw the books at the victims.  There is zero protection for free speech in Sweden.


“It is not right that the police think that they don’t have time to investigate rape crimes. They need to review their priorities,” the country’s Minister of Justice and Home Affairs Morgan Johansson said.


HAHAHA.  Send the cops into the Muslim neighborhoods?  Nope.  They can’t.  The cops won’t go.  They will arrest granny for writing, ‘I wish we could deport all these foreign Muslim rapists.’


A member of the nationalist Swedish Democrats party Nima Gholam Ali Pour says the police lack the resources to combat the scourge of crime now sweeping parts of the country.


This elected official is a Muslim immigrant who happens to be against letting the country turn into a Middle Eastern hell hole, now that he lives there and fled Muslim Middle Eastern hell holes, himself.


In Ali Pour’s view, “the government is now spending more on the police, but the problems are more structural. We have areas in Sweden where the police have issues doing their job – the so-called ‘no go zones.’”


“These problems are structural; you can’t solve that problem only with resources. You need to change laws, you need to support the police, you need to train the police to handle a new kind of population that is not as peaceful as the Swedish population or as Sweden has traditionally been. We have new kinds of criminals in Sweden that are much rougher and the Swedish police are not trained enough, they don’t have the equipment or the resources to do their job adequately,” he said.


Sweden is being invaded and is losing the war there.  Here is an example: Nima Gholam Ali Pour (@nimagap) | Twitter is interesting:

Here is what it looked like just seven years ago:  Malmo | The Independent


All this is ignored by US media, here is part of the front page of The New York Times:

Yes, Trump telling the truth is evil.  Britain is dying.  The young Brits are not getting married anymore, nor are young Swedes.  They marry the State.  The females, if they have any children, do this via the State being the husband.  Marriages exist in both places: Muslims still marry.


This is because they get State funds even if they marry.  If you are a native citizen, you don’t get it unless you don’t marry, first.  This is true in the US, too.  Get married, you are punished.  Don’t marry, you get subsidized heavily.  This is destroying society, of course and leads to endless crimes as young men and women are raised without fathers.


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4 responses to “Russians Get Real New, US Citizens Make Bad Choices Due To Lack Of Real News

  1. Lou

    Lou, you have to stop it. I won’t have this every day anymore. Thanks in advance.


  2. Petruchio

    “This is because they get State funds even if they marry.” That’s a critical point. In the USA, ALL the incentives are for not getting married! Are you pregnant? Don’t worry! You can get state funded housing subsidies. Likewise with Day Care. Food. And the entire legal system will be designed to attack males, even if they aren’t guilty of anything. This was all done by design the intended, desired results are what you see in the USA today. And like Lou says in #1, the feminist movement. An honest name for the “feminist” movement would be The Destructionist Movement, with the Institution of marriage being the REAL target of destruction. And the jewish owned and controlled media did everything they could to help this along. And the abortion movement. No matter what your opinion of abortion is, its REAL purpose was to destroy the Family Unit.

  3. Dennis Roe

    It’s funny, I knew farmers when I was a kid, they never made it past grade school, who had more common sense than most people I meet now. Public education creates morons, ready to follow, believe any bulllshxt, submit and obey…..doesn’t bode well for the future.

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